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Halle Berry is Cigarette Un-Sexy

Halle Berry is Cigarette Un-Sexy

Halle Berry smokes away at her cigarette on the set of her new psychological drama, Frankie and Alice, in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday.

It seems like her character smokes like a chimney.

Halle, 42, stars and produces in her new film, which follows a young woman struggling with multiple personality disorder. Halle, who plays both Frankie and Alice, is torn between who she is and a racist Caucasian alter-personality that preys upon her mind.

On Friday, her model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry was spotted loading a couple of boxes into the car, including a salon hairdryer to help maintain Halle‘s new hairdo.

Also pictured below: Halle‘s costar Stellan Skarsgard.

10+ pictures inside of cigarette un-sexy Halle Berry

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halle berry cigarette 01
halle berry cigarette 02
halle berry cigarette 03
halle berry cigarette 04
halle berry cigarette 05
halle berry cigarette 06
halle berry cigarette 07
halle berry cigarette 08
halle berry cigarette 09
halle berry cigarette 10

Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • amehehe

    funky hair

  • mIss_nyc

    I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!

  • Mia

    I love the hair. And thank you thank you for the pics of Gabriel….yum!

  • wtf

    Omg she looks stoned as hell, this old woman should stop smoking for her kid and stop acting like a freak.

  • ti-code

    what the hell ? she is scary fugly here .

  • sol

    She looks like a crack ho .

  • Frida

    oh my god people, she’s on a movie set. Never stopped to think that she might be supposed to look like that?

  • bella

    Sounds like a good movie can’t wait. I love the fact that she does not always go after the “look pretty” roles. Love Halle :)

  • kim

    Her hair cut doesn’t suit her,she looks fake on it,oh and please go take a shower.

  • good victoria

    CONGRATULATIONS, NUMBER # 2 !!!!!!…………..I assume her hair is for the movie, BUT, it is awful…..I hope that nasty log smoking is NOT her thing all the time…And only for the movie….

  • eww

    she looks awful and not at all attractive.

  • blah

    Halle berry is such a fake anyway. I wonder if she really smokes or is it just for a movie

  • bebe

    You guys are realy sad, she is not a smoker, she is only acting and for those of you who thinks she’s fake pls explain how. Haters stop hating on a 42yr old woman that looks 25,go do some thing better with your own lives, stop the hating.

  • Nancy


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …i guess the whole “actress” thing flew directly over a couple heads. LOL stupid ;mufucka’s

  • gina

    She looks horrible, but she is supposed to look horrible for the role.

  • ROFL

    Her look are the same on and off the camera so i dont know why everyone is so shocked…she has always been so damn ugly only makeup hides it…

    Gabriel looks like he is getting FAT

  • john

    we’ve got some damn ugly ass bitches on the board…please stop hating on a woman who’s meant to look like that ON THE SET FOR HER ROLE. but still, she’s gorgeous as hell and looks much younger then her age. wish women would look more like her in that age lol

  • so?

    She maybe acting for the part but I bet thats what she really looks with out all the make up glitz- Ive never understood the fascination with this woman-Shes fugly fugly fugly!!!!!!!!!!

  • sicily

    wtf, kim, nancy or so?, whatever your name is, you seem to have a multiple personality disorder (ironic huh?) you’re a fart, go back where you belong to: an ass hole !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you’re hating on halle, but i doubt you look way much better than her (if it was the case you would’t be that fat ass anonymous siiting in front on your laptop and talking shit all day long.) got nothing to do go hang yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nana

    Oh! I love Stellan Skarsgard. He’s awesome!

  • simona

    i thik she looks cute! not hot as before, but cute!

