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Katie Holmes Brings Back Jean Shorts

Katie Holmes Brings Back Jean Shorts

Katie Holmes shows off more of her jeans collection (the shorts variety!) on a cold blustery day in New York City on Wednesday.

And in case you blinked, here are pictures of Katie smiling wide as she headed back to her apartment!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie bringing back the jean shorts – YAY or NAY?

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes bringing back the jean shorts…

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# 1

oh my god. This is one awful look. What was she thinking?

# 2

not sure if i love her hair like this

# 3
Christine @ 11/19/2008 at 8:20 pm

Why do celebrities think they can put anything on and look good? Did Katie look in the mirror before she left the house and say “Yep… I sure do look good!”?????? I don’t think so!!!!

# 4

Well. Would you look at that.

# 5

love the tights and boots and everything else except the shorts!

# 7

long legged beauty :)

# 8

She is beautiful

the pics above reminds me of Jackie Kennedy

# 9
dow plummets again @ 11/19/2008 at 8:32 pm

I heart actress Katie,mom and wife Katie and fasion Katie!

Thanks JJ but the paps should lay off her and the whole family.
The girl is just off to work everyday and even on her short R&R
with Suri it gets worst. Im a Katie fan but enough is enough.

Oh, Jared. Katie is NOT a trendsetter and will not “bring back” any trend. In fact, she is making us all think twice about jean shorts right now.

anonymous @ 11/19/2008 at 8:34 pm

uber chic

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so lovely even with zero makeup.
Now that’s class and natural beauty.

Clearly, “911″ is trying to provoke us Jackie O admirers. Jackie would not have been caught dead in Katie’s outfit, and nothing about Katie is remotely like her. Jackie had class, an innate sense of style, and always looked put together.

sprinkles @ 11/19/2008 at 8:38 pm

I do this too like what Katie wears and sometimes on a mini skirt
but with leggings. Katie can bring anything back with sales always
up on anything she wears.
She brings people to her play
and to fashion merchandise.

She even makes cupcakes popular.

Jared — thanks

Where are you Tim Gunn in our hour of need?

That saggy gray grampa cardigan is just sad.

Tim Gunn is busy making changes to bring ratings to his show that needs a boost.

I SEE………

I think she looks delish and sophisticated.

#19 go see x17online because Suri has a sweater.
Out of respect to JJ here should I plug other celeb
sites and vids with Suri wearing a sweater??????

Ignore the trolls that need attention and their
happy pills.

Beautiful inside and outside……….

Jean shorts have been back for awhile…

idontgetit @ 11/19/2008 at 8:55 pm

it i’m going to work everyday where i have to wear makeup and a costume I’d dress as comfortably as possible, she knows people are looking at her so she dresses for the paps

KRISSYKITTY @ 11/19/2008 at 8:59 pm


~This chick is HOPELESS!!

love the photo above


The real America’s girl next door and America’s Sweetheart.

pr person @ 11/19/2008 at 9:04 pm


Wouldn’t kick her out of my bed~

idontgetit @ 11/19/2008 at 9:06 pm

you think tom lays out what she is to wear each day?

Not the biggest fan of hers but I agree she resembles Jackie O.

GOOD VICTORIA @ 11/19/2008 at 9:06 pm

HEY ” RESCUE 59 “….I DID look at THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!….and started laughing……I thought I had seen Katie in about everything odd and ugly and mismatched, BUT, this is more than I can stand…..I have NOT seen jean shorts on anyone, much less in the stores here….
Whoever said they were popular, I would like to know WHERE people are wearing them?……Maybe her clothes were dirty, and she dipped into her leftover summer stock….At least she has been smiling a little lately….Tom must be in town for awhile .

Katie looks good and congrats to her and Tom on their 2 year Anniversary.

Trying way toooo hard

Yes, jeans shorts with boots, tights, a sweater, jacket, scarf, and who knows what else! Who else but some airheaded celeb would wear such a get up. I think stars have to dress weirdly to be sure they get photographed.

Uh excuse me……I have worn jeans shorts for years….espically cut offs…… guess I dont count though………my last name doesnt have Cruise in it……….just the same Im gonna keep wearin them,,,,,,

This b—- is as bad as the CEO auto execs in spending though she only has to ask Tom Cruise they have to ask Congress to pay their extravagances. Why don’t you do some charity work instead of buying new outfits so you can be photographed every day while working class people suffer with this horrible economy. What a waste amd wasteful individual.

