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Robert Pattinson is a Tanktop Tease

Robert Pattinson is a Tanktop Tease

Robert Pattinson puffs away at a cigarette in this new photo for Rolling Stone‘s Hot List.

Twilight is a metaphor for the virtues of chastity, but it’s had the opposite effect,” the 22-year-old British actor told the mag, which named him Hot Actor of the Year. “I get letters that say, ‘I’m going to kill myself if you don’t watch High School Musical 2 with me.’ ”

Recalls Pattinson, “A mother recently gave me her baby and asked, ‘Can you please bite his head?’ ”

Thanks, Holly!

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Photos: Theo Wenner
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  • Gracie

    Please Rob don’t sell your soul to Hollywood. I really hope he stays down-to-earth after all this fuss.

  • cheese


  • d


  • quest for knowledge

    Ohh damn the man is super hot looking..I don’t see him changing much I feel he wants annonimity some of the times and other times he wants the spotlight but, understands the rules of both he is no stranger to show business.

  • Kelly

    This is not a good picture. The tank is kinda gross and the cig is not hot. Smoking is gross.

  • gf

    rob is the hottest guy ever i love u ! im freakin out !

  • tula

    oh sweet jesus, the boy is too hot for his own good.

  • jade

    Gracie-I hope he stays down to earth too.

    I really believe, he will become a major star.He is so overwhelmed by
    his popularity. He reminds me of Colin Farrell, in his looks.

  • melly

    Oh my God, he really is very hot!

  • jaime

    he is so hot!

  • krung krung

    i don’t find this guy attractive at all….

  • Malia

    opposite effect is right-he’s kicking 7 year olds into puberty 5 years before their time and kicking twilightmoms back into puberty! Crap, he knows how to take a schmexy picture.

  • um

    if you don’t find him attractive, you need to get some glasses. He’s blantantly good looking, and he’s got a sexy vibe on top of it that’s not corny but very palatable.

  • caroline

    Robert Pattinson is still the best…. I would never say I will kill myself just to have him watch a movie with me. I just don’t want him to act bad to make people stop wanting him! Now that would be upsetting: to know that a new rising star became a bad influence all because STUPID people are sending him letters. Robert Pattinson still has to stay strong…. People just love the character Edward so much…. and because Robert is playing Edward, they love him too. I really really love Edward. But Robert Pattinson personality is like okay… because he quote said “i don’t like children at all” and that is very rude. I have nothing against Robert Pattinson…. and i still think he’s hot, wonderful, amazing, and awesome… but some people are just getting out of control!!! BE SeRIOUS PEOPLE!!!!! It’s just another celebrity!!! But, I do really love Robert Pattinson, but people have to chill out. I know he is amazing…. and I would know that because I saw twilight 3 times in one weekend… but saying stuff like that to him…. wow. I FEEL BAD FOR ROBERT!!! THAT’S A LOT OF PRESSURE! He doesn’t look hot in that picture (with the cig.) he looks like every other stupid, inconsiderate celebrity….
    - caroline

  • holly

    No problem Jared. The world needed to see how gorgeous he is. Big thanks to Rolling Stone for the feature and the excellent video on Rob on their site. The Rolling Stones film reviewer is awesome.

  • nona

    I hate smoking, but stylistically this picture is hot. The cigs and the wife beater infer he’s not a little disney robot like zac efron. He’s more james dean than disney.

  • andrea

    Rob is beyond sexy. I’ve never been so in lust with an actor in all my life.

  • ung

    holy crap, can I see his nipple sticking through the wife beater? Cause that’s hot for some reason. The picture needs to come with a pitcher of cold water as an accompaniment, cause I’m going to molest my boyfriend now and for all the wrong reasons.

  • wendy

    Rob is a tease but we get to see all his naked flesh in Little Ashes. Lots and lots of nudity.

  • wth

    I never fangirl over actors, maybe a musician or two. But there’s something about this one…he’s just got a way about him that makes me act like a big perv.

  • kala

    Wow, my ovaries just did backflips with this picture.

