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Wentworth Miller is Red Shorts Sexy

Wentworth Miller is Red Shorts Sexy

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller sports a bright red pair of shorts and casual New Balance sneakers as he grabs two coffee drinks — one hot, one cold — at Starbucks in Los Angeles on Friday morning.

The 36-year-old actor kept hidden underneath a gray Under Armour hoodie. Looks like he just came from a nice work-out or going to one!

A new episode of Prison Break (“Deal Or No Deal”) airs this Monday @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX. Michael must hold the team together after they are betrayed by one of their own. T-Bag gets a new partner who blackmails Gretchen into finding a buyer for Scylla.

10+ pictures inside of red shorts sexy Wentworth Miller

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wentworth miller red shorts 01
wentworth miller red shorts 02
wentworth miller red shorts 03
wentworth miller red shorts 04
wentworth miller red shorts 05
wentworth miller red shorts 06
wentworth miller red shorts 07
wentworth miller red shorts 08
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wentworth miller red shorts 10
wentworth miller red shorts 11
wentworth miller red shorts 12
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Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Just me…

    My sweetheart is on the news again!! :D

    I love, love LOVE YOU Wentworth Miller ;)

  • nicola


  • Maria


  • LolaSvelt

    I never really got why people consider him sexy. I just don’t see it at all.

  • bella

    Not the best pics of him and the outfit. . . well.
    But still he is HOT :)

  • mia

    haha, he looks like a starbucks zombie.

    i think he’s dressed bum-ish and not going to or from a workout. cause who gets a fat laden drink from starbucks beforehand or after burning off calories? haha, or maybe wentworth miller is just like me and thinks that running on a treadmill for 30 minutes entitles you to eat whatever you like.

  • Just me…

    JJ Thank you, thank you THANK YOU soo much for all this pictures of him! ;)

    PS: Wentworth you will certainly find me completely crazy seen my comment(what I understand) but I just want you to know that even if that is just a pictures of you in a red pair of shorts and 2 coffee drinks in your every day life. My reaction is just the happiness seeing you in a good healthy.

    I think that sweetheart is going at home with his coffe drinks and continues to work on writing his scripts…Good luck Went!! ;)

  • john

    1) red short sexy? Whats wrong with you jared! LOL! what a dumb title!

    2) CRAZY EYES!!!!!!!

    3) hes ugly

  • sELENA

    He always buys two drinks. I wonder who the other one is for?

  • castaway

    He’s dressed comfy and looks kinda funny. LOL Still HOT though LOL. Nice legs…

  • purple pants

    dude, what happened to his face? It’s like he’s been eating Big Macs for breakfast! It really doesn’t help his show either, like wasn’t he in a Panamanian prison for the last year?! Wentorth! Stop eating all those pies!

  • angell cakes

    man he is super cute!!!

    i was just reading an interview with him of when he was in china promoting me & city and he showed up an hour early on set, not super late like all the other celebrities, if he goes to get water he’ll always offer everyone, if theres only one bottle of water left he give it to the ladies.

    he really is a dream man!

    thanx for posting JJ

  • dany

    he looks so funny

  • BIsi

    Look ! He shaves his legs like a woman !!

    He definitely IS GAY !

    What a waste !

  • marie

    he is just one of the sexiest men alive!!

  • junior

    He’s HAWT. Love him (y)!

    He would gain even more points with me if he came out of the closet!

  • filipe

    ugly legs + black socks

    couldn’t be worse

  • junior

    Oh, another thing I observed:

    Look to his facial edema! I’m wondering now if he was bitten by a bee or he has hypothyroidism LOL

    Anyway he’s still hot. I’d do him anyday.


    Oh. My. God…He looks goofy and laughable….What’s up with his bulging eyes!!!!????

    Flaming red shorts, black ankle socks!!!! HAAAAAAAAAA!

  • AngelBitch

    He’s not “hot.” It’s his fame.

  • LOKey

    Not “hot”. It’s his fame.

  • Lic merRy

    :O my god I love it!
    Pretty … kills me to see him in those shorts

    ¡Wentworth I love you!
    ‘re all for me …
    Thanks for letting us see him so Justjared

  • Kelly’ssis

    Simply Ick!!!!!

