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Katie Holmes: Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel

Katie Holmes: Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel


Like clockwork, Katie Holmes leaves her apartment and arrives at Schoenfeld Theatre for the evening performance of her play, All My Sons, in New York City on Tuesday.

After weeks of intense rehearsals and a strenuous schedule, Katie appears a bit tired and weary.

Hubby Tom Cruise recently spoke with Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper about his infamous couch-jumping session on Oprah and said, “There are things that I could have done better. I could have handled things better. I was surprised by the criticism but it brought everyone close together. Katie’s entire family and my family. Going through that stuff is not pleasant, and I think it hit an extreme, but Kate‘s a very sure and confident and strong woman. She gets it, you know.”

WHAT DID YOU THINK of how Tom dealt with criticism during his early years with Katie?

10+ pictures of Katie Holmes at the same bat time and same bat channel…

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Credit: Ahmad Elatab/SaleemElatab/Lakota; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • w

    love her

  • get some rest,Katie

    as for me I got my flu shot already

  • peta

    tired yet still lovely even with zilch makeup

  • boots


  • uh oh…

    Wow! What the hell’s wrong with her? She looks a completely strung out mess! Even the doorman, who in recent pictures always smiles politely is looking at her with concern.

  • dolphins

    All American beauty! So classy!!

  • Hmmm

    When he had that episode, I was like big deal the guy is in love, then I was like why all the fuss over his actions?? I was like is it really that big of a deal that all we got to do in our life is analyze his actions? but oh well, I say lets move on.
    I like Katie, dont see anything wrong with her.

  • major

    They handled it with class and they rose above it.
    That’s pretty clear today. Most would have been miserable
    and a mess but not them.

  • 911

    Adorable and wish I have her energy.

  • holiday

    God bless her and her family. Just beautiful.
    is she flying to L.A. for thanksgiving? is her MiuMiu shoot over?

    She needs lots of rest with Tom’s movie promotions coming up too.

  • kelly

    same bat boring

  • mike

    love her!!!!

  • chloe

    He was surprised by the criticisms ? He went batshi* crazy !! Jumping on couches, running around like he had lost his mind , and running his mouth about everything from drugs to ‘glib’ people ….and yet he is surprised???

    When he first started with Katie I thought , Wow …I didn’t see that one coming. But honestly I did think they made a cute pairing…surprising ,yes….but still cute. He seemed to be her “knight in shinning armor” and she made him happy so O.K.

    Then Tom decided to go apeshit and make everyone think he had lost his mind , or atleast was on some pretty powerful ( albeit forbidden) happy pills!!

    I really think if Tom would have kept this whole thing low key from the start most people wouldn’t react the way they do to TomKat. He started all the negative press by his actions , and then it just snowballed into a big gossip celebrity bashing game from there.

    I really don’t see how he could be surprised, didn’t he ever watch video of himself???

  • boogie

    oh no…Tom is such a jerk.

    Katie needs to stop shopping so much for all her bad taste fashions, Suri’s many prom dresses she plays in, and Katie’s whopper sized purses and a zillion pairs of shoes!

    Maybe stay home a little bit after “work” and spend some quality time with Suri on manners and toliet training for a change.

  • gerard

    Im batty for Katie in Batman not Maggie.I got lots of company on this one.

  • mar

    Hey number … I agree with you. He was excited and in love, SO flippin what if he jumped on a couch???? shessh.

    Katie does look tired here. but always pretty just the same.

  • dani

    I don’t think most people cared about the couch jumping. It was the attack on Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer and all the idiocy the man spewed that followed.

  • mimi

    I really like katie’s outfit. She does look tired, but I’d be tired too if I was performing 8 shows a week, plus taking care of a toddler.

  • dani

    And I wonder why she isn’t wearing her sunglasses. Does she want us all say “Poor Katie she is working so hard?” Doesn’t she wear those sunglasses almost 24/7?

  • Mr. Blonde

    She’s just tired and doesn’t have any make-up, #5.

    He was only surprised by the negative criticism about the couch jumping thing, #13. I never understood that myself.

    He did deserve every tongue lashing for his loud and offensive Scientology campaign though.

    She has lots of quality time with her kid and don’t tell her what to do, #14.

    Exactly, #17.

  • Janie

    I think what Tom said is correct. I love Tom and Katie! They both deserve happiness! :) I’ve seen her play, and she’s great! :)

  • Halli

    She’s on drugs.

  • o

    something is seriously wrong with her. i used to like her a lot, but now i watch just to see if one day she escapes or anything actually happens. even if you are still a fan, yuou have to admit that that marriage was really weird -i mean, she dissappeared for two weeks and suddelny they were engaged. the spark in her eyes is gone and she dresses very sloppy and too old for her age. i had a total crush on TC but he’s completely lost it, just look into his eyes. i wonder where this will end.
    as for Suri, I dont know whether not putting coats on her is some cold-resistance building technique or something… but please, at least dress her like a little girl and not like she’s going to a funeral or a serious party.

  • cc

    Why won’t she leave him?????? She used to have such a glow and sweetness about her before she was with him. Now…she looks miserable…

  • uh oh…

    Mr. Blonde: “She’s just tired and doesn’t have any make-up, #5.”

