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Tom Cruise Says Suri Is Just Like Katie

Tom Cruise Says Suri Is Just Like Katie
  • Tom Cruise talks fondly about his daughter Suri
  • Angelina Jolie denies she is pregnant, again
  • Karolina Kurkova doesn’t have your average belly-button
  • Kate Hudson rides with little Ryder
  • Hugh Jackman is now having some awkward conversations
  • Adrien Brody looks a bit like Yanni these days
  • Jessica Simpson walks into the wrong store
  • Julianne Hough looks good from all that dancing
  • Joe Jonas thinks Camille Bell is a wonderful girl
  • NBC says Friday Night Lights will make its season debut on the network in January, along with the new reality shows Superstars of Dance and Howie Mandel‘s Howie Do It.
  • Britney Spears is to play two concerts at the O2 arena in London next June, the only European shows on her forthcoming world tour.
  • U2, Coldplay, the Killers, the Dixie Chicks, John Legend, R.E.M. and Bob Dylan are on board to contribute exclusive songs to RED(WIRE), a digital music magazine that launches on World AIDS Day (December 1).
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  • From Oceanic Flight 815

    Tom is looking really deflated. He next movie will bomb going by the critics views.

  • boo

    Before everyone starts whining that Tom doesn’t talk about his older kids, I’d just thought I’d post some of the qoutes.

    “I’ll never forget the first night with Bella. I was looking at every breath she took and we laugh about it now as I told her, ‘I think I kept you up more than you did me that first night.’ I’ll never forget my mother coming in the morning to teach me how to bathe Bella. And Suri…you know those times we all have that are magic when they’re asleep on our chest? I knew the drill…it’s gas, diaper, hungry, you know?”

    When Bella and Connor are with Tom, he says that his family of five leads a low-key lifestyle. It begins with a family breakfast, and moves on to watching movies, football, coloring and reading books to Suri, and always spending their evenings together as a family. “Kate is an artist so there are always lots of arts and crafts and fun things,” he adds.

    “It’s really just enjoying our family getting together. At breakfast we talk about what’s going to happen in the day, how’s school? How’s the book you’re reading? Did you finish your homework? … Our life is what it is. We actually have a very normal but exciting life. I feel very fortunate.”

  • wow

    Before everyone starts whining that nicole dosen’t see her kids bella and conner were in Australia Premier in New York as nicole said At the press conference it bugs me that whenever her kids w/ Tom are with her (like whenever they’re in Nashville) — it didn’t get “out” so much (which I guess is good on her part coz she’s always been very protective of them)…. But media would always flaunt Tom at the kids’ events, dinners w/ kids, etc — that Nicole got all the criticism of being a bad mom, which I think is unfair.but i think tom is a good dad as nicole.

  • omg

    tom looks so old

  • dani

    I agree he is on a press junket. He knows this movie is in trouble and he is doing his best to see it succeed by doing interviews like the rest of the movie stars do! Poor Tom. Must be humbling for him, or humiliating, to have to come down to the level of the common actors and actresses and actually do his own PR/Marketing.
    I agree with WOW. It is a shame people rag on Nicole for being a bad mother. She sees the kids a lot more than the camera’s catch. She just doesn’t pimp the kids out whenever she needs a publicity boost (which lately seems all the time). Tom uses them for his own gain. Awful.

  • boo

    If Tom uses his kids for publicity then why they barely been photographed in the past few months. I don’t understand why people always feel the need to start competitions between Tom and Nicole.I’m sure they’re BOTH decent parents.

  • Christien

    Now compare this cover to the one in DETAILS… yeah!

    You’re right she is like Katie Holmes cause she aint nothin like you TommyGirl.

  • dani

    I think both Tom and Nicole are good parents. The only difference is–she protects their privacy and he does not. I believe she said that Bella prefers to stay out of the limelight whereas Connor doesn’t mind being in it. So she has always tried to shelter them from the paps. Tom has not. His very public presence at all of their games is a case in point. However, I believe the kids are still involved in sports, yet now you never see Cruise and Robobride being photographed at the games. And I’m sorry, but the daily sightings of Suri is ridiculous. I don’t believe for one moment that this is not orchestrated on some level. In the end, what counts, is what the kids believe and become (i.e. decent people as opposed to say a Lohan or Hilton). So all of our opinions basically are just that–opinions based on how we would raise our own children (which for most of us would be a try at a normal childhood out of the glare of the paps no matter how famous we were).

  • ice

    What a great husband. He still refuses to call his wife by her proper name. KATIE

  • junior

    EW! Tom looks old and sick!

