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Britney Spears is a Bambi Awards Babe

Britney Spears is a Bambi Awards Babe

A top-hat-clad Britney Spears performs her hit song “Womanzier” during the 2008 Bambi Awards on Thursday in Offenburg, Germany.

The 26-year-old pop princess made a comeback performance as she ended her performance with a bang atop a metallic spherical cage. She also picked up the award for Best International Pop Star.

Brit will release her sixth studio album, Circus, next week. Watch the video below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Britney’s comeback performance — HOT or NOT?

Britney Spears Performs “Womanzier” At Bambi Awards

45+ pictures inside of Britney Spears performing at the Bambi Awards…

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Credit: Big Pictures, WENN; Photos: Andreas Rentz/Patrik Stollarz/Getty , Bauergriffinonline
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  • rachel

    whoa! its official shes back!!

  • Rose

    A real concert style performance. Great one too, but was she lip-syncing?

    yay and first :)

  • brandi

    yeaaah!!! shes back!!!!

    awesome preformance…its great to see she got her life back together!

    i dont think she wasnt lip-syncing…if you rewatch the video it seems like the sound is off

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    …`the joke continues.

    …awful lip-syncing, and… was that dancing?!? LOL

    since i’m in the mood to watch a real performance i’ll go back to a beyonce thread.

  • suzette


  • mikejm

    no she wasn’t fully lipping. at the end you can clearly hear her do a run after the music ends and then she smiles to the crowd. it was a great performance overall regardless of her nerves. one of her best theatrically.

  • Blue

    Either the sync in the vid is bad or she just completly didnt know the right words. Dancing much better than the infamous VMAs, but not very “Im Back B*thes” IMHO :D

  • 90210 girl

    She doesn’t have the dance moves anymore, I think its the pills she takes for her mental illness, it has taken the energy out of her performances, also she needs to give Beyonce some lip-syncing lessons because it does look better when you pretend to sing instead of dancing and your vocals are in the background and your mic at your side and your lips don’t move.

  • victorprc


  • jet’ aime a:)

    omg britney is back=)! btw why eva longoria in the name of the pics?

  • JGP

    Madonna called,,,she wants her outfit back for her next show,

  • Rufus

    mikejm- That breath at the end of the song she has done that before, other than the thank you at the end of her songs and the woos in the middle of her songs thats the most live vocals you are going to get from Britney. I bet Larry Rudolph came up with that trick!

  • José

    I love it! so hot, she’s back!! :D

  • Chuck

    Of course it`s hot
    she did a great show

    and her award was delivered by KARL LAGERFELD
    for cryin’ out loud

  • mikejm

    um rufus. i definitely heard her do a run at the end… like extra vocals once the track was finished. watch it again and see. plus in the beginning u can hear her voice go off a bit. in the middle she probably lipped it.

    overall it was a smokin performance that her fans loved. it was cool she won that award as well.

  • BEN

    She looks like she wearing Granny shorts.

  • laura

    no doubt!

    she didn’t dance much,but she looked great,and did great!!!
    can’t wait for tomorrow “star search” and saturday “xfactor”!!!!
    looooooove this girl!

  • Mike


  • Catt




  • usuck

    love it fuck u haters that are so jelous of her

  • whatever

    Yeah…copy Madonna much? She just needs to give it up and relax. She it too untalented to be doing this at her age!

  • Bee

    wow she looks amazing!

  • kiki

    umm, not awful but not amazing. I wish she danced more – she kinda just walked walked around the stage looking a bit lost sometimes. But I guess its a massive improvement and she looks hot and I am sure she will keep getting better and better. I just LOVE Womanizer, its been my favourite song for months now.

  • Chuck

    it has nothing to do with madonna’s outfit

  • Nancy

    Not bad but it could have been so much better she needs to dance more not just walking around and she looks so nervous and this performance makes Christina a hell of dancer

  • adam

    The performance was great, i love the entrance and the spherical cage… Stop hating, you wish you could fit in that hot pants

  • sguaraus

    She’s still clumsy in movements. Yes, her body’s back, but she’s not the dancer she was once. She seems even embarrassed in what she does, like in the 2007 VMAs. There’s still a lot of way to do for her. It’s definitely not convincing.

  • Shawn

    Good to see her back…..She looks hot!!

  • Larice

    She looks as awful as usual.

  • amy

    so hot, it`’s in her site karl lagerfel delicering her the bambi prize
    only compliments for her

  • beautiful btrflies

    this video is messed up, the audio is off…watch a better version here

  • lauren

    the dancing was terrible and she didnt even sing live!

  • John

    the routine was good…but britney’s dancing is still lacking. What happened to the Oops! I did it again britney from the MTV awards 8 years ago??

  • tracy


  • jq

    love her! great performance, i’ve always seen her as a great performer with some good hits…i don’t really care if she did lip synch to some of it or whatever, i think she didn’t..go brit!

  • nysro

    Britney ALWAYS lip synchs… she isn’t really a singer as much as an entertainer (matter of opinion, not mine!) …

    did Madonna loan her the outfit from her tour closet??

  • hg

    Why is she wearing the same outfit as Madonna’s recent stage outfit?

  • pete

    much improved over the last time she tried to perform…but i agree with others…they could have tried a different outfit considering madonna is currently rocking this one.

  • nel

    it was really good! there was obviously a problem with the sync of the music and her performance because you can tell by the moves that there’s a problem. if you see on some slow parts of the song she is moving really fast and it’s obvious she wouldn’t do that/.

  • Jasmine

    she’s in good shape love the song Britney love the whole circus theme however I think she lost her stage presence she doesn’t have it anymore she wasn’t even dancing!

  • t

    she looks FANTASTIC

  • Jane

    it was good full stop. not bad, not amazing, not incredible. but very good. get over it haters.

  • dan


  • Jordann

    ILOVEEEHER! OFCOURSE SHES BACK!! greatt thing aree coming her way!! POP QUEEN !forever

  • tracy

    Her performance may not be the best, her clothes might look like madonna’s
    but she still rocks our world!

  • Randompasserby

    I don’t know why people are making a big deal about lip-syncing. Songs of this type are so layered and synth-ed that you pretty have to lip-sync them. Not to mention that it makes dancing a whole lot easier. Someone said it best earlier. She’s an entertainer, not so much an artist. And that’s fine with me.

    The energy was totally lacking in the dancing, as several people have said, but she looked the best we’ve seen her in a very long time. That by itself is pretty inspiring. I didn’t think she’d make it out of the dark. I’m glad that I was wrong.

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    Am I the only one who is offended that her coarse purring (too many cigarettes, Brit, Brit!) is considered singing.
    Holy shite! What is happening to our standards?
    She looks all right, btw, but again—the VOICE—-oi vey.

  • daniel gomez

    She was singing live over the backup track. The sound was off because of youtube. The sound and video dont coordinate when the video is uploaded. And she was singing live, in a better version of the vid, you can her her voice overlapping the backup track.

    She wasn’t looking as confident, but who blames her, Wouldnt you feel unconfident if you expose yourself in that way to the same people who trashed you around before and made your life a living hell (the media) ?

    And she wasnt dancing as much because she has been through a lot, including 2 births, so i dont blame her.

    She looks good and healthy, which was what most people wanted to see.

  • http://justjared gossipgirl

    i thought britney did really good, but kinda agreeed about the madonna thing.

  • susan

    OMG dressing like madonna, awful lipsynching and hardly dancing. This was as bad as her VMA performnance. Unbelievable.