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Britney Spears Covers Rolling Stone

Britney Spears Covers Rolling Stone

Britney Spears takes the December 11 cover of Rolling Stone, out Friday. Here are some preview quotes via USA Today:

Brit feeling like an old fart: “I feel like an old person now. I do! I go to bed at, like, 9:30 every night, and I don’t go out or anything.”

Her manager Larry Rudolph on his expectations: “This is going to be the album that cements her legend status.”

Rolling Stone on getting Brit for their cover feature: “[Interviewing the star was a] rigorously micromanaged process.We were never left alone together, and my questions had to be submitted ahead of time for approval.”

Brit gets to go on dates, supervised by her assistant, Brett, and Rudolph’s colleague, Adam Leber: “Right when we got there, we just knew it was just bad. He looked like an older version of Harry Potter, but skinnier. … So I had to get dessert first. And the other date I had, the guy was really, really tall and a lot older. … We’re trying to ask him questions, like, ‘OK, you’re into martial arts, so what kind of martial arts are you into?’ And he was like, ‘Oh, all kinds.’ … But you know how silly we are, so we were just cracking up.”

On her two sons Sean and Jayden: “Every time they come to visit me, I think about how they’re such special people… [But they] are starting to learn words like ‘stupid,’ and Preston says the f-word now sometimes. He doesn’t get it from us. He must get it from his daddy. I say it, but not around my kids.”

Britney turns 27 on Dec. 2, the same day her album, Circus, hits stores.

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88 Responses to “Britney Spears Covers Rolling Stone”

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  1. 1
    reni Says:

    omg awesome!!! i feel so happy for her :D

  2. 2
    Jaques cartier Says:

    she’s a hottie

  3. 3
    K Says:

    He must get it from his Daddy? Oh Britney, look in the mirror.

  4. 4
    DC Says:

    she is the best!
    circus is awesome

  5. 5
    DC Says:

    she is the best!
    circus is awesome

  6. 6
    DC Says:

    she is the best!
    circus is awesome

  7. 7
    B. Says:

    that`s true, beyonce’s e Britney’s albuns are the best of the year

  8. 8
    Jen Says:

    Yes she can!!! Fierceeeeee

  9. 9
    Rita Says:

    I believe in Britney!!!

  10. 10
    Mimi Says:

    If Britney had a d1ck. I’d let her do me. hehe. Kiddin ya’ll!
    Lovin the cover!

  11. 11
    b chick Says:

    im so happy for her.
    she looks amazing
    and so skinny
    im happy she is getting her life back
    GO BRITNEY! :)

  12. 12
    MrBarnes Says:

    she looks great and Circus just is awesome
    go Britney!

  13. 13
    mike Says:

    love her!!!

  14. 14
    CHUCK Says:

    I’m really ansious for her documentary
    and the launch of circus
    and she looks so hot!

  15. 15
    AJ™ Says:


  16. 16
    adam Says:

    #7 I completely agree
    Britney rocks that cover, she looks just beautiful!!!

  17. 17
    Josh Says:

    Britney Spears look so hot on this cover and I think i want to buy her album now.

  18. 18
    Sarah Says:

    OMG hottie she looks great

    i luv her and i bet little preston is so cute when he says f-uck

  19. 19
    LuLu Says:

    She looks so freaking gorgeous!

  20. 20
    Grace Says:

    No, from her he would get much worse than picking up a 4 letter word.

    How sad is it that she talks about her CHILDREN with words like “come to visit me”??? And here she is busting her ass to promote a new album. Yeah, an album should DEFINITELY be what she’s focused on right now. This album better make her a legend in the recording industry because she’ll never win any awards for parenting!

    God, she’s pathetic. Same old Britney, different medication. Still just as selfish, self-centered and immature as ever. Those kids would be better off growing up thinking she’s their crazy aunt or big sister cause she sure ain’t mother material.

  21. 21
    DUde Says:

    We should all Buy Britney’s album and make her sell over 1,000,000 copies in one week! WE CAN DO IT! TODAY, I AM A BRITNEY FAN FOR THE FIRST TIME!

  22. 22
    DUde Says:

    We should all Buy Britney’s album and make her sell over 1,000,000 copies in one week! WE CAN DO IT! TODAY, I AM A BRITNEY FAN FOR THE FIRST TIME!

  23. 23
    jasmine Says:

    She looks great!

    Yeah, kids that age pick up everything and they wont let the bad words go lol.

  24. 24
    mmm pAPI Says:

    i love Circus. I’m gonna buy the album now because I didn’t know if I wanted to buy it! But I want to buy the album now! I’M GONNA BUY AN ALBUM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE AND IT’S GONNA BE BRITNEY SPEARS “CIRCUS”

  25. 25

    Didn’t K-Fed say the same thing about Britney ?……..” he must have picked that word up from his mother “…..” I NEVER say THAT word around the kids, only when I’m by self and with lots of other people “…..
    Kids will pick up EVERY WORD their parents say…..Then when they do say it, everyone looks shocked……and when you tell them NOT to say it, because it isn’t nice, they just say it more, to get your attention…..Britney looks great, and I hope she continues on the upward path.

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