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Suri Cruise Hits The Big Apple Circus

Suri Cruise Hits The Big Apple Circus

The Beckhams spend another fun-filled day with the Cruises!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took their kids — Isabella, 15, Connor, 13, and Suri, 2 — to the Big Apple Circus in New York City on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.

The famous family was accompanied by another famous bunch: David and Victoria Beckham and their three sons — Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 3.

Last night, both families went to dinner together at Il Cantinori.

25+ pictures inside of Beckham-Cruise family fun at the Big Apple Circus…

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suri cruise big apple circus 01
suri cruise big apple circus 02
suri cruise big apple circus 03
suri cruise big apple circus 04
suri cruise big apple circus 05
suri cruise big apple circus 06
suri cruise big apple circus 07
suri cruise big apple circus 08
suri cruise big apple circus 09
suri cruise big apple circus 10
suri cruise big apple circus 11
suri cruise big apple circus 12
suri cruise big apple circus 13
suri cruise big apple circus 14
suri cruise big apple circus 15
suri cruise big apple circus 16
suri cruise big apple circus 17
suri cruise big apple circus 18
suri cruise big apple circus 19
suri cruise big apple circus 20
suri cruise big apple circus 21
suri cruise big apple circus 22
suri cruise big apple circus 23
suri cruise big apple circus 24
suri cruise big apple circus 25

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  • herewego

    I feel like Suri herself has certain “aura” about her, aside from cuteness and her personality. Beckham boys just look like kids on the street from run down british neighborhood. very ordinary and no personality. I hate to say such things but ….

    And I am having a feeling that Tom keeps Bella and Connor on tight schedule so that they have no chance to see Nicole. Unfortunate appointments as the same time excuse.

  • shea

    i think isabella and connor would be a little jealous of suri.just look at katie and tom in the pics and them’s all about suri.
    the beckham boys are way cuter,especially romeo in pink.

  • Freya

    I’m a very progressively-minded person, but why is one of the Beckham boys wearing bright pink??

  • uh oh…

    Some ‘fun filled’ time! Victoria looks as though she’s loathing every minute of it. She’s probably been told she has to go by David who will have been called by The Tom.

  • Bee

    Vicky B looks really fab here. Love how the Beckhams are always holding hands with their kids :)

  • sham marriage

    Did you ever notice how Tom is only photographed with his beard and ‘daughter’ (which I doubt is really his either adopted or Chris Klein’s) when he has something to promote? Suri is the only thing that’s keeping him famous. He’s so pathetic. Even his ‘daughter’ is more famous than him.

  • sham marriage

    Suri is more famous than her hasbeen parents. Katie and Tom are riding her coattails now.

  • sham marriage

    I bet it Vicky called the paparazzi this time.

  • cult princess

    #1: I feel like Suri herself has certain “aura” about her, aside from cuteness and her personality.

    Yeah. Have you seen ‘The Omen’?

  • sham marriage

    They look thrilled to be there. Tommy girl probably was checking out David the whole time.

  • Galib

    I bet you anything the littlest Beckham has a crush on Suri. I wonder if they have become playmates. Suri is always looking cute. She’d probably look alright without those bangs.

  • sham marriage

    Suri is so Tom’s favorite. Look at how he makes his adopted his walk behind him, Katie and Suri. Poor kids. Even on Thanksgiving he’s pimping his kids out for the paps. He used to keep the adopted ones hidden.

  • sham marriage

    Suri is so Tom’s favorite. Look at how he makes his adopted kids walk behind him, Katie and Suri. Poor kids. Even on Thanksgiving he’s pimping his kids out for the paps. He used to keep the adopted ones hidden.

  • sahar

    they are soo cute I especially love the pics when David is holding his boys. They will be soo cute when they grow up

  • cult tickets for sale

    here we go again, Suri the ticket broker, w.h.o.r.e.d. out by her mom kh and that tt. pathetic, phonies.

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    I hate how celebrity obsessed our culture has become!
    Look at these nitwitty people walking around like their shit doesn’t stink.
    What have they contributed to humanity that we should shower them with such adoration?
    I don’t get it……

  • g

    connor and isabelle are teens while suri is a child of course the youngest get attention…Im glad Tom at least spends timed with all of his children
    Stop the hating I wish I had a dad like him

  • sad

    The looks on Isabella and Conor’s faces are priceless, as they walk, ignored, behind Tom and Kate,who are cooing to and coddling their precious Suri. Who knows, maybe they get on these blogs and post their own neg comments to retaliate. I wouldn’t blame them.