  • quest for knowledge

    Good chance he will stay strong and popular he is what he is Robert doesn’t try to be the fashion plate hair and suit kind of man he is demni and t-shirts and muffled hair all natural for him. He does dress well for functions but all in all he is himself like him for what he is not make him into someone he isn’t..

  • ali

    Just wait till he films Parts Per Billion. Lost of sex scenes in that. Him and Olivia Thirlby playing a couple who want to have sex all the time. The twi moms will have a fit.

  • quest for knowledge

    If he is nude in that Movie Oh boy I will sure pay to see that one too

  • Nina

    He’s so equal parts James Dean and Woody Allen—brooding neurotic humor. Sick but winning combination!

  • jen

    trying to be sexy, but not really pulling it off.

  • s


  • melly

    @quest for knowledge: little ashes has several r rated scenes of him

  • dana

    It’s like I objectively know when he’s looking high, dirty, smelly, greasy, and yet I STILL think he’s insanely hot. He just has something about him. And I love that he got in that HSM mention. The faux RPattz/Zefron feud will make me laugh forever. Mostly because Efron’s just not even anywhere near being able to compete with Rob’s hotness and talent.

  • phew

    PUlling it off just fine if you ask me, the boy is fine and I like that he’s not all built up like some hollywood beyotch boy actor, he’s a little scraggly and dirty. Just how I like ‘em.

  • skip

    That photo needs a health warning. My heart cant take it. I’d love to get an album of his music.

  • lara jane


  • LOL

    you know all the haters on this thread are HSM/Efron fans who know Rob’s taking over the hearthrob shift!!

  • Taylor.

    So hot

  • skip

    Robs management are so clever. Getting him to look ruffer and older to get the roles to appeal to a male audience. Its fatal tostick in the teen market and they know it. Clever lot. I so want him to appear in a film with Johnny Depp. I’m sure they get along so well.



  • Michelle

    Robert Pattinson is a GOD!!!

    All haters to the fucking left.

  • ay carumba

    dude needs to stop. Seriously, he’s making American women across the board get the tinglys in ways that are inappropriate if you aren’t between the ages of 18-30. Stop, Robert Pattinson, stop making us feel so ashamed and manipulated by your hotness!

  • mary

    # 33
    LMAO yeah, so true
    rob is so awesome, unlike that girl zac

  • woah

    Dude, I snuck a peek of his areola in that tank top, and I feel all guilty and excited at the same time.

  • dani

    EWWW smoking!? No matter how hot he is–anyone who smokes is like kissing an ashtray.
    Plus he looks like that sleeze Pete Doherty. He has already gone Hollywood. Sigh.

  • Michelle

    Well you won’t be kissing him, dani, so don’t worry about it. And Rolling Stone dressed him up, dumb ass. He doesn’t walk around like this.


  • melisa

    yea. don’t like this pic that much.

    i would rather see him looking all hot and sexy in a suit.

  • tays

    Would be fun to toss him in a bathtub and give him a good scrub. He’s so sexy it’s hard to breath.

  • Helen

    The look is done to change his image to get tougher roles. Its a great move. Youve seen how sweet and cuddly he is really – go check out his interview on Ellen – its on you tube. He’s just adorable in it.

  • T

    This guy is a horrible talent, not very good looking. We promote such crap to riches and fame. I do not care for the ones that deserve it, but he is gross. That Twilight movie was going to make approximately the same amount of money no matter what hack was going to be in it.That was not a star driven movie. In the long run it would hold up better with some one with a bit of talent.

  • kerry

    The most beautiful man in the whole world. So charismatic and talented.

  • christina

    Wow. We need a HQ pic.

  • logan :)

    he is amazing….but smoking is NOT COOL! it is gross…take out the cig!!

  • Kelly

    Just heard he doesn’t like children at all. He just went from
    super hunk to super sucks. The hottest thing for any
    heart throb is being a good Dad or at least uncle..
    liking kids a little or tolerating them…but..he doesn’t like
    them at all. Personally..not my kind of guy.