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Cam Gigandet Dating Dominique Geisendorff?

Cam Gigandet Dating Dominique Geisendorff?

Twilight star Cam Gigandet is dating and has been living in Los Angeles with his secret girlfriend of two years, actress Dominique Geisendorff.

Dominique thinks that Cam is the one she’s going to marry,” her grandmother, Helen Feldman, tells Star. “And I believe Cam feels the same way about her. They’re very serious.”

When the mag reached Cam, 26, at the apartment he shares with Dominique, he replied, “I can’t talk to you.”

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# 1

I’am a little bit jealous !!!!!!
Lucky lucky girl !

# 2

He is soooo HOTTTT!

# 3

who is she?

# 4

Jeezuz Chrisst HE’S sooooo HOT!!!!

# 5

Who are they?????? I’ve never heard of them…

# 6
Sharon D. @ 11/25/2008 at 1:48 pm

He’s def. the better looking guy in the “Twilight” movie. The other guy always looks stoned out of his mind.

# 7

he’s cute but his head shape is kinda weird nd looks older than his age!! But still he is sexii.

# 8

hahaha yeah… they’ve lived together for a long time.. both their names are listed in the apt. bldg they lived in.

I was to work him one day… and i don’t think he was home (i rang his doorbell) and the answering machine was her

# 9

according to gossip on the internet, they split up but when he found out she was pregnant he got back with her.

I this is true then i wouldnt be surprised if this was “leaked” so the impending baby could be announced

he is soo hot!

LolaSvelt @ 11/25/2008 at 2:17 pm

He’s all sorts of hotness.

yeah I heard she was pregnant. i hope theyre not together! back in the summer he was dating odette yustman….hmmmm

Okay so my question is…What’s the big deal?I mean Cam’s “secret” girlfriend? I’m sorry Cam (and Cam fans), but it’s not like he was SUPER famous before or after Twilight.Or even famous enough to have paps bugging him constantly (can anybody say ROBERT PATTINSON) about who he’s dating.What’s the big fuss?Why lie or hide who your partner of such a long time is?

So he lives with his girlfriend and he’s serious about his relationship?…Congrats!

somebody ;D @ 11/25/2008 at 2:56 pm

hey he is hott baby

He kind of reminds me of Brad Pitt in his younger days.

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 11/25/2008 at 3:32 pm

…whatever that dudes name is… he must be pissed! all the ;twilighters will be back in the sequel, and he will not. LOl bummer.

This man is soooooo freaking hot, he makes me think nasty things I want to do to him ;)


Yes, she is his girlfriend and she is pregnant :(

I read somewhere, that Cam has been dating that girl for a few years, but that he cheated on her with a 23 year old waitress(sorry for the spelling). Anyone know anything about that?

i knew he was dating someone but damn my heart just broke seeing her face

lucky ass girl
im seriosuly sad now

No he didn’t cheat on her because she is the one who is pregnant, not some waitress.

Er, well…just because his girlfriend is pregnant doesn’t mean that he didn’t cheat on her with someone else. :X Not that I’m saying he cheated on her.

Either way, he is still ridiculously attractive!

who the hell is this dominique girl???? marry him???…still dream girl. shes pregnant with his baby too (so i read)………she trapped this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously he is embarrased when he says he doesnt want to talk about it. and her grandma talking to star magazine. can we say, who wants some attention or extra bucks?????

MONEY HUNGRY WAITRESS WHO WANTS TO TRAP HIM. actress??? she is a no name….
and your grandma needed some money huh girl???


what a dumb dumb girl…..she calls star magazine to brag. he aint gonna marry you girl. you are nobody carrying his baby. you think just because you are having his baby that he will marry you.

have grandma call more mags for money.

i feel for cam.


dumb girl… aint an actress. you were in one little ucla film and you were a waitress.

why oh why would you do this to him??? how bad do you want to be famous?????

btw she looks like she is 20…… lame lame lame that her family did this to him….he wants it a secret for a reason.

who is this white trash girl? ugly huh. is she really pregnant with his child? i read she was an unemployed waitress and lives off of cam. she seems to be bad news for cam if you ask me.

he is DOOOOOOOOMED. and F****ED now.

cam seems a little mad about this. i dont want to talk about it. i wouldnt either

this girl is a piece of act to stoop to a level that is so demeaning.

not cool dominiqnjsckcue gesighghskjfskfskl….ugly name…cant even pronounce it.

mayeb she needs a publicity stunt…

pull a colin farrel cam…….leave her asap and be single. this was NOT COOL of her. its OK, you will still be a great father.

he is so hawt and she is blahhhhhh

this is getting around ont he net fast. this is fun.

but who really cares about this mr and mrs d-bags anyways???

can we say d list

spencer and heidi called you. they want you to join them….selling
lame ass pointless stories that should be left private.

I Cant Move Any Part Of My Back Can U Please Take Ur knife out
beth m

spencer and heidi called you. they want you to join them….selling
lame ass pointless stories that should be left private.

