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Miranda Kerr Covers Page Six Magazine

Miranda Kerr Covers Page Six Magazine

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr has an income of more than $3 million, a Hollywood boyfriend (Orlando Bloom) and a body that just won’t quit. Check out what the Australian beauty told Page Six Magazine.

On her jet-setting lifestyle working as a Victoria’s Secret Angel: “In the last 22 days, I’ve been to eight different countries. Honestly, I’m always on an airplane. I spend a lot of time on beautiful little islands, but generally its one day here and then flying, then one day there, then fly. But I feel very grateful to have so much work, especially with the economy how it is.”

On her relationship with Orlando Bloom: “Everyone asks me to talk about him and they get really annoyed with me when I say no, but if you want to know about him, why don’t you go and ask him? I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is.”

On being approached to model: “I was so reluctant to do it at first. I was like ‘Eh, models, they’re like this or like that,’ which was totally wrong on my behalf. But I just felt like I wanted to do something with a bit more substance.”

On having a family one day: “I’ve always wanted kids, so…someday…eventually, yes, it will happen. My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch. When this is all over that’s where I’ll be.”

P6Mag is free inside the Sunday edition of the New York Post and online on Monday. Bigger cover pic inside, check it out!

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  • erika fonseca

    There are persons who are really lucky, Kerr is one of them.

  • Fergie ferg

    Why did she choose to be a model if she felt that she wanted to do something that has substance? Ive seen some of her interviews, sometimes she doesn’t make sense at all.

  • @2

    Make tons of money, then be able to do something more substantial when she retires.
    I think that she is gorgeous!

  • meh

    It’s so funny how she’s always mentioning Orlando but then she says stuff like ‘well I don’t like to talk about him.’ Umm…yeeaah. Sure. You don’t like to talk about him. Uh-huh. Yeah. Right. We believe you. Yep.

  • fug

    If she’s so successful, then why is she only known for who she’s f#cking? She will go right back to obscurity the second Orlando drops her. Better get that farm ready Miranda, your 15 minutes are almost up!

  • @4

    Is she a reporter now? If not, how can you say that she brought him up? She refused to talk about him. Isn’t that what you guys are always saying that she shoud do? Damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t, hmmm?

  • ?

    They airbrushed that cabbage head to high hell!

  • me

    Love Miranda! Thanks for posting this Jared!

  • shameless promotion

    It really is sad that they had to slap his name across to cover just to get people to care about who she is.

  • shane

    Thanks jared for this miranda..she’s so cute

  • @#9

    Yeah, that goes along with the “Gee, I never talk about my boyfriend Orlando Bloom” thing she’s spouting. That’s her claim to fame, she’s got to have his name out there or else no one knows who she is….

  • dialectic

    shes very young so why not make a sit load of money now and go to school for something important later? sounds smart to me…
    actually she sounds pretty intelligent in general which is disspointing..if models are not only beautiful ,have rockin bodies ,care about the environment and have brains what are us regular girls supposed to do? fuck!

  • hahahaha

    That headline says it all. It’s all about Orlando Bloom, it has nothing to do with her and she can’t get any PR without using his name. She can protest about being asked about him, but the truth is that if she didn’t want to bring him up, she could put those questions as off-limits before the interview. Fact is that Randababy’s career is going nowhere, she’s on the cover of a gossip rag instead of fashion magazines, and she can’t even get on free tabloid without Orlando’s name.

  • http://justjared hahahA

    the loons are here again you pathetic people are opssesed with the girl she looks really ho can’t believe some had the nerve to say kate bosworth’s face is better looking those pictures prove you loons are wrong

  • http://justjared hahahA

    miranda looks hot really beautiful


    hate that f*cking cabbage patch face they sho did photo shop that shit to look alot better,

    its funny how theres here cabbage face on the cover and it says orlando bloom babe, i guess it all matters who you sleep with in hollywood

    git it gold digger

  • OMG

    She is beautiful, but I agree with comment #2.




  • @19

    And how would you like her to get to photoshoots?
    Or should she demand that they move all photo shoots to Australia. How many people would have to fly in then?
    Since she usually flies commercial, her presence is actually making the flight more efficient. Fewer empty seats makes each mile travelled more green.

    I guess that you don’t drive a car, or use air conditioning or heating? Do you bang your clothes against a rock to clean them and shower in only ‘grey’ water? If not, you are a hypocrite.

  • huh

    wow, that is the best she can do, a page six girl really. With her name in small print and Orlando’s in large. Oh the sad desperation of the fame hungry ladder climber

  • beard

    He just doesn’t want to take the time to find a different beard. she is great for what he needs. She is using his name for her career, he only has to see her for a few hours or a day every five to six weeks, and she doesn’t expect much from him. and she shouldn’t because he sure doesn’t give much. If he is straight and this is real he is a lousy boyfriend

  • B

    On her relationship with Orlando Bloom: “Everyone asks me to talk about him and they get really annoyed with me when I say no, but if you want to know about him, why don’t you go and ask him? I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is.”

