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Nicole Kidman is a Screen Queen

Nicole Kidman is a Screen Queen

Nicole Kidman and fellow Aussie actor Hugh Jackman (in Isaia suit and Ferragamo lace-ups) attend a screening for their new movie Australia in midtown New York City on Sunday evening.

Having given birth to daughter Sunday Rose in July, Nic said, “I’m at the stage of my life where I can pick and choose a few things. And then I go and hide away in Tennessee and take care of my baby and live my life. Then I can step back into that magical world of filmmaking, then go back into reality and then back into the magical world. I’m in both at the moment.”

Australia hits the big screens on Wednesday.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman, the screen queen…

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Credit: Ron Asadorian; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • dogville

    Love u Kidman !! i cn’t wait for the movie to come out !!!

  • Emilie

    Sweet Nicole, good luck with your WONDERFUL movie! That goes for you too, Hugh. Wow, you’re sexy!

  • tina

    Major critics loved Australia an praised Nicole.
    Nicole was snubbed for so long by the Academy, preferring more “confortable” star like Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet.
    They have to nominate Kidman this year. If they don’t it will be a scandal.
    I can’t belive that Hilary Swank has two oscars, and Resee Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Hudson, Gwineth Paltrow has one oscar like Nicole

  • huston

    Who cares about oscars?

  • tina

    Oscar is important because the stupids think an oscar makes the talent of an actor, and I’m tired to se Nicole considered like a bad actress because she won her oscar 6 years ago.

  • Boring movie

    The critics here in Australia (see Sun Herald) weren’t so enthused abt the movie – too long, cliched and stereotyped and ripping off other movies like Out of Africa and Gone with the Wind. Nicole too was criticized by one English critic as being the main problem in the movie – she can’t act – they say. Most of the media are not too loud abt their reservations for fear of sounding non patriotic. In addition, the media beast built up so much momentum for the movie that the reality is a big let down. Can’t wait for really good entertainment this christmas – so what else is out there?

  • http://justjared love life

    Oh my god….she isso plastic!!!!!!

  • zoe

    not the most flattering pic of nicole…but i think she’s still gorgeous even with botox…love her jacket but hate her boots here. her hair needs fixing but its great she’s showing her grey roots.

    hugh looks good as usual. hope this movie will be a success…its been overhyped. i wouldnt mind seeing nicole being nominated…

  • tina

    #6, australian critics simply loved the movie.

    the english critic was a woman and she was destroyed by the jelousy for nicole kidman. she didn’t see the movie, and she has attacked nicole because she’s frustrated.
    saying nicole can’t act is the stupidest thing in the world

    do you know what is really boring? lhurmann, kidman, haters who desperately try to hide the truth: THE MOVIE IS GETTING GOOD REVIEWS.

    it’s really sad. accept the truth please…it’s better for you and for us

  • Loojim

    Cynism around this movie is incredible and pathetic

    That’s because an epic hasn’t been made in years, doesn’t mean that this movie is bad.

    Reviews are good, few are bad but it’s normal. what’s the problem?
    why people aree trying to hide the truth about this movie?

    It’s so childish…

  • hannibal

    Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times, New York Observer, Screen Daily, TheFilmExperience, Cinemablend, Tom O’Neil, Roger Friedman, loved the movie.

    So, who still belive Australia is a bad movie?

  • Raichill

    She looks like a ghost. She really needs to colour her hair so she doesn’t look so washed out. Also black is very aging on older women.

  • bobbi

    I would think she’d refer to her magical world as taking care of her baby and being with her husband and refer to the movie world as her work.

  • bobbi

    I would think she’d refer to her magical world as taking care of her baby and being with her husband and refer to the movie world as her work.

  • arlene

    en estas fotos no tiene botox y se ve mas linda ,para que ella usa botox si sus arrugas le quedan mejor tiene un cutis perfecto pero que le paso a sus labios se ven horrendos y su pelo tambien ya que vuelva al color rojo en sus pelo y no use los labios inflados ,cuando dejara todo eso ya.nicole vuelve a tus labios finos por favor y tu pelo rojo ya deja de acerte tanta cosa en la cara que insegura estas.y con lo bella que es .

  • ju

    I love them

  • Kat 2

    Sorry Tina, but no, not all the Aussie media loved the movie. Stop dreaming. And very few reviews have been raves. Many, many flaws have been pointed out.

    What the hell does she have on her feet?

