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Leonardo DiCaprio & Zac Efron: Let's Go Lakers!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Zac Efron: Let's Go Lakers!

Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio sit next to each other as they watch the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Denver Nuggets, 104-90, at Staples Center on Friday in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old teen heartthrob and 34-year-old former teen heartthrob sat next to each other and shared many laughs together throughout the night. Look. They’re even folding their hands the same way! Seems like Leo passed on the teen hearthrob crown to Zac tonight!

Maybe Leo worships Zac after all.

Last month, Zac talked about transitioning from poster boy to Oscar contender. He said, “I would love to just sit down and talk with Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp and pick their brains about their early careers. They do it because they love it, not because they enjoy being famous.”

Looks like Zac got his wish!

Also sitting next to Leo was Entourage star Kevin Connolly.

10+ pictures inside of Zac and Leo cheering on the Lakers…

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Photos: Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images
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  • Nick Lachey USA

    GO LAKERS!!!

  • sally

    awww zac looks soo happy to meet LEo!!!!
    love both of them!
    too much hotness

  • kathy

    good for zac. hanging out with leo. he looks nervous

  • david

    Seems like just yesterday DiCaprio was THE teen hearththrob. Now he’s a has-been. How funny.

  • LoveLY

    Aww Zac. Glad he finally got to meet Leo and sit down and talk with him.

  • boji

    Nice to see Zac enjoying the game with none other than Leonardo. I remember this time last year he was also seen attending these games.

  • kathy

    leo is not a has-been. he’s still very succesfully. he has shed the teen heartthrob status. which is a good thing in order to be taken as a serious actor.

  • zanessa/jashley

    ahaha, I agree with #3, Zac looks a little nervous sitting next to Leo. Which makes him look adorable…he’s cute when he’s nervous !! Leo’ prob. giving Zac some acting tips so that Zac can be an A-List Actor in the future !! :D

  • sheila

    #4 – leo’s a “has been?” well, yeah. i guess in the teen heartthrob department he’s a “has been” – is that what you’re meaning? 3 oscar nods, a golden globe win and about to be starring in another scorsese directed film as theodore roosevelt. not bad for a “has been.”

  • Bee

    Aw Zac’s adorable. he looks completely excited but nervous at the same time.

  • Lorene

    Love the photos , Jared

    Leo looks hot as always and like he was having a great time

    Glad that Zach had the chance to hang out with Leo

  • ashley

    wow! They are both amazing. Im telling u Zac is gonna earn a name for himself in this industry like if not bigger than Leo. Love Leo too tho!

  • hello1

    #4, a has been? look at all his movies? compare them to all the current “heart throbbs” yeah they cant touch him. the closest one is Shia. all the others need to step up there game, cause none of them will reach the height Leo hit when he was in his teens **cough cough TITANIC** and this just shows how the young teens look up to Leo. and OMG Leo in another OSCAR worthy performance in Revolutionary Road? not suprised. gotta hand it to Zac, Johnny and Leo are the best in town right now

  • sophiecyrus

    where’s vanessa?!? :D

  • meh

    wow what an unusual pairing lol

  • go sox

    Hope Zac got to have that convo with Leo about his early career choices that he wanted!! But me? I’m lovin’ the RED SOX hat Leo’s wearing!!! WOO-HOO!!!! Sorry, just had to do my little yeah dance over that!! Musta picked it up while he was here filming “The Departed”.

  • sheila

    adam levine was also sitting on the other side of zac (someone in between them). definitely celebrity night at courtside.

  • french

    LEo is so wonderful bur Zac is ugly

  • yo

    sorry sox fan that’s a UCLA bruin hat Leo is wearing.

  • zac is a rat

    Obvioulsy Zac is’nt that upset about him and Vanessa breaking up as always he can manage to have a laugh and a smile when Vanessa’s not their but could’nt manage it with her when she was. She’s well out of this relactionship.

    Maybe he’s seeing his waitress lady later to and they can talk about baby names.

    Again no Zanessa the story’s going around since they’ve both come back look like being true this time the split is real.

  • Lorene

    Yes, the announcer when they showed the duo mentioned Leo was wearing a UCLA Bruins hat

  • go sox

    Hey, yo, no it’s not…..I know a SOX hat when I see one!!!! That is a B for Boston, baby.

  • go sox

    I stand corrected, yo. They musta ripped it off from us!! LOL

  • Christie

    I love them both!

  • jonhAR



  • poppy

    Go Lakers. And Go Zac. So happy for him that he got to hang with Leo, and Kevin. They all look like they were having a good time, especially as the Lakers won!! Love them.

