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Wentworth Miller is Red Shorts Sexy

Wentworth Miller is Red Shorts Sexy

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller sports a bright red pair of shorts and casual New Balance sneakers as he grabs two coffee drinks — one hot, one cold — at Starbucks in Los Angeles on Friday morning.

The 36-year-old actor kept hidden underneath a gray Under Armour hoodie. Looks like he just came from a nice work-out or going to one!

A new episode of Prison Break (“Deal Or No Deal”) airs this Monday @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX. Michael must hold the team together after they are betrayed by one of their own. T-Bag gets a new partner who blackmails Gretchen into finding a buyer for Scylla.

10+ pictures inside of red shorts sexy Wentworth Miller

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wentworth miller red shorts 03
wentworth miller red shorts 04
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Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • vmars111

    Aw, is that other coffee for his lovely (and oh so equally adorable) Luke Macfarlane?


  • 1000

    GO visit your mother!

    and for F-Saks….go put some pants on :P

    let the show die already…… pains me to see such a good show go to waste…… WHY WHY WHY

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …the coolest undercover d-list gay around… cool!

  • Alba

    I think that was ok, not great but ok.
    If you are going to buy a cup of coffee you don’t need to wear a suit, or anything like. The way that he look, I think that he was just at home and have that desire to drink a coffee, just put the socks and shoes and that vest, and go get a cofee.
    Here in Brazil i’ve seen people look worse, and by the way this kind of clothes here is complety normal.

  • Alba

    And one more thing, I would like to see what kind of clothes you guys wear when you have to buy a newspaper of exemple. And keep in mind that you are in a black car, almost nobody will see you because today is blackfriday so most of people should be at a mall.

  • http://hot Heba

    He is cute and just a simple person.He has already lost 2 much weight ,it’s very clear in his last interview on French channel.But still I liked him so much when he had extra pounds and cute big cheeks.

  • carla

    i love he…. he is so beautiful!!!

  • http://Hot LOVE

    He is so cute , HOT and so simple it’s great when person be simple like this!
    for u guys who don’t love this photos
    when somebody loves an actor must love him for his acting and his personality not for his outfit in his spare time !
    sorry for my bad english :((

  • michael love

    went is my favorite star..

  • Nellie

    # 9 sELENA @ 11/28/2008 at 2:13 pm
    He always buys two drinks. I wonder who the other one is for?

    After drinking of that Frappu crap you need urgent a
    * normal coffee * ;-)

    Maybe he goes to the gym for a new role ?

    Some of you are so #- >%^°)0$[ * :roll:

  • tcm

    Bless you darling, must admit you do look as though your thyroid is a little overactive. Give the man a break guys. We are all only human. Still love you Wenty. In your own time you can dress how ever you damn well please. Bloody photographers, should be illegal.There is a time and place for everything including the paparazzi. Hope to see you in some movies. You’re gorgeous. xxx

  • wish

    Glad to have more pictures of him.He’s is very sexy guy.

  • Fnan

    He looks Scared o.O

    But Looove him Still^^

    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<<33<3<3<<3<3<3<3<3<3<<3<33<<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<<33<3<3<3<<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<<3<3<3<3<3 haahha nooooo, i dont “looove” him, LOVE U JUSTJARED, uR GREEEEAT! ;D. But i should write more about my J4!(jake gyllenhaal,jude law,james franco and My boo<33 JARED LETO!!) love them all the same! xoxo Ghetto Guurl^^

  • sole

    love him…

  • lisa

    i don’t care what he wears,how he weights or anything else…i just l o v e him!!!!!!!and for those that write all these bad things about him i have a comment:WE ARE SICK OF ALL THESE PRETTY BOYS WITH SIX-PACK AND SAVED CHEAST!!!THIS IS A REAL GUY WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT HIS ART AND NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!(he is just so freakin’ handsome without even trying!thank you mother-nature!!!! ;) )

  • wentynme

    I Love HIM!!!!!!!.

    everything about him!
    well everything we see about him lol.

    he probably takes 2 drinks bc after drinking the hot one he gets really hot so he needs a cold one lol.

