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Daniel Craig Bonds With Tokyo

Daniel Craig Bonds With Tokyo

Daniel Craig and girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell walk the red carpet together during the Quantum of Solace Premiere at Roppongi Hills on Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan.

The 40-year-old British actor reportedly wants the next Bond movie to be much steamier. Craig has heard complaints from fans that Bond’s bedroom antics haven’t been a focus of the new movies, so he has decided to push for the scenes. Craig said, “For Bond to jump in bed with ten women would contradict the whole things. But the next movie – everybody wants it so we’re going to have it.”

Quantum of Solace was No. 2 at the box office this past weekend with final ticket sales of $26.7 million, behind Twilight which brought in $69.6 million.

25+ more pics inside of Daniel Craig bonding with Tokyo…

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daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 01
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 02
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 03
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 04
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 05
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 06
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 07
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 08
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 09
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 10
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 11
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 12
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 13
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 14
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 15
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 16
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 17
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 18
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 19
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 20
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 21
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 22
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 23
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 24
daniel craig quantum of solace tokyo japan 25

Photos: Kiyoshi Ota/Getty
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  • Dansuki


    again – UGLY dress!

  • tigerlilly

    How on earth can any of you can say that Satsuki is ugly i’ll never know!! She is absolutely gorgeous and so is he, they make a beautiful couple.

  • zoe

    i dont think satuski’s dress is ugly…it actually looks really nice on her. she looks great here. definitely one of her good looks. love the hair too.

    this is the first outfit i dont like on olga. its quite bad. i dunno if its the dress or hair but she kinda pulls it off. love her as bond girl. i love her look with the white shirt.

  • tiger

    DRESS is UGLY… read please! I refuse to comment on her looks…

  • to zoe

    olga looks like she’s about to take flight (as looking like a bird).

  • Tigress

    Dan looks really really happy now so something is up. That miserable look he had for so long is gone. I am curious as to what changed him…….anyone know?

  • to #6

    money is rolling in from qos!

  • tigerlilly

    To #4
    I ment in general not comments about this thread!!

  • Answer Guru

    I don’t know about you but I think there’s something very hot about this guy and yeah, he did skip over the usual bedroom scenes, get it steamier next time!

  • Julien

    She looks lovely!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Oh

    Satsuki totally has no boobs in dress. Her dress nice, but she is ugly. Nice dress, ugly woman. Daniel is happier, he will have a baby with Satsuki or he is happy because is premiere his Bond. Daniel is great hunk, he has eyes as Paul Newman or Terrence Hill, cute face as Ray Liotta, Mickey Rourke or Clint Eastwood and he has super body. His girlfriend has nothing, no boobs, no figure, no charm,nothing but she has wrinkles, enormous teeth, adam´s apple, very skinny body, she only does lady-companion, security guard and office-girl for Daniel. She is bumptious as any noblewoman. Here was a quarrel how is Satsuki old, she is 34 old this year. She was born in 1974, when she met Daniel over film Jacket in 2004, she was 30, she had luck Daniel noticed her, when was premiere Casino Royale, she was 32 but public presented her as 29 old. She doesn´t look good for such hunk Daniel, she sometimes has nice dress, sometimes ugly or not to be fit.She looks very oldier than she is. She is ugly but very happy with Daniel. Daniel is not bumptious, when he is with her together, he hasn´t no problems, he loves her and he f-u–c-k for critics, he doesn´t read critics he has no time because he is travelling with Bond around the world, his Bond makes record money. He is good actor and his ugly guard woman buys ugly/nice dress and she smiles, she is happy ugly woman. It´s fact.

  • Daniel lover

    Sandra Oh you have left me speechless. Daniel just looks wonderful as usual and I am glad he is going to add some more sex into the next film. I am sure he is happy because the movie is doing so well, even though everyone says it is not as good as the first one. Sats looks good in these pictures, in my opinion.

  • angie





    I’m left cold.

  • DC made the list!

    at the top of the jared site… top celebs!

  • Tealeaf

    His girlfriend is not that pretty, she looks goofy, I only like his eyes and chest.

  • Ashkote

    That man is so dang hot that he could melt cold hard steel.

    As for his lady – if she makes him happy and content then that is all that matters….good luck to the both of them.

  • not hot

    He walks a fine line. His Bond image is what gives him his co-called hotness. Otherwise, he’s scraggly.

  • to #17

    Bond has made him a a-lister for sure.

  • OMG

    Sandra Oh: I never have read such a scad of shit like your post

  • Ashkote

    not hot @ 11/25/2008 at 2:05 pm “He walks a fine line. His Bond image is what gives him his co-called hotness. Otherwise, he’s scraggly.”

    I’ve been a fan since 1996. He’s always been hot…..he just doesn’t have conventional Hollyweird pretty-boy looks. I prefer his real man looks above all the fake looks.

    Apart from that he is an awesome actor. Bond is what made the Yanks take notice, but over here in the UK, we’ve loved him for years.

