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Robert Pattinson is Wonky

Robert Pattinson is Wonky

Robert Pattinson looks sexy as ever in this undated photo of the breakout Twilight star and a mystery male.

His latest vampire flick had a $69.6 million opening weekend, pretty much making him the new king of Hollywood. Pattinson and the movie’s other lead, Kristen Stewart, will reportedly earn $12 million apiece for the film’s sequel, New Moon. Director Catherine Hardwicke is also reportedly locked in for another round.

Question: Is there anything that would make Pattinson un-sexy?

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robert pattinson wonky 02

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  • Janelle

    He ooks goofy in this He seems like a sweet guy

  • bella

    LOL . . .he looks horrible. . .sorry but he does.

  • ruth


  • Paula

    he’s hot!

  • null

    Yes – that picture is very un-sexy. Actually, lately he’s been looking either drunk or high all the time, and that’s definitely not sexy in my book.

  • ang

    Ewwww, no, not sexy at all!!! The guy is far from sexy.

  • Joyce

    i dont get how Kristen and him can get $12 million for one movie while the Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, & Rupert Grint dont even get $8-10 million for their Harry potter films.

    i think thats completely false because even Reese Witherspoon, Oscar award winner and highest paid actress, gets around $20 million for one film.

    dont get me wrong, im such a huge fan of Twilight. but that just seems a bit absurd.

  • mELIS

    R u kidding he’s fugs for real no cake-white makeup and the Vamp allure is going to change that…i’m not a band jumper he was fugs in HP and stil is teeth fixed and all!

  • WakeUPeople

    Yuck!! I jusy dont see what is hot about this guy!

  • M

    #9- i wholeheartedly agree!!

  • Sarah

    okay this is a bad picture
    but my god he is so hott (usually lol)
    This picture must be fairly old though cause his hair and teeth are not like that now haha

  • pedra

    there is one thing that could make him look unsexy and it’s that pic you just posted..
    DUDE!! Are you serious. He looks HORRIBLE. Change what you wrote!

  • susy

    He looks like that sloth from Ice Age! LOL he’s still cute! No one can look good always!

  • Liz

    i love rob!!
    this is not his best pic tho

  • bella

    ROTFL Comment 13 :D

  • weird

    He’s not attractive, sorry.

  • Rosalia

    Not his best picture…

  • meh

    i don’t find him attractive at all. especially in this photo

  • angrywelshgirl

    I’m getting really pissed off with all this twilight shit!!! i actually do want to check the movie out but everyone is just wecking it for me by going crazy. i cant believe everyone things this guy is hot!!! HAS THE WORLD GONE CRAZY!! sorry Rob, u might be a nice guy but i think ur a ugly mug personaly. WHATEVER i’m done with this shit!!!

    i aint gonna listen to anymore

    just gonna wait till da movie comes out

  • Annika

    Robert Pattinson IS unsexy.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    very ugly!!

  • melly

    Is there anything that would make Pattinson un-sexy?

  • gracie

    Anyone who thinks he looks good in that photo is seriously deluded. Why can’t even his hardcore fans admit thats an absolutely TERRIBLE photo – it doesn’t make you less of a fan, it makes you truthful.

    He’s hot usually, in a shaggy, non-perfect way, but just not there. Not at ALL.

  • Tara

    I think he’s sexy, but obviously not in this photo. People take bad pictures sometimes… sheeesh, get over it.

  • elsa

    omg, lmao! ha ha, that actually made me laugh out loud, oddly enough, he still looks alright

  • adam

    How can you say that he is sexy!!!

  • ashleigh

    he looks like the hunchback of notre dame there.

    i never understood the obsession with this guy.
    he isn’t attractive at all… in ANY photo. o_O

  • Kel


  • sydney

    hahaha! Awesome picture :-) so he CAN take a bad picture. ROTFLMAO!

  • Funkey

    Cool I can’t wait for them to start filming NEW MOON and ECLIPSE loved the twilight and want to see it again.

  • mandy3540

    if he shaved his head
    then he’d be unsexy
    come one, its all about the hair

  • emilie

    woooooow sexayy

    actually i only like him as edward…in real life he always looks stoned or drunk,sometimes he looks alright but yeah…edward:D

  • sss


  • Lulu

    Haha, to answer your question Jared: no, there isn’t!
    I mean the babe looks so hot @ pic #2! All about the hair yall….

  • gjc

    You have got to be kidding. What a FREAK. He looks hammered in that photo, too.

  • mrs.pattinson


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …from nothing to something over night.

    2 to 12 million over a weekend – ridiculous. LOL i guess he is the new “it” guy.

  • Zoe

    Yeah, a girlfriend…!!
    Although in that picture, he’s not at his best, Rob Pattinson is damn hot!! And i mean he’s not just good looking, he’s funny, smart & witty + HE’S BRITISH!!! LoooL!
    I really cant wait to see twilight here in France and see if the chemistry is so obvious between him & Kristen Stewart!!!
    Thanks for the pix Jared, you’re the best!!

  • P.

    well yeah… that picture makes him totally TOTALLY unsexy!!

  • xoxo

    are these pics from when he was a teen?

  • Hannah

    #7, Joyce, I totally agree with you. It is really is too excessive, especially for two, relatively new actors.

  • Jessie

    Did you scower the earth looking for the one non-sexy as hell photo pf our boy Rob?! :( It’s ok… we still love him!

  • marykate

    He is so ugly! I don’t know why people think he’s hot. There’s nothing hot about him.

  • lower

    those pic are SOOOO old jared, jesus
    but the second is cute

  • Hanna

    whoa…i’ve never liked pattinson, seeing twilight made me partial (although caky white makeup and red lipstick was not very appealing), but his picture….oh boy….very very very unattractive

  • Gasol_fan16

    Robert Pattinson is the new it boy! He is the real deal and there will be sequels. He is the New Hayden Christensen and will surpass Hayden. The new “it” boy is here! Get used it! :D

  • atlqueen

    I’m really not trying to be mean here but…….. What is the big deal about this guy. He looks like a walking dead person. I don’t mean in this picture either. he’s just unattractive (to me anyway) no matter what he does or says. I’m not really a fan of vampire movies so I can’t say I plan on or have seen Twilight. Besides that Kristen girl just annoys me a tad bit too much. Just my opinion. I’m sorry but I just don’t get it.

  • alison

    Haven’t your mother’s taught you anything? ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say….” Everyone takes bad pictures, give the guy a break. I’m sure there’s enough bad pictures of most of you that you don’t have want posted on the internet, unfortunately since he’s famous now there’s always the ‘haters’ that want to bring him down. Oh well, he is still very sexy, no matter how bad he looks in that picture. In person he is beautiful, case and point. ;)

  • mitie

    lol awesome

    but still hot

  • Maria

    Alright so he took like ONE bad picture 10 years ago…I think every other picture he’s taken since probably makes up for this lousy one,LMAO!!!!

    I do think he looks cute in the one where he’s dancing with the girl.