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Katie Holmes is a Miu Miu Model

Katie Holmes is a Miu Miu Model

Katie Holmes leaves her apartment in New York City to run a few errands on Sunday afternoon.

The 29-year-old actress is reportedly going to be the face of a new advertising campaign for Miu Miu, succeeding Vanessa Paradis, the wife of Johnny Depp, who is currently the face of the Miu Miu fashion campaign.

Katie is soon going to start shooting the photographs for the spring 2009 campaign,” an insider said.

“She will be posing alongside real models, who will be positioned as ‘accessories’ in the campaign. It’s quite edgy and very different for Katie.”

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  • Ana

    She alredy shot the ads, i was an assistant on the shot, it was a two day long shot, and she will look great, i belive you have posted pictures of her leaving the photoshoot, she had eye make-up on and her hair done, and was carrying Suri.

  • http://carrot carrot

    can we have entire page of katie holmes? can we, can we?

    but seriously there is other interesting stuff out there. little less sucking up maybe?

  • Ana

    I’m curious. The whole idea seems interesting.

  • Ana R.

    Ana @ 11/24/2008 at 8:22 am I’m curious. The whole idea seems interesting


    Ops. I was the second Ana to post. Should have signed differently. Sorry, Ana #1!

  • Scientologists are useless

    Ana = Ana R.
    You scientology morons are really sad. Do you actually expect anyone to believe that you are two different people and not just ONE FRICKEN IDIOT!?! You aren’t going to get Xenu credits for blogging about Tomkat & Suri unless you start doing a better job at it. Douche.

  • rosebud

    Why is katie always shown alone or just with Suri??? There is hardly EVER pictures of them as a family. Doesn;t Cruise ever do anything with Suri–what does he do anyways??? Picture after picture of mom and daughter moments but NEVER NEVER pics with daddy–unless he really ISN:T her father!!!!???? hmmmmm

  • dani

    rosebud @ 11/24/2008 at 8:40 am

    Well, Rosebud, if there were a Brangelina thread, the haters would be out in droves proclaiming divorce time! Brad leaves Angie. Angie leaves Brad.
    They would also be proclaiming what a rotten father Brad is. Doesn’t love his kids. Left JA for the wh*re and now he is getting what is coming to him.
    No one seems to care on this thread about Tom.
    I do think it is very very odd that Cruise isn’t he and Nicole alternated projects so they could be together. He said the same things about Katie when he “fell” in love with her. She was the love of his life. Never felt this way etc. (it was amusing to compare the side-by-side comments as his vocabulary regarding falling in love with the two women was the same words etc). So it is hard to believe he wouldn’t be around if he was truly happy in the relationship.
    I don’t know why he isn’t with Suri more. Maybe Bella and Connor need him. Nicole said in an interview this past week that Bella and Connor find Nashville too laid back and enjoy the excitement of a large city (LA)–so maybe he is riding herd on the tolder older ones and whatever they term excitement.

  • Jen1

    Go Katie! Stylish and sophisticated. She’ll be an awesome “face”. :)

  • hat and mittens for Suri

    kh should be the face of NOTHING, her depressed, hollow, detatched look is unappealing.

    she should be buying her daughter a hat and mittens, that’s what she should be doing. how much did tt pay miu miu for this? can’t he afford hat and mittens for kh’s daughter?

  • Mrs. Black

    You gotta be kidding? And Miu Miu? They obviously haven’t done their homework (viewing pictures of her clothing choices in every day life) or they never would have made this move. She isn’t a bit edgy. Except for that long gray sweater she is always wearing, she doesn’t appear to take advantage of Miu Miu’s more daring color combos and styles.

    Bad move.




  • boogie

    nbr 11- LOL !

    because she is Mrs Tom Cruise??

    means nothing!

  • Ana @ 8:01 AM is a LIAR

    there’s a video of her on X17 coming out of theater wearing dat make-up n carrying robochild on dat very day, so dose pics posted by JJ is of her arriving back to d hotel from d play n not PHOTOSHOOT like u claim, if u’ve being paid by SCEINOS to make SH*T up atleast do a follow up by checking other gossip sites, dis is another cooked up lies by her camp to make d public believe d fashion world finds her interesting like dey did with d whole “ARMANI-HOLMES COLLECTION” crap, d story was later changed to “HOLMES COLLECTION”, which not surpringly she wears herself (i won’t be found dead in dose crap she allegedly designs). Give dis story a few weeks n something else will be made up by her camp. LIARS.

