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Kirsten Dunst Has a New Mystery Man

Kirsten Dunst Has a New Mystery Man

Kirsten Dunst gets bundled up in a plaid jacket while walking around with a mystery man in New York City on Saturday.

The 26-year-old actress has reportedly been in negotiations for the next installment of Spiderman. Due out in 2011, Kirsten apparently is hoping to leverage her established character role for a higher salary.

DO YOU THINK Kirsten Dunst is worth a higher salary to keep her for Spiderman 4 — YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Kirsten Dunst and her mystery man…

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# 1

she can be replaced….but it would be nice too see her back

# 2
LolaSvelt @ 11/23/2008 at 8:50 am

He looks like the leader singer from Wheatus!

# 3

I think the films are a bit cack but she’s as much a fixture as Tobey ‘rabbit-in-the-headlights’ Maguire, so why not? They have kind of stalled her career so she’ll want compensation.

I very much like her coat/cardigan thing though, where’d she get that I wonder?

# 4

She looks lovely.

# 5

I can’t miss her in Spiderman 4.. So I hope they get her back.

I hate it that Terrence is replaced in Iron Man 2, that totally sucks. So Kirsten I hope to see you back in 2011!

# 6


I miss Mary Jane!
Love you Kirsten..

# 7

Oh, he’s really cute. I want one!
Like her jacket, too.

# 8

NO! one-note actress :(

# 9

I love Kirsten!!!!!

He looks like peter parker…

LOL . . .comment #10 . . .he does.

LOL I know who that is. check out

she has a unique good taste in men.

like me.

If she’s smart, she won’t care if they replace her. The 3rd movie was just awful.

Isn’t that Tobey Maguire?

It’s Jacob Soboroff!

i like her jacket!!!

She’s not a particularly good actress, but it is annoying when the actors are changed for sequels… Then again, it worked in The Dark Knight.

She’s not a particularly good actress, but it is annoying when the actors are changed for sequels… Then again, it worked in The Dark Knight…

he has a familiar face

Fashion slave @ 11/23/2008 at 12:14 pm

LOVE that black and white jacket/sweater – can anyone identify it? I must have it!!

Is it me or does he look like joel madden?

Not a mystery man: again and again Jacob Soboroff from Maybe they are “working” on that mystery documentary.
She sure is a lot with the guy lately. At least this one is not a doubtful musicos.

why do spiderman all over again? She should have made the deal the first time of around. What a waste of time that is.

@#18 i totally agree about switching out actresses and agree that it worked in dark knight, but that’s probably because maggie gyllenhaal is pretty awesome and katie holmes had only done 1 previous batman movie, wheres kirsten dunst has been in three

i’ll be annoyed to say the least if they switch up any of the spidey cast.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s Jacob Soboroff, same glasses.

NO. Get rid of her already.

films and even tv shows are never the same without the original cast. hope to see her back!

I dont’ she’s worth it, they could totally replace her.

Any generic blond could replace her in the sequel. I seriously doubt anybody goes to see Spiderman for Kirsten Dunst!!! Girl better be careful about the negotiations. I hope she doesn’t think she’s irreplaceable. Remember how they acturally did replace Tobey when he got to high and mighty. Boy had to BEG for his job back and only got it because the producer’s daughter was in love with him.

christine @ 11/23/2008 at 8:44 pm

YAY! keep her in, it won’t be the same without her.

he looks likes like trey from Laguna Beach

If they replace Kirsten then the movie is for sure going to fail!!! You can’t make three movies with the same cast but replace 1 of the leading characters in the fourth movie.. that is like suicide! Beside nobody can do a better Mary Jane than Kirsten!!

Btw. Kirsten looks so sweet in those pictures

I think it looks like Trey from the first season of Laguna Beach

i know who it is! He is my son!
Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! xo

I think they need to make MJ a secondary character in Spiderman 4. Bring back Flash Thompson, who is Peter’s best friend in the comics. Have Peter date Felicia Hardy (aka Black Cat) for the start of the movie, leave her for MJ. Felicia dates Flash to get back at Peter (planning to break her heart, this plot is comic canon) falls for him. Felicia is mixed up with King Pin and has to help Spiderman at the end.

Psst. Ms Lewis, why a generic blonde? The character is a redhead!

The mystery man is Jacob Soboroff

He’s cute! I remember from some paparazzi video that they both voted together. Kirsten looks cute too. And the third Spiderman movie was awful, I can’t believe they are making ANOTHER!

Jacob is the guy who does AMC News.

the next AC for sure!!

Pleas please someone identify this coat for me????!! the name of the desogner the store i need it as an xmas gift for someone and have been looking everywhere

Hey, that mistery man is Jacob Soboroff from Why Tuesday. They were in ND before the election doing a documentary on how to find a better day that can get more people out to vote. I think Kirsten is co-producer of the piece. I am glad that she is out and about doing cool stuff and good to see that smile again.

P.S I love that Obama button that she had on.

NO_TO_DUNST @ 11/28/2008 at 10:22 pm

she’s not worth the money, i never liked her in the first place, she is unfit to be playing Mary Jane,her real character doesnt fit with Mary Janes. However what I like to see is a Gwen and Peter romance, i mean that is what was taken from us in the comic books, i think it’s time Marvle pays their dues

She has her act together. Social causes (voting), better quality films, and even upcoming documentaries.

I bet she does her best Mary Jane ever in the next Spiderman!

I love Kristen as Mary Jane and so look forward to seeing her in every Spider-Man movie. I would miss her terribly if she’s not in it and I hope she gets the higher pay because I feel she deserves it, she really adds to the movie for me in a huge way.

To”The Ab”, # 42:
the cardigan is from”openning ceremony”

Yes i totally think she deserves a higher salary!
She has been really great playing MJ in all the spiderman movies.
I don’t see any other actress in that role. I hope she gets what she wants because i wish to see her in the 4th spiderman film.

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