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Suri Cruise is Sunglasses Sweet

Suri Cruise is Sunglasses Sweet


Girlie girl Suri Cruise is a little fashionista in the making!

The 2-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wore pink nail polish and matching oversized sunglasses with pink frames while out and about New York City on Monday morning.

Mama Kate wore her own pair of oversized black shades and a plaid, ruffled dress. Looks like she’s Katie‘s for the holidays!

Earlier today, Tom revealed that Suri won’t wear pants!

15+ pictures inside of sunglasses-sporting Suri Cruise

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suri cruise sunglasses 01
suri cruise sunglasses 02
suri cruise sunglasses 03
suri cruise sunglasses 04
suri cruise sunglasses 05
suri cruise sunglasses 06
suri cruise sunglasses 07
suri cruise sunglasses 08
suri cruise sunglasses 09
suri cruise sunglasses 10
suri cruise sunglasses 11
suri cruise sunglasses 12
suri cruise sunglasses 13
suri cruise sunglasses 14
suri cruise sunglasses 15
suri cruise sunglasses 16
suri cruise sunglasses 17
suri cruise sunglasses 18

Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • ew

    enough with theis kid! and or for katie for that matter! seriously!

  • Po

    aw ! I think Suri looks damn cute with her sunglasses.

  • http://google toni

    mother and daughter duo, they looks like twin, show cute!

  • Huh?

    Two posts within an hour on this toddler? This is getting out of hand, Jared. Borderline obsessive, really.

  • Just Jared

    Geez, stop complaining! Make your own freakin’ blog.


    There she is again picking her nose …Suri has been photographed
    wearing pants… and under her skirts and dresses.. so what is he
    talking about.. Katie must hide from him when she dresses Suri..

    There a at least 10 photos of her wearing pants..

  • Get A Grip

    Two words: WHO. CARES.

    No one that I know. For the majority of the world, Katie and Tom are just tabloid people to make fun of.

    Its a shame that Suri has 2 lousy parents.

  • ellen

    She’s adorable.

  • b chick

    suri is a cutie pie!
    she looks adorable with sunglasses.

  • b chick

    suri is a cutie pie!
    she looks adorable with sunglasses.

  • Gee

    One day the girl is gonna discover she has legs and that she can use them for walking, she’s gonna be crazy!

  • Harlow

    This family melts my heart:) Suri is such a little star, I adore her pics.

    Thanks, JJ, just ignore the haters.

  • Jessica

    Suri’s coat is bad ass and she looks cute w/ her sunglasses.


    How much does Cruise pay you to post all this shizz. I’m so sick of seeing pics of Katie and her little PR tool. Poor kid gets trotted out like a show pony for the press. Katie is a FAIL as a mother.

  • Huh?

    #15–truer words were never spoken. Katie and Tom use that kid for publicity and it’s a shame that people like Jared not only buy into it but get all defensive when anyone criticizes them on it.


    How much does Cruise pay you to post this shizz every few minutes? Hope it’s alot!!

    I’m so damn sick of seeing Katie trot out her show pony every day for the PR. Poor kid has morons for parents.

  • anon

    Seriously OMGWTF is KH wearing, i mean dat dress with dat boot, here comes d PITFALL of MUI MUI if truly she’s campaining for them, which i find ridiculously hard to believe, just another STUNT from her so called PR MACHINE

  • wow

    does suri ever walk lmaooooooooo poor kid

  • pINKie

    Finally, I believed the press that Tom Cruise is a BLODDY CONTRORL FREAK. He would prefer Suri to freeze her butt off in the height of a cold winter than wear pants. No wonder Katie tried to escape the compound by getting a job in New York.

  • Harlow

    If you are sick of seeing this family, why the hell do you come to JJ and click through ALL the pics of Suri and Katie?
    And then you complain that you’ve had enough of them?

    Go elsewhere, like to hell, for instance.