  • wow

    la times says that nicole Deserves an oscar nomination for Australia
    so i cant wait to see it
    Love the coat and the boots

  • 456ass
  • :)


  • ann

    # 11 hannibal @ 11/24/2008 at 5:24 am Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times, New York Observer, Screen Daily, TheFilmExperience, Cinemablend, Tom O’Neil, Roger Friedman, loved the movie.

    So, who still belive Australia is a bad movie?

    so true!


    I can´t wait!! I wanna see Australia so much!!!!

  • zxc

    What is wrong with her hair?

  • ^

    WTF is she wearing, not only can she not do her own hair and makeup (it’s great when she goes out w/o paying someone to do it!) but those boot are HIDEOUS and look ridiculous with that coat, completely UNsophisticated!

  • ^

    WTF is she wearing, not only can she not do her own hair and makeup (it’s great when she goes out w/o paying someone to do it!) but those boot are HIDEOUS and look ridiculous with that coat, completely UNsophisticated!

  • mhm

    that’s not her…that’s her double

  • http://!E MOTHTOTHEFLY

    Great actress . I love her movies. She finally did win an Oscar. An Oscar is prestigous can help a career or end it-Marisa Tomie, Cuba Gooding ,etc. Oscars are sometimes given for the saking of giving , I guess or just a mistake-Marisa Tomie!!!! Then Oscars are given GIVEN away to great actors because the Academy slighted them for the time they should have won-Elizabeth Taylor was giving one because they thought she was going to die when she should have received one for another film. DenzelWashington ws GIVEn one for Training Day when that was not anOscar movie and he was in so many other Oscar movies.

  • Taco

    Trust me, she won’t be getting an Oscar nom for this movie. Well, at least her boob isn’t hanging out of this “outfit”. WTF is up with those – are they boots?

  • http://!E MOTHTOTHEFLY

    As for Nicole,she won, she has made many good movies,had a bad ending in marriage to Crazy Man, is fobidden by the Science Church people from being too influential with those brainwashed kids, had trouble having a baby, etc. NOW ,she is married toa sane man, a good man, had a baby, her teenaged kid swill be 18 one dayand thencan freely see her, has an Oscar, has a good catalog of movies, NICOLE NEEDS TO CUT ON THE MOVIES and PUT KEITH and SUNDAY and BELLA AND CONNOR FIRST. I would hate to see Nicole and Keith divorce ,but there is no way one can have a career traveling like his on tour and she is off four -six months making a movie in a few countries!!! When will they be together? NICOLE NEEDS TO BE TE BIGGEST SLUT, GROUPIE, ALWAYS STALKING KEITH URBAN, HANGING OUT BY THE BUS, GETTING ON THEBUS, BEING AROUND BACKSTAGE, WHORE THEIR is when Keith Urban is on tour, LOLOLOLOL!!!!! IF she would stay with him when he is on tour,and then make a really good movie,short role, here and there , when Keith is NOT on tour, then they stand a chance.

  • http://!E MOTHTOTHEFLY

    One more thing, she does look like a ghost. Too blond against white pale skin. She needs to let go of botox, color her hair darker instead of white blond. She looked so pretty with her original reddish hair.

  • dani

    # 29
    MOTHTOTHEFLY @ 11/24/2008 at 8:51 am

    If she has to be the biggest *** groupie to keep Keith, then he isn’t worth keeping.
    Nicole is extremely talented and I think like many artists she would find it impossible not to act or write or do something artistic.
    Furthermore, she is fulfilling her obligations contractually to publicize this movie. She calls the movie world magical because Sunday, Keith, Bella, Connor and her family are her real world.
    She and Keith appear to be working hard on their marriage to keep it real and loving. Whatever they do with their careers is their business, not ours.

  • Kennye

    I don’t think she will be nominated, but nbecause she doesn’t deserve, but because the Academy always snubbes Nicole and Angelina…Nicole should had be nominated for Dogville and Fur…
    the critics until now give raves for her performance, i didn’t read any negative! so isn’t impossible, but….

  • Penny


    She filmed during 4 months Australia not 6! and the shotting was only in Australia not all over the world. she is and actress why she can’t work as other women do?why isn’t Keith who should settle down and not going on tour?they should both work and use their talent…i’m sure they can handle with distance sometimes…

    her original hair color is BLONDE! she had redish her one she was a kid but than it become blonde. she already explained that on many interviews…but people continue to insist, maybe you know her better than herself. altough i do agree her actual hair color isn’t good, but i like ther outfiit here, specially the boots!

    can’t wait to see Australia!