  • LT

    Suri completely upstages both of her parents without trying. she is so photogenic and has such charisma and I’m sure as she ages will continue to do so. she is a true star!

  • uh oh…

    His mouth smiles but (as usual) his eyes tell a different story. I get the feeling that behind Mr. Tom Cruise’s ‘nice guy’ exterior is a crazed megalomaniac, always coldly scheming and manipulating to increase his personal power.
    Only Tom looks EXUBERANTLY HAPPY!!! (whilst at the same time glaring/scowling). Katie smiles a little to Suri. The Beckhams ALL look miserable. I suspect that relations between the two Stepford wives are still rather frosty.

  • iria

    Publicity makes Tom Cruise so happy. He is even taller!

    … and boys at that age in bright colors is not big deal in Europe.

  • Mr. Blonde

    What tight schedule could that possibly be, #1?

    Nicole Kidman can and has seen her kids whenever she wanted to.

    No one has noticed that correlation because there is none, #6.

    He most certainly is more famous than his daughter which is biologically his and doesn’t love more than his other children. that he is not pimping.

    You’re being silly, #18.

    You’re being silly too, #20.

  • bobs

    They ARE the circus. All of them. How dare they try to have fun and be normal on Thanksgiving Day…at the CIRCUS!

    Maybe they thought they would blend in there and not be notices, since it is there that they belong.

    Suri keeps on trying to take of her coat like the brat monster she is and Tom and Katie are trying to keep it on her.

    What a crack up!!!

  • uh oh…

    #22: You’re being silly too, #20.

    No. I most certainly am not. But you’ve probably got similarly crazed eyes, so i don’t expect you to see anything wrong with Tom.

  • bobs

    Oh such a sigh of relief to see that Mr Anal Bleaching is still posting on here and is persistently correcting all of us die hard bloggers and critisizers of these hopelessly PR starved celebrities.

    Mr Anal Bleaching you are the mathemetician/band geek from hell. One time…in band camp…

    Mr Anal Bleach Blonde…you are so perfect I think your bum literally squeaks when you have a bowel movement.

    Mr Anal Bleach Blonde you are so very anal retentive. As a neighbor you would scare me. I wonder oh wonder if you are Tom Cruise the devil himself.

    Oh and for all of you freaks who keep posting the burn in hell blog threats, read up on your history you idiotic, ignorant, zealous, close minded wastes of humanity. Take Philosophy 101 and then we’ll talk about fire and brimstone.


  • bobs

    Yeah Suri sure has an aura of being spoiled rotten!!! I don’t sense an aura of nirvana if that is what you are implying. She portrays an aura of an unstoppable Godzilla Diva type personality. Hopefully she won’t be pigeon toes and ackward like her Zombot mother!

  • uh oh…

    Thanks, #25! That was perfect! :lol:

  • boogie

    Victoria has to dress up like that- fancy purse and such to go to the Circus?????

    Probably had to have her personal assistant do her make up too

    (rolls eyes)

  • uh oh…

    #23: Suri keeps on trying to take of her coat like the brat monster she is and Tom and Katie are trying to keep it on her.
    So she is. And if you look in the pic below, it looks as though she’s got everything all centred around her as she whines and acts up. David looks like he’s had enough in the background.

  • the fooz

    i think the beckham boys are really cute =) so is suri except, am i the only one getting tired of every other JJ post being about suri? i really don’t care about nor do i wanna see some 2 yr old’s every move and now that i think about it i don’t want to see her weird parents either…

  • out to lunch

    Tommy looks manic.

  • Lisa

    I feel kind of bad for Isabella and Connor now that Suri gets all the attention. I wonder if Suri asks why the other two kids don’t live with them all the time? It does seem like Tom does have them much more than Nicole though. Maybe like 75% to Nicoles 25%? Hopefully everyone had fun at the circus even though the paps were around so much. I wonder if they all had Turkey today for Thanksgiving too!

  • Kayla

    lol look at pic 1, 3, 7 lol suri was trying to take her coat off. tom tried to keep it on at pic number 1
    suri is sure cute, but what’s up with her for not feeling cold at all….lol

  • Mr. Blonde

    Don’t call her a brat monster, #23.

    Actually you are, #24.

    She’s just 2 year-old that you’ve never met, #26!

    Incredible how you made an entire story and inferred so much from just one picture, #29.

    Of course a 2 year-old wouldn’t ask them that, #32.

