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People Magazine: NY Times is Bogus

People Magazine: NY Times is Bogus

Larry Hackett, managing editor for People magazine, just sent this email to staffers to address the recent NYTimes piece titled “Angelina Jolie’s Carefully Orchestrated Image”:

“I don’t normally address press stories about how we do our business here at People. But today’s New York Times pg. 1 story about Angelina Jolie requires a response. In the lede, the story strongly suggests that People, while negotiating for the twins pictures, had explicit conversations about our “editorial plan” and made ‘a promise’ that coverage would be positive.

“These sorts of stories have appeared in media gossip columns before. I have ignored them in the past as the unfortunate fallout of competition and sour grapes. But today’s story, in a much different venue, takes these rumors to a new level, so let me be absolutely clear: The suggestion that we have ever made any promise of positive coverage, or have submitted an editorial plan, is completely false. That I or anyone else would promise, on paper or verbally, to purposely slant coverage as condition for acquiring pictures, is insulting to all of us.

“Here’s what is true: Celebrities-and senators and business executives and athletes-are always trying to bend stories their way. We deal with that pressure every single day and engage in many conversations regarding all elements of coverage. Angelina Jolie is very candid about wanting attention for her charitable efforts, and we have covered many of them because we believe they are interesting stories. But in doing so, we have never relinquished editorial control. There have been occasions when her goals and our needs could not be reconciled, and we have walked away, as we have with countless other story subjects.

“In our coverage of both celebrities and everyday people, People certainly often celebrates their accomplishments and milestones. To say that our coverage of Angelina Jolie has not been admiring would be disingenuous. But the suggestion in today’s Times that this ‘positive’ coverage is codified and promised is totally bogus, and needs to be rejected.”

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962 Responses to “People Magazine: NY Times is Bogus”

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  1. 126
    ew Says:

    WHO THE F.U.C.K CARES!!! Also, Angelina’s teeth bug the S.H.I.T. out of me. They bend downward in the front and are not all that straight and is a weird gumline. Before you ask, my teeth are perfect!

  2. 127
    bdj Says:

    ZacChace hens/teens can go to Just Jared Jr and get all the love they want. Vanessa is the new American Sweetheart and those Disney chicks make Whiny love life look like “As the world Turns”. In fact, poor pathetic Jen has her eye on one of the Jonas Bro. Just a rumor.

  3. 128
    estelle Says:

    AG- #107 answer for your last questions is YES! * I got it right…nanananaaaana na*

  4. 129
    D. kay Says:

    If you think Brad finds sexiness in Angelina’s physical beauty…, you can only imagine how that is fueled by her sexy, kick ass mind!!

    How many men get that combination plate??? It’s usually one or the other….or a ‘bit’ of both. Brad is one lucky dude and he bloody well knows it. HIs animated persona on Oprah was such evidence of his joy in life these days.

    And why not?? The list goeson……….

    Great mother, sexy mate, kick ass empowered woman, A list Oscar winning actress, one of the most beautiful and powerful women on the planet, pilot, humanitarian with a big heart and an inexhaustible spirit.

    My lord, he must wake up each morning and roll over and go, “Oh, my god, it is real.”

    He felt like the ‘iceman’ in his first marriage, I think the tatoo is saying, “that’s over, thank god, and here’s a reminder of how lucky you are now.” Just my take.

  5. 130
    juju Says:

    Anyone what = Anyone wants

  6. 131
    guli Says:

    OMG—-this is hilarrious…Soooo the X hens are going nuts as usual after 4 years …

    OK…..X and her hens…I have a serious question for you all pathetic, weak things..You do know that the DIVORCE rate in US is OVER 50%…soooo why does this talentless, ugly b!tch still act like she was the ONLY one that got a fcuking divorce…ROTFLMAO…ohhh “I don’t go’s been 100 years ago”…what??? my a@@..yep the b!tch says 100 years ago but decides to use her divorce to promote her doggy movie by using ANGIE..yooo… hooo.. you said it was 100 years what gives ..well oce you are a lying ho you always are a lying ho. I hope she’s happy spooning with Norman and Dolly… :lol: :lol:

  7. 132
    Keep an Eye out for Deceivers Says:

    Charity means doing something nice for someone and not expecting anything in return. Can anyone actually say Angelina hasn’t gotten anything in return for her charity work? Global fame, millions of dollars, glowing news coverage, getting out of that sticky little adultery situation. Ms. Jolie’s fans must be really damaged if they think exploiting helpless people for personal gain is even considered an act of charity. I know Angie’s fans will all defend this practice saying all stars use the media to promote themselves, including Jennifer Aniston. True, but how many exploit refugees and orphans to do damage control when they get involved with a married man? Giving an interview to a magazine to promote a film is one thing. Exploiting desperate people in need of food/shelter and using your own children as leverage to make sure you only get positive news coverage is one of the most awful celebrity stories I have ever heard. Angelina Jolie is one of the most shameful, soulless people to ever work in Hollywood. And that’s saying a lot.