  • Carla

    she looks fine here, come on people don’t be so envious!
    Hugh is so hot!

  • Lauren

    the hair is terrible, but i really like her look here, she has an amazing casual style too! should give lessons to Miss Cruise..

    i hope she gets a nom this here, but if not it doesn’t mean anything, she is a terrific actress, who made some bag choices like Invasion and SFW but always give deep and emotional performances”!

  • Jenix

    you can say what you want, but ALL the reviews of Australia are pretty positive to her performance, as Hugh.some say they deserve nominations…
    the movie received majority possitive reviews which is great because NONE film ever ony got positive reviews, so stay away haters!

  • really

    Penny, it took way longer than four months to film this movie. Actually, it was more than six months.

  • Jerom

    “Also black is very aging on older women”

    What´s the matter with you people counting every wrinkle on actors faces. Just let them get older like you do! All you idiots with the obsession criticising somebody using botox or looking old or what they are wearing need to see a doctor. Because you probably are fu.cking ugly and have no self esteem, so you have to point out every thing like a freaking pimple or an extra pound an somebodys ass or whatever! GET A FUC:KING LIFE!
    And if she wants to use Botox to get the wrinkels out of her pu.ssy than let her, what do you care??? envy ass hoes…
    Watch the movie if you like the actor or don´t watch it…

    PS: I´m German so pardon my gramatics

  • eliza

    I like the coat. Not sure about the boots.

    Everyone ages. Hope some of you who are younger than she is right now look half as good when you hit 40.

  • somebody ;D

    oh god.
    hugh is looking perfect as always, but niicoole is so weireeeed .
    hey plastiics;

  • this movie is another bomb.

    “Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times, New York Observer, Screen Daily, TheFilmExperience, Cinemablend, Tom O’Neil, Roger Friedman, loved the movie.”

    Oh please! how many times have you seen multi reviewers from the same paper even give conflicting reviews….Post the links to their reviews and there are equal reputable reviewers who think opposite!


    The Aussie papers did give the film good reviews. What the commentaries on this particular board, mostly unworldly teens, need to understand is that Australia is a foreign country.

    They do NOT think or feel like Americans. The Aussie mentality disdains fuss, glamour, fame, Hollywood, gushing, or success.

    No Australian will ever gush over anything, it goes against the spirit of the country.

    Different from the Brits, but similarly disdainful of anyone or anything that reaches for greatness.

    No Aussie journalist who wanted to keep their jobs would dare overly complement a homegrown movie.

    AS for Nic, she is a natural blonde, her hair was colored red for a tv series when she was 14, when her hair began to thin during her divorce, she was forced to go back to her natural blonde, it hides the thinning. Unfortunately hair loss brought on by stress is permanent, all women go blonde as they age if they had thinning issues. Honestly, she was pretty before, she is pretty now, how she maintians her looks is personal. She is obviously seeing a movie on her day off and let her hair go wavy. It takes 2 hours to blow out and straighten hair, let the laday have a wash and go to see her movie with a friend. Sheesh, her makeupp is done,, her coat is lovely, and her boots are Chanel/. I don’t like them personally, but they might look good with what is under the coat?

    I’d think trying to fight the courts to free my children from a cult and struggling every day to keep my children would thin my hair too.

  • Miller

    “I’d think trying to fight the courts to free my children from a cult and struggling every day to keep my children would thin my hair too.”

    What???? Since when is she fighting for her kids in court? Struggling to keep her kids? Her kids want nothing to do with her and have told her to stop talking about them to the press. Stop posting lies.

    Boots are fugly just like the one wearing them. Shes got so much holding her face up, it would crash to the floor if she went natural.

    I hear the movie sux but you won’t hear that from many Aussies. I think Baz has lost his mind and the only thing keeping this movie on its feet is Hugh Jackman. I feel bad for him.

