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Taylor Kitsch as Gambit -- FIRST PICTURE

Taylor Kitsch as Gambit -- FIRST PICTURE


Here is your first look at Friday Night Lights hunk Taylor Kitsch in his new role as card-throwing Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit, in the upcoming superhero flick, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the biggest reaction during the Wolverine teaser at the summer ComicCon convention wasn’t to Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) but the minor character Gambit.

“He raised the roof,” Hugh said. “I was a tad jealous!”

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  • Sam

    NO! NO! NO!

  • Linda

    He’s gonna be great ! I saw the sneak peek footage on youtube, this pic does’nt do him justice though lol! But when I saw him flip through the air and use his bo staff I was sold, plus I think Taylor Kitsch has star quality, this film will make him a star like the wolverine role did Huge Jackman. I can’t wait for this film to come out.

  • smiley

    Gambit was one the greatest characters in the X-men series and they make him a small role in the movies??? I don’t get it

    He should a been in the Original series of X-men. Who needs a wolverine origins movie

    ah wells

  • Gaia

    He’s great.
    I love him and He’ll be a perfect Gambit.

    Kitsch s2

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    umm. he doesn’t… really look like gambit. ugh, but it’s only one photo.

  • roninbernie

    Whatever. His name isn’t in the title. He’s just a 90′s wonder. Nice purrple silk shirt. I bet he wears silk underwear too.

  • bee

    Holy shit i didn’t know Gambit was in the movie..

    Boo for him only having a minor role

  • nonny

    Uh…where are Gambits eyes? Those aren’t his eyes.

  • dark angel

    I was expecting someone “darker.”

  • SHelley

    thats not a very good photo. hopefully hes better in the actual movie, Gambits my fave xmen and the only reason im gonna go see this movie

  • reese

    gambit in the comics was really hot even in the cartoons not this actor

  • Couper

    Gambit is my favourite x-men. I still think Jared Leto should have been Gambit, but I’m also a Taylor Kitsch fan…

  • gina

    I can’t wait to see this movie!

  • madskye

    I’m putting high hopes into this guy to really bring Gambit to life. I hated that they didn’t include Gambit in the original X-men movies. He was always my favorite X-men. And, now, he has a minor role. What a shame..

  • Sharon

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this.

  • Tarra

    I love Taylor Kitsch. He is fantastic on Friday Night Lights. I am sure he is going to blow everyone’s minds as Gambit. He’ll probably be in a spin off of his own.

  • Lea

    I think Robert Pattinson would have done a good job as Gambit. He expressed interest if he wasn’t so busy.

  • ember heart

    Could be great I’ll wait and see it not judge on one picture.


  • Britney Spears star Ac

    I like this man!!

  • Annika


  • kelly

    robert pattinson WTH.

    I mean, I love the guy as Edward but Gambit. Please put down whatever you’ve been smoking. yeesh, even I as a Rpattz fangurl wouldn’t say that mess.

  • pratifox

    He doesn’t really look like Gambit, and the blurry Com footage could only show so much.

    But I do hope he’ll have red-on-black eyes in the movie.

  • pratifox

    And everyone should read that Empire article, it’s great.

  • essie


    gambit was my fave too

    maybe he’ll grow on me, sorta like when anna paquin was casted as rogue :S

  • Noelle

    Oh my, he is so gorgeous. I love him on FNL, so I’ll have to see this movie just for him. And I’ve never watched X-Men haha!

  • g

    Hm. So not excited for this movie.

    –check out my blog at

  • lyla

    he does look like gambit only gambit is older in the comics, so that’s why he doesnt feel like THAT gambit, but he looks good, i just hope he can do the accent right! i love his cajun accent

  • bella

    I am sorry I have no idea who this guy is. . .but he looks good :)

  • jjfj

    I have no idea who that is but he looks hot.

  • jjfj

    I have no idea who that is but he looks hot.

  • andrea

    awww. too bad.spank ransom didn’t get the part. i look forward to watching this movie. :D

  • michelle

    i loooove taylor!! he’s my fave in FNL. I freaked out when i saw him in the sneak peek at comic-con, too.

  • trivia

    Gambit’s my fave male character in X-Men. I really hope TK does well as Gambit.

  • moviesman

    i read the article about the pic and they refer to him as “the villain”.WHAT!!! also hes not the character to watch has anyone forgot about deadpool.

  • Alvina

    wtf is with his eyes though? That’s the selling point of gambit’s persona! lol..

    I won’t judge now though; the trailer looked flippin’ awesome however.

  • Ironman616

    Believe It Or Not,Gambit And Edward Cullen Actually have a lot In Common than we might care to know!

    For one thing,they can fight entire armies!

    Second,they are MADE OF EPIC!

    Third,They are potent Love interests for ladies who have the middle Name of Marie(i am Looking at you,Earth-616 Rogue,and At You,Bella Swan!)

    There’s more,but i am not in the mood of listing them all!

    Oh,and both of them COULD end up bringing up a Love-Triangle that could actually be helpful,If it’s done Right,anyway!

    Do not get me started on Iceman,Because he and Jacob Black Have Some Common Grounds as Well!

  • addy

    They should fix his eyes.. otherwise I think he’s a good choice if he can pull off the accent.

  • kerbee

    all u people are dumb he looks horrible. GAMBIT was my fav and now i’m done with x-mens corny red eyes, i bet he won’t even have a new orleans accent

  • dee

    when I was a kid, Gambit was my favorite character in the X-men series. But looking at the picture, why they got that motherfucka dressed up like willy Wonka. I hope this taylor guy does gambit some justice though.

  • Sawyer

    i think the Josh Holloway can play Gambit better than that sucker

  • Mercy

    I agree. they should do a film based around Gambit and his time in Genova. It can be of his past and how he escaped and got to where wolverine found him.