  8. 133
    B & A Says:

    Brad & Angelina

  9. 134
    B & A Says:

    Another shot of Brad & Angelina:

  10. 135
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    So Ted Casa bakla still thinks he’s in the know? A mutual friend relayed to him? Bahahahah! It’s nice of him to scour blogs and internets, read ragazines and then write about it as if he talked to some one with the real insider knowledge. Ted is prolly the one with drug problems, based on these stories/fictions he keep on writing.

    bakla=gay in my country

  11. 136
    piper, with a low Says:

    Re: The NYT article…

    While the article was a bit on the myopic side i.e. ignoring the fact that every celebrity tries to control their image, the fact that Angelina is in a very unusual circumstance which merits her handling her image with an iron fist, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I think ‘manipulator’ is a bad choice of words. It’s called EXERCISING ONE’S FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Why people have a beef against Angelina exercising hers is beyond me.

    Quite frankly, if Angelina didn’t take measures, these journalists/paps would climb through the JPs windows. And quite frankly, both Brad and Angelina have the right to decide who they talk to, when and where the interviews will occur, and why they are talking to the press.

    And I agree with those who resent that the ‘journalist’ ignored the fact that Brad does this too. H*ll… he went to that small French newspaper with the twins’ birth announcement; he banned L & S, In Touch and their ilk from the Global Green news conferences in ’06; and he continually kept entertainment shows like E! News and ET at bay after their continual disregard for reporting inaccurate stories, trespassing, and inability or unwillingness to issue retractions and dozens of other actions pertaining to the press.

  12. 137
    bdj Says:

    I suggest hens go to and read up on the duties a UN Ambassador j. As usual, self righteous hens who have not lifted a finger(oh they do it quietly, right!!!) to help anyone is on a blog spouting nonsense. I am sure that the Refugees and orphans appreiciate anyone who can shed a light on their plight not too mention donating millions, lobbying congress and setting up foundations. They might want to tell, Charliz Theron(s), Ashley Judd, Michael Douglas and others to halt all work on behalf of the UN. Just to be on the safe side, tell Oprah, Bono, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck(who left his pregnant wife) to halt spotlighting conflicts in the Sudan and humanatrain crisis in Haiti and throughout the world. Let’s just mourn and wear sack cloth and ashes for poor pathetic Jen and the demise of the Golden Couple.

  13. 138
    DECENCY Says:

    See how low the NY Times has gone, Ted C thinks his work is equal to what they write.

    I am glad to read that people with brains are asking why the NY Times wrote this article. Sad to say the paper of record has become just another tabloid.

  14. 139
    whateverangie Says:

    bdj @ 11/21/2008 at 7:24 pm

    Name calling has as much effective as whining, spamming and changing names over and over on a blog, NONE. It might make the person feel better, but does not change Angelina Jolie’s life. She still has the 6 adorable children, sexy and mighty fine partner and the striving career. Whiny X still has her hens, or not really a hen but really feel bad for ole pathetic one.

    WOW!!! Pot calling the kettle black.. In mostly all your posts that is all you have been doing is name calling. You are so funny!!

  15. 140
    JealousHAGS Says:

    ew @ 11/21/2008 at 7:43 pm
    So if it bugs you why are you torturing yourself and come and look at Angelina’s picture. Admit it you are just another jealous hag who is obsessed with Angelina.

  16. 141
    bdj Says:

    whateverangie @ 11/21/2008 at 8:04 pm
    yep but that W H O R E word is really name calling. Whiny is just an affectionate term for the Whiny one or poor pathetic eternal victim Jen(PPEV).

  17. 142
    Luke Says: = Jennifer Aniston

  18. 143
    Angie, you GAIN a fan Says:

    Angelina Jolie is furthering her work on behalf as refugees beyond her role as Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency. She has teamed up to help refugee children:

    Actress Angelina Jolie and a team of 25 powerful law firms are joining forces against the government’s attempt to deport thousands of unaccompanied and illegal immigrant children – including hundreds from New York City.

