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Suri Cruise is Il Cantinori Cute

Suri Cruise is Il Cantinori Cute


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take their kids — Isabella, 15, Connor, 13, and Suri, 2 — to dinner at Italian restaurant Il Cantinori in New York City on Wednesday with David and Victoria Beckham and their three sons — Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3.

Earlier in the day, David, Victoria, Tom, Isabella and Connor went to watch Katie during a matinee performance of her Broadway play, All My Sons.

10+ pictures inside of Il Cantinori cute Suri Cruise

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suri cruise il cantinori 01
suri cruise il cantinori 02
suri cruise il cantinori 03
suri cruise il cantinori 04
suri cruise il cantinori 05
suri cruise il cantinori 06
suri cruise il cantinori 07
suri cruise il cantinori 08
suri cruise il cantinori 09
suri cruise il cantinori 10
suri cruise il cantinori 11
suri cruise il cantinori 12

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  • whatever

    That middle Beckham boy…Romeo?…is going to be the cutest, He looks just like hid dad.

  • jumpin’ jack

    where’d my comments go, mate?

  • suri looks like she’s about to eat the papz. lol.
    cruz is too cute.

  • jenna

    suri is the cutest tot :)
    Luv her

  • defap

    Little boy is so happy to see Suri.
    The boy: hmm, she is still very cute like I remember.

  • Amanda

    all very good looking kids haha but i can’t help but fall in love with all of the Beckham boys especially (besides David) the two older ones Romeo, and Brooklyn. Romeo i thinkk looks the most like David and is absolutely gorgeous and Brooklyn has grown-up soo much recently and looks and dresses soo much older that its unbelievable, he is going to be a complete stunner when he is a little older!!!

  • turkey

    Your grammar is so wrong jumpin’ jack……don’t correct others if you don’t have it right!


    Suri looks like she is growling at the paparazzi !!!!…Good for her…She is finally learning….Next thing you know, she will whallop a photographer and throw his camera on the pavement…Like adult celebrities have been known to do…
    Little Cruz is adorable…..Connor Cruise is very handsome…Bella is cute also, but has put on the weight….She has never been a real fashionista anyway…….
    I thought the Beckhams had already seen Katie perform……Even with her friends there, she looks lonely and tired in the main picture…some other sites have different pictures, and she is without ANY make-up on, even lipstick…extremely pale !!!…….You would have thought with Victoria going to dinner with her, she would have tried a little harder to ” clean up “, and keep on some of her ” play ” make-up..

  • nori

    cute as a button, all the kids!

  • ashley

    Both Isabella and Connor have put on weight.

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    So sick and tired of both the cruises and the beckhams.
    Those big cruise kids aren’t much to look at, huh. troll baby suri looks like a spoiled brat.
    jared, time to move on to new material, all right?

  • Janie

    They seem like good people to me. They haven’t done anything to prove they are bad people. I love Katie! :) :)

  • pr person

    Ummmmm…. how old exactly is Connor and why on earth is he dressing EXACTLY like his 40 something year old father? Poor kid.

    The Beckhams should just stay away from the crazy that is Crazy and his strong, confident woman who “gets it”.

  • chessa

    beautiful families

  • wow

    honestly, does it REALLY matter if the Cruise kids put on weight? # 8 #10 and #11? They are just people like us having the grow up in the spotlight when they are teenagers. Leave them alone and you have nothing to do with their weight gain or anything. They are kids of celebs. Leave them alone. Seriously it’s probably hard enough to be having cameras in their face just when they walk out of their house with their parents.

  • anonymous

    Bella is so cute carrying her sister’s stuff. Awww.

  • mimi

    #13, Bella and connor are probably dressed up because they went to Katie’s play and a nice restaurant. The Beckham boys didn’t go to the play and they are younger so they don’t have to dress as formally.

  • iron chef

    I respect both of this
    families. Very grounded
    and normal
    despite their fame.

  • marie


    I pray for those who died at the Mumbai due to terrorism. Those who voted for Obama will realize 9-11 is not over yet.

  • #

    Happy Thanksgiving JJ.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Beckhams and Cruise family. At least they are happy and surrounded by loved-ones unlike the jealous trolls who are angry,hateful,bitter,unhappy,and spending Thanksgiving on boards about people they despise. Trolls are not thankful but are terrorists.

  • halo

    XOXOXOXO to this family!

  • Paulina

    aww ..too cute ! love them all xoxo the Beckham boys are adorable just like their daddy !

  • xoxoxo

    Wow, #8, nothing GOOD about you. Picking on kids like that, shame on you.

    Beautiful families, thanks JJ and happy Thanksgiving all:)

  • Rose

    Cruz is adorable! I never knew 3yos can lose their first teeth. I always thought its when theyre at like 4/5. Oh well, he is adorable.

    Suri as well, esp the one with her covering her eyes, and she has this little smile <3 Love that kid!

  • Kim

    lol, look at Cruz!! .. too cute.. all the Beckham boys are goodlooking..