  • ha

    posh looks like such a d-y-k-e

  • chatzbf

    its natural that parents dote on d youngest you know, and i believe that d older siblings understand it for im sure that even them dotes on their youngest sibling and for those haters who said that conor & bella used to be hidden bec. tom do so and now that they’re seen & about the heaters still see it negatively, that they’re being used by tom for promotion…hello/! haters make up your mind will you? if i were tom & katie i will continue to do things i want and my way and nobody elses, no matter what other peoples opinions are, i will remain remain true to myself and be happy!

  • Rose

    Yes, you never Isabelle and Conner interact with Suri. She is supposed to be their sister. A 2yo should be playing with their siblings, holding their hands while walking down the street or going to the circus. I did that with my cousins. They were always with the kids, not the parents. TomKat need to stop mollycoddling Suri, and let her older siblings play with her.

    Romeo and Cruz are so completely adorable. Romeo looks so cute in his pink top. Can we say, awwwwwww…<3

  • tessla

    One thing about Tom Cruise he may be what he may be but he’s always smiling regardless if his beard wives are making ugly faces (including Nicole Kidman at one time) which he ignores and now he has his step-daughter to pomote. Forget the adopted kids their too unphotogenic. Look at David Beckham he thinks they are just horrendous, how they coddle to Suri who is a brat from hell thanks to her parents. The only reason Suri is wearing a coat is because of the Beckham boys. I’m sure David doesn’t want his kids around Suri too much but then Vicky has to have some PR even if it means being around that spoiled brat for the evening and following afternoon. Who would think Suri Cruise would actually attract more attention than her money hungry ( I need a transfusion) mother and hyena looking step-father.

  • mimi

    #37, I’ve seen photos of the older kids-mostly Bella-interacting with Suri. Why don’t you look through archives of photos before making accusations.

  • tessla

    Duh, Mr. Blonde it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Suri is a spoiled brat…………like uh, do we have to be her grandparents to actually figure this out?

  • tessla

    Sham Marriage I’ll have to disagree with you on one point I think its Joshua Jackson not Chris Klein.

  • defap

    Every one in the group of ten is good looking. Suri is feeling hot and trying to take off her coat. I like the two families. Thanks for the photos.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Who says that her older siblings don’t play with her, #37? Because they’re not holding her in these set of pictures? Don;t tell TomKat how to raise their kids. They don’t give a damn about what you did with your family.

    What stepdaughter to promote, #38.

    Don’t pretend to be able to read minds and who told you that she’s a brat from hell?

    Suri Cruise has worn coats before! Her parents don’t make her wear one because other people they’re hanging out with have one.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out someone is a brat but you do have to actually see the child to make that call, #40.

    I can already see this becoming the next anti-TomKat argument. By claiming that Suri Cruise is a brat.

  • out to lunch

    Re: defap @ 11/28/2008 at 12:44 am

    Every one in the group of ten is good looking. Suri is feeling hot and trying to take off her coat. I like the two families. Thanks for the photos.


    Except for Tom. He’s not aging well.

  • out to lunch

    Mr. Blonde: No one reads your rants. To understand anything you say, one would have to go back to the referenced posts. Are you serious?

  • tessla

    And I forgot to mention that I’m a complete idiot and rotten soul but you all probable already figure out it per my previous comments.

  • gjc

    Nice to see Connor and Isabella too.

  • ae

    Tom is wierd…he’s the only one smiling like a wierdo at all of the paps. He is such a PR WHORE. He’s just loving it. i think he’s the one whoring out his daughter along with “Kate”.

    The Bechams look miserable with all the attention.

    Why are they spending time with the Beckams on Thanksgiving and not their family. Isn’t “Kate” suppose to be close to her family??? I guess not! Tom took over.

    Suri looks ridiculous with black pants that are worn over and over agian and brown socks rolled up under the pants. She is such an idiot can’t she find real tights for her bratty kid?

    Yes… the kid does look like a brat you don’t have to be a genious to figure it out. She looks bratty in alot of her pictures. There is absolutely nothing special about this kid. She’s actually quite ugly! I’ve seen much cuter than this kid. She is autistic!

  • oh please

    Posh and Becks have a very handsome family. In contrast, Tom Cruise looks haggard and weird, HOMELY is unattractive as usual and looks like a cat burgular, and L. Ron Hubbards seedling is just her annoying obnoxious self. Cruises adopted children are 2nd place to the princess brat/alien.

  • mira

    they are all so beautiful