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Suri Cruise Has Little Lips

Suri Cruise Has Little Lips

Suri Cruise channels her inner diva and purses her lips as her mom, Katie Holmes, takes her back to their apartment in New York City on Friday night.

The 29-year-old actress will be following in the footsteps of Vanessa Paradis, the wife of Johnny Depp, as the face of fashion brand Miu Miu. Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan have all modeled for the fashion house.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise pursing her little lips…

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suri cruise luscious lips 01
suri cruise luscious lips 02
suri cruise luscious lips 03
suri cruise luscious lips 04
suri cruise luscious lips 05
suri cruise luscious lips 06
suri cruise luscious lips 07
suri cruise luscious lips 08
suri cruise luscious lips 09
suri cruise luscious lips 10
suri cruise luscious lips 11

Credit: Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt, Carlos Vila/Gardiner Anderson; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • tia.

    why are people so fascinated with this child? i mean, shes like 2 years old! shes a normal kid. i dont get the obsession. infact, i find it borderline creepy.


    #1 plus katie and tom sucks stop posting on them do you follow them everyday?????????????????????

    what movie have they been in lately?????? please start postin on real celebrities that are currently working on something other than broadway, please

  • michelle


  • liz86000

    It’s Vanessa PARADIS (without the “e”). And she’s Johnny Depp’s girlfriend (he calls her “his girl”), not his wife. They say they don’t need a paper to say “I love you” (it seems to be working since they’ve been together for more than 10 years!).

    And Suri’s cute.


    I usually never am in a Suri/Tomkat thread, but wanted to post my thoughts — now understand why some celebrity parents dress their kids down. The world has become so baby obsessed, with clothing items:dresses, outfits, shoes, hair cuts, barettes – all selling out when one celeb tot wears this or that…and baby obsessed people mewling over the little ensembles and hairdo’s…

    ….it’s really much better to throw a t-shirt and some jeans and some crocs on your kid. This child has become a little dress up doll – and the fawning over her little fashion shows, and now her is really creepy.

  • kaylee

    suri’s cute but seems a little bratty.. she always seems to be frowning or crying.. but then again i would be too if i was followed constantly by strange old men with cameras!

  • clak

    i can’t wait to see katie’s miu miu ad

  • noelia

    As always Surie looks cute but her mom looks and is dressed just like my little old granny does

  • Jill

    Thanks for changing the title, Jared. There is nothing “luscious” about a little girl’s lips.

    At least Katie finally put a jacket on Suri, but the kid needs some socks on, too. The temperature was in the mid-30′s in NYC on Friday night.

    And what in the world happened to Katie? I’ve seen zombies in the horror flicks that look more alive than she does. She just looks beaten down.

  • cc

    Suri is cute, but I’d say JJ need not go there, talking about her lips. She’s a 2 yeal old baby. Pete’s sake!

  • xoxo

    Beyond adorable:)
    Thanks, JJ!

  • jet’ aime a:)

    vanessa paradis is not johnny depp’s wife!

  • photo op

    Why aren’t they wearing socks? This is the second time this week Suri wasn’t wearing socks on a 30 degree day. She arranges photo ops with her kid just like Angelina.

  • photo op

    She’s no Shiloh. I can’t wait until the Curious Case of Benjamin Button comes out. We’ll finally get to see Shiloh.

  • Big Mama

    Suri has new shoes.

  • kasey

    she is the cutest thing ever.

  • http://carrot carrot

    years have really not flattered katie holmes….michelle williams looked crazy beautiful in her recent interview.

  • defap


  • jess

    Cute!! Finding Katie and Tom a lot more tolerable since they bought some winter clothes for Suri.

    Whats wrong with saying luscious? Its just a descriptive word. I know plenty of people who call their children ‘sexy’ or ‘handsome’. I mean we used to always say “where are your sexy legs?” to my little cousin and he’d roll up his pants. He’d also call me sexy.

    Its some people who just presume “luscious” is to do with sex. Why can’t a child have luscious lips in a none sexual way?!

    JustJared…you rock.

  • zara

    well yes this title is a little weird
    but at least suri is in proper winter jacket and not a blanket!!!

