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Jennifer Garner Busts Burky

Jennifer Garner Busts Burky

A makeup-free Jennifer Garner carries smiley daughter Violet, 2, through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 36-year-old expectant actress will soon delivery baby #2.

Jennifer recently won a restraining order against a man she claims has been stalking her for years. The order will grant the former Alias star, her husband Ben Affleck and Violet three years of protection from Steven R. Burky, 36.

15+ pictures inside of Burky-free Jennifer Garner

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jennifer garner steven burky 01
jennifer garner steven burky 02
jennifer garner steven burky 03
jennifer garner steven burky 04
jennifer garner steven burky 05
jennifer garner steven burky 06
jennifer garner steven burky 07
jennifer garner steven burky 08
jennifer garner steven burky 09
jennifer garner steven burky 10
jennifer garner steven burky 11
jennifer garner steven burky 12
jennifer garner steven burky 13
jennifer garner steven burky 14
jennifer garner steven burky 15

Photos: Wild Bunch/WENN, Ghost/Fame Pictures
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  • Cutiepie

    Question, this child is 2 and is always being carried. Can she walk yet?

  • Cutiepie

    Question, this child is 2 and is always being carried. Can she walk yet?

  • Cutiepie

    Oops, I have no idea why that posted twice. sorry

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`no wonder violation didn’t make the “hottest tots” list.

    she has my vote for the
    ‘fugliest tots’ list.. # 3 spot.

  • katiep

    Lovely pic of the mother-daughter duo. Glad to see Jen and her family are safe now, only for a few years….

    Wonder where they are going?

  • mirta

    Violet is so cute :)

  • Ana

    Only three years? The guy is a basket case! In three years… what?! Ridiculous.

    On a happier note, they both look wonderful. Violet is cute all the way. It’s so nice to see a happy kid like her, always smiling.

  • My voice

    Yeah, she’s happy and always smiling, but geez! What’s up with those teeth?

  • jolie

    i think she is soooo sweet… (not so cute as shiloh, but she is cute)

  • manda

    WOW Ben must have poor genes because Violet is all Jen!!!!!! She is her little mini-me. And those dimples just kill me. Ah so sweet !

  • Rita

    If you want to write mean things about a child, then don’t post!

    I LOVE Violet; and obviously she’s being carried because they’re surrounded by crazy paps, so the mom is concerned for her safety.. kids can dash off anywhere!

    I love how they dress like normal people, and not in flashy designer crap like some other celebutots..

  • http://justjared marie

    Wow, what a cute kid!

  • manda

    Rita you have a point why would she want her kid walking around when the paparazzi is sworn everywhereeee!

  • Mr. Orange

    Of course she can walk, #1. But for reasons that are her parents’ alone, she’s always carried.

    How could you say that about a little kid, #4?

  • NYCGalnVA

    Now I see why Angelina Jolie has a body guard. Jen should have had one three years ago.

  • Vickie

    I agree with RITA, keep it too yourself


    This child called Violet is going to be 3 on Dec 5.. It is interesting that
    they don’t show her going through security.. That is usually the first thing you see in the airport photos.. the line up… Who is that small
    woman standing next to her…I think that she is coming back after the
    court hearing ..If they both had strong genes she would have brown
    hair not blonde..??

  • lillison

    WOUHA look at pic number 14 and don´t tell me that are her natural lips!NOBODY on earth has such swollen lips!!!It looks damn horrible!ewww!so called down to earth ppl(like Jen is) don´t get lip injections!!!

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    Just for the record: Violet is turning 3 on December 1, not Dec. 5.


    Thanks about her birthday Dec 1

  • tina

    tha both looking lovely

  • Plain Jane

    Let’s just face facts, Jen Garner is just NOT very attractive, she isn’t ugly, but she’s no beauty, she’s not even cute without the help of a make-up artist and stylist, obviously. Oh, and she needs to lay off the collagen, her lips are ridiculously large for her face!

  • sarah

    I can’t believe the way that some of you are talking about Violet, a three year old child! It’s disgraceful and disgusting!

    In MY opinion, she’s adorable, and a beautiful little girl, who’s always happy and smiling with her parents.

  • Chris X

    Ben has been in the refugee camps in the Congo so they may be at the airport for his return. As for the people who say mean things about little children. they must have pretty sad lives. I have seen Suri descri bed as a robobaby, Shiloh as a albino, and all sorts of other awful names about oher babies and children. I guess there is a kind of safety in saying mean things on the internet that you woudl never say in person to anyone or they would beat you down and you would have to run back to your mommy’s basement and post more nasty things.

  • Marie

    I n F a m o u s you are sick to insult a child. You are the violation comparing children’s looks. You would be anyone’s number 1 spot for fugliest person in general.

  • michelle

    it’s amazing how much time ben spends AWAY from his family. i guess it works for their relationship (E.g. Bill and Hillary) and Jen believes it’s better to be married to him even if he’s gone most of the year, then not to be married to him but sheesh….it’d be nice if he were in the states more or spent more time with his family, don’t you think?

  • Marie

    Plain Jane, beauty is NOT a fact. It is opinion. That is your opinion on Jen.

  • watching sportscenter

    jennifer looks pretty cute
    i like her

  • Lainey

    #8 They’re her baby teeth. They’ll fall out anyways.

    #11 Of course you would say that, you’re one of those Jolie loonies. Stop comparing children.

