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Gwyneth Paltrow to PETA: Sorry!

Gwyneth Paltrow to PETA: Sorry!

Gwyneth Paltrow has issued a public apology to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for wearing fur in her Tod’s campaign photos.

In August, PETA released a statement that said, “Gwyneth Paltrow won’t be the apple of her daughter’s eye if she continues to flaunt fur.”

The 36-year-old actress just apologized to PETA, saying, “That was awkward, and I’m glad you asked, because I do not wear fur at all. It was a day-long photo shoot on a boat near Capri, and there were all sorts of poses behind and draped a stole around my shoulder. I didn’t pay much attention to it and when I noticed it was fur, I assumed it was fake fur, but did not ask, so it’s my fault. I was very surprised when they ended up using that one shot out of hundreds for the centerpiece of the Tod’s ads. I know it’s not a great excuse, but I hope you and your members understand.”

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  • Ana

    Wow WHAT?

    I dislike her but omg PETA is insane they bascially said they are gonna kill her if she continues to wear fur and that her daughter will be without her mother.

    She must be scared out of her mind and issued this apology,when will anyone have th guts to stand up to those psychos?

    I dont wear fur, but if people its their effing right!

  • Jude

    ^ You’re misreading their statement. They never threatened to kill her.

  • Quoc

    Damn…doesn’t PETA realize that TONS of people used to kill animals for their fur just to SURVIVE in the winters? GET OVER IT!!!!!!!

  • sweet

    that was nice from her

  • sweet

    that was nice from her

  • andamentothat

    its nice of her and Peta needs to get over it.

  • andamentothat

    PETA needs to ban lipsticks, shoes, leather goods, couches, silk everything.. they need to take a deep breath, calm down and let people be.

  • tia

    she might not wear fur now but she used to and even did an interview about how easy it was overseas to wear fur because people don’t give you a hard time about it

  • LC

    I don’t see what difference the apology makes. She’s still promoting Tod’s other – suede and leather – products.

  • cary

    #3 – That was before electricity. Today people don’t need fur to survive at all, unless you live without shelter or electricity (which some people do).

  • not buying it

    she doesn’t know real from fake fur? BOGUS! Bitch was busted.

  • Mia

    Why is she saying sorry to PETA??? She needs to say sorry to that dead rat she was wearing. And like someone said… she is still wearing leather. I hate when people cry over someone wearing fur. While they’re wearing leather boots and carrying a python hand bag.

  • Maria

    I bet Stella gave her a good chewing out after she saw the ad.

  • pierce

    Fur is disgusting. Anyone who wears fur should be ashamed of themselves. Did you know that animals are SKINNED ALIVE for their fur?

    If you don’t believe me, search it on google. There are plenty of videos of it online and they’re horrifying.

    Anyone who wears fur is cruel and heartless. This is not year 1841 in winter Siberia. We do not need to kill animals for their fur. There is no excuse at all.

  • Paul

    It is nice that she apologized, but she’s not an idiot…o.k., maybe she is…it would have taken a minute just to ask whether the fur was real or not.

  • Paul

    Tod’s seemed to really want her for their campaign. I’m sure they would have accommodated her request.

  • Velvet

    In that same interview, she also said she’s “pretty much vegetarian.”

    I saw her eating clams on that cooking show and I remember she told Oprah she eats two legged animals.

  • thumbs up

    Was that really fur? I thought it was Gwynnie’s merkin for her post-Brazilian wax period.

  • Infinite

    Not surprising. Gwneth was never the sharpest tool in the shed even though she looks like a preppy princess.

  • yummy

    This talk of animal activism makes me hungry for KFC!

  • just asking

    She doesn’t wear fur? What about that poodle she wore at The London Film Festival?

  • kali

    Is it just me or does Gwyneth look like a tranny version of that vampire in True Blood?

  • Jane

    …and now Gwyn will donate all her Tod’s $$$ to charity?

    Never mind :-)

  • heather

    Tod’s is lame. She looks fugly as hell in the ads.

  • Ants

    What a cunt.

  • Hmmm

    PETA needs to go eat some beeef and chill out for a bit. So maybe she didnt know it was fake or not, its not like she is a fur expert?? I know I couldnt tell the difference unless I was shown or they brought the dead animal to me and made a fur coat right in front of my eyes….lol

  • tomtom

    @ 22 – No, she just looks like a TRANNY period.

  • jazmine

    Sorry, I’m not buying it. All Gwyneth had to do was say,”Is this real fur? I don’t wear fur.” My guess is her pal McCartney bitched at her and now she’s making nice with PETA again. The McCartney’s are very active PETA supporters.

