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Kevin Spacey Talks Gay Marriage

Kevin Spacey Talks Gay Marriage

At Monday’s Happy Hearts Fund 2008 ball in New York City, Kevin Spacey was asked about Proposition 8 and whether or not he hopes California will fight the ban on gay marriage. Here’s what he told Celebs Gone Good:

On President-elect Barack Obama: “Hope is in the air, and it’s palpable. It’s an exciting and generous spirit. And I think that the American public is ready for it, and I think he’s ready for it, and I believe the world is ready for it.”

On Prop 8 and gay marriage: “Well there’s no doubt that election night was a bittersweet night. But in some ways, these kinds of setbacks allow for a bigger fight, more challenges, and eventually we’re going to get it right. Eventually the American public will figure out that it really isn’t right to deny citizens basic civil human rights. And we can no longer allow that to happen.

“So the fact that these things were voted in, to me, it’s just an example of the fact that they had more money. How much money did the Mormon church put in? So I hope, like Arnold Schwarzenegger said, ‘Don’t give up. Keep protesting.’

“I think at the end of the day, if people are given rights, and the same basic rights that any individual is given, then we are in fact honoring the Constitution of the United States. Anything less than that is unfair.”

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  • Jade

    while I may disagree with gay marriage personally, the government in not a moral foundation, so allow gays to be married.

    I can understand if churchs and religious institutions will not allow that, but discrimination of all form must end…

  • rORY

    Why single out the Mormon church? There were MANY organizations, religious and non, that protested Prop 8. Further, the Mormon church, which is correctly referred to as the LDS church, does not put their money into public issues like these. Rather, the church members devote their own resources to protesting or not. Mr. Spacey should get his facts right before speaking.

    The point is that each of us believes what we believe. It’s not a matter of discrimination because to say that just because I don’t believe what you believe makes me a bigot is, in itself, a discriminatory comment. We all have our preferences and prejudices and it’s just a matter of the rights we have as a society is based on what we collectively believe as a society.

    There will always be disagreements among us as individuals. After all, we’re individuals! The best we can do is to respect eachother’s opinions and in our peaceful ways help to open the minds of others.

  • Julien

    He’s one of my all time favourite actors and seeing him stading up to this only makes me like him more!!!

  • Freda

    I echo rORY’s comments . More than just members of the LDS church voted for Prop 8.

  • http://deleted dorianda

    i wonder if he’s gay? but he’s a great actor so i really don’t care….

  • kiki

    Yes, he is gay. He was in Croatia (the island of Hvar) this summer, got drunk and horny about young guys. He was pissed off on local paparazzi who caught him in action and photographed for the local magazines.

  • Steve

    This only tells you that Spacey is likely gay. Stupid fool for supporting gay marriage in the face of the will of the people.

  • d

    Mr. Spacey’s comments just reflect his own ignorance of the issues. People who were against Prop 8 donated twice as much money as people who were for Prop 8. Also, LDS church members (aka, mormons) were a very small percentage of the total voters. People for Prop 8 have a right to our opinions also.

  • leesie

    OMG I totally love Kevin!! HE’s the coolest gay guy around. Everything he does is great.

  • guest

    What a mindless, robotic, fool.
    Typical Hollywood actor…falses easily for anything.

  • Aleena

    he’s god

  • lo

    But the Mormons gave money and volunteered more than any other organization. (

    And, the church itself donated money to the cause, not just its members. (

    So that’s why they’re being singled out. As the spokesman in the NY Times article clearly says, they thought this was a do-or-die issue and took it upon themselves to pass the law. So, we can fairly blame them! (Not JUST them, but they definitely get singled out for blame in my book.)

  • lo

    and Guest… just because someone disagrees with you, they are mindless robots who fall for anything?

    Riiiight…. that’s an incredibly compelling argument you’ve put together there. Jeez, speaking of mindless!