    Just shut up, you stupid bimbo. You breathe his name in every interview without any prompting, just your tune’s changed now that you’re getting backlash.

  • 22

    He’s straight and she puts out and acts cute. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

  • 12

    Brainless bimbos like her always say they’ll go to school later and they’re saving up. How much do you want to bet she never will? And she “wrote a book” for young girls. Maybe if she was known for more than screwing a movie star and spreading her legs in panty ads we could take her “education” and wanting to boost self esteem for young girls a little more seriously.

  • Wishing Miranda the best

    I think Miranda is beautiful and works really hard. I know the pay is great and it’s great to travel to so many wonderful places, but it also must be hard to try and have a relationship when you are always on the go. I liked Orlando and Miranda from the get go. I hope it is not fake as so many relationships are rumored to be. Is it so hard to make it in show buisness today that every move has to be planned.
    I also think that those of you that don’t like her, go and comment on people you do like. I think the names she is called by some of the people on here and elsewhere are just terrible and mean. I guess I’m just old fashioned and like to believe that love still exist even in Hollywood.

  • ilikecara

    I think it’s ironic that a model who is continuously promoting a book titled “Treasure Yourself” allows herself to be marketed under the aegis of her boyfriend’s celebrity.

    What message is she really sending here? Treasure yourself for your own accomplishments, or treasure what attention your boyfriend’s acclaim can get you?

    Is she not newsworthy enough in her own right as a multi-million dollar per year supermodel to garner this level of attention? Can’t she get a magazine cover on her own? If not, and she is dependent upon her relationship with Bloom to attract the media’s attention, then why would she refuse to talk about him? Her ties to him are a primary reason she’s being interviewed.

  • Olamujer

    La modelo Miranda Kerr es la portada de Page Six Magazine que sale los domingos en el New York Post. El Angel de Victoria´s Secret es dueña de una belleza y un cuerpo perfecto, con una fortuna estimada en 3 millones de dólares. En la entrevista realizada por la revista, Miranda reclama de sus constantes viajes, cuenta que “en los últimos 22 días estuve en ocho países, estoy siempre dentro de un avión. Voy a islas lindas y solo estoy un día en New York (donde reside), un día volando, un día en sesión fotográfica. Pero de todas maneras me siento agradecida por tener tanto trabajo, más ahora por como está la economía”.
    Ella sueña cuando llegue el día que pueda dejar todo para vivir en un lugar tranquilo y poder construir una familia. Siempre quise tener hijos. Para mi una vida ideal sería vivir en una hacienda con una huerta!

  • mot

    ” Para mi una vida ideal sería vivir en una hacienda con una huerta!”


  • Aye carumba!

    Pobres, pobres dingho. Famosos diseñadores no quieren trabajar con usted. Su novio gay parece querer matar a sí mismo cada vez que están con él.

  • Miranda kerr


    that meens im rilly hot and seksy and famos rite? thank yoo verie mutch.

  • http://justjared a fan

    looking beautiful

  • http://justjared a fan

    the haters are pathetic people with no life miranda seems like a nice girl love her

  • http://justjared hot

    her hair is incredible she looks so good she has the most amazing eyes and her body is to die for no wonder the loons are jealous

  • Epic Fail!

    Photoshopped cover of a tabloid with a completely new nose, new cheeks, hair covering half her face, and more attention on Orlando Bloom than the cover model. Not a good sign for MK if this is the best she can get while her VS counterparts are launching new lines and appearing on fashion magazine covers and commercials.

  • retards

    they interviewed her about Victoria’s Secret you loon’s! Not her fault that Orlando’s name was plastered on the cover. She is beautiful, intelligent and inspiring to me

  • get a clue

    Sad, sad shippers. Still making excuses and refusing to see that this vapid tramp is only out to use someone else’s name for fame and attention. Face it, if she didn’t want Orlando to be discussed at all she can have all mentions of him to be declared off-limits, but of course she doesn’t because then no one would bother to talk to her.

    The other VS models are also doing shoots for Vogue and Elle besides being the faces of VS lines and campaigns, while this one has to call in engagement rumors and talk to free tabloids for attention.

    And you really ought to learn what true intelligence, beauty and inspiration are, because it’s not a famewhore who poses in cheap knickers. Here’s something to help you get started with that:

  • FroFro

    I guess they didnt like her nose either because they completely photoshopped it. Goes to show us “haters” arent too far off in what other non-biased people think as well. I’d be pissed as hell if that was me, as has Kate Winslet, Hallie Berry, and other celebs who get irritated with magazines photoshopping to death, but I guess as long as Randa gets on the cover of something, she wont make a stink about it…..still so predictable in true famewhore style.

  • heywood jablomie

    I wonder what this girl sees in the girly man Bloom?

    Are limp wrists really that attractive to women?

