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Paris Hilton & Benji Madden Split

Paris Hilton & Benji Madden Split

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Benji Madden have called it quits!

“Sadly, it’s true,” Vanessa Fontana, a contestant on Paris‘ BFF show, confirms to Life & Style. “Paris and Benji have split. I love Paris, and I just want her to be happy. I think that they’ll be better as friends.”

Vanessa disputed rumors that the split had anything to do with Paris’ brief reunion with ex Stavros Niarchos this past weekend in Miami. “No, nobody else is involved,” she says. “Paris and Benji were loyal and faithful to each other. I was with Paris in Miami, and Stavros came over to our table, and the two of them talked for literally two minutes. It was a friendly conversation. They definitely did not hook up.”

Paris is said to be devastated by the breakup. “She wishes it could be different,” says the friend. “Benji always treated her like his princess. He’s a really great guy with a big heart and she loves him very much. Maybe at some point in the future, the two of them could try again, but right now, they’re just too different as people.”

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  • Kev

    Yeah we didn’t see this comin

  • me likey


  • African Girl

    They were together?

  • rokin coc


  • jo

    lol paris was dumped…again. hahahaaaaa

  • Frida

    Well, that’s not surprising. Although they did last longer than I expected. Guess kids has to wait for our dear Paris…thank god!

  • dialectic

    Shocker! ladies lock up your men ,paris has been released back into the wild! no im kidding but this isnt a surprise,some people were not meant to be in a relationshit

  • Trev89

    Paris can never love anyone except herself. She will spend her life flirting, partying and promoting herself. She should never marry and certainly never have a child. She will always put herself before anyone else and is just too selfish and narcissistic to make sacrifices in her life.

  • pink salmon

    We all know where Paris will end up. Alone in a decaying mansion with a bunch of yippy little dogs. Rent the film “Grey Gardens.” It’ll be like that.

  • she-who-shall-not-be-named

    Who didn’t know it was a flash-in-the -pan romance, even Paris knew this herself. i always thought she could never get past Stavros, since they have been-on-and -off a zillion times. I’m anticipating that eventually she would reveal that her heart belongs to Stavros, and with Benji -that was just a publicity stunt to test the outcome…
    But i didnt see this coming- after all the PDA, becoz now it’s kinda shameful!

  • Axxul

    poor Benji finally realized he hooked up with a skank! …we all knew what a little &@^% she is so what took him soooo long to dump her!?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆], ok… so?!

    `there isn’t a person alive who thought they were going to stay together.

  • http://fdsah hfd


  • sotos


  • WhosDat

    pfff i am sick of this already! he cheated!




  • alania

    so I guess she and Nicole Ritchie are never going to be sisters-in-law lol

  • lily

    Shocking !
    Never saw it commin

  • xtina

    vanessa is a B**** for saying this things to public in the first place.

    regardless whether she wins or not, WHO IS SHE TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY ANYTHING??!


  • mika

    nooooo!! i thought they were cute.

  • woody allen

    ehhh i was surprised paris was actually in a relationship
    wonky eyes =p

  • Ashley

    ahhhh there should be a “spoiler alert”. i am now assuming that Vanessa wins “My new Bff”. =[ i wish i didn’t read. lol i


    the break-up again ?

  • whatever, yo

    “…but right now, they’re just too different as people.”

    No shit, I could’ve told them that!

  • whatever, yo

    “…but right now, they’re just too different as people.”

    No shit, I could’ve told them that!


    AGREE ” TREV89 “….She is only important to herself !….and besides that, who cares what a stupid contestant ( Vanessa ) says about anything?…..I’m sure they are just as stupid and silly as she is…Paris dosen’t even know she is being used by these people….They only want in the spotlight to show off and get into Paris’s purse and bank account…..
    How sad that you have to advertise for a ” best friend “…That tells me something about her personality….She has none!

  • LuckyL

    I guess he put on his Whor*-Be-Gone cologne

  • i was there!!!

    i was at the same table as stavros in miami, club mookai, and paris is the one who come over to the table, not stavros. and the 2 of them were talking really close for a lot more than 2 minutes!!!

  • Jean

    Their contract ended.
    Just like Mayer and Aniston’s contract will eventually end to.

  • a


  • me me me

    nah, paris will find someone for her eventually.

  • real word

    I thought they was good together. So sad.

  • emilie

    so,did vanessa win?thats what im,didnt like her

  • ginger

    Benji was stupid and will always be stupid to date a selfish salut like Paris. She needs to shut her trap about all her relationships.
    But I knew this crap of a relationship wouldn’t last. Paris has no friends or no man that would put up with her selfishness and betrayal for long! Any man stupid enough to date her only do it for ugly sex and celebrity status.
    And instead of coming out as a smart man, these guys will remain stupid for ever dating Paris in the first place.
    I have no respect for Benji since he got with this ugly, slop nose, wonkey eye, flat butt, selfish, lonely pathetic salut of a b|tch.

  • cathy

    Paris is young and one day she’ll meet mr right – at least she has not been divorced TRILLION TIMES WITH KIDS EVERYWHERE – leave her alone you bitches – you are just jealous of her. ROCK ON PARIS

  • Cassie

    What happened to the African philanthropic work that she committed to doing before she went to jail?

    Her mother — who wears the pants in the family — raised Paris to be a narcissistic high school drop-out who only uses young men for financial or social gain and, hopefully, the Greek shipping heirs are watching their sons closely!

  • bella

    Wow . . .I am shocked . . .NOT
    Come on people it is Paris. I am sorry I think Paris is envious of what Nicole and Joel have and I think she thought she could create that too. Paris will never be like Nicole. Nicole has turned her life around, and seems more happy and settled. Paris will always be fake.

  • RM

    Lucky for him, he got out while he still could! I’m sure he can do better than someone as superfical as her.

  • resolveherpes

    just for the books maden and paris used this stuf and it worked pamala a is on it for hepc as well check it out i herd them talking about it at the villa last week

  • Jbo

    Dude – it would be HARD to love her – she’s got HERPES!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

  • ew

    I never knew they were together in the first place>

  • Geena

    who really gives a flipping flaudodle.
    Hello, there Paris Hilton and Benji Madden.
    I’d be more upset if two of my socks got seperated.

  • Leigh

    ITS ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME! yay!!!!!!!!! Everyone Knows Paris hilton is just a stupid bimbo who doesn’t know anything…..she is to f*cking fake. Really it is about time Benji Madden came to his sences……..I’m sure all of the other GC fans are happy he isn’t being held down my some FAKE misrable skank.

  • Justjoy

    WOOO! Thank god it’s over! Benji deserves someone so much better then her! =D

  • non

    good for paris…. don’t settle for a good for nothing smurf… you deserve better

  • iya

    oh benji was so nice if i am his princess i can live happy ever after not like paris hilton she did not deserved the best