  • Mr. Blonde

    You’re sick, #11

    Do you ever not complain, #13?

  • http://justjared cwazy!!!!!!

    Suri is Chris Kleins kid

  • cwazy!!!!!!

    I am Sadam’s kid.

  • reality is this

    Nice to see the families all out together.

    Tom, no matter how into his religion he is, has always been a good dad to all three of his kids.

    Conner has always dressed like his dad, and Isabella dresses much like her “mom” Katie.

    Suri and the Beckham boys are cuties.

  • Nikki

    I live in MA where the weather is very similiar to New Yorks. It has been very cold the last few days, well below normal. I am talking in the 20s and 30s and I have yet to see Suri in a coat. Bella and Conner are wearing coats as well as Katie. It is obviously cold. Buy a coat for your baby Tom and Katie!!!

  • Meghan

    They’re all so cute!!!! Anyway, I hope there’ll be a Romeo-Suri romance in the future haha.

  • Meghan

    All the kids are too cute for words!!! I hope there’ll be some Romeo-Suri romance in the future! And their families are good friends and all.

  • Nicole

    Romeo is 6, and IMO, the cutest kid in that bunch!

  • kelly

    Cruz knocked that tooth out over a year ago, it wasn’t natural! Romeo looks like a David clone and Brooklyn is 100% Victoria.

  • helen

    I enjoy when haters go insane with envy.

  • 90210

    So good to see Bella and Connor.

  • dawn

    I bet Nicole cries when she sees pap photos of her kids. It is like a knife to your heart.

  • Sheri

    Boy, doesn’t Connor just look so sharp in his suit and blue sneakers! What a cutie. I feel a bit bad for Bella … she seems to have a weight issue and she’s stuck with two skinny mothers (Nicole and Katie). I hope this is just baby fat for her sake. But she looks great, too … and they seem like very nice kids from afar.

  • Southend on sea

    Cutest future couple: Suri and Cruz!! What beautiful children and David Beckham is the world’s most gorgeous man! Lucky Posh!!!

  • pr person

    “Do you ever not complain, #13?” It isn’t a complaint, you moron! I was tyring to understand why a 13/14 year old boy is wearing clothes that mimic what his father is always seen wearing, (like slacks, sweater vest and jacket). He could be ‘dressed’ for dinner…(even though Bella is in jeans and a regular shirt) I just find it a bit odd to see a young teenage boy dressing the way he is, that’s all.

    Oh! and Blondie… Does Crazy still come and visit you in your dreams?You do realize, don’t you, that he doesn’t reeaaally visit you or talk to you; right? Hmmm… maybe that is along the lines of, you do realize this is only a gossip site, right? Yahhhhh… sure you do….

  • piperwest

    The comment about Cruz Beckhams tooth, yes he is young to naturally loose a tooth, however he is the youngest of three boys and probably got it knocked out during rough play. I should there are mostly just little boys in my family and they can hve the weirdest injuries.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Just check the weather bureau instead of making comparisons, #30.

    Just check the archives and you’ll see she’s been wearing coats and jackets. Don’t tell these people how to raise their kids.

    That’s a complaint, #40.

  • ellie

    cruz is going to be drop dead georgous when he reaches his teens…

    i think brooklyn lookes the most like david with his round face…

    + i think tom should get a gym…for his growing teens ?

    + just image if the beckems have another baby and its a girl…

  • Rebecca

    I think Bella will be fine… she reminds me a little of the actress that played in Buffy the Vampire slayer and is pregnant now.. I forget her name.

    Bella is just going through an awkward teenage time I hope she gets to reunite some day with Nicoled Kidman.

  • ellie


  • ellie

    does anyone else agree that brooklyn always looks sad?

    + even when he is at a bball game fro example….

  • nelly

    They are all GORGEOUS!!!~

  • x

    omg, can u imagine eating something while looking at beckham and tom cruise. 2 handsome guys, one blondie and onde brunete lol

    and cruz is my fav beckhams boy since his street dance. he is soooooooooo cute, and kinda pretty. the eldest one is no so much.

    suri too precious for words. i love her she is perfect

  • pr person

    Why can’t #30 make comparisons about the weather? This is a frick’n GOSSIP site! If he/she wants to compare the weather to where he/she lives, then so what? If he/she wants to ‘blog’ at Tomkat to put a coat on their kid….. then so what? If he/she wants to say that Crazy is a short, big nosed, wife auditioning, cult freak who married a not so hot, can’t act, child pimping, has been…. then so what?! SO WHAT?! This is a G.O.S.S.I.P site! Not your personal, tell everyone what they can or can’t say… site. Go start your own Tomkat fantasy site, if that is what you want….. idiot!

  • Mr. Blonde

    Her name is Alyson Hannigan, #44.

    Reunite with her mother? She sees her ALL THE TIME.

    Maybe because comparing the weather to make a point about how cold it is to wear a coat is dumb, #49?

    The can dislike TomKat all they want but when facts into the equation, then I will criticize.