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Robert Buckley is Flirting With Forty

Robert Buckley is Flirting With Forty

Lipstick Jungle star Robert Buckley stars as the hunky love interest of former Melrose Place actress Heather Locklear in the new Lifetime movie Flirting with Forty.

Synopsis: Jackie (Locklear) is a divorced mother of two on the brink of her 40th birthday. When her kids go to stay with her ex for the holidays, Jackie takes a chance on a magical vacation and finds herself in the middle of an unexpected romance with a much younger (and hunkier) man (Kyle Hamilton, played byBuckley). It’s not long before she realizes that life only begins at 40.

Flirting with Forty airs on Saturday, December 6 @ 9PM ET/PT.

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“Flirting With Forty” Trailer
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robert buckley flirting with forty 02
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Photos: Chris Large/Lifetime Networks
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  • flutters

    Hottie but I gotta say Jared, it’s become really obvious whose people are working your blog to get coverage ;) Robert Buckley’s, Taylor Swift’s, etc.

  • Sushi

    Flirting with FIFTY is more like it.
    Give me a break!

  • n.o.l.a

    Why does her face look so puffy?

  • Mr. d

    Fug face, great body!

  • electric

    her face looks so puffy from drug use, duh.

    and didn’t they already do this scenario….I beleive it was called “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and featured a much more attractive cast

  • Danielle

    How jackie got her groove back anyone? puh-lease it’s already been done lifetime.

  • Julien

    Wow that looks hot!!!

  • >>>>>HANNNAH

    She REALLY needs to lay off the botox

    face puffy = the huge amount of botox pumped into her

    and her t*ts are hideous, theyre so fake. i just dont get why ppl do this to themselves? at least get it to look natural!

  • Jessica

    Robert looks WAY too tan in that one picture.
    Not attractive.

  • Jessie

    can’t wait to see this! they look incredible together. how about heather’s bod in the red bikini. puts everyone else to shame. and it looks like robert b. has his shirt off for most of the movie! tune me in!!!


  • misteruniverse

    Heather be thy name. She is so smokin hot. I am taking up surfing and moving to Hawaii if those are the kind of babes that vacation there. Who’s Robert Buckly? How did he get this gig? I used to have a Heather bikini poster when I was in Jr. High, right on the wall across from my bed. She looks just as good today as she did then.

  • http://!E Bronx mowgli

    1997, hit movie-How Stella Got Her Grove Back

    This tv movie looks entertaining and cute and that is fine.

  • Shannon

    aww man no more sexi Kirby now that lipstick jungle is cancelled!

  • love

    Hes hotttttttttttt !!! this guy needs to get bigger roles i wanna see him everywhere !!

  • http://justjared constance

    omg…this a replica of how stella got her groove back-try ORIGINAL lifetime

  • anon

    OMG, Heather is starting to look like that freak Jocelyn Wildenstein from all of her surgeries and drug use. Her face was bloated before but this is the worst I’ve ever seen it. She scary looking.

  • shawnee

    I already have my TIVO set. I can’t wait for this one. I’ve loved Heather since Melrose Place. She’s the best and this story sounds like a sexy good time! And why did Lipstsick jungle get cancelled? I hope Robert Buckley get another job and fast. He is YUMMY YUMMY!

  • happyhappy

    It’s freezing here in NYC. This looks like a fun movie to escape the cold with, see warm Hawaii and dream about getting in shape and have Heather’s body and hopefully get a guy with a six pack like Robbie B. A girl can dream can’t she?

  • sara

    This is called, How Stella got her groove back.

    Heather, please stay away from the botox and lip pumper, you don’t need it.

  • Shemp lugosi

    his body looks like it’s made from rubber! ICK! Not Attractive!

  • casey

    she’s pushing 50 and he looks like he’s pushing cocaine. honestly, why do we deify these losers? these losers should be sent packing back to the mall of america where they belong.

  • Ashley

    I love all these jealous loser that post negative comments on here! It’s so hilarious when you know these are the same people that frost their hair and wear drawstring pants! Heather and Robert looks so amazing together. We’ll be watching and I bet you will too “mall of america.”HA HA!!!

  • Lexxvs

    Heather portraying a mother on the brink of 40? Ah, Ok, it’s a science fiction or fantasy movie.
    Every trait of her face shouts: Surgery here!

  • Brendan

    I want him!!! I don’t know why people think he’s ugly. I think he’s the hottest thing around. AOOGA!