    Backed by Microsoft Corp., Kids in Need of Defense will provide free legal representation to children separated from their parents. The group will open offices in New York and other several other cities…

    “These children often have nothing – no money, no support and no family,” Jolie said in a statement. “Many end up becoming lost, traumatized, and ultimately forgotten.”

    Jolie also spoke Friday at the Council on Foreign Relations, introducing a panel on the International Criminal Court and the prosecution of perpetrators in Darfus, sponsored by the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

    “Over the past seven years, I’ve worked with UNHCR and I’ve traveled around the world trying to bring attention to refugees,” she said. “It’s been a remarkable education.”

    Jolie, who has visited dozens of war-torn countries around the world, spoke passionately on behalf of the victims she’s met. “I’ve seen refugees return to live among the same people who attacked them,” she said. “They are returning to the same lawlessness that sent them running in the first place. I’ve seen aid workers tear up as they put ladies on a bus and say, ‘I don’t know what we’re sending them back to…

    “I don’t know if the ICC is the answer. And I don’t know what type of court is, or what it would need to be to make all of us agree and make it strong enough,” Jolie admitted. “But I do know this: No mother who had her children killed in front of her, no young girl sold into slavery, no boy kidnapped and forced to be a child soldier and no young girl like the 3-year-old I met in Sierra Leone, who had her limbs cut off, should be expected to simply forget. No one should have to choose between peace and justice.”

  19. 144
    nicole Says:

    #69 uol ( ugly obsessive lowlife )

    OMG.. uol .. you sound SOOOOOOOOOOO ……………DUUUUUUUUUUMB… LOL LOL !

  20. 145
    juju Says:

    Keep an Eye out for Deceivers @

    Yes, she got a lot from her humanitarian work, but it had nothing to do with “Global fame” or all the crap that you wrote. Angelina didn’t need to risk her life, to waste her time and money to have “Global fame” and all the crap the in make on your sick mind, she already had that.

    Since Fev of 2001 Angelina has visited more than 25 countries, has risked her life and has given her time and money, millions of them, that heve saved and helped a lot of people.

    While you poor excuse of a human beign spend you’re time in the internet hating on people that you don’t know and throught you’re frustantions and issues into to somenone that has done you no harm, Angelina sepends her time helping others and making the life of other human beign better.

  21. 146
    Tchaikovsky Says:

    Heroes & Pioneers 21 of 100

    Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
    By George Clooney

    It is one thing to talk about the problems of the world and quite another to actually try to change things.

    As a team, actors Brad Pitt, 44, and Angelina Jolie, 32, have served as our goodwill ambassadors worldwide. They brought help to Pakistan in 2005, after a catastrophic earthquake killed tens of thousands of people and left millions homeless. They have tended to the poor and sick in Africa. And they’ve raised global awareness—and contributed $1 million of their own money—for the victims of atrocities in Darfur. Brad co-founded Not on Our Watch, an organization set up to focus global attention on Darfur and other hot spots.
    In the U.S., Brad and Angelina didn’t just talk about, or even just throw money at, the tragic fallout from Hurricane Katrina. They actually moved to New Orleans and have set about trying to make right what so many have made wrong. Brad established a project to finance and build 150 new homes in the Ninth Ward.

    Angelina has worked tirelessly through the United Nations on behalf of refugees around the world, touring border camps in Africa, Asia and Latin America and lobbying on Capitol Hill. The couple cares for three adopted children, from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam, in addition to their biological daughter.

    There are hundreds of people who could be honored for their good works, but I’ve seen Brad and Angelina firsthand, and their commitment together is truly impressive.
    Clooney is actively engaged in trying to resolve the Darfur crisis,28804,1733748_1733756_1735278,00.html

  22. 147
    Luke Says: = New Jennifer Aniston Photo

  23. 148
    Natascha Says:

    Just one last thing before I go out with friends (sorry Angie Addicts I know that’s foreign to you). Just because Angie can’t lay off the pipe doesn’t mean you should follow. Night Night. Sweet Dreams.

  24. 149
    guli Says:

    # 133 Keep an Eye out for Deceivers @ 11/21/2008 at 7:53 pm

    OK–you choose to be a complete MORON and and IDIOT with you post…Heck that is your choise to mahe an a@@ of yourself…
    Honey bunch!!! Angie and Brad were both major actors and had made MILLIONS of dollars before they decided to go into humanitarian work!!!! Sooo you decided to lie as a usual pathetic X fan to make a point…but honey you fcuked up sooo bad…so now what will your come back possibly be???? Hey..go check the timeline when and how much they donated so that you don’t look like a complete IDIOT!!!

  25. 150
    juju Says:

    sepends = spends

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