  • Jill

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 11/22/2008 at 4:23 pm
    a wet-log with the same blank, dumb expressionless look on her face (tərdō)?!?

    Looking at your old baby pictures again?

  • purple diamonds

    i think she looks wierd here, suri that is
    katie looks like a crack head sometimes

  • Oh, please, #25

    Overreacting much?

  • a

    both are beautiful

  • wendy



  • ……….

    Suri is a beautiful mix of Tom and Katie!!

  • iron chef

    Katie is classy as always and Suri at her preciousness….thanks jj.

  • lola

    stupid 31, suri posts gather a lot of hits and hits generate ads and ads bring in money.
    how hard to understand?

  • agnes


  • dollar

    these are adorable pix

  • elvis

    The Cruise family
    needs a break
    from the paparazzis.

    Plzzzz grant them that!


    WHERE DID I miss the word ” luscious “.?….I have read the article a few times, and it is NOT there…..If it WAS there, I agree with ‘ DANCER “……I’m surprised Jared would use a term like that describing a child’s body part…
    Katie the face of Miu Miu ?….It was bad enough for Lindsay Lohan to be ” a tacky face “, BUT Katie?….WHY?….Because she buys SO much from them OR is it because of WHO she is?…OR, did Tom buy that for her?….Her choice of fashion lately does not lend itself, to be a ” face of anything “…


    Same with Jen Garner and Violet… seeing how Jen needs 3 people
    to handle her as she enters the airport.. a bodyguard, a man to carry
    her luggage and woman who tells her where to go..

    Now we see Suri going to apartment from the car…Katie looks a lot
    better when she is a her navy outfit… It has not been announced yet that she is doing the Mui Mui design ads yet..too early.

    No need to say that stuff about Suri pursing her lips..she is probably
    bored as usual..

  • CelebrityFanChat Rap

    too cute

  • sara

    I so would love to watch Arthur Miller for Katie if Im not broke.

  • chanel

    Hats off to Miu Miu for picking
    Katie Holmes

  • swing

    love them

  • Trish

    How brain dead is Katie Holmes that she doesn’t know enough to put socks on her daughter in below freezing weather. God…..that girl is a total zombie and should not have the responsibility of being a mother.

    She’s a half a$$ed actress, a terrible mother, a contract wife, a womb for hire and a total idiot. If she is the face for Miu Miu, I won’t be buying that brand.

    I totally can’t stand Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise. Too bad that poor kid has them for parents.

  • lurker

    lol calling JJ a perv when the accusers are worst more like devil’s troops

  • golden

    I agree trish. I wouldnt pay 2 cents to see either (tom or his robobride) of them in anything EVAH. Suri is cute but she is going to grow up to be a total nutball for having 2 such moronic parents.


  • liza with a z

    when the accusers are worst more like devil’s troops

    What are you? Some kinda NUT? Devils troops? Get yourself to a mental hospital cause you’re all kinds of fvcked up. LMAO

    You do realize your idols Holmes and Cruise dont believe in God, right? Scientologists are Atheists after OT III and Cruise is an OT VII. THEY are the devil’s troops you crazy!

  • Mr. Orange

    Only TomKat critics would find something wrong in TomKat dressing their daughter nicely, #11.

    If it’s not one thing it’s another, #15. Let the MOTHER worry of her kid ‘needs’ socks or not.

    None of them arrange photo ops, #20/ They don’t have to.

    That girl almost never wears socks. Let the parents worry about that.

    Quit excusing every good thing that happens to Holmes as Cruise buying it for her, #41. She’s the model for whatever reason those other people got the job.

    You’re a moron, #47. I can’t even begin cutting down your post. I mean…socks?

  • milly

    gorgeous family!!!

  • @

    absolutely adorable this two……

  • doc

    who hit me with an ugly stick? I’m ugly as hell:(

  • ivy

    so mui mui is leaving their cutting edge image to appeal to 64 year olds?

    hell, my granny finds KH dull.

  • prissy

    She’s definitely slow, mentally. And I’m talking about Katie not Suri!

  • prissy

    I’m definitely slow, mentally.

  • prissy

    #59 prissy = katie


  • Katie Homely

    I am not amused. I am #58!