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A-Rod Attends Madonna's Miami Concert

A-Rod Attends Madonna's Miami Concert

Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod, sits front row at Madonna‘s ”Sticky & Sweet” concert tour at Dolphins Stadium on Wednesday in Miami.

A-Rod sat right next to Madonna‘s close friend, nightclub owner Ingrid Casares.

According to E! News, the 50-year-old singer stared into the New York Yankee baseball star’s eyes as she sang the Evita hit “You Must Love Me.” At one point, A-Rod handed her a bottle of water as she performed.

A fan said: “It was easy for him to hand it off because he was sitting in the front row. He was all excited watching her perform.”

P.S. Why is A-Rod wearing a November 24 hospitality pass? Did he also go to her concert at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA?

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Photos: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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  • Stephanie


  • uglytaylor

    whatever happened to “our marriage is just fine” and “I have no romantic involvement with A-Rod”?
    Madonna is a whore, always was, and always will be.

  • CR30.01

    Well, when it’s over, she will probably be singing how stupid, insensitive and emotionally moronic he is. And will give him the finger for millions to see. Been there, done that.

    Keep walking, A-Rod!

  • yuck

    That’s so tacky.

  • lula29

    Alex Rodriguez is an idiot for getting involved with Madonna.

    He’s going to regret this big time.

  • ddlebg27

    ugh, i just don’t think Madonna is attractive at all…why do all these men keep flocking to her? she just ****s them up and uses it for publicity!!! he’s a dumb@$$ if he doesn’t just cut and run

  • me me me

    she left ritchie for this guy? is she blind?? still, a 50 yr old dating a person called ‘A-Rod’… gotta appreciate the humor.

  • LolaSvelt

    There was just pictures of him out with his family, too. PR, nothing more. Why would you do this? He’s desperate for the attention.

  • LolaSvelt


  • WOW

    Has anyone noticed that these “gossip magazines” (that celebrities always tell us are full of lies and trash) are 90% of the time RIGHT?

    They called this relationship a long time ago and what do you know…….IT’S TRUE!!

  • izzie

    It’s sleazy of them to parade it in public like that.

  • Known as Black Pimp

    This woman is a serious playa. Only last week she was hanging out with her ex-husband, Sean Penn. She got lots of men around her all the time. Guy Oseary is always with her too, whom she used to date, BTW. A-Rod better watch it, so she won’t play him. It looks like its only fun & games for her, but seems like he really fell for her. He follows her around like a little puppy. This woman has the biggest game, you should be careful when you with her.


    It is known as friendship that is all… it is nice that he is platonic with
    Caesar and Guy Oseary.. surprising that Gwyneth isn’t there too.. since

  • Guy

    He’s ugly!

  • a realist

    Once a wh ore, always a wh ore.

  • angel

    It will not last. A-Rod may be infatuated now but he’s a serious playa and not too choosy. More heartbreak for Madge.

  • Christian Lady

    Throw those monkeys a banana.

  • Maddyct

    So Fucking HOT !!!!!!


    Replying to comment #19 that is the most stupidest thing Ive ever heard,,besides he is not puerto rican he is from the dominican republic, racist and ignorant wow you should be so proud of yourself

  • PuertoRican4Ever

    Go to hell Christian Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christian Lady

    If Madonna had a ugly baby with him, it would be part monkey. Amen.

  • kristen

    This man is wearing lipgloss and a scarf; he is infatuated with Madonna. Gay much?

  • angie

    #13 BECKY_SMITH:

    I wish I had some magic beans to sell you

  • angel

    some one stole my name,i want it back

  • tiger_lilly

    They had the absolute nerve to deny it at first,its just like brad and skankelina all over again

  • Bracebridge

    Old lady madge is using him for publicity and he is too stupid to realize it. She could never use Guy Richie that way because he was too much of a man for her to boss around.

  • junior

    #2: “Madonna is a whore, always was, and always will be.”

    That’s why I love her!

  • marlon

    L I V E
    BRITNEY SPEARS new era/next level

  • Holiday


  • jami

    they probably got it done last night

  • missp

    He always looks like he is wearing lip gloss!

  • jam

    i love madonna and good luck to him, he’s gunna need it..

  • chaucee

    I hate this couple. I wish Madonna would stop screwing around with A-rod and get back together with her HUSBAND Guy!

  • LOL

    Yuck, these people are both married with children. Talk about putting your libido first. I feel sorry for their kids. Those two cheaters deserve each other.

  • andy

    at least he’s not trying to hide her like Jeter does his girlfriend Minka Kelly and denying in interviews he even knows her. Both Arod and derek Jeter have ego issues and love attention. By the way rumor is Derek Jeter is secretly engaged to Minka Kelly while Jeter stated he would never announce his engagement. Sources spotted the both of them in Tampa while Jeter had three of his big bodyguards to protect Minka from jealous women trying to talk to her. Yet Jeter denies he even knows Minka when asked in interviews about her. Minka was all over him in Tampa bar just last week and they are living together at his house in Tampa, he has a made and butler. Before he want to Tampa, his bodyguard in New York was bringing girls for Jeter to bang while Minka was stuck in Texas. As soon as the season was over he hightailed it to Austin once someone tipped Minka off and proposed to her. Minka had dumped him but he flew in his private jet with a ring to proposed and they are engaged. She managed to fly with him to Puerto Rico going unnoticed and staying with one of his agents who hid her from the press and left in separate cars. If you want to catch Jeter and Minka sneaking in Tampa. She’s there but his bodyguards always shield people from anyone with a camera trying to take pictures. Jeter travels with around three when he’s with Minka and he forbids anyone to take pictures of the two of them together.

  • aldo

    if i didnt know any better i would think that guy is gay the momment i see him dressed like that, while at a madonna concert. its too faggy

  • ami

    She deserves him and he deserves her two disgusting people the only difference is A-rod is handsome Madonna and you look more and more like a ghoul everyday.

  • anon

    all the Kaballa hasn’t done her a bit of good. She’s still a self centered ego maniac who lets her libido rule her. she made a comment that ARod is like a poet with a knock out body. Trust me, they’re doin’ the wiid thing.
    madonna has always had a thing for men with mixed ethnicities. and she loves the attention all this is getting her.
    personally, I’d love to see her disappear forever.

  • lalalove

    He’s such a handsome man! WTF is he doing with Madonna??!!!!!
    I’m so bewildered!

  • OMG

    Another victim of Madonna.
    I am sorry I like Madonna, but it will not last because she is married to herself and career first.

  • sofia

    They’re two consenting adults. Whatever. And so what if it doesn’t last? I’m sure they know that. They’re grown-up and sophisticated enough (unlike some of the posters here) to realize that not all relationships are the romantic and “forever” type.

    And good for Derek Jeter if he’s able to keep things to himself. It’s none of our business who he, or anyone else, sleeps with.

  • pete

    i loooove the controversy that any madonna-related story stirs up! people always get so irritated over every little thing she does.

  • UGHH


  • merna

    he is gay for sure

  • herewego

    He might ended up with this one instead of Madonna eventually. She looks very much like his ex-wife.

  • ha

    Does he have a hare lip? Or lip injections?

  • barf

    barf! I don’t want to see this adulterous relationship on Thanksgiving.

  • barf

    He’s such a fame whore. He only after her power.

  • barf

    32? LOL! Those Hispanics always lie.

  • Mary

    People who live in glass houses, eh? Only fundamentalist or pious conservative Christians would say such nasty things. Beware of what you judge as it may very well land on your doorstep!