  • Tarra

    Heather looks bad. She was holding up pretty well I don’t know why she inject her face with that crap. No way can she pass for 40, 50 is more on target.

  • Lydia

    YAY! I can’t wait to see Flirting with 40. Jane Porters novels are the greatest. Heather is perfect for the part and so is Robert. She’s so pretty and he’s so hunkalicious. Thanks for posting the scenes from the movie. WOW! This is going to be a fun night to get together with the girls and watch this!!!


    He looks better on screen with kim raver not with heather locklear..they dont pair up. Theres more chemistry with him AND KIM. Lipstick Jungle is not cancelled!

  • superfly

    Whateva shes doin i wan me sum of dat. Gurl looks purty damn fly if u ax me. ms. amanda wudwurd you is da bomb babyeeee… come on bak, we all is waitin for u and miss u on da tv. lotz of peeples luvin u.


  • jane

    Anytime I can get some Robert Buckley time I’ll take it! Even if I have to endure Heather in a tiny bikini, with the body of a 16 year old. Yeah I’m jealous so what? At least I can admit it. I hope Lipstick Jungle isn’t canceled. I want to live in that jungle! Me Jane… you Robert Buckley!!!

  • girls of delta gamma

    Hi Jared! Thanks for the photos and the preview of the movie. It’s looks great. We can’t wait. We have finals the next day and don’t care! We can’t wait to see this, even planning a party with a luau theme, mai tais and grass skirts. Bring your own surfing instructor.
    DGs rule!

  • mee

    thank you soo much jared for posting Robert Buckley posts. I loooove him!!! what. a. hunkk.

    keep on postin more of him jared!!

  • Suz

    Heather Locklear has some freaky looking eyes! WTF is going on with her? SHe looks really plastic and puffy-not at all attractive.

  • Tealeaf

    Heather face looks bad, too much plastic surgery

  • Tammy

    Heather is so beautiful! Robert is so gorgeous. Hope we can see more of them. Love these pics!! Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Katie

    I googled Robert Buckley and these photos came up. He’s so handsome and Heather Locklear looks amazing! I’m jealous that she got to spend that much time with him in Hawaii! Aloha!!!

  • Tazi

    Can’t wait! Thanks for the photos Jared. Heather and Robert look so cute together. As if any woman has that kind of a Heather body at 40 it’s incredible! He’s the best looking guy on TV hands down!

  • lara petersen

    Robert Buckley is a great guy and smokin HOT.
    Heather L needs to get those cheek implants removed, so she won’t look so ‘done.’ I am definitely going to watch ‘Flirting with Forty’ on Lifetime because I support Robert.
    Thanks Jared!!

  • Amanda

    YES PLEASE!!!! Wow, he is just amazing!!

  • SHerry

    THANK GOD PEOPLE NOTICED THIS IS A REPEAT!!! I’m watching this movie (now) and see it’s a THINLY VEILED white version of “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” Don’t just twist the script a bit. Give credit where credit is due! Send the Stella creators a check for the holidays!

  • Pushin 50

    I can attest to the fact that this truly does happen in real life. Older women get hit on by much younger men than they do by guys closer to their own age. For some reason that I’ll never be able to figure out they truly adore older women and are truly sincere. Well traveled younger men have told me this is commonplace in Europe, perhaps due to the mortality rate. I guess they wanna die together! :) I had a fling with a smokin hot guy for about 9 mo. We split because he wanted to get married and I had just gotten divorced and wasn’t ready. Also, I’m finished having children and I truly think he deserves his own even though he said mine were fine with him and that’s all he needed. I think he deserves better.

  • Stacye

    Loved HIM!!!! Robert Buckley is a doll. I felt bad for Heather. She used to be so beautiful but her face looked like Priscilla Presley’s when she was on Dancing with the Stars. He …..Is a HOTTIE!!!!!

  • http://google ragan

    that rober guy is so hot i want it to come on tv again i thought it was so roman i love it when i saw it i was wacthing it the pass three night i love it so much it is my favortie movie now i loveee it so much i fall in love the movie i won`t to know when it will come back on keep me pasts love you

  • Pumps And Gloss

    Dude was definitely yummy in this movie. Heather L did look puffy, but oh well. Cute movie! *Definitely the white version of “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”

  • Lola

    Nobody said ever that Robert is ugly, c’mon. He’s one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen, you would be blind not to lust after him. He’s sex on legs, yummy.