    #24 Your comment is obviously about yourself, which is why you’re using that as your name.

  • Deb

    The child needs to walk! Jen carries her ALL the time it seems, and what do dr say? DONT CARRY over 20 pounds during 2nd pregnancy….. Kids run away? Thats what holding hands, and strollers are for!

  • Helena

    Lillison are you trying to say that even down-to-earth people don’t care about their appearance? What type of logic is that? No celebrity is really down-to-earth anyways. I agree that they look really bad though.

  • Ugh!

    FUG!!! And at least Ben TRIES to keep Violet from getting photographed by covering her up. There Jen has a blanket and isn’t doing a thing! You’d think she’d be more careful with a stalker, but there she goes, fugly always wants the photo op.

  • Helena

    You’re the one who most likely is fug and fugly, which is why you talk about people’s appearance behind your computer. Ben holds Violet in the photos and doesn’t cover her up, either. The stalker is locked away.

  • Luke

    The restraining order should be permanent not just 3 years. After 3 years he’ll probably go back to stalking her again.

  • pierce

    I’m sick of people saying “don’t call kids ugly”.

    Um, why? Violet is ugly. Most people won’t say it, but everyone is thinking it.

    If you can call an adult ugly, then you can call a child ugly too.

    And don’t give me bullshit reasons like “but its just a child, why pick on an innocent kid”. Well my response: Why would you pick on an innocent adult?

    I see people calling adults celebs ugly all the time even if they didn’t do anything to be “hated”.

    Everyone calls Sarah Jessia Parker ugly constantly and she’s one of the nicest and most humble people in hollywood.

    So don’t any of you dare say “don’t call a kid ugly” or you’ll all hypocrites because I know you’ve all called someone ugly at least once in your life.

  • ann

    Just because you think it doesn’t mean “everyone”. That is only your pathetic opinion, so speak for yourself. Many people think that she is cute. If you don’t see anything wrong with calling a child “ugly” then there is something seriously wrong with you.

  • Office fan

    Jared, can you please delete the comments from #9 & #10? The child that posted them, obviously has issues.
    Anyway, I think Violet is adorable, and she is all mommy. It will be interesting to see if the new baby will be another Jen clone or look like Ben.

  • Brooke

    Jennifer’s wearing too much make-up and her face looks puffy.

    That adoring crazy fan of hers is not the only one who needs a restraining order, Jennifer needs to get a restraining order on her plastic surgeon to keep her/him away from her lips, they going to need their own zip code soon.

  • Jen needs those big lips to s*ck Ben off, its the onlly reason their still married, but that won’t be for much longer, baby #2 or not

  • nana

    dimples are dominant genes that’s why some of u might say she looks like Jennifer but her face structure is all Bens :P

  • Luke

    … Stop sharing your fantasies of Jen and Ben on here. Nobody wants to know about them. Seeing as you know nothing about this couple to talk about why they are married. You sound like that stalker following her around.

  • Luke

    … that is some wishful thinking. You type the same foul comments on every Garner post. That must be how you keep your husband. Lmao.

  • Eliza

    Brooke it clearly says make-up free. She is not wearing too much make-up compared to clown-faced Christina Aguilera and many others. Her lips are looking very swollen, though. Maybe after pregnancy they won’t be so swelled up.

  • linda

    She looks kind of stressed in those pics where she is not smiling but seems to be putting on smiling face for her daughter. I’m glad her crazy fan is locked up they should keep him locked up forever.

    Ben should be with his family and not in Africa, family comes first !He should be helping his wife through what looks like a very stressful and scary time for her, she really needs him for support but it seems he would rather be off in Africa. Sad.

  • Mr. Orange

    Let them worry about their marriage, #28.

    Right, #31.

    What that kid ‘needs’ is for total strangers to stop tellingher mother how to raise her, #32.

    Right, 38. #37 is an idiot.

  • Adoring Fan

    To all the crazies hating on the Afflecks, get over it, your candidate lost the election. Get behind the new president and make this country a better place.

    Jen and Violet are so cute with their matching dimples and full lips. What a lovely family. Love them. It seems that Burky is not the only stalker Jen has. Lots of haters on this site today.

  • someone

    Just b/c this site says she is “makeup free” doesn’t mean she’s not wearing makeup. lol

    Besides, guys aren’t usually very good about that. If it’s not brightly colored and obvious, most guys probably won’t have any idea whether a woman is wearing makeup or not.

  • Eliza

    Either way, it doesn’t look like she is wearing a lot to many others. I’m aware just because the site says it doesn’t make it so, but it doesn’t look like she is wearing a lot anyways.

  • Eliza

    I meant to say compared to many others.


    to ” BIG TWITTY DITTY KIM”…NUMBER # 4……What is wrong with you?…Not enough toilet paper to wipe your nasty, crappy and hateful mouth?……..So, you are going to crap all over her child…can someone say ” therapy “?….What in the world happened to you in childhood ?….Who was that hateful to you?…I’m sad for you…
    Violet is absolutely adorable…and she has a blanket even…All those people who hate on Suri because she has a blanket….Ridiculous !!!…They are just toddlers…..Jennifer carries her child like all the other parents….the paparazzi gets down to their level, and tries to get close-ups while screaming at them…Their parents can control what is happening to them when their help up high….What is the big deal?….