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Gerard Butler: Before & After

Gerard Butler: Before & After

Check out this old school photo of Scottish stud Gerard Butler from MeetTheFamous.

Obviously, this was long before the 39-year-old actor bulked up for his role in 300.

Gerry has come a long way since acting on London’s West End in the 90′s! He can still be seen around select theaters around the country in the Guy Ritchie-directed film RocknRolla.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerard’s Butler mushroom cut — HOT or NOT?

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Photos: KAT/WENN
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  • Not impressed by JA

    He was a cutie !

  • Chantal

    He looked like he stepped out a boyband. Cute!

  • c davis

    Still handsome as ever. He could never take a bad photo. SOO HOT

  • portia

    His hair looks like it has gone through the same phases as Hugh Grant’s!!

  • joy

    Not my favorite hair style, but that was the style in the 90′s, at least it wasn’t the 80′s… LoL

  • bytheway




  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    still ugly

  • ???

    Is he gay?

  • Suzz

    Some men improve with age …

  • junior

    WOW! He looked even more gay before (L)!

    *-* love it!

  • the real jc.

    What a pretty haircut. He was and still is so gorgeous but he has that rugged sexiness now too. I certainly wouldn’t say no.

  • Jules

    He looks much better now!! :)

  • maria

    he is not conventionally beautiful but still, I find him very attractive

  • Janelle

    Oh….he lookscute with his frosted hair. But he’s sexy now.

  • Sandy

    He has always been gorgeous. In style of the times and today.
    He is certainly one of the best looking men of all time. Already signing autographs, I see. He is still known to appreciate his fans.
    Oh well, when you’re a nice person I guess you are always a nice person.

    GORGEOUS, HOT, SEXY, SWEET-then and now.

    You go Gerry, baby.

  • girliegirrrrl18

    it is definitely hot! lol everything about this man is sexy!

  • Catwoman

    OMG! He was gorgeous! Still is hotter than HAWT!

  • Szuszn

    Looks to me like his hair when he was appearing on stage in London in Suddenly Last Summer in the late 90′s. The dye job and style were required for the part and if you look at pictures from the production all the characters sported “unusual” hair. In fact his is among the more “normal” looking. He was cute when younger, but he is improving with age. I prefer his Rocknrolla look over the boy band blonde.

  • bailey

    I think that man is gorgeous no matter what color or length his hair is.

  • Lissa

    Oh, of course he’s hot! Is it a matter of hair? He looks very cute even with this color.

  • Anita

    His hair was like that in the picture on the left for a character role he was playing. It was for Suddenly Last Summer in which he starred with a then unknown Rachel Weisz.

  • Liz

    I agree with the sane ones on this board..he was darling!!!!!!He would have been a pin-up..definitely!!!! He is so handsome in all of his incarnations: Attila magic eyes, Beowulf armor thighs, Dear Frankie depth, 300 hunkiness, Timeline hiar beauty, RnRolla sexiness, and now this when he was a mere babe. His eyes, nose, mouth, and now his hair show why we love him…No matter what costumes..what scripts, what makeup…what hair color…this is a STAR! He never had the pimply, callow look of Brad Pitt at this age: he is just gorgeous…sexy..playfu….nad to thinkhe is an honors graduate from law school.Brainy,too. Give me Gerard Butler in any manner! Thanks, Jared, for posting this! Now..can you get any baby or childhood pictures of him? Any school pictures? You have your sources..He grew up in Paisley,Scotland….Give us what we want, please!

  • Tiff

    Wow! He was hot back then and now. Love him. I love his accent.

  • bella

    LOL . . .oh gotta love the early 90′s. Thank god that time has passed.

  • pafan

    That’s so cute. Even on a bad hair day, he’s always been hot. It must have been from Suddenly Last Summer when he was in that play. He does just keep getting better and better. What a smokin’ hot Scot!

  • bytheway

    he looks really gay and I do mean G A Y in that first picture.

  • briannaRandall

    He was cute! I’d have dated him. He’s way hotter now though.

  • implants

    Did he get a moob job?

  • Katie

    The old photo is not a school pic. It appears to be a pic taken outside of the theater when he appeared in Suddenly Last Summer. His hair is for of the role, I believe. He is holding a Sharpie and is probably signing autographs for the fans who had already spotted him early on as the talent and hunk that he is.
    I prefer his later look, thank you very much. LOL.