  • tt paid off miu miu too ???

    so now kh, the fashion disaster, the walking face of depression and detatchment is a miu miu model?

    what a joke. now will she w.h.o.r.e. out Suri in miu miu outfits?
    I hope miu miu has a hat and mittens for Suri she can advertise for them.

  • Mrs. Black

    BECKY SMITH @ 11/24/2008 at 10:56 am

    You are right. She is Mrs. Tom Cruise. That is about all she has going for her at the moment. She wouldn’t have gotten the part in the play if she hadn’t been Mrs. Tom Cruise. There are way too many really excellent stage actresses in NY for her to have ever been considered without her A list by association fame. She wouldn’t be in the Miu Miu campaign without being Mrs. Tom Cruise. She wouldn’t be featured on the cover of all the mags and tabs and blogs if she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise. Unlike the former Mrs. Tom Cruise, she doesn’t have Nicole’s elegance, talent, and innate class. So if one day Katie isn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise, my my what will she do?

  • danielle

    Ana @ 8:01 AM is a LIAR @ 11/24/2008 at 11:05 am

    It would be really nice if you would speak English like the rest of us do.

  • chloe

    I think it will be interesting to see Katie model for miu miu. While I agree she has been anything but fashionable and edgy lately I’m sure miu miu can kick her up a notch.

    It will be interesting to see how they work the campaign. Hopefully it will boost her into wanting to look more fashionable and age appropriate, and to fire her stylist and start fresh !

  • ice

    She’d never be enjoying all these if not for her marriage. Oh well, I guess you have to trade your soul in return for fame. Nothing’s free

  • Ana @ 8:01 AM is a LIAR

    danielle @ 11/24/2008 at 11:11 am

    open ur dictionary n look under ILLITRATE, cos it’s wat u r, don’t expect me to spell out everything like a 2yr old, it’s called ABBREVIATONS F**L, don’t have d time on my hands unlike u plus if u find it hard to understand dat load of 2yr old grammar u shud drop dead wiv shame, besides it wasn’t addressed to DUNZO’S like u

  • elaine

    I hate Tom more anda more. I loved Romeu

  • BRITNEY thinks KATIE H is SHIT

    THEM’S FIGHTING WORDS • “In her new fly-on-the-wall documentary for MTV, [Britney Spears] is caught during a candid moment shopping with her assistant. As she holds up a blouse, she says, ‘Look, this is very mommy.’ Her assistant replies, ‘It’s very ugly.’ Britney wrinkles her nose and laughs, ‘It is very Katie Holmes.’”

    coming from BRITNEY all i can say is

  • danielle

    Ana @ 8:01 AM is a LIAR @ 11/24/2008 at 11:37 am

    Well, unfortunately most people are skipping your posts because you do sound like an ignorant twit. Which is a shame because you had one or two valid points but they were lost in your twitter. If you want people to respect your opinion and you feel it is much too time consuming to use grammar and punctuation and spelling, then maybe you should learn to type 100 wpm like I do. Takes no more time to be literate then.
    And using dat and dis is not exactly shorthand is it? Pure ignorance.

  • Ana @ 8:01 AM is a LIAR

    SWEETHEART how will u know most pple are “skipping my post” hmmm let me guess cos all dis pple happen to be u wiv different names, get a life TWAT, like i said luk under ILLITERATE den u’ll know d difference between SHORTHAND N ABBREVIATIONS, NIT-WIT

  • Ana @ 8:01 AM is a LIAR

    danielle @ 11/24/2008 at 11:50 am Ana @ 8:01 AM is a LIAR @ 11/24/2008 at 11:37 am

    SWEETHEART how will u know most pple are “skipping my post” hmmm let me guess cos all dis pple happen to be u wiv different names, get a life TWAT, like i said luk under ILLITERATE den u’ll know d difference between SHORTHAND N ABBREVIATIONS, NIT-WIT

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    Ana’s posts are offensive.

  • Ana R.

    Scientologists are useless @ 11/24/2008 at 8:40 am Ana = Ana R.

