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A-Rod Attends Madonna's Miami Concert

A-Rod Attends Madonna's Miami Concert

Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod, sits front row at Madonna‘s ”Sticky & Sweet” concert tour at Dolphins Stadium on Wednesday in Miami.

A-Rod sat right next to Madonna‘s close friend, nightclub owner Ingrid Casares.

According to E! News, the 50-year-old singer stared into the New York Yankee baseball star’s eyes as she sang the Evita hit “You Must Love Me.” At one point, A-Rod handed her a bottle of water as she performed.

A fan said: “It was easy for him to hand it off because he was sitting in the front row. He was all excited watching her perform.”

P.S. Why is A-Rod wearing a November 24 hospitality pass? Did he also go to her concert at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA?

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Photos: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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  • hell To Humans

    Throw those apes some more bananas……..

  • Hell Awaits

    Madonna is a walking venerial disease and A Rod is an overpaid Ape. These two are proof that God does not exist….and if he did exist, he has no control or care over the garbage that permeates our Earth.

  • seattle remembers

    Alex is a skank. Has been ever since his days in Seattle. He and Madonna, I give it a couple months because they both LOVE the attention.

  • cindie

    Used to love Madonna, but no more. As for A-rod, he is a man whore.

  • misty

    Alex actually took my roomies panties from a night club one night. Never saw him again, but he was happy with his little souvenir.
    True story.

  • For sure

    herewego, her name is Ingrid and she’s gay. She and Madonna used to date in the 90′. She’s the one who introduced A-Rod to Madonna.
    A-Rod and Madonna are fucking, I know for sure. I have no idea if they were together before she left Guy R though.
    She’s a horny little beast, that’s for sure! She’s quite the nymphomaniac, she’s flexible as a devil and up of anything in bed. She empties A-Rod’s balls every time.

  • Lady

    You know we cannot say what goes on behind closed doors – and since Madonna and Guy were not sleeping for over 6 months together when she met Rod – then we can’t fault that… as for A ROD well we don’t know what he and his wife were going through – I had a friend who after giving birth was a total psycho and bitch – her husband ended up leaving her when the baby was 4 months old – he tried to get her counseling but she refused because she did not think she had a problem – all of her friends dropped her due to the abusive behavior…

    Friends of Rod said his wife was like that – well we might never know…

    But looking at the pics I would say the man looks totally mesmerized and in love so let them be!

  • Liz anderson

    My husband and I attended Madonna’s concert in Miami and had floor level seats. We paid $165 for each one and could not see the stage or the video screens! Madonna started the show over two hours late and didn’t give reason or apology! I have always been a fan but now feel extremely disappointed with her. Her personal life is her business. I believe that in life “You reap what you sow” and unfortunately a number of children are affected by this “new” relationship.
    Well, at least A-Rod got to see the show……

  • sandra

    The best part of this, A-Rod is not getting the best of Madonna. That was years ago.I loved Madonna when she was serene and honest because of her ties with Kabahla. But now she is a bitter old version of herself. It’s sad really. As for her religion. I bet the higher ups are not happy with Madonnas displays of hate towards Guy. We want the cool and honest version of Madonna back!!!!!
    Oh and Madonna needs to drop kick A-Rod back to the dugout. She is so much better then he is, even when shes acting this bad.

  • may

    I’m not a huge Madonna fan, but girl, Alex is a piece of s___! Every body knows he is a lier and a cheater and slime. NOBODY on any of his baseball teams likes him.
    I’m actually glad his X is now free of him. Down here in Florida, we all watched her heart ache with him. A-rod is an A__hOOO.

  • bae

    Good for Madonna! She still has it!

  • rjp

    maybe he is attracted to women who have more money than he does

  • aer

    His pass may say the 24th but it also says Miami not Atlanta.

  • greekgodess

    You people are cruel!! Madonna is awesome!!! and you think so to otherwise you wouldnt be on this site???Just let them live!!! They are obviously happy!! Be happy for them!! Go madonna!! and he has lipstick on cuz they were kissing??? hello

  • vanessa

    AROD….why are you doing this to me? He needs to find a lady closer to his age. He is so yummy! Maybe an actress…..suggestions anyone?

  • annette

    I thought Kahbala was to help free yourself from bitterness and anger and help you be at peace with yourself and those around you. Well, sounds like 15 years of the red string hasn’t done a darn thing for Madonna. I would think the Kahbala leaders would be helping her get through the divorce in a calm and centered way. Flipping Guy off and spreading rumors about your X. Not a good role model, that angry bitter Madonna.