I Cant Move Any Part Of My Back Can U Please Take Ur knife out
beth m

lets say happy thanksgiving to cam gigandet.

he seemd to be having a rough week.

emma from FL @ 11/25/2008 at 11:24 pm

key word here “DOMINIQUE THINKS she is going to marry CAM”

cam must be embarrased.

who is this girl? someone who calls star magazine, us magazine , or whatevers

she got pregnant when he was odette and they were broken up??

hmmmmmm kind of interesting. dont ya think?

accident or her plan?

i think we know that answer.

HEY CAM – - – -



SHANNON AND JEN @ 11/26/2008 at 12:16 am



i read this and my thoughts are who is this? they are two no names.

this is “the best week ever” for twilighters

perez broke the news that cam is having a baby with a 23 year old waitress – d list corpse who thinks she is with a famous guy and wants to tell the world that he belongs to her. from what i can see in the picture, she needs a makeover. and to top it off, her grandmother likes to talk to trash mags for money.
kristen smokes weed on her stoop. the pictures are awesome on tmz and x17.
whats next?

my advice to you all – hide from the paps.

michelle. i agree with you. i wish he wasn’t with her and instead with odette yustman.

anonymous @ 11/26/2008 at 4:09 am

O M freaking G.
i can’t believe this girl. she said she would give kaden a cousin with cam. i can’t believe she actually did it.
SHE LEAKED THIS STORY TO THE PRESS. my friend called me from doms old job to tell me she heard that dom leaked this. he works at a trendy sushi joint (before she started flaking on the job, not showing up when she was supposed to). she was hooking up with a coworker when cam broke up with her. he also said that she was not a good character to be around and not liked by many. i think this was a way to settle down because she hated waitressing.I heard he is with her in her hometown of Texas for thanksgiving, something forced by her. while he is there he should ask helen why and how they did this.poor guy may marry into this family. magazines and photographers will follow this poor kid around this sad town and make his life miserable. I heard he is a nice guy and i wouldn’t have wished this upon him.i don’t think he will marry her unless she forces him to, something she seems to be good at. i hope he finds more jobs, he will need every penny to take care of this piece of work and the damage she caused to his career. maybe she should get off her feet and work herself. that or ask her mom sue or sister leslie
for money. she really should be going to jonas brothers concerts instead of trying to have cams baby.

i have the article here. its called LOVE LIE. oh god, this girl ruined him.

here is the scoop. this d list actress dominique didn’t like reports of cam being single. How did this article get pictures of this desperate girl we ask? . Grandma Helen and Dominique herself. they even interview people from bts movie to discuss her love for cam.

c’mon woman, you must be ashamed to show yourself in public after this. cam himself has to stand by your side after you did this to him.

she obviosly leaked this, bc the article is all about her, her career and her grandma.

she has been in two z list movies, beneath the surface and girls and corpses (im trying not to laugh). is this a joke? she can’t be serious.

there is a picture of her, average, nothing special. she is just a lousiana girl starving for some kind of fame. using cams name is a sad way.

it also says neighbors intheir apt building see cam and dominique smoking all the time (how romantic) and that she doesnt look pregnant. (i think thats a lie. posts have seen her in person and say otherwise. unless she is getting fat.)

dominiques grandmother says she isn’t jealous of other women (hard to believe).

“dominique recently went to spain with cam and she thought it was great when he got swarmed by a crowd of girls” her granmother says. “shes probably excited that shes the one who gets to be beside him.”

sounds like the woman is a catch for cam…NOT!!!!!!!! such a low blow to sell her story.

as a twilight fan, i think this is an awful thing to happen to cam. it shows that he is with a girl that is starving for attention and wants to tell us young girls that he isn’t single. i don’t like her at all. i hope she isn’t having his baby.

sounds like a winner girlfriend.


i can’t believe she did this to him.

fame ***** for sure

Coming from a an actors persepective, I would not want to be with this dudes lady. Shady.

Cam is ugly!

nasty girl.

I Hate Her ! Lol
Cam Is Sooo Hot
Lucky Lucky Girl

he is that stupid to fall for this dummy

he’s hotter than RPatts i must say

have you seen his bod? winner!

go get the new rolling stone magazine and turn to page 67. this is what the cam and dom will be thinking when you see the picture of “THE NEXT BOMBSHELL”, Odette Yustman. when dom looks at the picture, she will be wishing she were as gorgeous as superstar odette in a bikini. dom is sadly in a corpse magazine with dirty seaweed on her and it makes her a bigger loser to give it to star magazine. enjoy that 15 minutes of mag had fame because thats as far as you are going to get in this industry.
cam is just a complete fool to dump odette and get an unemployed waitress pregnant. he will look at that picture and regret leaving an up and coming star like her for an ugly girl who is trying to use his fame for money, selling her story to trashy magazines.


