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Jennifer Garner Obtains A Temporary Restraining Order

Jennifer Garner Obtains A Temporary Restraining Order
  • Jennifer Garner has a nutso stalker
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  • Ashley Dupre, the prostitute at the center of the scandal that brought down former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has officially apologized to his wife.
  • Michael Jackson has agreed to come to London to give evidence at the high court where he is being sued for $7m by an Arab sheikh, his lawyers said.
  • Stephen Colbert will host his own holiday special in “A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All.” The hour-long special airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on Comedy Central
  • Winona Ryder was briefly hospitalized after falling ill on a flight to London’s Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, her publicist said.
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10 Responses to “Jennifer Garner Obtains A Temporary Restraining Order”

  1. 1
    Ana Says:

    Creepy! Of all moments, Jennifer Garner has to deal with a nut case just now?, when she is about to give birth!? Be strong, Jen!

  2. 2
    Mr. White Says:

    the picture gets to show Garner’s lips are real.

  3. 3

    When your stalker starts talking about ” GOD” and ” death “, that is very scarey….I’m glad that idiot is in a psychiatric hospital ” hold “…..I would worry over my family’s safety also….What surprises me, is that this has been going on for years….Why didn’t the police do something before now? ” ANA ” SAID, BE STRONG JEN !!
    AWWWWW, poor ole Lindsay and Sammy fighting over Calum…Who cares?….At least in the airport Sammy is NOT wearing that ugly man-hat….she wore an igloo hat instead….Why is it they always try to cover up there faces with something small?….Like we don’t know who they are…
    Angie would make a beautiful and sexy catwoman..WOW..PURRRR!!!!
    Hope Winona is ok, and feels better soon….There is NOTHING worse, than being ill while on an airplane…You have NO privacy..It is awful…Been there!

  4. 4
    i hate the moor Says:

    i like megan fox’s outtake better than the actual photos
    and stop posting the same old **** about the VS show

  5. 5
    Adoring Fan Says:

    To GOOD VICTORIA, I read that Jennifer’s stalker guy’s behavior got even more aggressive during the past year even though the stalker first surfaced in 2002 . Hope this guys is put away for good.

  6. 6
    Milly Says:

    What a nutjob. It’s so stupid that the restraining order may only last 3 months. What the heck? So, after 3 months he can go back to stalking her again? It should be permanent.

  7. 7
    ew Says:

    Who would want to stalk her, she’s boring as h.e.l.l.

  8. 8
    bea Says:

    It have to be terrible that one person be aggressive with you in all aspects, she is worried and I understand that, you can see the order and more in my forum :

  9. 9
    ellie Says:

    I know how that feels, it scares you death, thank God hes in jail for the moment, and that you can afford security..
    I can’t believe that people are asking if Jen lips are real.. of cause they are there beautiful as she is and her beautiful family. Ben always travels to see displaced children, Thank You for your good deeds, I thank everyone who cares about humanity

  10. 10
    Marie Says:

    Ew, speak for yourself on being boring as h.e.l.l. Which is why you’re the one on the celebrity site.

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