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Suri Cruise is Serafina Sweet

Suri Cruise is Serafina Sweet

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take their three children – Isabella, 15, Connor, 13, and Suri, 2 – to lunch at Italian restaurant Serafina on the Upper East Side of New York City on Friday.

The Cruises reportedly met up with the Beckham family for the third day in a row.

On Wednesday, both families dined at Il Cantinori. And on Thursday, the Cruise-Beckhams had a blast at the Big Apple Circus.

10+ pictures inside of Serafina sweet Suri Cruise

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suri cruise serafina restaurant 01
suri cruise serafina restaurant 02
suri cruise serafina restaurant 03
suri cruise serafina restaurant 04
suri cruise serafina restaurant 05
suri cruise serafina restaurant 06
suri cruise serafina restaurant 07
suri cruise serafina restaurant 08
suri cruise serafina restaurant 09
suri cruise serafina restaurant 10
suri cruise serafina restaurant 11
suri cruise serafina restaurant 12
suri cruise serafina restaurant 13

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  • Ellie

    I am so sick of seeing pictures of Suri Cruise on your site! Yeah we get it, she’s a cute kid, but damn every freaking day you have pictures of her. Put her pics on your jr. site. Leave this one for the adults please!

  • !!!!!!!

    WHOAHHH ROBO-TOM! Looking like a waxy faced, homoerotic pinup!

  • uh oh…
  • cutie

    Suri is so cute!

  • Mrs. Platinum blonde

    Another day, another photo op for the Suri’s pimps.

  • lola

    ellie, eat your own $hit. write ur own blog.


    Wow where are Isebella and Conner .. might as well send them back
    to L.A .. as far as Tom and Katie are concerned …they only care about
    Suri.. the way they laugh with her.. and only have pix of her.. and where
    are the Beckhams… Wow wouldn’t it be fun if both families used this as
    a photo op..So who cares about Isebella and Conner… if they only care about Suri..

  • lola

    i love to eat my own $hit.

  • Jill

    Damn, Jared, are you obsessed with this kid? How much is TomKat’s agent paying you to post two new threads about her every single day? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  • no style whatever

    Katie in her craptastic winter shorts again!

  • katie n

    Tom Cruise must have lost some weight or something. He is looking absolutely gorgeous. Like back in the old days..
    And of course Suri is a cutie.

  • Jo Ann

    Katie needs to stop dressing like a 19 year old. She has big legs. She needs to cover them up. She is tall already so she needs to stop wearing platform high heels.

  • pr person

    Oh Good Grief! These two are such a joke….. Who in the world carries their heavy toddler, while being led by the other hand? It doesn’t look charming or helpful; it looks uncomfortable and awkward. WTF… is she wearing? Hot pants? Craptastic as usual!!

    Crazy just loves those paps, doesn’t he? Maybe he can put these pictures in his family photo album along with all of the other “incredible” pics that the paps take. Loser’s!

  • uh oh…

    Isn’t it an incredible, amazing, magical coincidence that Suri could pass as the offspring of the cherished founder of Tom’s beloved cult?


    If you look closely at the photos of Beckhams and Cruises you will notice they were not exactly together… Tom and Katie and Suri walked
    way ahead of them.. and then after they all went on a horse and carriage ride…Maybe Tommy should leave Conner and Isebella at
    the apartment or let them go on their own.. Since they are not in these
    photos.. Why is Katie wearing shorts and a open coat to show the
    paparazzi her figure..??

  • Angelove

    I agree with “katie n” Tom is looking goooood. I think it is neat that Katie can tower over him and he doesn’t mind.
    Suri is really cute. I love her lil shoes.

  • lololo


  • (((Suri))))

    For the morons, who come to this site and actually click on “Suri Cruise” and then complain that they can’t take seeing her anymore, you are all ridiculous and embarrassing yourselves cause you don’t have to come here and check Tomcat pics.

    Take your hatred and stupidity elsewhere.

    P.S. Loving the pics, thanks, JJ:)
    Tom looks fabulous!!!

  • Nina

    Ok I didn´t want to comment but I´m getting sick and tired of you referring to Isabella and Connor as their children, they are not their children but just his. Their mother is not Katie but Nicole

  • unlike the haters

    Suri is a beautiful little girl!
    Kate and Tom hold onto her while she is still in your arms! They grow fast and your no longer able to carry them so close to you. My little girl is 16 now and I miss the days when I could hold her in my arms like this!
    They grow fast so cherish the moments!

