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Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty: Together Again!

Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty: Together Again!

Sienna Miller and her ex-boyfriend, Brothers & Sisters actor Balthazar Getty, reunite at Groucho (a private members-only club) in London on Thursday.

The couple helped support Groucho manager Bernie Katz‘s book launch of “Soho Society.” Sienna, 26, and Balthazar, 33, left the club together around 2:30AM.

Earlier this month, Sienna announced that she split from Balthazar. Looks like this couple is on the mend!

20+ pictures inside of Sienna Millerand Balthazar Getty together again…

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sienna miller balthazar getty together 01
sienna miller balthazar getty together 02
sienna miller balthazar getty together 03
sienna miller balthazar getty together 04
sienna miller balthazar getty together 05
sienna miller balthazar getty together 06
sienna miller balthazar getty together 07
sienna miller balthazar getty together 08
sienna miller balthazar getty together 09
sienna miller balthazar getty together 10
sienna miller balthazar getty together 11
sienna miller balthazar getty together 12
sienna miller balthazar getty together 13
sienna miller balthazar getty together 14
sienna miller balthazar getty together 15
sienna miller balthazar getty together 16
sienna miller balthazar getty together 17
sienna miller balthazar getty together 18
sienna miller balthazar getty together 19
sienna miller balthazar getty together 20

Credit: Gotcha Images; Photos: Will Alexander/WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Lana

    Good for them- I think they make a really great couple… and she is wearing a cute outfit. Like the hat. GO SIENNA!

  • Answer Guru

    Oh, that’s too bad. Josh Harnett would have been a much better catch!

  • Pole

    Nice way to spend your Thanksgiving Balty – with your skanky, lying slut of a girlfriend instead of your kids and family :-0

  • dottie

    Oh how cute the little homewrecker looks! Got your catch, did you, Sluttienna? You must be so proud. You sure look it.

  • eeewwwww


    I bet he and his WIFE with his FAMILY would have made a cuter picture!

    Just couldn’t let him go, huh Sienna? Well, karma is a b!tch. Hopefully your career will disolve.

  • starlet

    Her reputation as a worthless homewrecking hoor is now safe. GO SIENNA!!!

    Balty, she’ll suck the life right out of you until she gets tired of you. I hope your childrens’ happiness is worth it.

  • snoozer

    Oh, the “Famewhore’s-R-Us” tour continues! How ’bout that!

    I’m bored now…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ice

    At least her sticking to the same guy will mean other married men out there are safe

  • boogie

    Getty’s wife probably would not take him back (smart woman) and Sienna – who knows why? She’s a bimbo and a s l u t.

    They won’t last anyway

  • RealityCheck

    She must be desperate to be going out with this one. He’s not even interesting, let alone handsome.

    Are there no single men for you, Ms Miller? Or maybe they aren’t as interesting as other women’s men?

  • dingo

    So much for that “I’m happy being single crap” she pulled earlier.

    She looks sooooohappy with her little prize!!! Yeah! I kept him form going back to his wife!

    Can these two just go away now?

  • Sunny

    The “couple is on the mend” ???

    He’s still married to another woman ! That phrase would be more suitable for a married couple who’ve had troubles…

    But I wouldn’t be surprised that his wife is reluctant to take him back, and now, even more unlikely, since he can’t seem to stay away from this immoral tart. Not that he’s any better…. what’s the equivalent descriptive phrase for a man like him? Immoral hound dog? or immoral worm?

  • LolaSvelt

    How do you know if they’re back together? They could’ve ended on good terms!

  • qwerty

    And yet there are no pictures of them actually standing together. One with a man standing between them. Yet none of them standing together.

    #5… I completely agree. Sienna should be ashamed of herself.

  • CR30.01

    It’s a shame. I like Sienna. I do. She has the looks, the talent, the charms. The girl could be climbing to a major movie star status by now.

    Instead, she seems to enjoy sinking into this ‘celebrity nothingness limbo’ over and over and over again. Such a waste.

  • Mona

    Not spending Thanksgiving with his kids. How pathetic is this man…and Sienna? They’re disgusting!

  • sheryl

    This girl is nothing more than a “British” Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay gets lots of press, but there’s no substance there whatsoever. Same with Sienna…famous for being famous (?) but very uninteresting.

  • pam

    Sienna never learns.

  • dolly


    I agree. The only interesting thing Sienna ever does is screw famous people. What a waste of good air.

    Obviously Balthazar’s children are not important to him anymore. I hope this STD petri dish is worth them hating him forever.

  • squirtle squirtle

    idk i agree now
    they do look like a nice couple
    the only thing i hate about her is her style and she smokes
    honestly, fuck his wife, if they were 2 get together, they would have done so a long time ago

  • Cory

    His wife probably kicked him to the curb for good.

  • dolly


    Except Sienna has a “meow” with the gravity of a black whole and keeps sucking him back, rather than letting them work things out.

    Maybe, someday, someone you really love and trust will say **** you, honestly. I hope you take it well, especially if you are left caring for 4 kids.

    These two are scum, and they look it.

  • Serena




    I’d love to slap that satisfied smile right off her face. I hope Getty pumps her up with 4 kids and then leaves her for someone 15 years younger.