    You scientology morons are really sad. Do you actually expect anyone to believe that you are two different people and not just ONE FRICKEN IDIOT!?! You aren’t going to get Xenu credits for blogging about Tomkat & Suri unless you start doing a better job at it. Douche.

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    I’m a different person from the first Ana. I’m catholic, I was raised as a catholic, and I am not a scientologist. I have nothing to do with Scientologist.

    You, on the other hand, is a very disturbed person who attacks someone for no reason at all. Why so much rage? It must be very sad to live like you do.

    Believe what you want. I don’t care. People like you are not ready to live in society. You don’t even have a name – is hiding behind a sentence. Get help: you need it.

    JJ, I propose two things: one is an active moderator. The second, is that you register us with a different username. It would be useful to prevent situations like these.

  • Maggie

    Ana R.
    Sorry but I had to laugh at your post. Isn’t Katie Holmes supposedly a Catholic also????? HAHA

  • rona

    classy Katie

  • manette

    She’s perfect for MiuMiu. Cant wait.

  • anon

    get a life losers, bashing people hurts yourselves and your own family.

  • bishop

    I heart her…..amazing actress…amazing taste in fashion
    a beauty in and out……….

  • grace

    Cant wait for this will be classy as always.

  • niggah do the bird walk

    i think she looks cute here
    im liking her lately
    gl with miu miu

  • wendy

    Great mix of Audrey and Jackie O but she is simply Katie Holmes.

  • raquel

    The Real America’s Sweetheart!

  • not cute

    HOMELY looks like crap as usual.

    To 31: You are delusional. Did you see her in Mad Money? She’s a CRAP actress. Secondly, she has shitty fashion taste despite all of Tom’s money. Moreover, she can easlily pass for a boy or even a tranny too. Lastly. she is constantly photographed looking depressed. Get this b*tch some professional help already.

  • what a babe

    Very good actress, she is a true fashion icon
    and has the body of a supermodel.


    RIGHT ON ” DANIELLE “….GOOD LORD, ANA…Picking on people who actually write OUT a comment, and NOT type like someone who never made it past first grade….It would take MORE time trying to figure out the abbreviations, than to just type out the full word….It is difficult to read, AND FOLLOW, so NO I do NOT finish them, like DANIELLE said…..Others have stated the same thing…..” DIS AND DAT “.?..” dis and dat, what ? “….

  • anna-jane

    I was thinking the same thing, Good Victoria. I have never understood that gibberish. It reminds me of some football players on television when they get interviewed. Most of the time, you can’t understand anything they say, and the interviewer just stares at them, like, WHAT ?
    They start out, ” I ran dis way, and dat way as fast as I cn”, but still wen out of ounds.” Some are pitiful. That is why they football and pay someone to do their work. They can’t talk correctly or write correctly, and football is all they have. ” ANA ” sounds like one of them!

  • 90210

    Miu Miu lands a gem….

  • tabitha

    I wonder how much Tom had to pay for this little gig for Kate. Boy, she sure is getting her moneys worth out of Tom.
    The only reason Katie is anywhere near Broadway is because of the bottomless pit of Tom’s money.

  • brita

    What a joke. Katie the walking robot, bought and paid for by Mr. Tom Cruise. This is the only way he can keep the Mrs around.
    Wow, maybe Tom should hunt down Jen Aniston as the next Mrs.
    I hear she is ready, willing and desperate to sell her soul to anyone . And we mean ANYONE.

  • tayra

    Who cares. Katie is as boring as dish soap.

  • zoe

    i quite like her outfit but i wished she’ll ditch the jeans. it’ll be interesting to see her as the face of miumiu. she does kind of fit into tht category but at the same time, she seems plain.


    AGREE ” DANCER ” AND ” ROSEBUD “….Rosebud, i read on that Tom has been promoting his movie, and spending time with Bella and Connor……That he flies in to New York, every few days, and sometimes takes Suri back to L.A. with him, so she can spend time in her home there, and with her siblings…
    Whether or not any of this is true, it would explain where Tom has been……..Katie SEEMS to cheer up dramatically when her husband comes back to town…..Afterwards, she goes a little downhill again….
    YES ” ZOE “, NUMBER # 44….I can’t wait to see HOW they make her up, and what they dress her in…..She HAS been ” plain ” lately….Maybe this will awaken her inner fashion sense..

  • ryan