    Anyways He’s sexy and always be.

    If i saw him on the streets i would probably think he’s hot… cause he is.

    now if u dont like him. good for you nobody cares. really.

  • mimi78

    Thank you, JJ!

    Went, you can keep your hat, I mean hoodie, on…

  • http://hot dina

    I personally think that person who took those pictures is so rude.It’s very obvious Went was not ready for any pictures.He seems walking on rush, just left his car ,got the coffee and he is coming back so fast to it.When Went comes on interviews or any official occasion,he dress so well.So no one should stalk him like this in his personal time.Anyway he looks gorgeous in anything,because he is so simple.

  • me

    I love Wenty, I really really do… but this guy is overweight, clearly gay, sad and alone all the f*ing time!!!

    poor thing

  • lolo

    To : Me

    You are right ME : he is gay and fat. Luke looks better.

  • em

    #37 Sam- HQ’s you can see hair on his legs. No idea what you’re talking about.

    #69 me – You “love” the guy, yet you call him overweight, a liar, sad and alone? Ooookkkk. He has a better life than you surely.

  • em

    #37 Sam – Sorry, I meant what they are talking about. ;p

  • liv

    hes on something………

  • kristan

    hes soooooo attractiveeee<33333

  • sam

    em # 72

    It’s ok, don’t worry ;)

    Lol, me too, I don’t know what they are talking about , maybe because he doesn’ t have hairs on his legs like the monkeys lol hahahahaha. But sincerely when I saw this comment I laughed because it’s so ridiculous lol !!.
    You know, when they have nothing to say about him, it’s necessary to find something to say ( gay, overweight, blablabla………….).
    Imagine if stars cares about what people are saying, thinking etc…….
    and the most, these are criticisms, they will be mad and hurt. So it’s better to ignore.
    Wentworth is a simple guy who doesn’t care about what others are saying. He is true with himself !! It’s what I love to him, he has a lot of qualities that rare people has, especially in the world of show biz.

  • http://none sunny

    Thanks for the pics, Jared!!! It’s always a treat to see Went and I hope he doesn’t mind the papparazzi too much.

    If he ever reads these comments (which I doubt), I want to say to him:

    Just keep being yourself and ignore all the rude comments from people who apparently have nothing better to do. You’re the best and your fans love you dearly!! We know you’re way too cool to care what anonymous internet posters say! Happy holidays!!! Go ahead and eat and drink all you want–you’ve earned the right!! But keep going to the gym and take good care of yourself because we want you around for a long time!! XXXOOO

  • palvasha

    mickieinacircle or whater stay in ur circle and shut the fuk up. who cares that i made a silly spelling mistake, im not writtingan essay you know. lol. ur just jelous that ur not goodlooking

  • Kitty

    I heard from a reliable source that Went has been running up huge water bills at home. A water company guy went out to check, and here’s what he found:

    (To Went: The next time you’re in my parking garage, please wait till I get out of the &@&% car so I can say “hello”. I’ve been a fan for over 7 years, and I was so disappointed to miss you.)

  • http://hot Heba

    I totaly agree with u .Plz Wenty don’t care about any rude comments about u .Ur fans adore u and love u sooooo much.Just care about ur real fans and take good care if ur self.

  • gabriella.hungary


    I like it when Wentworth wears loose dresses. :-))
    Appears angry. Sure because of the papparazzi.
    Totally understandable.

    Wentworth the best fella on the world!!!

  • Begonia

    soooooooooo cute!

  • http://hot Nadia

    On the contrary of most of the comments here,I like his outfit so much.He is wearing suitable one ror giong to gym.What else should he wear guys!.He looks so cute and hot in this red short .I like so much his traner to,but the best thing he has is his simplicity.I love u so much sweetheart

  • http://hot Nadia

    sorry I meant I like his sneakers too.I don’t know if TRAINER is a correct word or no.