    How do you know? It’s like listening to some sort of propaganda mouthpiece… “move along please, nothing to see here”. I will think what i like – thanks – and she looks pretty strung out if you ask me! She also looks quite gaunt in some of these:

  • jfk

    look at her. tom must really miss nicole kidman

  • enuf

    Shet gets what? That she married a loon? Oh, wait. She married a rich loon. One cancels the other out.

  • katie katie katie

    She’s not eating. That’s why she looks so wasted.

  • boogie

    # Mr Blonde/ Mr MOuthpiece….

    what’s your problem? Don’t you yet know this is just a comment board and I am sure Jared is not paying you to be his mouthpiece.

    What makes YOU think I am Telling Katie what to do? Do you really think she reads these comments,?? LOL

    This is a comment/gossip board. Goodness Grief!

    Go play Superhero where you are really needed- reality!

  • anon

    Thanks, boogie. I can’t stand when this nutcase starts picking apart and judging everyone’s comments. He is always doing this when anyone comments on the Cruises.

  • pr person

    Yes and doesn’t ‘Kate’ look like she is the epitome of a “very sure and confident, strong woman”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    “She gets it, you know.” Gets what? I don’t know. The fact that he is crazy? The fact that they are a laughing stock, a joke? The fact that her soul is being sucked out of her? His black amex card? Suri for a week? Millions? What is it exactly that she “gets”?

  • Zombie Zygote

    Katie’s starting to look like John Mayer’s sister.

  • ice

    Puhlease……………………this look is not All-American. I think you’ve just insulted people like Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon

  • vrai

    Mr. Blonde/Orange is a she not a he who also goes by the name Adoring Fan. She does the same thing in the Jennifer Garner threads except she uses a bunch of female names to talk to herself.

  • Queen Elizabeth

    To the fans who keep thinking people objected to the couch jumping, you’ve totally missed the point. Who cares about that!! It was Cruise’s completely insane appearance on The Today Show and his outright attack on Matt Lauer that turned everyone off! He actually sat there and insulted every woman with PPD or anyone who has a child with ADD! He also called psychiatry a nazi science and ranted and raved about his “religion”…..and then he went on to do it in a number of magazines, including Rolling Stone!

    Give it up with the couch jumping. That’s not the problem and never was. It’s everything else and the public is NOT forgiving him. Tom Cruise is finished. Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

    As for his “wife”, she looks drugged and half the time resembles a homeless woman. The way Cruise described her is nothing like she appears for all to see. If that’s a happy woman, I’m the Queen of England!!

  • dani

    pr person @ 11/25/2008 at 11:31 pm

    You know I was thinking the same thing. Gets what? I am a relatively intelligent person and have worked in the media and I didn’t get what. What does she get?
    But of course she is a strong, confident woman. She probably doesn’t need to get what. After all, Nicole never seemed to get what as to why he divorced her! He mumbled darkly all the time “She’s knows what she did.” And Nicole never had a clue.
    So maybe he means Katie gets it. Whatever.

  • usana


  • Tom Cruise

    I miss Miss Nicole.

  • Sassy

    The Tom Cruise unauthorized bio is pretty enlightening. Not saying I believe everything I read but the Scientology insight is pretty creepy. Katie looks wiped out here but maybe Suri was up all night or something. Her schedule is exhausting, just reading about it. I hope she has no regrets about marrying Tom Cruise because of Scientology. She, like Nicole and ironically like Tom, was Catholic. Nicole went back to Catholicism and I wonder what Katie’s parents think. Tom is certainly passionate about it…not judging, just curious.

  • anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving Katie,Tom & the kids….

  • Tom Cruise

    #9, you wish you were in a coma?

  • Jill

    She doesn’t look tired; she looks drained, like all the life has been sucked out of her. She looks haunted and miserable. She needs help before she has a serious breakdown.


    Cute cupbakes won’t make us think you are cute Katie. Suri looks like a slob walking down the street eating. I grew up in the hood and our Moms always knew that was TACKY.

  • Kaitlyn

    this look is not All-American. I think you’ve just insulted people like Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon

    Yes, they also insulted 300 million regular Americans, not to mention every family in the US. LOL

    Everything that comes out of TommyBoy’s mouth is scripted and sounds it. Same with out of it Katie. They need a better writer.

  • she gets it

    She gets it?

  • out to lunch

    Judging by the way Katie kisses Suri on the head when they’re out, I don’t think she’s as amused by the paparazzi as Tom is.

    Do they honestly sit around and look at pictures that the paparazzi publish of their daughter and smile? Katie, tell us it ain’t so.

  • chitownsfinest

    Somebody needs to find a big ole bed and set the alarm clock for next wednesday. Katie, you look a hot mess and I blame Tom for it. Run Katie Run!

  • meangirls

    This is what katie really looks like.. without the fake smile and makeup. she is just not pretty

  • mimi

    I think she looks pretty. exhausted but pretty. And even if she isn’t pretty i think it’s great that She’s confident enough to go out without makeup, especially since she knows she will be photographed. As Tom says she’s a very sure and confident woman.

  • tom

    Boy, she looks horrible. She’s got such dark circles under her eyes; she looks ghastly.