  • delicious

    PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

  • sarah

    peta needs to shut the hell up. Bunch of freakin idiots. Nobody wants animals to die for no good reason. But idiots like peta always have to take things a little too far. Anyway, like I said just a bunch of idiots.

  • jesty

    oh gwyneth dear, as long as you’re just promoting it for OTHER women to wear, that’s fine. dipstick.


    AGREE, ” PIERCE “….I took your advice, and researched it online..I was sickened and shocked..Had no idea !!!!!…….If she REALLY did NOT know it was fur, her apology was a nice thing to do…..
    But, as someone else said, what about all the leather and other snake-skins, alligator items people wear?…….Don’t they count ?…OR, do people think ” leather “, ( and others ) is NOT a crime.?….Where does it end, anyway ?


    she comes across as more scared of PETA than she does recalcitrant about wearing fur – lol, what an idiot. She doesn’t want to get ‘floured,’ in the street. lololol

  • L

    man i really despise PETA

  • LB

    FUCK PETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amber

    Quoc: you’re missing the point. yeah people USED to kill animals for fur to survive because they had to. they had nothing else. now it’s just a luxury, for people to try to look “rich”, but they just look fat, tacky, and heartless.

  • to pierce

    Fur is disgusting. Anyone who wears fur should be ashamed of themselves. Did you know that animals are SKINNED ALIVE for their fur?

    Anyone who wears fur is cruel and heartless. This is not year 1841 in winter Siberia. We do not need to kill animals for their fur. There is no excuse at all.


    very good pierce; to each his/her own opinion. you notice i said the word “opinion”. here in the united states we not only have freedom of speech we also have freedom of expression. whether peta likes it or not clothing falls under freedom of expression.

    like everyone else in america, members of peta are free to state what he or she believes. their opposition to the wearing of fur, however, does not give these people the right to act the the “taliban”. peta members do not have the right to threaten and/or harass people who don’t agree with what peta stands for. if if were gwyneth, i would sue the “hell” out of peta for their harassment. but then, that’s just me.

  • anya

    Gwyneth Paltrow won’t be the apple of her daughter’s eye if she continues to flaunt fur.”
    gwyneth dear, you have the money. go out and hire the best damned lawyer you can find. one that goes straight for the jugular; puts the fear of the god into the other side. have him/her send this idiots at peta a letter demanding an apology for their threatening comment. if you don’t get it; sue them. dont ask for so much money that they can’t pay it off but ask for enough so that they will think twice about making such at threat again towards anyone

  • emma

    well atleast she apologized and showed that she mean it.. she has kids and i’m sure she wouldn’t do a silly thing again.
    give her a break..

  • ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Screw PETA! Those losers make you want to HATE animals!!!!!

  • Tasha

    That’s not the full PETA quote. Part of it is missing which creates a misleading context. They’re referring to her being a role model for her daughter, Apple, not threatening her life. The full quote is:

    “Gwyneth Paltrow won’t be the apple of her daughter’s eye if she continues to flaunt fur.It’s a terrible example to set for a young child, promoting an industry that electrocutes animals, snaps their necks and skins them alive.”

  • grace

    that was sweet of her :)

    PETA has SOME good ideas, but they can get a teensy bit obsessive sometimes

  • Jc

    i love how PETA always goes after famous people and makes them apologize! love PETA!

  • y4y

    In PETA r all idiots

  • andré

    i really don’t think she should apologize for anything.
    PETA is ridiculous.

  • Lillianne

    If someone offered her children food would she assume it was good and healthy food or would she stop and ask questions?

  • chloe

    I don’t wear fur , but I don’t think I have the right to act out towards anyone who does .That’s the difference, PETA thinks they DO have that right.

    Flouring someone , throwing paint on someone , and taking over a store front are just some of [ and a mild statement of ] the unacceptable things PETA does. No one is given the right to intimidate others through fear or scare tactics.

    They try to intimidate people all under the guise of helping the animals , and I can see why people react the way the do towards PETA and in the end it just does not help anyone ,including the animals.

    Like I said I don’t wear fur ,and it is a personal choice. I will let people know my beliefs but not in a way that promotes fear in anyone.

    And yes, I know the animals don’t have a voice and the animals fear the humans , but that is the difference between animals and humans… we ARE able to control ourselves. We are not [ or should not be ] impulse driven. There are much better ways of getting a message out and dealing with these issues.


  • Pomm

    Not a Peta fan, but good for them for calling Gwyneth out on her hypocrisy. If she were truly passionate about not wearing fur, all she had to do was ask whether is was faux or not.

  • carolyn

    i have no use for the people at peta; never had and never will. i hate fanatics of any kind. i don’t wear fur mostly because i personally dont like it. however, i would never be stupid enough to tell another person what he/she should wear. if someone were to throw paint on me i’d sue them.

  • razz

    pita people are morons