  • Kevin Spacey’s lover

    He’s definitely gay. Trust me. :P

  • qboy

    kevin …!! i didnt know he was gay …… i just found him great in american beauty !!!!

    iam french from paris and in france gay ppl dont have the right to vote unlike a lots of countries in europe …. and if that opportunnity whould have been given to french to vote about gay wed iam even not sure of what the outcom would be …….
    nevertheless, i think it’s a total mistake to the american constitution to put a law then put it back …. it has no sens to me to allow something then prohibit it …..

    gay ppl didnt vote for straight wed so why straight ppl should vote for gay wed ???? plus, forbide something it’s forbide somethg bcz it’s bad, or cause probl for someone else … since when loving someone is a pb ?????

    well iam a bit desapointed to see that the power goes back to ppl who are even not concerned !!!

    sorry California….. !

  • trinity

    NUMBER # 14……Hope you two enjoy yourselves….Kevin is a great guy…..treat him well….

  • just me

    I’ve always loved him and he’s a fantastic actor ! Who cares who is gay or straight ? We are all people and should have no one question who we love. Its no one elses business !!! Let all people marry who they love.

  • Jc

    very honest. love him for expressing his opinion.

  • say no to gay marriage

    Of course Kevin Spacey, being a gay man, is going to endorse gay marriage.

    Just say “NO” to gay marriage!


    Gay marriage will be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back in the institution of marriage. Marriage will be meaningless if/when gay marriage becomes commonly accepted in society, and society will be the worse for it. Marriage, in its true form, as a lifetime commitment between one man and one woman, is the most fundamental building block of society, and humanity is slowly whittling it away to a parody of its true meaning. These hollywood celebrities that advocate for gay marriage are so out of touch with what is important for the common good of society, that they, with their undue influence, will finally dissolve the most fundamental glue that holds society together.

  • http://google Poor Boy

    “Let’s Be Civil”

    I love Kevin Spacey, but he’s behind the 8-ball.

    In a game of pool, the 8-ball is placed in the center of the rack. One person is chosen to shoot and break the rack. Once all of a player’s or team’s group of object balls are pocketed, they may attempt to sink the 8 ball. To win, the player or team must first designate which pocket they plan to sink the 8 ball into and then successfully pot the 8 ball in that called pocket.

    Prop 8 was a legal break. Voters approve Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriages. With more than 95% of the vote counted.

    Rack’em Up! Eight Ball in the corner pocket. Feel for others – in your pocket. Shake Hands with a poor man who has everything.

  • dsbnh

    No Rory, it does make you a bigot. Hate is not an opinion that should be respected. Who are you kidding?

    And no, rights are not what we collectively believe is appropriate as a society. They wouldn’t be “rights” if that were the case. Seriously what the hell is wrong with you? This almost too much ignorance for one human being to possess.

  • dsbnh

    And by the way rory I have no problem with this being your opinion, just realize that it does make you a bigot. This idea that all opinions should be respected and treated as equally valid is simply false. Some opinions seek to disenfranchise human beings who are doing no harm to society at large and they should not be respected. This farce of “have an open mind” is one of the most hypocritical things to say considering you lack that very quality.

    You can feel however you wish about gay marriage and gay people in general. I do not seek to change your mind. However, you cannot expect society’s laws to support that opinion when doing so turns law-abiding citizens into second class citizens. That is not the way respecting someone’s personal opinion works.

  • duh

    lo – maybe you should read the articles you reference. I highly doubt the contribution of $2,078.97 by the LDS church was the sole reason this measure passed

  • clarisse

    1) To qboy (# 15)

    “iam french from paris and in france gay ppl dont have the right to vote unlike a lots of countries in europe …”

    WHAT?!! Is this a joke?There is no such discrimination in France. Where the hell did you get that from? Do you know that Bertrand Delanoe, the mayor of Paris, is an openly gay man?!

    2) As for Kevin Spacey’s support of gay rights, I think it’s courageous and generous after all the bashing the gay community has been inflicting on him for years, based on the assumption of his alleged homosexuality. They just should be grateful to him for getting over it to embrace their cause.