  • Sydney

    Tom IS 47 years old, and he does not look old or sick. He’s aged very handsomely. He’s not supposed to look 25 any more. Some of you people, instead of respecting a man that has had a successful career as an actor for more than 25 years, proving his talent over and over again to anyone that has actually watched without bias, would rather judge him on the basis of his beliefs and that’s the true issue behind your hatred. At least have the courage to say it. That’s the underlying issue, that and the probability that you are fans of other stars that you know will never be as big as Tom and so you’re jealous or intimidated, probably both. So, you write about how you think he looks old or find little things to nitpick about his parenting and say that he is gay. It’s obvious that you don’t really believe these things, because if you did, you’d be an idiot. You should be more respectful. You should be able to recognize talent when you see it and overcome your own shortcomings as you sit there at your computer typing in judgements about a man you do not even know and blind yourselves from what you know to be the truth.
    If you really hate Tom so much, why bother to come here and read about him or to write about him at all? Think about it.

  • Elsa

    Tom without Photoshop…ouch, ugly!

  • Ekaterina

    Does that cover really say “his two girls”? Cause I thought he had three…not to mention a son. Goddamn Hello! for making such a crappy cover.


    I’m NOT a hugh fan of Tom’s, BUT he has aged gracefully, and is still handsome…..Why should he resort to plastic surgery ?….Everyone made a big deal for a ” supposed scar along the side of his neck , but you archived older pictures, that is ALWAYS there…it seems to be a crease in that area….NOT a scar…..
    The two parents will ALWAYS do ( katie and nicole ) things different, as they ARE different women….THANK GOODNESS !!!!!….Tom said that he was ” always where Kate is “, but he has been absent from New York lately, because of movie promotions outside the USA…..He had better do that, and try to save the movie……Since ” Kate is so artful and crafty, and elegant “, she can hold down the Hotel room alone……
    At least he did not use ” amazing or magical “…UGH…Those are Kate’s words…..
    Everyone loves doing a story on Suri…” INSIDE EDITION “, SHOWED Suri last night eating a chocolate cupcake from Katie’s favorite bakery..She had icing all over her mouth..Just to cute!!!
    Why didn’t JARED SHOW the cupcake episode?..get pictures ??..

    AND, on Angie !!!…..Please tell me she is NOT pregnant again!!!..I hope that article IS false…..

    Jessica Simpson is an IDIOT !!!!….Just read the article !!!!

  • moms

    i will not go on and on why Suri is seen more than any other kid on this planet…just wanted to say that he looks old…nd not as good as Brad in aging…..or George

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    The magazine refers to Tom Cruise as “GMD”.
    Sorry folks, but what does that mean?

  • ae

    OLD and feminine looking. Looks just like his mom.

  • d

    Hot Tommy!!!!!

  • erica

    For a man close to his 50′s he is the best and aging like fine wine.
    Ive seen young actors who look worst than the old actors.
    i.e. Shia,Colin Ferrell,Christian Bale,Jared Leto,Affleck etc

  • bianca

    I cant wait for Valkyrie. That’s a movie for those that appreciate history and have intelligence not for doofuses.

  • usa

    trolls for Cruise – pinheads
    Tom Cruise – patriot

  • oscar for Tom pls

    Tom is the best out there, good soul and a wonderful husband and father.

  • farah

    Tom even looks better than Jude Law and even the late Heath Ledger. When Im older I wonna age gracefully and healthily like Cruise and Helen Mirren.

  • Ghost

    Hey jared! it’s me again! @ 11/26/2008 at 11:13 am

    The magazine doesn’t refer to Tom as the GMD. But the blogger, Lainey does. It is her coined name for him: Gay Midget Dwarf.

  • katey

    So Tom has a really bad movie coming out and he is talking to ANYONE that will stand still and listen. I remember when he would ONLY talk to Oprah. His way or nothing. Times have changes. Tom still is a fake and a phony. I don’t buy into his crap at all. He has been a real jerk to many people including the mother of his older kids and he thinks he is better then everyone.
    Now him and Katie daily pimp out little Suri on the pretense that she is “so friendly” Yeah Right. Desperate for Attention is more like it.

  • sam

    Good parents do not drag their child around in front of the paps to get attention and headlines. Good parents protect their kids from the crazy paps and let them enjoy a real childhood. I’m surprised Tom is so “out there” with Suri, when he and Nicole really kept Bella and Connor away from all this. Tom and Katie must LOVE the media, because they are all over it 24-7.
    As far as aging, it’s good to see Tom hasn’t gone the plastic surgery route.

