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Family Guy's Stewie Parodies Grape-Stomping Lady

Family Guy's Stewie Parodies Grape-Stomping Lady


Stewie Griffin, the fictional character in the animated series Family Guy, parodied the YouTube phenom, Grape-Stomping Lady. If you haven’t seen either video yet, watch below. They’re hilarious.

Owww!!! Owwwwww!!! Ahhh!!! Auggghhh! Ooooo!!!! Owww!!! Ouch!!! Ooooo!!! Owie!!! Owie!!! Owie!!!

Of course, the original hilarious grape-stomping lady was Lucy (Lucille Ball) on I Love Lucy. Check that out on YouTube as well.

Thanks, Dooby!

Stewie is the Grape-Stomping Lady

The Original Grape-Stomping Lady
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  • Canadian girl


    HAHAHAHAHAH. the original cracks me up every time

  • lAwL

    Lmao. I love you and your randomness, Jared! XD

  • Jasmine

    HAHAHAHAHA Hailirious love u Stewie

  • Just me…

    OOoouhggg, OOwww, Oowww, Ooww…..I can’t breathe!!! :lol:

    Hahahaha!! Love Stewie!! :D

  • kaylee

    LMAO omg spot on!

    amazing =)

  • WhosDat

    i love stewie.. he is so much more fun than the real peeps out there.. like britney whining about her life..—i-totally-lost-my-way-


  • tiffany


  • chloe

    That made my night. HI-LARIOUS!!

  • georgie

    HAHA! That’s hilarious!

    Those anchors are blatantly about to burst into hysterics.

    Stewie is a legend!

  • jrfan

    Am I the only one who didn’t find that outrageously funny? <_< I guess I’m just not as desensitized as everyone else…which is a good thing.

  • original shar

    Your right #9. Those two anchors wanted to laugh so bad. The female anchor even had a smirk on her face. That is some funny stuff!!!

  • amanda


  • Liz

    haha that was hilarious!! i love that clip!
    ahh u guys shood watch the music video of the grape lady!! its 10X funnier than the vid of her falling!!

  • camila

    HAHAHAHHA!!!! that was so hilarious! :)

  • jessica

    hahahha omg i love stewie

  • wtf


  • Nick Lachey USA

    LOL! oh my I didn’t know that was the reference when I initially watched it on Family Guy.

  • yoyo

    Fuking awesome!

  • prettyxfamous

    AHAHHHHHAAAA! I thought she was kidding. BUT SHE WASN’T!!!! That was great! :DD

  • Ava

    That was Hilarious! I flippin love Family Guy!

  • meems


    I also don’t find anyone in pain funny. Not only did she really hurt herself, but now people make fun of her pain.

  • yaaaaaaaaaa

    if you think this is not funny…wow…there is a lack of funnybone in your body because

  • RUBI


  • Nette

    Haha!! Stewie rocks!

  • Ashtynn

    FUNNY? what the heck is funny about an innocent women being seirously injured and being in a great deal of pain? You are all a bunch of sick sadists.

  • anna

    I luv luv stewie xD

  • Anna

    meems and Ashtynn ,

    Comedy is pain. Whether it be physical pain or a painfully awkard situation.

    The women did injure herself quite badly but she is fine now. I’m sure still quite embarassed but maybe one day she will be able to laugh at herself.

    Why do people laugh at Ameria’s funniest home videos? It doesn’t make them sadists.

  • jrfan

    There is a big difference here, though. The people who get hurt on AMV walk away 98% of the time. It’s alright to laugh because you know they’re ok and even they can laugh at (and profit from) their situation sometimes. Plus, if you see it on AMV it means that the person or someone who knows the person in the video submitted it to AMV with their knowledge (there are always exceptions of course).

    This woman was in agonizing pain and did not get back up. She had no part in posting the video to youtube. Some disconnected viewer encoded the footage and uploaded it for the world to see. Now a nationally broadcast tv show is exploiting her humiliating moment.

  • Mel

    Oh my… my stomach aches from laughing so damn hard.
    I guess I’m mean.

  • grace

    HAHAHAHAHA that made my night :D

    i’m not really normally that horrible lol

  • cameron

    The reporter who was in the video suffered five broken ribs and punctured lung, and has since passed away. Karma is coming for those who laughed.

  • B

    that was great!
    that made my day lol

  • Get Your Ex Back

    LMAO….That was to funny

  • Hannah

    LoL Stewie is just SO DAMN CUTE! As for the original one… the woman is just exaggerating ” I can’t breathe! Oww Oucchh!’’, I mean she hardly fell.

  • X

    serves her right for cheating … heh heh

  • karinefrench

    Oh my god!!!!! The pain seems very intense!
    Poor woman !! (but I have to admit this is hilarious !!! Ow ow ow owie ahah)

  • Go Jared go

    That cracked me up! Hope her injuries weren’t as bad as she sounded!
    Also, I just have to tell you I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now & I LOVE it! Before I felt kind of superficial for being so obsessed with celebrity gossip because of such sites like Perez Hilton and other sources such as us weekly, hollywood tv, and that tmz show… but yours is different because you report the story like it is w/out all your negative opinions & you emphazize the good on what they’re up to! And for a girl who’s all about lifting people up & seeing the good in people,(because after all celebrities are humans just like us but w/amazingly cool jobs) it’s the PERFECT source for my gossip fix on my favorite celebs! These days it’s been my only source… Go you for putting a positive twist to reporting celebrity news=)

  • Go Jared go

    I just realized my last blog sounded like a contrdiction because laughing at a woman who feel down it’s not nearly lifting someone up but for that situation I find it funny because if that were me yeah I’d be embrassed as hell at first but in a few years that’d be a heck of story to tell and I’d be able to laugh at myself especially when Family Guy included it in one of their shows. I don’t know, I just feel that it’s survivng moments like those that remind you to not take life so seriously, as long as she’s okay of course (just in case anyone was wondering)….

  • Chewy

    Fate gave her one hellova bitchslap.