That’s wierd because in People magazine there was an interview with this sexy man and it said that his “relationship status” was single and that issue just came out like las week or so…

If they are back together tho, I have to admit I am jelous…

she has buck teef

she has buck teef

God I love him he is so hot!!!Lucky girl!

if you listen very closely… you’ll hear the sounds of the hearts of the female species all around the world breaking. =’[

ahaha, but seriously though. O_O

lucky girl.

she is pretty but she dosen’t deserve him! he is mine

For those of you who are bad mouthing Cam and/or Dominique:

Get your facts straight. They are dating. She is pregnant with his baby. They love each other very much.

Dominique is not white trash. She is from New Orleans. I grew up with her. Her mom and my mom are best friends. She visited New Orleans in November and will be back for Christmas. We look forward to visiting with her for the holidays.

Like Cam and a whole bunch of others, she is trying to make a name for herself on the big screen. It looks like to me that many of you are jealous. You are all entitled to your opinions, as am I. However, before you go bashing someone you must know all of the parts of the story.

Once again, much to many of your shagrins, Cam is taken. Get over it.

Helen is her step-grandmother. She botched the interview with Star. Dominique nor her family is responsible for that article.

Does anyone know where I can find the articel online as don´t live in the states and we don´t get Starmagazine here? I sooooo want to read the whole thing

eerrmmm…………….hes sooooo HOTT!!! lucky lady “!! and shes not that pretty is she ???? I LOVE U CAM !! X X X

damm im jealouss

She soundz like a slime ball tryin to get famous off her majorly sexy so called boy friend!! It makes me sick to see such a great guy with great family have to put up with this girl that is a wanna be actress!

you know. of all people to say that. it’d be the granny.
good luck to them though, i hope they realise having a baby is hard damn work. so if she did plan it, or if she didn’t. she’s in for one hell of a ride.
i know people round about their ages who struggle.

jesus tappdancing christ!
why girl, why?
i dont think cam realizes it, but she is being seriously manipulative. and clever.
but poor cam, he was really going places, now he has to step up to the plate and be a dad is next couple of months.
and he’s like filming jesus knows how many movie.
and that was pretty lame that her grandma had let it leak.

psshhhh, i feel for cam.

she is the ugliest and sneakiest girl,

i fell for cam too.

make her an ex gf asap

so she went home for xmas without cam.

he needs to be a single dad

mecha newton @ 12/30/2008 at 2:45 pm

i`m soooooooo jealous!!!!!! i love cam!

sorry, mecha newton it´s me :/


ook ok so he has a girlfriend i knew that he said in an interview he did in like june, and now she is apparently 5 months pregnant im so happy for them, anyway its rob we want not cam

TARA 01:

Post your picture. Let’s see whose ugly. She did not go home for Christmas. Thery were together.


Cam fans,
Hello, I am a neighbor of Cam Gigandet and the things i have read are all false. Latley, I have seen him leave his apartment alone. This Dominique character is made up. Cam would never impregnate this low-life unemplyed waitress. She is a gold digger and so is her granny. I hope all these rumors fade ,and Cam can continue his wonderful career and realtionship with Odsette Yustman.


i really admire you cam.,.,.,so sad your already taken.,.,.well congratz to both of you.,.,.,=).,.,.,.,since ur my crush cam,.,.,ill be happy 4 u.,.,.,mwah!

do not be so mean to my cousin she is fine just the way she is im gonna tell you cam does not have to run and by tell you this she is not ugly and dumb.

i know dominique’s half-sister! she is my friend. i can’t believe i know a person that is related to a famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is really having his baby! it is really a FACT!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT LIEING I AM TELLING THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be mean to both of them and dont stop

i bet she is just lying about him being the daddy just to get him back

im so crushed about this whole thing

im so in love with this guy and he is with her


crazy4himmxobahay @ 04/09/2009 at 7:32 pm

cam is hott.i thought he was 22.
i agree with miriam.
hes hawttt.
you may know him from twilight.
but he was in another movieee.never back down.
he makes out with a girl.
i still have nightmares of them kissing!

he is soo hottt! omgg he needs to just leave her. he is wayyyy to good for her. she isnt even that great. thats gonna be one hot baby if its a boy though ahaha

Lets have a contest. All of you post your pictures and I’ll post one of Dominique. Lets see who is really the ugliest. You good for nothing bunch of trailer trash hussies.

i don’t think that they should be together because me and him are going to get married some day and all of you are going to be jealous!!!!!!! And by the way she is not pregnant becauase me and her are bestfriends and i think that i would be the first to no thank you very much.
And he is very hot and he’s body is even better:):):)

yea girl i am right with you :) :)

Alyssaleblanxxxx @ 05/28/2009 at 12:11 am

I know Dominique’s Niece and Nephew (casey & cody), they go to my school and they’re both going to the wedding :D Oh and they’re getting to meet Rob at the reception, i am so freaking jealoussss!

Alyssaleblanxxxx @ 05/28/2009 at 12:13 am

Ohh and THEY ARE OFFICIALLY GETTING MARRIED, just to clear that up :)

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