  • maya

    # 25 So Tom has a really bad movie coming out and he is talking to ANYONE that will stand still and listen. I remember when he would ONLY talk to Oprah. His way or nothing.
    Lol, he’s always given lots of interviews. No one promotes an expensive movie by only going on one show.
    And btw, he didn’t give an interview to Hello!. They simply cut pasted qoutes from other interviews. Many tabs do that.

  • mary lou

    Tom does not look that bad. I hear his movie is not that good, that is why he is all over the mags lately. As far as his family, he seems like he is enjoying them, but I think he really talks way too much. Like he is trying to convince everyone this is all great?
    It would be really nice to hear him acknowledge Nicole as being a good mom and that they had some really good years together with their family, instead of pretending she does not even exist. Tom is still not nice to Nicole after all these years.

  • dancer

    maya @ 11/26/2008 at 12:53 pm

    However, Maya, he has always been one to tightly control the interview including Pat Kingsley, his former publicist, giving the interviewers the questions they could and could not ask and the parameters the interview would take. If you went against Kingsley, she would make sure none of her other high profile clients gave you interviews. When he fired her, it all went to hell in a handbasket so to speak for him. After hiring his sister for his publicist, well, he seemed to think he could do no wrong. And was he wrong! Now he has hired a very prestigious firm and is trying to regain his ground. He, however, is not what he once was (number one A-Lister with the number one power base) and has to now mingle with the other a-listers and actors and actresses giving interviews. And now, another difference is, a lot of the places he is “forced” to publicize his movie are going to ask the hard questions as well as the easy ones.

  • Amanda

    Tom is such a control freak, I’m surprised he even allows parts of any interview to get “out”. I certainly do not buy what Tom is trying to sell.
    I do admit that Tom is aging nicely.

  • callee

    #28 maya:
    Tom NEVER gave interviews unless he controlled EVERYTHING about them. Tom also never answered any personal questions and only talked about how GREAT everything on the movie set was. Everything on his interviews were staged by his handlers.
    Now he is using his family to look “normal” and “approachable” .
    Tom still is an A__H___, he’s just forced to talk to the minions now.

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    Thanks for clarifying GMD.
    Never would have guessed that one:-)

  • john

    I’m glad they didn’t photoshop the pic of Tom. It gives him some sence of truth, because you know everything else he says is just for show.

  • lauren b

    Who even cares about Tom these days. He makes movies that totally bomb and he is creepy crazy. Together with Katie the robot, they are raising a child that will no doubt be in intense therapy one day soon. Nobody in Hollywood respects or really even likes Tom or Katie. They are just afraid of him and his weird secret sect.

  • laceyann

    Tom is looking pretty good. But it is unfortunate that he is always referred to as crazy and creepy these days. This has all gotten worse since his breakup with Nicole. And now with Katie Holmes, Tom is just plain weird. So maybe Katie is really the problem here? She just is not good for Tom’s image and career.

  • sharon

    Tom referred to the point that ” Katie get’s it “. Get’s what exactly?
    I guess nobody but Katie get’s it.

  • Marcia

    What I find odd (nobody mentioned this?) is the TV ads for Valkarye where Tom and the director(?) star talking mid-way through the ad, hyping the movie, as if they are giving an interview. Weird, an interview in an movie preview?? I’ve never seen any movie star do that before and it looks like a desperate move for him, like he’s pleading with everyone to see his film (which he likely is)..

    Not a Tom fan (find him weird now), but he looks good for his age. Compared to most men in their mid-40s, Tom doesn’t look that old. I find it terrible how everyone harks on Tom, Brad and George about how old they look now. They’re heading towards 50 people!! Even they can’t look like they are 20 or 30-something forever, so stop with the looks old comments, everyone gets older, even Hollywood people!! ALL three look fav for their ages and I’m sure the gazillion balding, wrinkly chubby 40-something American men (which there are plenty of), only wish they looked half so good!

  • future MRS.Labeouf

    tom is WAY to controling torwared his kids and especialey katie i bet thats how he lost his first wife!!!!!
    HE IS GETTING TO OLD OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HE NEEDS MORE MAKE-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • f zach randolph niggah

    of course angelina isnt pregnant u dumb fucks

  • orca

    Im happy Tom found true love and joy with Katie.

  • Mia

    Tom seems like a nice guy but I really hope,with all my heart, that he and Nicole Kidman don’t make Connor and Isabella feel left out !