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Bisexual 'Ikki' Twins Get A Double Shot at Love

Bisexual 'Ikki' Twins Get A Double Shot at Love

Tila Tequila won’t be getting a third shot at love but MTV is giving bisexual twin sisters Rikki and Vikki, aka The Ikki Twins, their chance in a new installment of A Shot at Love.

Beginning December 9 @ 10PM ET/PT, A Double Shot at Love rounds up a group of suitors — both straight guys and lesbians — to vie for each twin’s affections.

Born in Pennsylvania, Rikki is the older twin, followed two minutes later by her identical twin sister Vikki. Their first break came from a modeling gig for Bench Warmer Cards, which led to them landing on the covers of Import Turner and Fast & Sexy, two major magazines for car enthusiasts. With their increasing popularity, in 2005 Rikki & Vikki were asked to model for the Sexy Corvettes Calendar and heated up cities across the world on the Hot Import Night Tour.

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch the Ikki Twins get their Double Shot at Love?

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  • anon


  • rachel

    no. theyre nobodies.

  • lisa

    Can someone tell me when MTVs going to start playing music again?

  • jscott

    double no.

  • lala

    this is ridiculous

  • nona

    wow their parents must be so proud! Nothing like inferring you are bisexual AND incestuous! Good job!

  • kay

    #3 I know ! What has happened to MTV. What happened to the awesome music? Now all there is are these stupid, full of crap, reality shows!

  • chelsea


  • Jaded

    The Ikki Twins is an appropriate name for these silly whores. Seriously, when did being a stupid whore make you interesting. Aren’t those the type of girls that guys bone one night and then spend the next three weeks trying to get rid of that strange itch or burn that appeared the next morning?


    ” NONA “…AND ” JADED “…..LOL,LOL,LOL, NONA…AGREE JADED !!!.WHAT A RIDICULOUS WASTE OF THE MEDIA’S TIME….Come on Jared, REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!….I would rather watch a snail melt in salt for that hour..

  • gaby

    This is riciculous!
    who wants to watch thisss?
    wow :P

  • Susie

    What?! I can’t believe the garbage that is being force fed to our youth. I am a youth and I am offended.

  • dee

    i agree wtih #3

  • Jessica

    Oh God.
    Enough is enough with the trash.

  • JuLeGirlie

    I also agree with #3…
    I live in Germany but MTV sends just those stupid reality shows and no music.
    *grr* :(

  • M

    disgusting, but just what’s expected from mtv.

  • mia

    lisa omg yes girl yes mtv is a waste of space it might as well be called lcbrtv= lauren conrad bad reality television.

  • kaylee

    aren’t those the twins from 8th and ocean??

  • tish

    the world really is coming to an end

  • Tha

    man, how manufactured is that, seriously?
    twins AND bi? i can heard the sounds of heavy breathing from pervs all over the world..

  • Nic

    I agree with tish, what the world has become???

  • shrubby

    maybe if the chicks were hotter

  • yolanda

    are u serious shrubby???!!! i agree with tish but its fun watching nobodys making a fool of themselves maybe i’ll watch the first episode if i like it than i will watch it again. wierdos!!! this world is becoming a trash can.

  • chelsey

    WOW how freaking STUPID.

    Of course I’ll watch.

  • ugly idea

    CLASSY! not…and JJ you ought not to succumb to publicising such crap.

  • HOPE

    heck no who wants 2 watch girls mash up with other girls and guys? i totally agree with #3

  • HOPE

    heck no who wants 2 watch girls mash up with other girls and guys? i totally agree with #3

  • ?

    To think this is the same network that refused to play Madonna’s “What it feels like for a girl” and Britney’s Toxic when it first came out. Now they are out of control and determined to become a porn channel.

    Does the FCC have any control over them?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared, seriously>? seriously… jared? c’mon, dude.. you’re site’s better than this.

  • dancer

    I think reality tv has gotten out of hand! Half these no-talent folks are boring and doing anything for their fifteen minutes of fame.

  • ew


  • taylor

    Sick and sad. I feel sorry for their parents.

  • taylor

    So incredibly offensive.

  • vmars111

    Double the STD’s for everyone!

  • niceguy

    they r porn stars from playboy channel…
    Cunt & whores!

  • marisa

    ABSOLUTELY DIGUSTING. what is this world coming to?

  • jughed

    Hmm, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the idea of two twin lesbians didn’t intrigue me…


    i probably will not be tuning in to a show like this. sounds pretty stupid.

  • Tess

    Reality TV must be so desperate. I’ve never seen tv programs so depraved and immoral! No wonder many young and impressionable girls are so messed up. These are the role models they’re growing up with!

  • list

    I can’t wait for this show to air! All of you who think it’s ikki that they kiss- i haven’t seen any proof in any of their information yet that they make-out with each other…

  • sher-ray

    # 3, i agree with you. i miss all the music they use to play. this reality shit is for the birds.


    wow that’s the stupidest thing ever mtv has gotten so gay lately

  • nicolem

    No thank you.

  • omg


  • Memo

    HELLS YEAH!! I Am So Gonna Watch This!! It Looks Realy Cool && It Sounds Like Its Gonna Be A Great Show. All Yuh Ppl Can Just Stop Hatinq && Talkinq Shyt.

  • ITA with #3

    This is so contrived debased and cheap. Also, I want to know who besides pimpled freak boys and Chester the Molester types watch this swill?

  • lalalove

    OMG! Not another one!

    The sad part is I can already see it being my guilty pleasure!

  • missus

    eww whor es

  • missus

    they probably arent even really bi, they are just doing it to get on TV

  • jordan

    @ #6 – lol, agree

  • carlos

    I don’t even think they’re bisexual… I mean, like for real, like you like, one of these days like…