  • @37

    She we are now happy that even successful models aren’t good enough for magazine editors? We should revel in the fact that they are saying that no one should be seen in their natural state? You are pleased that even minor flaws are too horrible to be seen? Or are you so shallow that any flaw on a beautiful woman is to be celebrated?

    Your kind have criticized Orlando for being a typical shallow male for dating a “panty model”. But in reality, you are the shallow ones for finding flaws that don’t really exist. So, she doesn’t have a perfect button nose. Neither does Orlando. His broken nose is sometimes photoshopped, too. Does that mean that he shouldn’t be on the covers of magazines, or be an actor because his nose isn’t perfect?

    The actresses that you mentioned only complained after the photoshopping was mentioned in the press. If Miranda complained the same way, I’m sure that your comments would be about how she was trying to stir up more publicity, or that she was acting like a Diva. She can’t do anything right, it seems.

    Plus, from the latest pics from Venice prove. Orlando seems to like her nose just fine.

  • @frofro

    She is showing her “famewhore style” because she is on the cover of a magazine and didn’t throw a hissy fit because the editor photoshopped the pic?
    How the heck does that even make sense?

  • Marc and kriz

    We have seen those pics in the order they were taken as compared to how they were released. They tell a different story all together if you ask us. Oh, sorry, you didn’t ask us. lol

    Hey Chantelle, where are you???

  • @41

    Placing the pics in the order you want them is NOT seeing them in the order they were taken.
    They spent time in front of the counter (where they cuddled) then he saw the pap as they were walking away. He is past the stool, and she is behind it. If you use your scenario, he would have had to back up, and go back to that counter for the kiss. If he intended for the paps to see them kissing, why did he feel the need to back-track? He could have kissed her anywhere in the store. But I know, that doesn’t fit in with your agenda, does it? It just kills you that they are still together, and OBVIOUSLY happy. If he wasn’t happy, why are they still relaxing in Venice….TOGETHER?

  • @42

    Sorry, dear, but it’s you who are placing the photos in the order in which you want to see them. The timestamps on them show that they don’t start their pda performance until after they see that the photographer is there. This is the same photographer who is on record as saying “very few of his subjects are “off guard” at all.”

    The only thing that kills me is laughing so hilariously at you sad, sad shippers clinging to romantic delusions rather than seeing the reality that these photos ARE STAGED.

  • @43

    Link to the time stamped photos, please.

  • @43

    I really don’t care if they are staged or not. If they aren’t, it’s a really cute glimpse of their private life. If they are staged, it’s Orlando’s “up yours” to the ‘haters’. He has a history of making statements with photographs.
    Either way, they have been in Venice, together, for four days, that we know of. The ‘sight-seeing’ pics were taken on the 22nd, and the new ones in the glass shop were taken on the 26th. If he didn’t want to be there, he could have left at any time.
    That says more than any photo.

  • @45

    How do you know he didn’t leave? Do you have proof?

    If you believe Orlando has a history of making statements with photographs, then what statements does he make by going out partying with other women? What statement is he making by letting his “girlfriend” look like a liar by saying that he’s “filming in Europe” while he’s getting photographed partying in LA? What statement is he making by letting his “girlfriend” look like an idiot by saying he was ‘backstage” at the VS show while he was getting photographed working, partying and looking quite happy in Moscow? Are those photographic statements all saying a big “up yours” to the “shippers”?

    Yup, laughing at those sad shipper delusions are a killer.

  • @46

    So you’re saying that he left, then came back for the second group of pics? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

    As for the rest of your statement, let’s examine it….
    “If you believe Orlando has a history of making statements with photographs, then what statements does he make by going out partying with other women?
    He goes out with female friends. To me, that just means that he is comfortable with women. Or are you saying that he really did hook up with Jennifer Aniston?
    “What statement is he making by letting his “girlfriend” look like a liar by saying that he’s “filming in Europe” while he’s getting photographed partying in LA?”
    She said that he was working. She never said that he was “filming in Europe”. He was working. Just not in Europe. Just because a repoter jumps to conclusions doesn’t mean that she said it. Was it a quote? If not, she didn’t say it.
    ” What statement is he making by letting his “girlfriend” look like an idiot by saying he was ‘backstage” at the VS show while he was getting photographed working, partying and looking quite happy in Moscow?”
    Again, not her statement. Just another reporter jumping to conclusions. Why would she say that when she knew that he wouldn’t be there?

    You ‘haters’ love to put words in her mouth.

    They are together. Be it a casual relationship or a real romance, we don’t know. But they are together. Get over it.

  • @47

    Sure they’re together, they’re together for a few staged pics every 4-5 weeks. That’s all.

  • Padme the one and only


    Grasping at straws aren’t you? GAME OVER BABY.
    I told you they are still in Italy.

  • @48

    Does it take a weeks vacation in a romantic city to “stage” a photograph?
    No. I didn’t think so.

    And Padme, did you really direct that at #45? They were agreeing that they are spending time together in Venice. Did you mean #46?