  • danielle

    Miller @ 11/24/2008 at 11:30 am

    Excuse me Miller know it all–her kids have been out to Nashville several times in the last few months. She has said Bella has baby sat for Sunday. And in an interview on Aussie TV last week she mentioned the kids (Bella and Connor) find Nashville to be not as exciting as the big city and she hopes when they are older they will appreciate the laid back lifestyle and maybe just maybe want to be there more. And she has purchased a house in LA to be nearer to them when she is on the west coast. Naomi Watts lets her use her LA house whenever she is in town and she sees the kids then. She also sees the kids much more than you and others think, because unlike Tom she doesn’t pimp them out for photo ops. They have always visited the sets where she is working. Friends who work in the industry have told me this AND if you read about her you know this is true as there will be little tidbits about her kids being on the set. But as I said, unlike Mr. Cruise, she doesn’t pimp them out for endless photo ops.
    She had full custody (i.e. the kids living with her) for about two to three years after the divorce. The kids wanted to settle down and she has said she is a gypsy, so they ended up in LA with dad. I believe both of them have commented that this is true.
    I bet if the situation were reversed and Nicole had them physically living with her most of the time you would not be saying one word about Tom not seeing the kids daily. Why, because he is a man.
    She loves those kids. It is obvious. And they love her. They did not tell her to stop talking about them in the press. They said they didn’t want Tom or Nicole talking about them because it was “embarassing.” Most kids would feel the same way if your famous mom or dad mentioned their antics in the press.
    You stop with the half truths why don’t you?
    And like one person said, the boots are Chanel. Many won’t find them ugly. I don’t think they go with the outfit, but if they were paired with something else they would look great.
    You may hear the movie sux, but many reviewers loved it. As have those that have seen it.
    It is going to be a love it or hate it movie.
    However, you are so closed minded and hateful that I guess we all know what your opinion will be without even seeing the movie.

  • hostas


    You post this on here:

    “The kids wanted to settle down and she has said she is a gypsy, so they ended up in LA with dad.”

    Excuse me, but who is the adult here? Who is the mother? If she wanted to have kids, that means she has to settle down. Again, Kidman is a dead-beat mom!

    The kids requesting not to be spoken of by her, but yet like to have their pictures taken by the paps doesn’t add up. She can’t talk about them because she doesn’t have anything to say about them because she would have to actually spend time with them. And no, they haven’t been in Nashville babysittng Sunday. If you read other things pertaining to the outside world, you will discover that she was caught in a lie there. She always mentions Bella and not Connor – I wonder why?

    Miller is dead-on with their post.

  • Keith fanatics – get a life!

    It’s funny how many “experts” we have here, and no one knows her, of course, nor do they know what the truth is. Your truth is what you want it to be.

    Danielle is right, the sorry ass envious freaks here won’t ever like ANYTHING she does. Who the hell cares anyway? Keith fanatics who still can’t get over that he married Nic and trash her every day..yup, those people really matter, right!??


    Now, to all of you normal people here, Australia seems to be an amazing movie!!! Read Variety and Hollywood Reporter! And…see you all at the movies! ;)

  • dianel

    That kidman talks like a five year old i seen some parts of the movie Austalia and it looked like any other old cowboy movie only with a plane throwed into the mix

  • Hosta is an Idiot- The FACTS

    Here’s a reality check for you.

    Tom Cruise has been filming movies all over the world and traveling with Katie ALL OVER THE WORLD and withOUT Bella and Connor.

    Both of their parents are actors who spend more than half the year overseas making films.

    The children stay in LA and are raised by Tom’s sisters and home-schooled in Scientology “camps”.

    Tom LEAVEWS then working, but COULD take the children with him, as his sisters work for him and are the teachers,

    Nicole, as a Catholic, is not allowed to supervise their schooling, so the children cannot live with her on the road, as THEY DID the first ten years. Nicole enrolled the children in school while filming Moulin and Mission Impossible in Australia. Nicole enrolled the children in a private school in London for two years filming ” Eyes Wide Shut “.Nicole wanted the children to have a normal life and attend normal schools which they did, until the divorce……..

  • hostas

    Gee, if what you say is true, #48, Tom is overseas somewhere making a film while Suri and Katie are together in NYC. What a great hands-on mom Katie is compared to Kidman. She is busy acting in a play and still taking care of her daughter – unlike Kidman!

    If Kidman can’t make a decision regarding her kids’ lives, maybe she should have fought for them instead. Let’s not play the victim card with Kidman – that’s getting rather old!

  • hostas

    Can I also add that Kidman has the ugliest fans? You claim your Queen is so classy, why don’t you start acting classy #48? People are entitled to their opinon! All you people know how to do is make personal attacks – wow I’d hate to have fans like you if I was a celebrity.