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Britney Spears: Just Fur Fun

Britney Spears: Just Fur Fun

New outtakes from Britney Spears‘s Rolling Stone cover have been released.

In the exclusive interview, the 26-year-old pop princess says she’s considering chopping off the weave she’s worn since shaving her head in 2007. She also giggles while counting up her seven tattoos.

Check out all new inside-spread of pictures of Britney Spears at

Last night, the Brit cover and snippets from her interview were released.

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Photos: Peggy Sirota
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    BRIT will be number mutha fucking 1 next week breaking all kinds a records, shit that nobody even knew existed.

    YOU HATERS are funny, if u dont like her, skip over her, its as simple as that…make a face or a noise as you do it, who gives a ****, but DO IT. I personally cant stand Christina Aguleira, never have, never will, but I have never saw a picture of her somewhere, stopped whatever I was doing, and took the TIME to post some long as hate filled message about her. Its stupid. if you dont like someone, you IGNORE everything about them, when u see them on tv, u change the channel, when u hear them on the radio, u switch stations. lmao, ya’ll must really actually LIKE her ass.

  • sheryl

    Good LAWD, does she ever look rough!!! And this is as good as she can look with her hair/make-up done and airbrushed on a Rolling Stone cover? I guess that’s what you begin to look like when you start partying, tanning and doing drugs/smoking/drinking regularly by the age of 17—not to mention ending up giving birth to and somewhat raising two kids by the age of 25. Yikes. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park outta’ the girl, obviously…

  • WakeUPeople

    Why does her hair take so long to grow back?!

  • nath4ever

    thank you but i dont like her ….

  • gina

    She really is looking great in these pictures.

  • bhdddddddddd

    is ashley tisdales music for girls or boys , or is it for both .


    this britney, as well as the old britney takes, ALOT OF WORK. it’s all smoke and mirrors. from what i’ve read from the rolling stones article, she’s still a brat, still crazy and still an idiot and i’m adding ungrateful. i actually have NO sympathy for this twat whatsoever! she can still buy and sell me so fuck her…

    on the upside, her new music doesn’t totally suck.

  • rayray83

    she’s looking healthier and better… that’s for sure.
    but I can’t believe she’s only 26. for some reason i thought she was considerably older.

  • cathy

    she looks good again!

  • bindy

    I like buttons today. Doesn’t mean I want to be one, but, I just like them! Does anybody else like them?

    There just really cool. Like, you can button up your life and feel great!

  • sasha

    Britney is so beautiful!!!!!!!

  • mike


  • bart

    for once, in the rest of the pics, it seems like they didnt really use photoshop. she looks amazing in the behind the scenes video for this shoot!!!

    good luck on the album brit!!!!!!!

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    She is such a publicity whore!
    She claims not to use the “f” word around her kids, but I distinctly remember her mouthing of like a sailor because of the paparazzi, kids in car and all.
    Why can’t she just go away?

  • Sam

    She looks awesome! :)

  • nothin

    Shes gettin flatter
    Her breast implants def shrank

  • boogie

    ugh……why is she always half naked? This is getting too old.

    If she has any respect for herself….she would do better than pose half naked. and she looks a mess as usual.

    she’s no longer a teenybopper and needs to grow up

  • melani

    she’s so pretty

  • parisiangirl

    she’s the best !

  • parisiangirl

    she’s the best !

  • lida

    Most beautifil girl in the world!

  • lida

    Love you Britney!

  • Tom


    No other words then that…Britney at her best.

  • Frida

    I love these pictures. They’re not overly photoshopped and it seems like they show the ‘real’ Britney a whole lot more than any other pictures we’ve seen recently.

  • Hmmm

    Happy she is getting her life together.
    I bet PETA is coughing up a FUR ball over that FUR….haha
    I say eat more beef!!!

  • ly mn

    Britney is as beautiful as ever
    and she is trying her best.
    However,for the past 2 or 3 years,
    Kevin has been a good father while
    Britney has not been a very good mother.
    She really should thank him.
    PETA = people eating tasty animals.

  • Andy

    Love it!

  • boogie

    is that a real fur coat she is wearing??

    If so, Shame on Britney

  • ny

    It’s good to know she’s feeling better but she still needs to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled brat. She knows that before she had kids and dressed in less she sold more records, etc and so she’s trying to get back to that stage.

  • y

    her sex appeal is long gone.

  • Twhat

    If Britney got rid of her weave, she’d look so fierce. Rock the short hair girl!

  • kiki

    I really hope thats fake fur, it actually looks pretty fake so hopefully it is.

  • kokolo

    Bitch! Take off that fur coat!!!! Probably have no idea how many black labradors was skinned alive for that piece of clothes! But she is disguisting lunatic anyway!

  • Snowhite

    Only dumb whores wear furs. Britney u’re a shithead for wearing a fur! u’re supposed to be a role model…well, guess u lost that role a long time ago…

  • kpkimmi420

    I think Brits lookin great….. I do think I could have shot better photos than they picked from the shoot. She’s looking way too good…. Im sure they could have gotten some better shots… I wouldnt have settled.

  • smashnburn

    Ya all should go on youtube and watch the movie THE WITNESS. It aint no peta, tards. Animals are anally electrocuted and they also use dog and cat fur. B ut I guess thats ok with you tards eating tasty animals Dogs, cats and humans are animals too. Idiot.