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Beyonce is Skintight Sexy

Beyonce is Skintight Sexy

Beyonce shows off her curves and squeezes into a black skintight body suit while performing at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City on Wednesday morning.

The 27-year-old singer/actress performed her new songs “Single Ladies” and “If I Were A Boy” as well as her classic hit “Crazy In Love”.

Watch “Single Ladies” below and click inside to see Beyonce‘s other performances!!!

35+ pictures inside of skintight sexy Beyonce…

Beyonce Performs “Single Ladies”, The Today Show, 11/26

Beyonce Performs “Crazy In Love”, The Today Show, 11/26

Beyonce Performs “If I Were A Boy”, The Today Show, 11/26
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beyonce skintight body suit 01
beyonce skintight body suit 02
beyonce skintight body suit 03
beyonce skintight body suit 04
beyonce skintight body suit 05
beyonce skintight body suit 06
beyonce skintight body suit 07
beyonce skintight body suit 08
beyonce skintight body suit 09
beyonce skintight body suit 10
beyonce skintight body suit 11
beyonce skintight body suit 12
beyonce skintight body suit 13
beyonce skintight body suit 14
beyonce skintight body suit 15
beyonce skintight body suit 16
beyonce skintight body suit 17
beyonce skintight body suit 18
beyonce skintight body suit 19
beyonce skintight body suit 20
beyonce skintight body suit 21
beyonce skintight body suit 22
beyonce skintight body suit 23
beyonce skintight body suit 24
beyonce skintight body suit 25
beyonce skintight body suit 26
beyonce skintight body suit 27
beyonce skintight body suit 28
beyonce skintight body suit 29
beyonce skintight body suit 30
beyonce skintight body suit 31
beyonce skintight body suit 32

Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • umm

    DAMN BEYONCE got some serious bottom!!

    performance was pipin hoottt thought!!

  • kid no

    she needs to stop performing this live. it’s impossible for her to achieve the dance video smoothness. and this particular performance seemed like she was going through the moves.


    AGREE, ” KID NO “, NUMBER # 2….It seemed as if she were trying way to hard to make everything work and go smoothly……I loved the outfits her background girls had on though…

  • alllthegossip
  • Pop

    Don’t be jealous.. Just Appreciate the Talent…

  • enoughalready

    No! she does excellent when doing this routine live. But on this particula day It was cold! and she is out side with that she got down!!

    Let you show me someone else in the music business that can work a song like this live.

    Sasah is truly Fierce!!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    seriously.. lol you should appreciate something you couldn’t do in a million years.

  • WatchingMovies

    I’m usually not a fan of one pieces but she pulled off the look.

  • twilight

    What is with Beyonce,, Ive always been a fan of hers and have always thought shes pretty, to me she used to be stunning about 2 years ago and lately she looks not bad but not great either like she lost that spark.

  • ants

    Beyonce rocks!!!!
    She had amazing performances on the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday. (May I just add that Ellen says she loves Beyonce….She knows what’s up)
    Yesterday she performed Ellens favorite song on her last album “Flaws and All”.
    That performance was touching and you know Beyonce really felt it and embodied the song when she started crying. But never the weak entertainer she got through the song and pulled together a remarkable and memorable performance.

  • fan

    Only Beyonce can pull off this outfit. Sexy!

  • ****

    This girl really know how to market herself and work the business. I give her that.

  • G

    Beyonce is an excellent live performer.
    All those other lip syncing pop tarts can learn a thing or two from Beyonce.
    Ritardanna will never be like Beyonce.
    First of Ritardanna looks like a dude….and she can’t sing.
    Ritardanna is Big-headed (Hence the big forehead).

  • StAr

    Go Beyonce. I hope “Halo” is the new single she puts out.

  • Oh oh Oh!

    “If I were a Boy” is such a remarkable song.
    When she performed “Crazy in Love” I got so exicted!

  • Wha Wha


  • Wha Wha

    She is to talented!

  • anon

    I am now a fan.
    I bought her new album yesterday. All I can say is “Amazing!”

  • Oh oh oh!

    I love this woman! Oh oh Oh!


    10 time grammy winner
    First Non Model on the cover of Sports illustarted
    Second woman to win ASCAP songwriter of the year award
    #1 on ASKmen .com most desirable in 2007
    First woman to win International Artist of Excellence award at AMA 2007 (First female artist. This award has been given to just a handful of artists, including Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart and Aerosmith.)
    2004 Davis Jr Award
    2007 NAACP entertainer of the year
    2003 VH1 big in 03
    2008 Demand Intl’ entertainer of the year (first to ever win this award)
    2004 Best intl’ solo artist (Brit awards)
    2007 Mexico Album of the year
    2008 Worl Music awards (outstanding contribution to the arts)
    And an endless amount of MTV, Billboard, Radio, BET, Soul Train and Teen Choice awards.