  • etna

    Alex defiantly has issues!!!

  • nathalie

    Madonna and Arod are both liars. Just be honest. I liked the honesty all the time, in your face Madonna of yesteryear. The one that was married to Guy. Oh well, Arod gets sloppy seconds. Oh I guess Madonna gets sloppy seconds,too.

  • aimee

    A-Rod is a whiner and a complainer. He should definantly hook up with Jennifer Aniston instead of Madonna. Can you imagine the PR crazies that would follow.Double the whining. It would be attention central 24-7.

  • imera

    I don’t know, Alex is creepy looking. He looks like he has hung out at way too many slimey strip clubs in his spare time. Like he would hump anything close to him. yuk.
    Good luck Madonna.

  • raisia

    I just hope Madonna can get on with her life, without hurting the kids. She and Guy should just buck up and be adults. I wish the best for both of them.
    As for A-Rod. The man is whack. I don’t like him or his personality or his team. Alex seems incredibly untrustworthy and unlikeable. Good luck to Madonna on this one.

  • newport beach, 92660

    i hate him :@

    and madonna , like woow , she will always be queen of pop , but seriously , she needs to settle down with one guy, she JUST broke her family apart….againn and poor Lordes needs a good family.

    i love madonna , always have , always will . But she needs to set a good example to her kids .

    yeah , i hate A-rod.. what a gaay nick name ^o)

  • Remy

    I don’t understand why people who hate Madonna flock to any blog her name is attached to. These characters have major issues of their own.
    Fans seek out their idols as a show of interest and support.I guess making sense of these bitter hating types is an exercise in futility.
    Madonna has for all of her flaws remained relevant, energetic, and is an amazing performance artist. Just read the reviews of her tour…. she packs a wallop, and the house!
    People who are so hung up on age should be very wary because if they aren’t 50 yet, lookout, it’s coming! You might want to take note when you arrive there how sexy, fit, creative, content and full of life you’ve become.

  • mAGGIE

    I went to Madonna’s concert in Miami, and it was absolutely awsome. She’s incredible as a performer at her age. I, too, am around her age, and I want you to know, it takes alot of work to look like that and perform like that. I’ve grown up with Madonna since Lucky Star and Borderline…I used to use those in my aerobics classes. As an actress/singer, she’s phenomenal. I must say, I was somewhat taken back about her being 2 hrs. late, that was uncalled for, we pay a lot of money to see her, she should be at least somewhat on time. Now I know why she was late. A-rod. You know, leave these people alone, “he that is without sin, cast the first stone”. We’ve all done things we are not proud of, which never reach the press. These two, every time they blink it’s headline news. Discretion is literally impossible, although they have both made it common knowledge that they are seeking a divorce with their perspective partners. What happens to either one of them, if they date or not, I wish them both the best, including Guy Richie, and A-Rod’s ex wife. May we all find happiness, for all of us, are all human, and there are none out there that can judge, and if you think you can, you’ll see, what happens to everyone is in God’s hands, we do have choices in life, but if we chose the “wrong” path, we’re going to find out about it just like everyone else, including Maddona, A-Rod, as well as you and I. Life is a learning experience, and I for one, think everyone is doing the best job they can with what they have. Now, go out there, and shine your light, and spread the news that love is the answer, not condemnation.

  • mAGGIE

    To Remy, #73, Amen!!!! They are both extremely talented, unbelievable for her, she’s more fit that most 20 yr. olds, that’s why she can date younger men. I also date younger men, because I’ve taken care of myself, my ex fiance’ was much younger than I…it’s just the way it is….like Demi Moore and Ashton, I don’t hear anyone putting them down, and they are extremely happy! And they are friends with Bruce Willis and his fiance’, please, everyone get along, we’re all just trying to do the best job we can on this imperfect planet. Go out and find the happiness you’re seeking with the grace of God, karma, good or bad, happens to those who follow their dream. Dare to make “life” happen. Only know “what goes around comes around,” but I or you are not God, and should never judge. I will tell you that is the law of God and nature, karma.

  • meursault

    love-struck little boy. does seeing her 50 y.o. body in the cruel morning light do nothing to cool his ardor? wonder what that’ll be like once he ‘wakes up’ – like taking off the world’s biggest beer goggles, prolly…