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People Magazine: NY Times is Bogus

People Magazine: NY Times is Bogus

Larry Hackett, managing editor for People magazine, just sent this email to staffers to address the recent NYTimes piece titled “Angelina Jolie’s Carefully Orchestrated Image”:

“I don’t normally address press stories about how we do our business here at People. But today’s New York Times pg. 1 story about Angelina Jolie requires a response. In the lede, the story strongly suggests that People, while negotiating for the twins pictures, had explicit conversations about our “editorial plan” and made ‘a promise’ that coverage would be positive.

“These sorts of stories have appeared in media gossip columns before. I have ignored them in the past as the unfortunate fallout of competition and sour grapes. But today’s story, in a much different venue, takes these rumors to a new level, so let me be absolutely clear: The suggestion that we have ever made any promise of positive coverage, or have submitted an editorial plan, is completely false. That I or anyone else would promise, on paper or verbally, to purposely slant coverage as condition for acquiring pictures, is insulting to all of us.

“Here’s what is true: Celebrities-and senators and business executives and athletes-are always trying to bend stories their way. We deal with that pressure every single day and engage in many conversations regarding all elements of coverage. Angelina Jolie is very candid about wanting attention for her charitable efforts, and we have covered many of them because we believe they are interesting stories. But in doing so, we have never relinquished editorial control. There have been occasions when her goals and our needs could not be reconciled, and we have walked away, as we have with countless other story subjects.

“In our coverage of both celebrities and everyday people, People certainly often celebrates their accomplishments and milestones. To say that our coverage of Angelina Jolie has not been admiring would be disingenuous. But the suggestion in today’s Times that this ‘positive’ coverage is codified and promised is totally bogus, and needs to be rejected.”

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962 Responses to “People Magazine: NY Times is Bogus”

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  1. 76
    german fans Says:


  2. 77
    JM Says:

    oh honey you don’t want me to start on your name changing as s-your idol maniston is a coke snorting, piss upon whiny dog, stick with one name and then your pathetic as s can talk-getalife maniston,lol

  3. 78
    African Girl Says:


    Rotflmao! I looooooooooooooooves it!!!!!

  4. 79
    Nanea Says:

    So People is the epitome of journalistic integrity? Cry me a river!

    They only print what the publicists or the talent want them to print., never touching anything controversial. They don’t do their own research, they wait to hear from the reps, they always write fluffy feel-good pieces that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Pot, meet kettle!

  5. 80
    JM Says:

    i love how the troll keeps talking about class,aint nothing classy about a 40yr old woman showing her dried out cooch and saggy tits in a too small bikini while getting drunk on margaritas and puffing marlboros like a drunk sailor on leave,lol, maniston is thy name,lol

  6. 81
    estelle Says:

    secretary …spelling suck!. LOL.

    Imagin if a man can do all this, he would be praise as a true leader, smart, savy and a genius, but since it’s a woman and also it’s Angelina Jolie, she has to be conniving, manipulative and controlling….NYT, why are you still living in 1928?

  7. 82
    anonymous Says:

    From Ted on E!

    Angelina Jolie: Deceitful, Wannabe Publicist, Part II
    Today 11:58 AM PST by Ted Casablanca

    J Redden/UNHCR via Getty Images

    Thank heavens somebody’s listening. The supposedly still venerable New York Times finally echoed what we’ve been bitching about for eons: Angelina Jolie knows her way around press manipulation about as well as she does married men. We said it. Now the Times is saying it: Jolie is the woman aspiring Hollywood publicists should be studying with everything they’ve got.

    Oh, and Angie’s reaction to the NYT calling her out like this? “She pretends to be irked,” relayed a Brangelina mutual friend, “but secretly, I know she loves it.” As do we, of course, as do we.

  8. 83
    African Girl Says:

    Every celeb out there has at least one publicist to help them shape their image in a positive way, someone who sells the public an image that is so far from reality, it could be an alternate world.

    Angelina Jolie does not have anyone and the only image she sells is her true self and this is a bad thing??!!! Is it that the public enjoys being lied to or why is this a big deal??!!