  • PIpiOLA


  • danielle

    You know if this were Angelina Jolie, the thread would be screaming about how she is pimping her kid out etc.
    There is no way that Katie doesn’t know the paps are following her. There are ways around NYC without paps. She doesn’t use them. Wonder how often we will see Suri after the play ends and Tom’s movie (which he obviously is starting to shill for) is out. Probably the daily sightings will go back to zero.
    This is disgusting–two grown adult parents, pimping their kid out on a daily basis.

  • chewbacca
  • Jen

    C’mon people, if you’re tired of seeing pics of Katie and Suri, don’t look at them! Seriously! There’s a cool little tool bar to your right where you can select who you’d like to look at! USE IT!

  • RealityCheck

    I have a difficult question. Why do we have to know everything about Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise on a daily basis? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • rem

    no one is talking about her HORRENDOUS OUTFIT

  • Mr. Orange

    i love how they blame their bad parenting on suri.

  • anna27

    why do you think she’s using the child to promote herself??? for god’s sake, she is allowed to take her child wherever she wants, and not lock her in the apartment or hide her from the world… you are all sick people.

  • dear miu miu

    CANCEL the contract before it’s too late !

    You want this depressed looking bag lady, a fashion horror, to be your model?

    tt may have paid you off but you will lose the money in
    decreased sales.

  • LOL!

    Jealous much, 32?

  • bella

    OMG she is wearing a coat!!!!

  • defap

    suri: i am as cool as my mom. :)

  • r

    they are soooooooooooo cute

  • regina

    Sunglasses and diapers !! What a ridiculous combination !!!1

  • farah

    Hollywood royalty

    they are so lovely

  • winners

    haters are sooooo jealous. I LOVE IT!

  • palinpower

    Katie and Suri are both precious. Awww!!!! Love Suri’s sunglasses. Fancy indeed and I also love Katie’s attire.

  • bo


  • &

    Thanks to the trolls for giving their threads massive hits.

  • lotr

    The All American family. They are so beautiful but possess real virtues,traditions and values.

  • bridget

    Lol..Thats funny about Suri refusing pants, one of my good friends daughter refuses to wear pants also..she hates them because “princesses don’t wear pants”.. Disney needs to make a movie with a princess who wears pants asap!

  • orca

    just beautiful this two

  • niggah do the bird walk

    so cute
    love those sunglasses
    she really looks like her mom there
    and katie looks cute 2, altho i still think her and tom cruise r wierd
    alien princess!

  • cupcakes

    tis so cute!

  • morgan

    jared, i’m getting so tired of seeing posts of katie holmes and her daughter suri. every time i come back to your site i see one, if not both of them in the headlines. katie holmes is totally overrated, so is her normal daughter!

  • kathy

    Oh my gosh that kid is so cute! How come she has amazing sunglasses and I don’t? =(

  • Jill

    You’re going overboard, Jared. It’s bordering on the obsessive. Enough is enough

  • not cute

    Katie looks a mess as usual. Suri looks stupid in the oversized sunglasses. Can’t wait til they leave NY and the constant photo whoring opportunities. People are not jealous of this family. They just find this family wierd, annoying and the butt of constant jokes.

  • snow

    they make me smile


  • sunnymaid

    #43 don’t make me LAUGH
    “The All American family. They are so beautiful but possess real virtues,traditions and values.”

    When you belong to a money grubbing, criminal, murderous cult, that doesn’t exactly make you All American.

    And people who possess “real virtues,traditions and values.” don’t ditch their life long religion to join a cult, get knocked up by god knows who, live knocked up in the house with teenage children who are only about 10 years younger than you, have a b a s t a r d child when you’ve been engaged for almost 2 years, and pretend you’re the wife to a gay guy

    Thats TRASH, not CLASS

    ring ring……… Suri, it’s Merv Griffin, even though he’s dead he wants his glasses back

    ring ring……Katie it’s Laura Ingalls, she wants her sisters hand-me-down dress back