  • Tango

    Does this skank actually make any movies? She looks like a bag of a$$

  • just saying

    They’re on again? Jeez…

  • hoohah

    What an ugly slagbag….what does he see in her? What does she see in him.

  • Eve

    I think Sienna’s a decent actress. I hope she gets her shit together and stops clinging to taken men.

  • TIKI

    W * H *O * R* E


  • bella

    Wow some people never learn.

  • qui

    How very sad for his children to think that this woman is more important to their father than they are. Their hearts must be breaking

  • gwen

    So, did this guy spend anytime with his kids on Thanksgiving?

  • Shar

    They’re gluttons for punishment.

  • junior

    At least if she keeps fucking with Getty, she will be not destroing another family. I can’t believe. She even tried to destroy Robin Wright Penn’s marriage! But Sean is still with his much better wife.


  • Lucky

    Jude was lucky. He got out just in time. Imagine if he’d married this train wreck?

  • stepho

    ughh these two are obnoxious!!!
    who cares!!!!! =]

  • bean

    What a douche!

  • P.

    Geez people, why do you care so much? The girl is georgeous, the guy has his needings. normal. and they probably know they won’t last together, but if its about sex its often not about love any more, isn’t it? So , if you’re totally opposed to having a ‘sex buddy’ idea, instead of writing all the bullsh*t bout Sienna why don’t you, just go there, find some f**** loves of your lifes and live on.

    without cheating. of course.

    happy thanksgiving, cheers

  • Pole

    @34 – I don’t even want to think about it! He certainly dodged at bullet there!

  • qui


    Because, for a lot of us, it is about love. For Rosetta and his children, it was about love. For Balthazar and Sienna, it’s about f***ing. That’s the point. They are destroying a family for lust. And it won’t last. And it isn’t worth it.

  • mimi

    dottie @ 11/28/2008 at 9:55 am

    Oh how cute the little homewrecker looks! Got your catch, did you, Sluttienna? You must be so proud. You sure look it.

    How is she a home wecker? And all of you calling her names are just jealous because she is young and pretty. You only attack pretty ones probably because a lot of you attacking her are ugly looking yourselves. How many of you are calling Madonna home wrecker and attacking her for stealing another woman’s husband even though the man has very young children and the woman even cited madonna in her divorce. Everyone is keeping quiet on that and some are even applauding it. Why is it okay for madonna and not okay for others you hypocrites?

  • A

    relapses, they are soooo sweet. at the beginning.
    but the longer the game, the higher the price. while getty keeps being in noble silence about the real reason for separation, we wonder, was it the dizzy smell of her chocha? f*ck knows.
    this price will be really unbearable. poor Si.

  • :roll:

  • A
  • dottie


    I love it when the ‘you’re just jealous” crap comes up. How very elementary schoolish. I must be jealous ugly because I do not realize that pretty people can do whatever they want, treat people however they want. Gee, I sure wish I could start having sex with a married man and pestering him to leave his wife. Duh!! How stupid of me!

    Yup, she’s a young, pretty little thing, which makes it even more heinous that she attached herself to a man married to another woman, the mother of his children. She had a choice. Why couldn’t she keep her mitts off of him, or any other married man for that matter?

    She’s a homewrecker because she conducted a very public affair with a married man who had a wife and a home and when she wrecked it she became a homewrecker!!

    And this article doesn’t mention Madonna, nor have we seen pictures
    of Madonna grabbing A-Rods willy in public. And we might look at the fact that at least both parties have announced a divorce. However, I do believe Madonna to also be a homewrecker if that makes you feel any better.

    But Slettienna is a uber trashy Queen of homewreckers.

  • caroltx

    Disgusting amoral pair. He has to divorce his wife so these two won’t create more scandal.
    Rosetta Getty and her 4 kids should have a photoshoot on all the major magazines to show him the life he has turned his back from and to let people know her side. She has conducted herself well during all these time but perhaps she should have a family picture without this guy even without any interviews. She is older than Sienna and Balthazar but she is beautiful/striking and can actually support herself and her children. Balthazar looks wasted and drugged, Rosetta can do better than to remain married to this guy.

  • jazz

    Ohhhh I am so jealous of Slutienna. What a catch! She should be so proud of him. A D-list celebrity who’s nto even good looking. A cheater who is knows to pick girls at Chateau Marmont, a former drug addict and drinker. And a dad who prefers spending his time with his slut of a girlfriend rather than Thanksgiving with his kids.

    I am so overwrought with jealousy I could just die.

  • alex the great

    she’s pretty for sure, but I’ve seen her interviews and she definitely falls into the dumb blond category. I mean, she is as stupid as they come. Well, I guess B-zar ain’t into her for her conversation. Hope she’s worth his family falling apart.

  • terry

    I don’t care what she’s doing, I just can’t stand her smug-ugly face. As an actress, she’s about as interesting as paint drying. As a person, about as insignificant as a 1-cent piece.

  • petra

    if tha’t what really happened, she’s pathetic.
    i don’t get it.

  • petra

    and she really is a homewrecker…
    not just destroying balthazar’s familiy…jude had it too!