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OK! Magazine Misspells Ashlee Simpson

OK! Magazine Misspells Ashlee Simpson

This week’s issue of OK! Magazine somehow managed to misspell Ashlee Simpson‘s name as “Ashley” – on the cover, no less.

A rep for the magazine told Page Six, “It is highly embarrassing and, sadly, someone will probably be fired.”

This comes just weeks after Susan Toepfer was installed as the new editor-in-chief. Not a great way to start off your new job!

DO YOU THINK someone should be fired for misspelling Ashlee’s name on the OK! cover?

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  • Moniquev

    I think Ashlee should be fired for spelling her name like that

  • Kay

    HAHA to #1.
    in the magazine world, misspelling names is HUGE. someone will definitely be fired.

  • LolaSvelt

    Jared, you also misspelt her name. It’s Asslee.

  • guest

    only if everyone who proofed it is included…

  • Clo’ (: x

    haha that is quite funny.
    i feel sorry for the person who is gonna get fired for spelling her name wrong.

  • Dani

    Ashlee Simpson was born with the name spelled “Ashley” but then changed it, likely at the request of big daddy Joe Simpson, when it looked like she had a future in the entertainment industry. Probably trying to differentiate his untalented daughter from the pack.

  • kate

    The person who even thinks she’s interesting enough to be on a cover should be fired!!

  • S

    Well, I don’t want that the one that did that will be fired. But it’s the magazine world.. so I guess that person will be fired. That’s sad actually.

  • loli

    OMG Alysson Hannigan and now Cobie Smulders are expecting! Too much pregnancy on HIMYM!!! It’s so exciting! What’s gonna happen on the show!
    Ok I know it has nothing to do with the subject oh Ashlee being Ashley but I don’t care so much about that stuff!

  • loli

    @ Kate: it’s so funny but it’s also so right! ;)

  • Jbo

    If I got fired over misspelling ASSlee’s name, man I’d flip my wig. This bitch is not worth getting fired over – in fact she’s OVER – all she is now is a celeb-hangeron and has no discernable talent to speak of….

  • OMG

    I agree with #3, although I think its spelled s-k-a-n-k

  • Holly

    How sad ..

  • bostine

    it’s a huge thing but who cares about ASHLEE? and why in the hell did her parents name her like that? obviously, they wanted attention or just didn’t know how to spell ASHley. anyway, give the person a break……..apology is a must but save there’s no need to be fired!!

  • mm

    how did no one see that

  • djl

    Fired? That’s not fair. Sure, one person spelled it wrong, but how many people did the magazine go through before being approved? It was a mistake. I don’t think Ashlee is crying herself to sleep.

  • Tate

    More than one person proof reads and rereads and reproofs each cover before a magazine goes to print.

    If blame for something so trivial needs to be laid – the editor (who has the final say and go ahead on everything) should step up to the plate.

    But in the real world, not the fake entertainment Hollywood bubble – who the frick even cares?!?!

  • Tate


    And btw ….. if none had even pointed it out, I would have never noticed.

    But then again, I don’t buy magazines ….. :shrugs:

  • not me

    #1 and # 7 so on target.

  • tizzy

    Just get the whoever this person is to change the spelling of her name instead…much easier.

  • Ana

    Who gives a crap?Its just a upscale tabloid.

  • Ghost

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this was done on purpose to promote talk about the magazine.
    And this is no worse than misspelling Adrien Brody’s name on the Piano Poster as Adrian Brody.

  • Olivia

    Ok it is embarassing for the magazine, but they shouldn’t fire the person who is responsible. Everybody makes mistakes…

  • stefanie

    That girl is not worth getting fired over. No one cares about her anyway. Wish her the best with her baby, but honestly her career is over.

  • stefanie

    That girl is not worth getting fired over. No one cares about her anyway. Wish her the best with her baby, but honestly her career is over.

  • Jess

    ^ I agree with #23, it is embarrassing for a magazine considering they is their job to get it all right, but think it is absolutely ridiculously to fire someone because they spell a name wrong. There are so many different ways to spell a name, and “ASHLEY” is a common one. It is such an honest mistake. LET IT GO.

  • Foxy

    Please who gives a sh1ts. She should be happy someone still wants her in their magazine. I could understand if they misspelled someone of relevance name

  • Jo

    Whoever signed off on allowing her to be on the cover should be the one getting their walking papers.

  • Foxy

    If Reese or Angelina name was misspelled that would be cause for concerned

  • alli

    NO WAY! are you kidding me????? That is RIDICULOUS if someone is fired over that, i’ll never read OK again.

  • Rattlesnake

    #7 got it right ………….

  • erin

    Come on, don’t they proof read the cover? At least what 10 different people read it. Or is the cover like a ten minute thing?

    It would be stupid to do that. I’m gonna laugh if they do and the person who screwed it up becomes a billionaire.

  • Kelly

    Oh My Goodness! No one should be fired! Ashlee Simpson is ridiculous! Her name is Ashley just like everybody else with that name. Are we really talking about this???

  • bella

    who cares no one cares about her anyway she’s not that important if a magazinr is mispelling her name….shes just an attention whore just like her sister they try and they try to be respected (especially jessica) but they both are attention whores

  • zebra

    coming from someone who works in entertainment journalism, i can whole-heartedly say that misspelling a *celebrity*’s name of all things, and on a cover, nonetheless, is probably the worst mistake you can possibly make.

  • helen

    its not just one person.

    noone should get fired

    they get proof read about 40 times.

  • karlos

    HELL YESS!!!
    someone better get fired..
    you cant miss spell the name of the QUEEN OF POP ROCK
    come on Ok magazine..
    i though you were better than that

  • bonzo

    jared, you would have fired yourself about 150,000 times already with all your misspellings

  • Hmmm

    who cares, it was just a mistake, but one that will cost someone on the lower level their job.

  • love

    LOL @ Bonzo

  • Mr. Blonde

    Right, #16

  • Emily

    no, not fired. easy mistake. there’s like twenty different types of spelling. You’ve made the mistake a thousands times. sure, the writer should have known it. but still. fired is such a hard word.

  • Real sedated

    The fact that Ashlee Simpson even warrants a mention in any form of the press is the real tradgedy.

  • Christy

    Come on, it’s “Ashlee” Simpson, who cares……………………

  • Sharon

    i’m guessing that the readers of the magazine, most of whom can’t spell “dog”, wouldn’t have noticed. That someone would be fired for misspelling is ridiculous. What about the newscasters who don’t know proper grammar and journalists who don’t understand sentence structure? In this world of mangled language, where would the line be drawn?

  • OMG

    And this is news because???

  • Ju

    Yes i agree with comment 30! I wouldn’t read it again either.
    The image and reputation of the magazine would be screwd up, not by the misspeling but because of firing people for those stupid things!
    They should respect more their employees, it’s sthg that can happen…

  • girliegirrrrl18

    i don’t think someone should be fired for making a mistake. we’re all human. we make mistakes. some people need to grow up! :)

  • tcali

    Fired! Thats way too HARSH! Its a simple error, who cares so much anyway?

  • Tiffany

    Give me a break! Fire her??? That is pathetic….I never even noticed it was misspelled…I’m sorry but that is no reason to fire someone…I understand that it is an editorial job, but perhaps a slap on the wrist should suffice. We have too many more important things to worry about besides misspelling Ashlee’s name..Geesh