  • bailout the detriot lions!!

    its fucking disgusting when people smoke
    even if its for a movie

  • sarah

    to # 14


  • http://thisone hhheeeeyyyy

    i think she looks bad here but when not on the movie set shes kinda pretty

    even if she doesnt smoke in real life i dnt think its smart 2 smoke 4 a movie =[

  • mslewis

    This movie sounds really complicated. Having seen Halle in movies before, I don’t think she has the talent to pull this one off. I hope she proves me wrong since I do like her a lot and she needs another hit desperately. We’ll see what happens but I’m betting it’s straight to DVD.

  • Huh? Halle looks fine, gabby

    Huh? Halle looks fine as she’s in character for her film. She may be a little tired from work and maybe mommy duty.

    Gabby looking fat –ROFL–are you on crack? He just looks pale and tired from doing daddy duty and being Halle’s chauffeur. Well, he’s got to get use to this, if he actually thinks she and Nahla are actually going to spend anytime in Quebec during any of her down time. And he was boasting about last month or so about they were working on having more kids (right away)–get the 1st one down before think about adding to the brood. Gabby isn’t too bright. This probably the longest he’s ever been around Halle and Nahla at the same time.

    Best of luck to them all.

  • jonas

    lmao im just finding him carrying her “afro hair dryer” funny :D

  • jonas

    the hippie look is in this yeah hahahahaha :D

  • what a schmuck

    Aubry looks like a total schmuck waiting for Halle without a coat in 30-40 degree weather unless he’s use to it being Canadian. Agree w/#26-looks like fatherhood is starting to take his toll on the guy, you’re probably right about it’s probably the longest he’s been with the kid or either of them (since she was born). Looks bored as usual.

  • no smoke/hair

    No Halle doesn’t smoke cigs in real life, it’s for the movie. It mess up her circulation with her diabetes. Funny about the dryer, thought it was a wig from the other pix of her having it on one day then showing her with her long hair the next day. Don’t if she switched.

  • ROFL

    yeah well she stayed in the hotel at all times then he the mate of sperm cleaned the house she bought for him and that was his house to do what he wants ,,,,so now picks her up and bambino wherever it is to take them back to play family….she no doubt will be making bold statements about what should or shouldnt have been done,,,,she is a real tripper and her movie is already a flop just imagine all the overacting…just simply laughable tat his whole mess…

  • my guess

    No proof other than rumor/media spin on the house thing. Why would she buy him a house when he already has a place in Montreal or even bought them one? As far as I know, he’s been with her the whole time in Vancouver. That’s one of her SUV vehicles he’s been driving that they drove up from LA. He also still owns his home in Miami and still rents his condo in NYC.They’ve been seen out several times with and without the kid. She was seen out a few weeks ago at some play thing, while he watched the kid at the hotel. Quebec is on the other side of Canada near Maine, NH etc.

    There’s no actual proof that she or they bought a house. Personally, I think either his camp made the comment or she just put it out there to see what the reaction would be or a possible last attempt to keep him around longer with their masquerade.

    Funny how after her Nate Burkuss thing on Oprah she was quoted as saying something about the guy didn’t have to stay if he didn’t want to and she wouldn’t ask him for a dime (which is probably a good thing since Halle has fronted most of the costs for this fiasco for the last 3 years)?

    Guess she didn’t think Obama would beat John McCain? It will be interesting to see how much longer her charade lasts or if/when the actual truth comes out which it will–Obama’s going to be Prez, OJ going to be in the pokey for a long while and Bill O’Reilly got his radio show cancelled. Halle’s turn is coming up.

  • lol

    What are you all tripping about whether or not Halle is really moving to Canada of if she bought him a house or not or signed on the dotted line yet?

    Personally, I think she is incapable of sacrificing her selfish needs to spend the rest of her life with someone she’s miserable with and is tired of putting up a front for in the eyes of the media. You would thought they would have figured all of this junk out BEFORE the baby was born. But NO Halle wanted a kid SO badly and Aubry was the chump who was willing to play along. Now REALITY is setting in. They look happier when they are apart. Why can’t they ADMIT it’s not working out and move on with their lives instead of fulfilling each others daydreams? And let him see the kid whenever he wants?