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Megan Fox Is In Love At LAX

Megan Fox Is In Love At LAX

Megan Fox keeps her feet warm in Australia Love Collective‘s Tibetan Gypsy in Grey as she signs some autographs for fans inside LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old Transformers star, who was accompanied by longtime boyfriend Brian Austin Green, recently said she and Zac Efron are “the same person.”

Zac Efron is my obsession, we’re the same person,” Megan told PageSix. “We’re not actually here, it’s like Janet and Michael Jackson. He just puts on his wig and a dress, and it’s me, and you don’t know that. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of all time.”

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  • insane?

    leave zac out of it, the greatest mystery of all time is actually her career!

  • kc

    Crazy hot, but also a bit – you know…crazy

  • … xp

    huh ?

  • Amy the lovely

    kind of scary

  • Amy the lovely

    kind of scary

  • Lucy

    Zac Efron will cream himself now, knowing M fox is obsessed with him mwahahahahahaha

  • Christina

    wtf is she talkin’ ’bout?


    LAY OFF megan fox..he has a girlfriend and it happens to be the beautifull Vanessa Hudgens. You and Zac are not the same person…….youre idiotic!

  • lslefty

    she’s a bimbo who knows if she mentions Zac she will get attention!

  • http://yahoo j

    She’s what? I don’t know creepy and crazy.Oh well its hollywood baby!

  • no name

    Delusional much?!

  • woah

    INSANE !!!!!!

    attention ho.

    just a bimbo. no brain, no intelligence. I can’t even see the point. What the hell is she talkin’ about?

  • uh huh

    Someone tell her to lay off the drugs!

  • lyla

    its a little weird, but she’s way too beautiful for him, he’s kinda gay looking :P and shes one of the most beautiful woman around…soo he’s lucky to be called that:P:P


    is she crazy brian is one of the most handsome man and very sexy what the hell talks about zac i hate zac!and he has vanessa!and she has brian but not brain


    i prefer brian he is so hootttt!

  • annie

    ok, so I didn’t get what she meant
    how are they the same person????
    have they even met????
    oh well, I don’t know, I just think it’s a really weird thing to say

  • Christien

    Well, that makes sense. Its the only way Zac Efron can ever be inside a woman.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Megan Please shut you’re mouth , she’s so getting crazy

    But still she looks insanely HOT … brian is fuckin lucky to have her

  • Megan Fox Sucks

    This b*tch sounds more and more crazy everytime she opens her mouth. She actually used to be somewhat decent. But now she ALWAYS sounds like trailer trash in EVERY interview. She’s talked about everything stupid from what farts smell like, to how much she loves sex, to being obsessed with Zac Efron because he’s “just like her” or whatever.

    Someone should just stuff a f*ckin sock in her mouth eveytime she’s leaves her damn house to prevent her from sounding like the world’s biggest lunatic. Megan has absolutely NO class. She’s disgusting. Not to mention the fact that although she’s only 22, with all of the plastic surgery she’s gotten and those damn injections she keeps stuffing her face with, she actually looks like she’s 40.

  • Mousse

    The girl has a lot of fantasy.

  • Janelle

    She’s trying to be so unique and out there. She’a a beauty and has been compared to angelina a million times. So she’s trying to be all edgy and crazy lke she used to be. But it’s not working. It’s just coming off stupid.

  • Robin

    I think she was goofin’ on us a bit. I took it like she’s saying they
    look alike and literally when Zac puts on a wig he is Megan. Might
    be a strange sense of humor but it was a joke.

  • dialectic

    what? once again, dont take a bong hit before you do an interview

  • tom

    What does she mean that she and Zac are “the same person”? That’s such a crazy statement to make publically, especially when you don’t explain what you mean. She doesn’t sound very intelligent at all.

  • anonymous.

    jared, please give us some backround information or something to this post that’ll hopefully make it make more sense?

  • woo

    she is psycho! haha

    maybe she means that they’re both sex symbols?

  • Frida

    Eeeh? I don’t get this girl. I think she’s trying way too hard to be sexy or interesting or whatever. She just comes of as desperate.

  • Verónica

    I like Megan. I REALLY LIKE HER!. I believe that often the sense of the humor that has, doesn’t understand herself. But she’s all the same! Because others do the same thing and they do not criticize them because they have certain “class”. Whatever. She’s genial. She’s entertained, sexy and scarcely, she has begun in the professional of the cinema, so an opportunity is deserved. She, is honest. Besides, she has not surgery. Inform you!!!!

  • brie2009

    Megan is soo pretty.

  • damn

    sexy biiitchhhhhhhhhhhh =]

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    LOVE HER ♥
    Her boots are awesome ;)

  • f zach randolph niggah

    jj actually posted that comment she made yesterday, on another post
    i totally agree, megan is getting crazy with these comments
    1st the farts and now this
    i love megan and i still think she’s the sexiest women ever but plz…
    stop doing these stupid comments

  • OMG

    She is so beautiful, but lacks brains . . .sorry.

  • monica(:

    i like her outfittttt

  • Lise

    she is so weird!!!
    psycho, crazy…………….not pretty not sexy

  • lalalove

    She’s a Goddess!

  • ho hum

    I know this chick desperately wants to walk in Angelina’s shoes but lets face the facts: she wears too much makeup, rambles on about sex which ironically negates any edginess. She’s a pretty girl but it’s hard to discern what’s natural and what was purchased. She has no intellectual horsepower and dates a D-lister who probably has bonified dirt on her in order to keep her in this relationship. She will never be angelina.

  • lore

    please :S.. shut up!

    zanessa forever :)

  • Say What now Megan?

    I believe this Veronica from #23 is Megan in disguise. They both make no sense & sound like stark raving idiots. A “sense of humour”? Sarah Silverman is humour(ish), Tina Fey is funny as well, hell so is that annoying b!tch from the View (Joy Behar I think?)….but Megan Fox? No, no Megan Fox is just odd. Like someone else said on here, America’s dumbest sweetheart needs to lay off the grass before giving interviews & random soundbytes for quote use.

  • jughed

    Mmm, Megan Fox makes me happy.

    Looks like she’s drinking a Venti Starbucks something or other.

    And she’s wearing a Blondie t-shirt. Cool.

    I guess she’s not too bright, but I don’t mind :)

  • vanessa,audrey,julia

    leave zac alone , he’s not gonna be with you !!!!!! we only hope that zac be with vanessa hudgens !!!!

  • megan sucks !!

    zac efron will never crush on you !!!!!! cuz he only love vanessa hudgens and we only hope zac will be with vanessa !!!!!! megan fox you sucks !!!

  • CHILLOUT20000



    Shut up!! megan is the best. and you guys are just jealous of how pretty she is… so shut ur faces!! Fuckers!!

  • s

    WEIRD….and a very stupid comment on her part…..CRAZY…… chance for her with Zac…she needs to look at Vanessa…now that is a girl with smarts and beauty…maybe Megan should take a few lessons.

  • ashley rose

    She’s so beautiful, she should get a publicist, or fire the one she’s got so they can work with her on what not to say.

  • gerelee

    megan u are my idol. still looks sexy as always..

  • Anika

    Okee go find a life Megan!

  • sandi

    and lax is in love with megan fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!