Katie’s hair is looking nicer. She has a horrible fashion sense which is a shame because she could look really pretty if she were a better dresser.

boy…I give up!

In the summer she was bundled up and now in late fall…much cooler weather..she’s in shorts!

Like Mr White/Rabbit/Cat…whatever he is calling himself now,,,,says….”Katie does not care”.

Guess he is right on that and guess all of us should stop commenting and just let Katie continue making herself looking like a fool.

U G L Y !!!




She doesn’t have a style. The clothes always wear her.

If people her would stop posting, the Katie would go away once and for all.

OMG! i work in the city and it was NOT warm enough for that outfit!!!

Katie didn’t bring these back. Why does it seem that Katie is always bringing these styles back. They haven’t left. THey’ve been around forever. I’ve seen everyone wear jean shorts before Katie did.

But her outfit is majorly cute. I’d love her boots.

get some long pants!
first she cant dress her kid, now she cant even dress herself

i vote yay

Sorry, but not when the weather is in the 30′s and wind chill makes it feel like in the 20′s. However maybe she has abody temperature problem, I mean her kids is also inappropiately dressed for the weather most of the time.

I really don’t think Katie put this outfit together herself. I think her stylist did. Katie’s look has been very predictable. A lot of jeans and sweaters with a coat thrown in . She looks like she was going for the “funky, edgy, thrown together look” and it doesn’t look like something Katie did on her own. It seems a little more than she has been doing lately.

Its not altogether bad , but something about the outfit ,or the way Katie carries herself in it ,misses the mark. She does seem to be trying harder with this look. Maybe she will continue upward and find “her look”

imaginaque @ 11/19/2008 at 10:56 pm

This “costume” definitely falls in the WTF category. Katie is cute and has a nice figure, but she lacks the natural elegance necessary to carry off the role of avant garde fashionista. The summery shorts with dark wintry tights, the ill-fitting gray cardigan, the “whatever” under that, and the blazer and scarf that don’t match ANYTHING – they all make me want to scream: WTF!?

It’s her body and her kid, #52. Let her worry about the temperature and her wardrobe and what’s appropriate.

shenanyginz @ 11/19/2008 at 11:21 pm

would’ve liked the shorts more had they not been denim but I myself am trying my best to pull off the same look

Mrs. Black @ 11/19/2008 at 11:23 pm

Well Mr. White, when she sears our eyeballs with her bad fashion sense, then it is more than appropriate that we comment on it.

After all as you point out constantly she can’t escape the paps, there is absolutely no way she can get from A to B without running thru the pap gauntlet. After all, everyone else can from The Brange to Princess Diana (when she was alive), but TomKat is too dense to find a way.
So she knows this. If she wants to look hideous, then the rest of us can sure as hell comment on it! Knowing the paps are out there you would think she would dress better. Or take one of those routes that you insist don’t exist to the theatre or wherever she is going without pap interference. Then we would be spared a look like this.
Gee, ya know, Mr. White I wonder how she managed to get to her private plane to get home in LA for her second anniversary without the paps finding out.
After all you insist they camp out and she can’t escape them. Golly, how did she do that. A Beam me up Scotty thing? Maybe she was captured by Xenu and transported.
‘Tis a mystery Mr. W as to how she moves around NYC when she doesn’t want to be seen. Oh wait, I bet she only leaves the apartment to go to and from the theatre and to pimp out Suri at the park. The rest of the time she stays home and twiddles her thumbs. She certainly doesn’t spend her time studying fashion and how to put together an outfit that works.

Katie = patriots
jealous haters = pinheads

Beautiful. She is such a good mom.

STOP comparing her to Kennedy. STOP

the experts @ 11/19/2008 at 11:57 pm

Well various fashion experts call Katie’s NY Casual Cool and JEAN-IUS.

What is with all the deluded and completely out of context comments like:

Katie = patriots
jealous haters = pinheads
Beautiful. She is such a good mom
The real America’s girl next door and America’s Sweetheart.
She brings people to her play
and to fashion merchandise.

Are these comments all written by 60 something $cientolocrazy cult members? WTF??

Why are there so many comments trying (too hard) to link America and patriotism to Katie and her fool of a husband? They have nothing to do with each other.