    (And please don’t bring forward those disgusting Croatian pics as a gay proof. It has been clearly established that they were photoshopped. Besides, no self-respecting newspaper dared publish them – except for the Sun, shame on them –, and the most prominent gay gossipists on the internet outright ignored that “incident”, which speaks volumes. )


    Seriously? Who had more money? Um. Prop 8 advocates for gay marriage had more money. Who do you think has more money? Brad Pitt , PG & E, and teacher’s unions or…uh, I dunno. The mormon church. What an idiot. Gay still have domestic partner rights and this does not change that.


    I have patiently listened to every argument favoring Prop 8 that I could find. Not a single one has been based in any kind of logic. Piling on apocalyptic rhetoric is not a basis for law. I understand many people’s personal issues with gay rights. However, in a free society, individual squeamishness is not a basis for creating a law. Elastic phrases like “the fabric of society” have been used to the point of meaninglessness. People love to start rhetoric wars but the world at large has a very difficult time with employing cold, logical thinking.
    Marriage is an institution taking place between consenting adults. Religious beliefs do not play a factor in marriage as a legal institution as religion and government are kept separate by the first amendment (yes, I am aware that the words “separation of church and state” are not uttered in the constitution, but if you actually the amendment, the concept is thoroughly outlined.) Aside from religious views, there are other arguments that do not hold water. The argument that legalizing gay marriage would require public schools to endorse homosexuality is false. In my time at public school no kind of relationship was endorsed in any specific terms. Schools exist to convey information and have no place dictating our ethical development except as it applies to the obedience of standard law.
    The concept that, since same-sex partners can not procreate, they should be denied marriage rights is also a logical dead end. By this line of logic, marriage should be denied to anyone who is incapable of procreating (or simply chooses not to procreate).
    Under the skin of every argument supporting the denial of marriage rights to homosexuals (or people of other alternative lifestyles) is rooted in a personal prejudice. Don’t take that too hard, people. Everyone has prejudice whether they will admit to it or not. The problem is that freedom begets risk. And a risk that has received a great deal of attention and warrants none, is the risk that one’s personal morals may be violated by the practices of others. No one has the “right” to not be offended mentally by the unobtrusive actions of others. Those who argue otherwise simply do not have the inclination to live in a truly free society. I understand your feelings, but from a legal standpoint, they have NO basis.
    Please, if anyone can offer a single argument for this proposition that is based in a logic that will hold water for the tenets of a free society, I would love to hear it. I’ve met only with carefully worded failures at this attempt.

  • pitythebigots

    It’s so refreshing to hear intelligent words like those of Those for prop 8 are simply ignorant bigots. I would state a mass of arguements against your disolusioned belief systems, but I have come to realise over the years that those of you so entrenched in such judgemental mindsets are lost amongst what usually stems from organised religion’s brainwashing. I pity you, but won’t attempt to waste my time trying to change you. Ignorance is bliss – how frightening it must be to let go of your crutch…

  • joan

    i think gay marriages should be legalized. if they love each other and plan to stay together they should have the same rights as the regular marriages.

  • angel

    My church group is protesting Kevin Spacey’s new movie Shrink due to be released this week ..handing out flyersetc ..wish the old Queen would just releasehis junk in UK, where they tolerate the OLD NAZI QUEER….

  • lynn

    @Kevin Spacey’s lover: How DO U KNOW…just curious!! LOL

  • LISA


  • Guess What

    @Kevin Spacey’s lover: Guess what Spaceys lover he is cheating on you with lots of good looking young guys. Sorry

  • mary joe


  • milty

    @Steve: stupid fool?! really wow ok seriously people if kevin is gay so what? leave it alone..what people do behind closed doors is their business and theirs only…just because ur nosy and have nothing else to do doesnt mean u should be asuming what people do in their private life and i think him suporting gay marriage is amazing him being gay or not…btw i hope he is…lol cutie…anyway i pity the fool who comments things like that about other peoples private life…love kevin!

  • milty

    @Kevin Spacey’s lover: yess!!!! btw…u stole my name! that should so be my name hehe