  • Ladyclaire

    to quote Diana Gabaldon…If I were a horse…I’d let him ride me anywhere

  • Jo Ann

    Giving someone an autograph? This Scottish Stud looked good back then and he looks good right now. What a man!

  • Bernice

    cute … very cute.

  • Tintangel

    He looks like a blonde version of Roger Federer.Very cute!

  • Giovana

    I’d take him in a heartbeat, with or without the mushroom. ;)
    To me, Butler is the hottest guy around these days!

  • postwatcher

    OMG, such a dork in the first picture. He totally looks like the typical gay best friend for all the fag hags out there.

    This pic was taken before he had his teeth capped, thus the close-mouthed smile.

  • Gerry’s friend

    Liz @ 11/25/2008 at 4:41 pm
    “His eyes, nose, mouth, and now his hair show why we love him…No matter what costumes..what scripts, what makeup…what hair color…this is a STAR!”

    Yes Liz, all this…AND SO GAY TOO!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think his boyfriend has seen this picture yet, but I’m sure he will still love him just the same.

  • jilly

    Now I’m sure he is gay!

  • Cinthia

    Gerry is like wine, as older better.

  • Joanna Gilby

    WOW, What a difference! He without doubt looked very attractive back then, love the hair and his baby-face! Now, well I’m not sure. Yes, he’s grown up a lot and have a few aging winkles here and there but there is something about him that makes you stop and stare. Is it his eyes? Is it his phsyial presence that can make a woman go weak at the knees? I don’t know but these photos have shocked me to the core, he is very handsome before and after. That is all.

  • Poppy

    I thought I was looking at photograph of Paul Bernado – and u don’t want to know who he is.

  • c davis

    He is NOT GAY. He is ALL MAN. Any Gerry fan will tell you to that FACT. SHAME ON YOU WHO THINKS SOOO.

  • tisha


  • B

    he’s still hott

  • Dorie-somebody

    People if you think disdain him enough to call him a cunt, why bother leaving a rude comment? And how is he gay?? honestly?? If people go on calling him a man whore, it is really stupid to call him gay. Just look at that video on making out w/that girl, does that answer your question.
    Anyways no matter how many women he has dated, and even if people refer to him as a man whore, I just hope he finds the right woman and has a happy life, unlike his harsh years when he was younger. He still looks just as hot now, and his hair is inspiring hahaha, never would have dreamed he would have had that hairdo.
    Yup, all this is coming from a 14 and 8 month year old, who fell in love with this man on a cold december evening at a movie theater watching and crying, during the phantom of the opera, when i was only 11.
    Talk about weird.
    sorry to write an essay but got sick of people only looking and listening to his actions or what they think of him, not knowing the beautiful person on the inside.
    wow, i need to get life, i haven’t meet this guy, but o well, there is always hope.

  • Dorie-somebody

    wow, holy crap i wrote a lot.

  • tracy

    That first picture is the hair cut and dye job he had to have for his part in “Suddenly Last Summer”, and for all of you who don’t know , he doesn’t like the pictures with his blond do, he has remarked as much in his earlier interviews (He Hates Those pictures with Blond hair), but I think he will always be great to look at, you go, Gerry!

  • Hey Dorie

    Go see Twilight or something. Gerry is old enough to be your grampa and watch your language young lady. By the way, you are too young
    to have fully developed gay-dar. Every body who has known or is friends with a g ay man, totally recognizes “gayness” in that old photo.

    Tracy- Get over this fantasy life….you don’t know him.

  • Dorie-somebody

    The person who said hey dorie- yes, i am way too young and all this, i just had feelings for him cuz of phantom thats all, I don’t have like a temple to praise him, that would be really scary. But anyway srry I know ppl have gay-dar but i just don’t get it since he is known for being w/ a lot of woman. FYI- twilight was a bad movie compared to the books, but I’m not crazy for him, I just feel more bad for him than anything and he was cute in phantom until the mask came off.
    i’m more of a big fan POTO.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • Colette

    Gerry looks a lot like a friend of mine in that early shot.

    This other guy went throught a peroxide phase as well about 7 years ago. When he was in high school, he also had mushroom hair LOL! Bit of a chick magnet, always has been.

    He has a similar piercing eye colour to Gerry as well.