$cientologists want to put their own deluded sick and twisted half truths (aka blatant lies) and think everyone will jump on the bandwagon.

Don’t be fooled people – this site is attracting some looney cultists trying to prop up pr for their high profile fellow members.


also noted:
all the jackie O comments

she is so far from jackie o on every conceivable level that it’s an insult to mention them both in the same sentence.

pathetic really

Glam or dress down she is hot and even on her busy days with no makeup nonetheless she still looks good. Wish I have her energy and with her hubby’s Valkyrie promotion she will be more busy.

YAY from me

desperation leads to extreme behaviour. she needs a real stylist who won’t dress kate like a homeless man. this holmes yang design team is the blind leading the blind.

Jackie Kennedy was so normal compared to her. THis chick is superweird. The one thing they have in common is they married for prestige and money as much as they did for romance!

patriotic_american @ 11/20/2008 at 12:57 am


I don’t think it’s cult members, it’s just one person who got chased out
of another forum, for having 30 or more sock-puppets and making them talk
to each other like it was different people, it’s easier to do that here and
not get busted, although how this person thinks it’s not obvious is interesting.

What does her wearing shorts have to do with being patriotic?
As for the Jackie O comparisons – you have got to be kidding me.
Jackie O had more class and style (not to mention originality) in her little finger than Katie has in her entire being.

Why is she constantly featured here?
She is no style icon and is barely a third rate actress.
There are so many more interesting people in this world.
Give it a rest – no more BORING almost identical Katie pics – surely enough is enough.

Megan fox rocks @ 11/20/2008 at 1:10 am

Katie is so beautiful

sickofmrwhite @ 11/20/2008 at 1:22 am

Mr White——shut your trap. No one cares what you say,,,in fact, it’s actually entertaining reading what you say. hoo hoo hoo

Is Tommy Cruise throwing you scraps for your silly comments??

classy through and through

Im really disgusted by trolling haters and Im not even a fan of Katie.
Enough is enough and get a life.

It’s effing cold in New York and this confused media ***** is in shorts? She will never be like Jackie O. Jackie O is classier and well put together. Jackie O would not be caught dead in this outfit. This girl will never be America’s sweetheart as she is not that popular at all. In fact, she not that great of an actress either! Did you see her in Mad Money. She stunk! She’s kind of dull and I think she’s the pinhead.

she is so beautiful..and she has an amazing body.
but i just hate her hair,.,!!!!

What’s she carrying the suitcase for? Why can’t she be happy with who she is instead of trying to be a fashion queeen. She can’t pull it off. Katie could model LL Bean clothing….that’s about it. She just doesn’t have that special something and should face it and either have major plastic surgery or GIVE UP!!

She has made the biggest fool of herself since she and Tom met, it’s pathetic. She could have been a middle-of the road actress but she got the big head and it backfired. Sometimes you only get one chance.

Basically, when she met Tom she might as well have removed the brain from her head. Obviously, she has no say about anything. I’ll bet Tom is loving her being in NYC, 2500 miles away.

why is she wearing shorts when it’s so cold in new york city!!!!!

Mr. White = Adoring Fan

LolaSvelt @ 11/20/2008 at 9:34 am

Stop trying to make her look like a style icon. They’re bloody jean shorts! People always where jean shorts. She didn’t bring anything back.

Aside from the boots, that’s a terrible outfit. I think all the comments saying how great she looks are from the same person.

Boots and short ? maybe skirt will look better with those boots.
well at least she dress her daughter warm.

I love how all American celebrities do is copy current European styles and their considered revolutionary and trendsetters. No no. Everything about this outfit has been in fashion in europe for years. Boots, cardigan, tights, scarf AND the jean shorts. There is seriously nothing new in what they do, just new to the US.

since she is with tom cruise she dresses like a 40 year old lady, but this outfit shows more her real age!

i’m really disgusted by trolling obsessed fans and Im not even a fan of Katie.
Enough is enough and get a life.

Anytime we get to see Katie’s lovely legs is a treat.

Katie is not “bringing back” the jean shorts, that’s such a silly thing to say. Here in Europe people have been wearing shorts like that for years. Same with the boyfriend jeans she had going this summer. Katie has obviously been glancing towards Europe ’cause she wants to look cool. I’m not sure it’s working though.


anonymous @ 11/21/2008 at 3:54 am




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