    Gah! I’ll never understand showbusiness and the Fanistons!!!

  9. 84
    African Girl Says:

    Ted is an idiot, How can he say someone is finally listenting to his calling AJ out for something he also says other celebrities do?

    What sense does that make???!!

  10. 85
    anonymous Says:

    Trevor is her publicist..Look it up !

    How did you guys get off topic.Why is Jennifer in here?


  11. 86
    juju Says:

    anonymous @ 11/21/2008 at 6:57 pm

    Ted C?? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Man, you really are desperate aren’t you? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  12. 87
    bdj Says:

    anonymous @ 11/21/2008 at 6:57 pm
    She pretends to be irked,” relayed “Huvane”. Too funny. As if, AJ cares What Ted C or source thinks. Chances are, AJ does not even know about this. It is funny how all these articles appear when they are out of the country. However, if being called smart and master of your career, image, and bringing awareness to your causes are bad things, then sign me up.

  13. 88
    natascha Says:

    Angie is busted and People is trying to save ties with their cash cow. Only the delusional would believe a rag mag over the NY Times. What’s that sound….It’s Angie’s credibility sinking even lower. The Angie loons are going to have the dumbest excuses for this… too funny!! What a bunch of idiots. Now they’re gonna be up all night posting in the Addicts defense while the rest of us go out and have a life tonight!! Thanks JJ!

  14. 89
    juju Says:

    anonymous @ 11/21/2008 at 7:02 pm

    Trevor Nielson her publicist? :lol: :lol: Do yourself a favor do a little research before posting.

  15. 90
    JM Says:

    a troll telling me too focus,lol,go tell maniston to have mayer aim straighter,lol

  16. 91
    watching sportscenter Says:

    complete bullshit
    we all no angelina is trying to get the most out of magazines like u
    ur lying people

  17. 92
    Natascha Says:

    juju @ 11/21/2008 at 7:03 pm anonymous @ 11/21/2008 at 6:57 pm

    Ted C?? Man, you really are desperate aren’t you?

    People mag?? So are you losers!!

  18. 93
    estelle Says:

    Most people don’t know that they themselves are been controlled and manipulated by the media everyday when they turn on that Tv, radio or reading the tabloids and newspapers. This remind me of the movie V for Vendetta…LOL. The media so used to be the puppet master that it so hard for it to have some one from the mass puppet to turn around and said, no more, you have to do what I want……..sweet!

  19. 94
    bdj Says:

    Geez I guess the hens are in denial about all the lies, fiction and malice the NYT have published. NYT has been caught in more lies with their stories and writers inventing sources than the National Enquirer and that is saying something. At least the National Enquirer have broken some real stories. Read up hens, before spouting off.

  20. 95
    juju Says:

    natascha @ 11/21/2008 at 7:04 pm

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Busted for what? For not needing a publicist and all the other people that all the actors need to take care of her image and business? For using the spotlight to help others?

    :lol: :lol:

    You’re the idiot. An idiot consumed by hate. Poor thing…

  21. 96


    get a life jenho anuston instead of whining for 4 long years even though you had been humped and dumped by several guys.

    So uncool for jenho anuston to be bitter about a 4 year divorce when she had been dumped and now being peed on by john mayer

  22. 97
    JM Says:

    i see the name changes are coming fast and furious,lol

  23. 98
    bdj Says:

    Now that you got that off your chest, go hug your boyfriend doll. Have a nice night.

  24. 99
    kim Says:

    These two are just attention seekers, of course they give millions to charities, if they did not they would pay it in taxes, it ‘s called a tax shelter and then they use the publicity from their charities to further themselvs.

    Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what Brad Pitt ever saw in her.

  25. 100
    juju Says:

    Natascha @ 11/21/2008 at 7:09 pm

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Losers? :lol: :lol: You’re in a blog, using different names, posting about crap about someone you hate for no reason and you’re calling other losers? You really have some issues don’t you? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    And, between Ted C and People , the choice is obvious.

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