  • tof

    So sad. He used to be famous, sexy and interesting.
    Maybe he should stop drinking so many FATppuccinos…
    At least he can admit he’s gay right now, nobody cares.

  • firefly

    Oh my god! He is human like the rest of us! Get over yourselves haters! You all must be the most beautiful people on the planet otherwise you wouldn’t be so confident of dissing such a wonderfully natural and talented man like Went. Wonder why you don’t rate a page on JJ’s site? Could it be that you are all fugly no talented moles?

    To Went – don’t listen to a word these ingrates write – brainless bimbo/himbo’s the lot of them. You are deliciously gorgeous no matter what you do or do not wear or what you weigh! ;-) Keep up the good work – love you babe!

  • sherry

    He is on his way for gym,what else should he wear?+he looks gorgeious in this outfit,there’s What else do u nnothing wrong with it as a sports short…etc and he has started to loose weight and looks awesome.What else do u want to criticise him about

  • firefly

    PS And what is this obsession you losers have with his sexual orientation! Don’t you get enough at home?

    In any case since when did which way you swing or don’t swing impact on how good you are at your job? And Went is very GOOD at his job – millions of fans around the world cannot be wrong!

    In any case – Went has already answered this question ad nauseum! Get a life, grow up and get over it – he is NOT gay (his words not mine!)! And if for some reason he should change his mind – that’s okay too because it is HIS life – not mine or yours and he is entitled to do what he pleases when, how and with whom he pleases! This sense of entitlement you people seem to think you have over celebrity lives is scary!

  • MA-EL

    I don’t know why I bother visiting this place.

    Just the “accident watching syndrome” I suppose.
    I don’t understand all that hatred for a good, beautiful man….

    You know what, people?
    You insult him but HE would never retaliate if he read your comments!

    He’s a class act, a real gentleman.He has proved it.

    Love you, Went.

  • caaro

    oomgggg my dear and belowed(? husband is here agaaain ! OH MY GOSH I WANT TO BE IN THOSE PANTTTTTTS! when is he gunna come to argentinaaa?!!! im mean… jared padalecki is coming !!(L

  • chiquita

    Went has gained some weight and prison break has become boring.
    May be these two things reduce his hotness..
    But I appreciate the fact that he is himself.

  • http://Yahoo Wentworthygirl

    His red shorts gives me super high him, luv his red shortrs. I reli hav to buy one. Luv wentworh u just dont know dat ur drving me insane.

  • http://Yahoo Wentworthygirl

    I love those sexy legs with red shorts.

  • bebe

    super sexy!
    i pray every night, that he is not gay-
    that would be a real wast !

  • bebe

    super sexy!
    i pray every night, that he is not gay-
    that would be a real wast !

  • ctm

    Some of you guys shouldn’t even be here. Will you just leave the guy alone.He really looks quite pissed off, I would be too. How would you like to not even be able to walk down the street without someone hanging behind a bush with a f______camera. I don’t care if you call that the price of fame, everyone is entitled to their privacy. How many of you look 100% 24/7? I’d hate to be a celebrity, is the money really all worth it???It’s fair enough that fans want to see what their fav actors are up to however there should be allocated areas for this.I think if I were famous I’d keep well away from magazines and sites like this one. Love you Wenty xxxxx

  • Favorite

    This actor always looks like he smells bad and looks dirty filthy looking.He always sounds stupid and moronic in his interview too not that he is one he just sounds like it.He is really pathetic he should be so lucky the press as little as it is even takes pictures of that gross creature.

  • Favorite

    He is also very strange and a weirdo he always sounds like he’s hiding something.If he thinks that makes him interesting and mysterious he’s wrong that makes him a weirdo and freaky.He is so creepy the pictures don’t lie.

  • Brentwood S.A.

    Is he suffering from an hormonal condition?
    Pop eyes like that are not natural….

  • Brentwood S.A.

    Does he do drugs?

  • DRD

    Favorite what is wrong with you? Why say that about someone you don’t even know? Went has done nothing mean spirited to deserve comments like that!!

    What you wrote is nasty and out of order and you know it!!!!