    On a sour note……Zac is a rat…. would you just disappear. You sound pathetic, and your obviously delussional. I don’t know why you take it upon yourself to spread hateful and matlitious rumours about Zac, or to protect V as she so does not need you to. Its quite clear that you need to get a life. V and Zac have not broken up, and that sick lie is just that, a lie. Get over yourself and stop trying to interfere in something that does not concern you. Zac and V could care less about what you think. They are quite happy together, and in their own lives. Go see some help.

  • Shania

    Leo is amazing.
    If zac makes the right choices, nevermind. He won’t measure up to Leo. XD

  • tia.

    random! publicity much?!

    i like leo better.

  • Mandy

    I totally agree with Poppy. I don’t know who actually said Zac is a rat and V deserves better but they couldn’t be more wrong. And as a fan of V shouldn’t they be happy for her that she found love so soon? Vanessa’s one of the very few girls that have found a great person to share their life with and I think it’s amazing how early she has found it and how they’re keeping it private to stay strong. If you truly are a Supporter of Vanessa Hudgens, you would be happy that she has found her soulmate.

    And about the article, Zac and Leo actually look AND act like father and son. No offence to Zac’s actual dad of course. After all, he did do half the job of creating the guy.

  • susanna

    omg.zac efron,leo,johnny depp,dan radcliffe and james mcavoy are most handsome actors in world.

  • heywood jablomie

    Zac Efron is a girly man with delusions of grandeour. He thinks he’ll be the next Leo or Depp? How amusing.

    He’ll be the next Corey Feldman instead.

  • Malia

    Awww . . . that’s sweet that Zac got to see the game with Leo and Kevin. Hope he did get a chance to get some career tips from Leo who has lived through the heartthrob, celebrity hell that Zac is now going through.

    A big high five to Zac!!!!

  • angela

    I mean zac has been dying to meet him and that was his CHANCE i mean the formal and new TEEN HEARTHROB sitting at the game.

    I don’t mind seeing those 2 doing a movie.

  • Lea

    Zac Efron is not worthy.

  • http://- miley232

    Leo is maybe not a teen heartthrob anymore, but he`s still a sex symbol and heartthrob for woman aged 20 to 35. He is still hot.

  • poppy

    Zac is more than worthy, Leo obviously invited him, he’s there with Leo. Get over yourselves, Leo made this nice gesture, Zac is a great guy and he obviously sees that too.

    Zac is a talented, kind, and genuine guy, all you detractors are just more reason for him to suceed. I love Leo too, but lets face it, his new movie is not that good. He’s not so amazing that hes the best all the time. Everyone is an indivdual, and Zac is making his mark, just like Leo has done before him. Leo regongnises that, so have some respect.

    Go Zac!!

  • LolaSvelt

    #4, how can he be a has-been if he got TWO oscar nominations after his teen heartthrob status?

    I don’t mind Zac, if he shows potential in the future, why not? I just can’t stand Disney, High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens.

  • any news

    does anybody know what is up with leo and bar, still together?

  • katie

    #38 :i read that Leo break with bar (i am so happy that Leo dumped this bitch , he was never happy with her and i think he hated her)

  • katie

    ***** = bitc*

  • er um ah eek


  • Linda Lee

    Old fatty and young fruity….a perfect combo.

  • woah

    leo is so much hotter. i don’t like zac at all. for me he’s not the heartthrob leo used to be. Leo was absolutely not my type of guy , yet i was in love with him when i was a little girl! he’s hot, it’s in his nature. He had something very sexy, very attractive but zac clearly doesn’t have it. moreover Leo is a great actor , and zac will never get to leo’s level *cough, high school musical, cough*, this kind of movies that makes you loved by young girls all over the world is good but those girls will stop loving him one day. Leo happened to find a way to be a good actor, not only the hot guy. And besides, i just wanna point out one thing worth our consideration……..zac was fugly not long ago , have you seen pictures of him ??he had a gap, his hair was more messy than it actually is right now and he was seriously unattractive!!!!!! and now compare this to Leo! YES, Leo has always been naturally cute and hot. That’s the diffence between the two of them. anyway, i love Leo …….

  • van

    ZAC is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where is Vanessa?????

  • Lydia
  • Regina

    Leo was more than just a teen heartthrob. His film was the highest grossing film of all time and he pretty much appealed to audiences from little girls to the elderly! Not to mention, he already had an oscar nomination under his belt.

    …Zac Efron has the High School Musical franchise (which is rubbish). Oh and Hairspray (which was great, but not because of Efron).

  • Snowhite

    Leo is still 10x hotter than that kid with too much foundation on his face called Zac

  • http://justjared jemma

    i am in love they are both soooo hot hot hot……love you zac and leo.

  • Jenny

    LMAO Zac Efron is soooooo gay. I wonder if he borrowed Vanessa’s make-up again.

  • Julien

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!