    I think that is pretty much enough recongnition to prove that this woman is loved world wide for her undeniable star quality, her unique writing capability and her sensational looks and appeal.

  • gimme a break

    replying to #10

    She always cries when singing that song, it’s part of her performance. I wonder how long it took her to get that routine down.

  • nhy

    I don’t like her. She’s always trying too hard.

  • talent

    It was FREEZING that day and this girl still did the damn thing!!! She sounded great, looked even greater and she WERKED that suit!!!

    I was mad at the fan that took her glove though :o(

  • enoughalready

    @22 you must be a Rihanna fan, and I’m not bringing her here in comparison cause there is non between these two.

    But what Rihanna has done is messed the music industry up, people are so used to seing a pretty face either lip syncing or relying solely on the back up singers, not being able to dance, letting a lot of backtracking take place to where when a true live singing artist like her self, Mrs. Carter that is, when they see it people dont know what to do with them selves and cant belive that it actually happens!!!

    But Beyonce proves it all the time…

  • Tealeaf

    Yawn, she is so bland now

  • Tealeaf

    Yawn, she is so bland now

  • Tealeaf

    Yawn, she is so bland now


    Beyonce is Amazing. Tea Leaf is just Jealous that he/she doesn’t have $80 Million in her account!
    If she is Bland why is she performing and not you! Jealous much


    Beyonce is Amazing. Tea Leaf is just Jealous that he/she doesn’t have $80 Million in her account!
    If she is Bland why is she performing and not you! Jealous!


    Beyonce is Amazing! Tea Leaf is just Jealous that he/she doesn’t have $80 Million in her account!
    If she is Bland why is she performing and not you! Jealous much!

  • what!

    People always talk negatively when they are anonymous.

  • Ex

    You can’t deny that she puts 100 percent into every performance. That is a true entertainer.
    She probably always cries when she sings Flaw and All because….I Don’t know…Maybe she feels it!

    It must be hard for Ritardanna to feel songs like Disturbia and Rehab. Oh hold on. Maybe she can feel it..seeing as she is looking a little disturbed and needs to go to Rehab!

  • ants

    # 32. That is a really funny comment about Rihanna. I agree.
    Rihanna looks like a dude!

  • haha

    Ha Ha Ha!
    Rihann Disturbed and Need to go to Rehab. That’s Classic!

  • New****

    Holy Beyonce is popular. It’s only the morning and there are already 34 comments.

    Well here is one more.

    Beyonce pulled an excellent performance this morning. My daughter loves Beyonce and actually so do I.

  • reny


  • love

    Shes amazing !!

  • WoW

    I just watched the video attachments. Dang she is sexy!
    What a performer.

  • Hotness!!!!

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  • *iconic*

    She is pure talent and beautiful. She is a true lady and has all the makings of an Icon!

  • Fanny

    I’m a fan!

  • zashley4ever

    does she even sing any of the chours in single ladies?

  • FANS

    Me too!

  • #42

    Who cares. She certainly sings everything else. That you cannot argue with.

  • Love it

    I love her song “If I were a boy”

  • wow

    get it white girl that chick can move man

  • wha wha

    WOW!!!! I love Beyonce.

  • ellen

    IT actually isnt her song but BC Jeans….

    i always liked beyonces music… have some of her DC cds and her first solo cd.

    But i dont like single ladies… i do like if i were a boy,…. but it isnt hers..

    the music the lyrics… everything is BC jeans.. and what i find strange is that if you go to beyonces myspace or her site… and you read her comments on making this cd, you would almost think that she wrote the song… its just like with irreplacable when she and her crew didnt want you to know that she actually didnt write it… so neyo came out saying the truth… i think this is lame.. to make it seems as if you have all the credit for a certain song… when you just dont..

    just go to BC Jeans myspace and you will hear the song… its exactly like beyonce sings it.. except for the voice offcourse

  • wha wha

    Ok “ellen”
    Artist / writers sell music all the time.
    BC Jean did write the song but Toby Gad Produced the song. The writer and producer can decide which artist to give the songs to. Also it is based on how much the artist and their label wants to pay for the song.
    Co-writes happen all the time. Beyonce has nothing to prove.
    She was the second woman to ever win the ASCAP Songwriter of the Year award back in 2004. Now that is a heads up on her writing capability.
    She has nothing to prove to you or anyone else.
    People always talk negatively when they can be anonymous.

  • anonymous

    At least Beyonce has written some of her songs. Including Say my Name, Survivor and Dangerously in love.

    Ritardanna and Brit have never written a song in their entire careers.
    Hate on someone who is worth hating. Ritardanna is not a singer she is a robot.