  • betty lou

    he has the smallest little legs ever. bless.

  • Nellie


  • Wentlove

    Hot and funny,definitely ;*

    @Junior which edema are you talking about?I don’t see any…

  • danny’smine

    Do you all people mind stop dislike him. Why are u on this page. This page is for people who LOVES him. GOT IT!!

  • palvasha

    loooooooool hoq can we not love that hot hot hot thing….. he just has something about him although in order to find him hot u have to watch him in prison break otherwise he looks like another simple guy…its his acting and his voice and the way he presents himself

  • mikeinacircle

    He’s yours. HE’S FUGLY by the way you’re typing this you’d take any man but we BOTH know you wouldn’t hit on him if you saw him in the street. He’d be just another guy to you stop fronting

  • Kellys’sis

    I’ve watched him and I said ICK too!

  • nenee

    He is the sweetest guy in the world. I love him, no matter what he looks like, or what he wears. Children, when you grow up, you will know what I’m talking about.

    Went, I wish you all the best :)

  • LOL

    this is the time when he needs to be wearing his Ray-Bans cuz his eyes look freaky peculiar.

  • http://hot sherry

    He is cute and funny .I like the 1st picture.

  • justjenny

    Lol, he’s so adorkable! But he needs a woman in his life to give him good fashion advice as well as good… other stuff. Ha!

  • castaway

    He looks fine!! why are you ppl talking $hit?!!
    Personally I think he can rock even the ugliest clothes… he’s just that FINE!!! nothing wrong with wut he’s wearing in these photos…

  • Caroline

    thanks JJ.

    Just adore him ^^

  • sam

    nenee # 31
    I totally agree with you !! ;)

    And I laughed when I saw the comment : he shaves his legs like women, so he is definitely gay !!!!! Stupid but funny lol !!!

  • ?

    Did he finally read all the comments on the Prison break board about him looking a bit that why he’s working out….
    afterall you can tell he’s gained some considerable weight. Double chin and all. But why keep drinking those high calorie frappacino drinks?

  • Zack

    It is good to see him out on Black Friday. It must have been a deal for the 2 coffees. 95% off. PIMPIN the shorts and black socks. Christmas colors. He has his holiday gear on.

  • Crystale

    I really have to say that is does not matter what someone wears celeb or not. I mean really, if you leave your home for a coffee does it really matter what you wear? NO!
    Just because someone got a pic of him running a simple errand does not make him less attractive. I am a writer as well, and when I go to Starbucks I could care less what I look like. I just go in my comfy clothes.
    He is a brilliant man, and I think his looks are not the only wonderful asset he has. He has great intellectual prose that makes him stand out from other men.
    From one Princeton grad to another ; )

  • http://none obamagirl

    What is with some of you people???

    Went is dressed appropriately for a trip to the gym. Why else would he be wearing shorts at this time of year? I think he looks sweet.

    He’s a lovely, kind man. I bet he’d never make nasty comments about someone’s clothes. I also think that most of the people who rag on him for gaining weight ought to take a look in the mirror! Went is beautiful, inside and out, from top to toe.

  • castaway

    ? #39

    cuz he doesnt give a SH!t what ppl think about him!!! That’s real man right there!!!

  • castaway

    oops i meant # 38

  • anabellaa

    omg he looks demented and crazy what a coincidence his show is doing bad and we get new pics of him out and about lately.For his show the writers know that the people who are still watching that mess are brainless twits that are so dumb.That it won’t matter to them how ridiculous and stupid this season is, the audience won’t know the difference since they are that dumb and dunces!

  • Mandy

    He does drink alot of that junky coffee he is going to get rocks in his stomach.kidney stones yikes…!!!!!

  • lucy

    OMG! He’s HOT no matter what!

    Plus, he seems to be such a nice person! I love him!!!

  • IT’S ME


    I swore if i saw him with another frappuccino, i would scream



    he’s still looking mighty fine though

    thanx for the pictures JJ

  • zaza

    HE’S GAY!!!!
    but still really good looking!

  • Tim

    LOL LOL LOL where is the fashion police when you need them what a fashion victim.JJ I don’t think he was going to any work out or came from one that is just his horrible sense of style something comfy that doesn’t match LOL.Nice getup and socks Wentworth Miller Hahahha.