  • OMG

    @17…..have you ever seen one of his pre Bond movies?
    This MAN has been hot, is hot and will be hot …..
    Bond is only a little part of his work

  • OMG

    @ashkote: clap, clap, clap

  • Ashkote

    Those who haven’t seen him in anything other than Bond, check out the following:

    The Ice-House – 1998
    Our Friends in the North – 1996
    Love is the Devil – 1998
    Sword of Honour – 2001
    Layer Cake – 2004

    He has over 45 film and TV roles from The Power of One in 1992 onwards, not to mention dozens of live theatre roles, but the ones above are a good place to start.

  • not hot

    Chill people, you can list all the movies you want to. He still hurts my eyes.

  • to #23

    out of all those movies, Layer Cake is probably the best, and why he was chosen to play bond, imho.

  • thanksgiving

    olga is so fucking sexy
    i love her!!

  • blink

    It is too bad the gf isn’t attractive…pity

  • ho

    Olga is pretty, the gf looks hideous though with her horse teeth and flat hair

  • To 28

    Then the gf is in the right company since Brits are known to be kind to only dogs and horses.

  • ho


  • yuck

    The gf needs to stop trying to flaunt tits that she doesn’t have. Find a stylist. Just not a pretty woman. Rather fugly actually.

  • not hot

    #31, then they are a right fit for each other.

  • kbam

    he’s so hot and yummy looking! he should’ve been people’s sexiest man alive! his girlfriend’s pretty and she look stunning w/ the dress. she might not be angelina jolie but she’s good-looking and they look very happy together.

    olga’s hot but her dress is wtf?!

    but eva green’s my favorite bond girl. she’s classy and gorgeousss.

  • Daniel lover

    Then the gf is in the right company since Brits are known to be kind to only dogs and horses.

    That’s not a nice comment to make about the Brits. I take offence with that and I am not British (but my family is) To Ashkote, I agree with you. Daniel has been a great and hot actor for years. He has made Bond; Bond has not made him. He was already “made” and very well made at that. By the way, Sats is not an actor and does not have to be “movie star beautiful” If he has only eyes for her, then so be it. I hope they are happy.

  • Nobody

    I’m not a huge fan of his gf, but why hate her so much?
    she’s not ugly…not at all…
    she’s gorgeous…maybe not perfectly but she’s good looking as well
    besides..she seems so down to earth, the girl next door….typical holywood beauties are kinda boring now. they look great together.

  • actor

    Have to agree…he’s been mega hot for years and years before Bond…as for the comment.

  • fug to the ugly

    He’s fug and she belongs with him.

    “M” to the “oo”….moo.

  • krista daley

    the empire waist style looks perfect on her but the hair would have been better up with that dress and it looks like her shoes are just a weeeeeee bit small looks like her toes are hanging over a weeeeee bit but otherwise she’s lookin good and he looks great in all black man what time to do they do the press conference and the premiers are they close to each other how many times does the guy have to change hs clothes man

  • tigerlily
  • to tigerlilly

    It’s amazing what having a very famous actor’s PR and publicity dept behind you can do..and people advising her what color to wear…

    If she wins the Hello’s Most Elegant of the Year…well we can see what’s going on here can’t we?

    Total Image/PR packaging as his “wife”…he wants Satsuki to be a media darling. It’s that simple.

  • tigerlily

    To # 40
    Daniel doesn’t seem to like or want to be a media darling himself, so why should he want Satsuki to become one?? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Style queen?

    She is following a trend…..purple is the hot colour for the season….if she is a syle queen becasue of that then so is Gemma and the rest of us that own something purple

    Anything to make her look good right Tigerlily geeeeeeeeeeeshhhhh




  • PR

    Daniel, I think, wants the media/fans to love/accept her…PR//Perception is Reality so then the backlash might stop/the media are already treating her like a “queen”…maybe her family intervened and asked or assumed that Daniel would step in.

  • tigerlily

    So why did the fans turn on her and start to put her down and pull her tp pieces in the first place?? That i never understood, what did Satsuki do that was so wrong?? Answer nothing, so why is there this backlash??
    I think people behind the scenes so to speak are working on changing her public image. Just look at her at the recent red carpert events she has looked stunning, she’s smiling, laughing, looking happy and relaxed, looking dare i say it friendly, nice and normal!!
    But i thought the media was always on her side.

  • Daniel lover

    Tigerlilly, because everyone is jealous of her (she has Daniel) and because some of his fans say she is snotty to them and because some people who knew her when don’t have pleasent things to say about her. I have never met her, just like you, so can’t say anything about her personality. It’s just not nice to pick apart someone’s appearance – no one stands up to that much scrutiny. (Daniel does but that is besides the point)

  • tigerlily
  • tigerlily
  • yuck

    I find her below average looking. Nothing special

  • just jealous

    Those of you who criticise and judge Daniel and Satsuki are just jealous of them. Who cares how ugly she is or how horrible her dress is, you need to grow up and get a life!!