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Jennifer Aniston Covers NY Times Magazine

Jennifer Aniston Covers NY Times Magazine

Jennifer Aniston opens up about her TV and movie career in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. Here are some highlights via Us Weekly:

On her new movie’s title: “I wish it was She’s Just Not That Into. Unfortunately, it’s He’s Just Not That Into You. The other would be more empowering.”

On finding success after Friends ended in 2004: “I thought I’d never get movies.”

On landing her role of spoiled Rachel Green: “[It was] the first time I felt like part of the cool kids.”

On watching Friends re-runs on TV: “There are times I don’t even remember that particular show. This is horrible to say, but there are times when I laugh my rear end off. And I get in debates with people who are over and say, Friends is not my thing.’ Excuse you!”

On if Friends would be a hit today: “Hard to tell — that was a different time. Now TV has too much to do with celebrity. We have reality television, where people try to become celebrities….”

Aniston‘s next comedy, Marley & Me, costarring Owen Wilson opens on Christmas Day.

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233 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Covers NY Times Magazine”

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  1. 1
    stefanie Says:

    The NY Times has jumped the shark with her on the cover.

    And the Times used to be respectable.

  2. 2
    PhillyGirl Says:

    OMG I Love this women

  3. 3
    ELLLLES Says:

    Her face looks mashed.

  4. 4
    an Says:

    my favorite tv show of all time

  5. 5
    karma is a btch! Says:

    OMFG! What is she trying to do with her face? Look sexy?! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. 6
    Yeah Says:

    I looooove her!!!

  7. 7
    bP Says:

    Beautiful, talented, friendly, honest, funny, clever and sweet. Love my girl Jen.

  8. 8
    Insider Says:

    talk about CGI…what did Lisa Rinna let her borrow her fake lips. As usual, hair obscuring ugly mug, face contorted to lessen the homely – typical Maniston tricks. I guess she was so horrified by that tranny looking Vogue cover, Huvane her powerful PR flack got on the phone and begged for this one.

    Reading that excerpt, what warrants that cover? her low ratings on Oprah, her low ratings for 30 rock, and the critical pans she got??


    Her dog movie isn’t out til x-mas, and that other movie isn’t out til almost spring. It’s really weird, she’s like doing film press, for a movie that’s nowhere near coming out and her other movies have all been pushed back (cuz they suck) or they remain undistributed.

    Her PR firm CAA and Stephen Huvane really do earn their 15% of her millions.

  9. 9
    Ana Says:

    STUNNING, she is just a gorgeous woman, end of!

  10. 10
    UGLY JEN Says:

    What a homely UGLY stupid b*tch. The NYT has to resort to creating a cartoon just to make her halfway presntable? lolol Why is she trashing her own movies? dumb b*tc h. lol

  11. 11
    guli Says:

    OMG–no wonder everyone calls her MANISTON!!! Geez..that woman really looks like a MAN…yikes!!! Ohh how old is this WOMAN, 40 right??? So why is she talking like a freakin teenager ‘cool’/'uncool’ When is this twit going to grow up and get a life…and it won’t be in the movies..that ship sailed after Brad dumped the talentless sitcom TV hack :-)

  12. 12
    ELLLLES Says:

    empowering ? … Now who is she trying to kid? !
    She loves playing weak.

  13. 13
    ENUf w/the PLASTIc SURGERY JEN Says:

    Not even tens of thousands of plastic surgery can fix that ugly mug. nor can hair obscuring, face contorting, photoshopping – the FUG is still there. VERDICT: TRANNY with big nose, beady eyes, and NO LIPS.

  14. 14
    sari Says:

    Lip enhancement alert. LOL

  15. 15
    andrea Says:

    what happen to her lips? Less is always more.

  16. 16

    Weak and whiny Maniston. Can her homely face just disappear. What is she even promoting? I don’t get it.

  17. 17
    nic b. Says:

    She does a great imitation of Mr. Ed the TV horse. Looks just like him when he puckered up to Mr. Greenjeans, his caretaker. Brings back memories. I wonder if she has a horse bloodline in her family.

  18. 18
    not interesting Says:

    What’s up with the stealing of another’s actress (I there not to name) poises????? Can she not come up with a good one for herself or is she turning into the “Single White Female”.

  19. 19
    Wait Says:

    She looks like a tranny.

  20. 20
    Janelle Says:

    I’m, a fan of Angie’s but I I think Jen’s pretty. But what’s up with her lips and face? Too much photoshop.

  21. 21
    Rayan Says:

    I think jennifer is pretty but that picture is not flattering at all…

  22. 22
    tessla Says:

    Looks like she has pink eye. Her eye looks distorted not sexy for sure. I would, looking at her take her to the ER immediately.

  23. 23
    tessla Says:

    Looks like she has pink eye. Her eye looks distorted not sexy for sure. I would, looking at her take her to the ER immediately.

  24. 24
    CHRIS Says:

    This woman is NOT even CLOSE to being pretty. She is very mannish to me. She is also not in the least bit interesting. What does she even do besides make crap movies and bombard us with her insufferable whining. She actually depresses me. I sense she is just a big neurotic mess, except more BORING than most neurotics. Oh and the people saying she’s attractive, they HAVE to be other women who look just like her, i.e., UGLY TOO.

  25. 25
    NYT Subscriber Says:

    Thanks NYT..I’ve been waiting for an excuse to cancel my NYT subscription. Thanks for pushing me over the edge with this banal cover of this no-talent whining actress.

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