  • uh oh…

    pr person @ 11/28/2008 at 2:40 pm

    Oh Good Grief! These two are such a joke….. Who in the world carries their heavy toddler, while being led by the other hand?

    Whilst wearing platform, stiletto shoes!? And it’s not even a firm, supportive hold he has of her due to it (always) being the arm furthest away from her that he uses, as if to appear as chivalrous and gentlemanly as possible. It’s alllllllllllllllllllllllll about the SHOW.

  • ewwwww

    sheesh, what’s with the Suri Cruise obsession? It is wrong for paps to be chasing kids.

  • defap

    Suri is a sleepy cat. I think the two teenagers behave very well compared to average rebellious teens. Love the family.


    We GO!!


  • notbusy

    Nicole and Keith are in New York now and are also spending time with Conor and Bella, but unlike Tom, they don’t, make sure the paps document the whole thing. Tom was very happy when he was told Suri was voted the #1 celebrity tot. Tom said he hopes it doesn’t go to her head and then he looked very smug about it. What a nutcase he is. He should be protecting Suri from that instead of encouraging it.


    they are looking at the cameras always


  • suzana

    Perfect, notbusy.
    she is a child and she should be protected, no exhibited

  • Paul

    This family is a farce, just a promotion.
    Tom is gay!

  • suzi

    Bella and Connor has luck, they went back to LA

  • elaine

    Mathew is in Brazil . Why Tom can not .

  • Rosie

    I see you’re back on the crazy midget’s payroll Jared. This obsession over this robotic family is totally insane. I also see that he still leads her like a boyscout helping the little old lady cross the street.

  • ****The TOM CRUISE show****

    How ridiculous and over-the-top (like everything else about his ‘romance’ with Katie Holmes) does that look – the way he leads her around? There is as much sexual chemistry there as between a boy scout and his 80 year old grandmother. It couldn’t look any more wooden and contrived if he tried. It’s more like a middle aged woman’s romance novel portrayal of ‘love’. A complete joke.

  • ****The TOM CRUISE show****

    #31 I also see that he still leads her like a boyscout helping the little old lady cross the street.

    hahaha! That’s uncanny – i wrote that before seeing your post! :lol:

  • yvonne

    go to hell LOSERS whine whine whine yet you click,look and read on this family

  • red

    What a beautiful family!

  • iron chef

    Suri is the precious one in Hollywood
    her parents are hot

  • bobs

    I would never carry a bratty toddler in high heels!!!!

    Suri is not cute anymore. She looks like a spoiled, rich, snotty little brat with zero personality!!!

    Katie looks absolutely ridiculous and Tom looks old!

    Shut up Mr Anal Bleach Blonde!!!!

  • thank you jared

    God bless Suri and Katie. Tom too. Cant wait for Valkyrie.

  • veterans


  • vegetables


  • twilight

    Katie looks like Jackie Kennedy…..Tom Cruise for President.

  • bobs

    I look absolutely ridiculous and old! I was NEVER cute, that’s why I hate gorgeous people. I am sooooooooooo jealous, it’s embarrassing, yet I can’t help myself from picking on two year old kids.

    I am Mr Anal Bleach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • windsor


  • uh oh…

    #42 “I am Mr Anal Bleach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    Yeah, i believe it, #42/Mr. Blonde. But in future, stick to your game show host/anally retentive mouthpiece style of posting. Your attempts at humour are just purile and childish. Not funny at all.

  • uh oh…

    I am Mr Anal Bleach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Ummm “Twilight”, Jackie Kennedy would never ever wear something so horrendous even if she was freezing her ass off in Alaska. Please look at pics of Jackie and you will see what I’m talking about. Seriously get those eyes checked.

  • karaoke

    Sweet!! Thanks JJ!

  • gwen

    Suri is drop dead gorgeous because of Tom & Katie.

  • Alison

    #13 AND 21 – exactly what I was thinking!!

    Also, what the hell is Katie wearing and what the hell is wrong with her teeth! (I didn’t realise her legs were soooo… LARGE!)
    Suri, too, is dressed like some weirdo.
    Tom, on the other hand, is the only one who looks normal!

  • Alison

    I meant his clothes look normal – and somewhat stylish.