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Britney Spears Shows Off Her X-Factor

Britney Spears Shows Off Her X-Factor

Britney Spears is all smiles as she greets a crowd of adoring fans after taking the stage on ITV’s X-Factor in London on Saturday.

For her first live UK television performance in over four years, the back-in-the-groove pop princess performed her hit single “Womanizer,” while the five remaining X-Factor competitors gave their own renditions of Britney classics.

Britney, who turns 27 on Tuesday, made her X-Factor appearance as part of a whirlwind publicity tour around Europe for her sixth studio album, Circus. Watch the video below!

Britney Spears Performs “Womanizer” on X-Factor

15+ pictures inside of Britney Spears showing off her X-Factor…

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  • sarah

    You know what’s funny!?! Britney Spears song OOH OOH BABY sounds like HAPPY TOGETHER by the turtles! Just listen to both! Then Christina Aguilera’s song BEAUTIFUL sounds like Carole Kings song BEAUTIFUL! Just listen to the piano playing!!! How sad!!!:( I still like Britney’s song and Christina’s song but I’m just saying that it’s alittle sad. I know that they are not the only ones that do this but still…..I thought they came up with the music in the back by themselves. Not unless the people that help them with the music for their songs copies of other musicans!!!

  • britney from london

    Dear fans,
    soon I will be better than ever. The conservatorship is ending in february 2009, then I will be free to live my life. I hope, until february, I will stop taking my medications too. see you soon in concert.

  • Greg

    I’m so tired of these Britaloonies thinking that Britney is Jesus. If this was anybody else, you guys would see it’s a sub-par performance. Just because she’s less greasy doesn’t mean she’s got all the tools needed for a proper comeback.

    Britney will never completely be back, she’ll always have a hint of crazy in her. I don’t understand why she’s getting so much praise for these new performances. They’re pretty bad compared to everything else she’s done (except for that VMA performance, obviously.) She’s still not ready to be back. Get back to the dance studio, Britney.

  • nanny

    I was shocked by christinas bad track singing at the ama’s!

  • John

    quit hating! GO BRIT!!!

    Brit has always been lip synching….so i dont know why all of u are shocked.

  • mane

    britney you rock there’ll always be haters but don’t worry,your fans are thousand and thousand million around THE WORLD.We LOVE you and you’re doing FANTASTIC.thin,gorgeous,your hair doesn’t look dirty,you perform again,your new CD is going to be number 1 as all your old cds,and DON’T STOP!! we want more GOOD SURPRISES!!

  • jughed

    Mmm, I’m lovin’ the tight leather pants on Brit! :)

  • neelmani

    she has come farther than i thought and sooner as well
    i think she’s not the same entertainer she once was…but i will always love her as the POp PrinCESS and hope she can close enough.
    Plus, all these european shows is just her testing the water and getting back to what she used to do. she hasn’t been in front of people in a couple years so shes gearing up for NEW YORK performaces…can’t wait for her to be on GMA…hope she ROCKS it OUT!!!

  • julian

    are you guys crazy?or just been brought up by a monster?

    This girl has been through so much,and its only because of people like us and paparazzis that never LEAVE HER ALONE.

    Now when she’s putting back the pieces,you people still criticize her?

    Bloody monsters.

    Go brit!

  • rachel

    omg she looks great!
    all you haterz out there need to shut the hell up!

  • sunita

    B*tch B*tch B*tch, thats all haters do….she has come farther that anyone thought she would.. everyone assumed she would be dead by now ( how anyone can wish someone dead is beyond me, idiots!!)
    I PERSONALLY wish her the best and hope she stays healthy and happy AND stays in the spotlight and makes the greatest come back ever….so all u haters can eat ur stupid mean WORDS.

  • chAU

    She is lip synching once again.

  • music

    she is not lip synching .
    she was singing live on all three of her performances in europe.
    it looks like she is lips synching because. the background vocals added in the song (the vocals from the origonal song) are louder than her microphone so thats why it looks like it but through out the video you can hear her real voice, she can sing live, man stop hating she makes good pop music.

  • music

    she is not lip synching .
    she was singing live on all three of her performances in europe.
    it looks like she is lips synching because. the background vocals added in the song (the vocals from the origonal song) are louder than her microphone so thats why it looks like it but through out the video you can hear her real voice, she can sing live, man stop hating she makes good pop music.

  • cain

    she’s back…oh well, not exactly her dancing skills but still, HOT

  • Hello_Stranger


    Love Love Love … U BRIT

  • ameey

    she was really good last night, so was Miley cyrus (:

    aha, yay! Diana got through :D

  • Zoe

    I thought she was absolutely AWFUL!
    I don’t like Miley Cyrus too much but she was on X Factor too and
    1. She was live.
    2. She sang like a million times better.
    I was really embarassed for Britney. She is far from a come back and I think going on X Factor and lip synching hasn’t done her any favours at all.
    Well that’s what I think; if you’re gonna start causing rows; do it on my myspace…click my name :)
    Britney was awful….sorry Britney fans.

  • Violette

    After all the hype that was a bit of a let down. Like you’ve already said the contestants sang her songs live and she can’t even do that herself. Even the dancing was bad! she just walked from one end of the stage to the other :s It’s a shame, really thought she was getting back on track, but she just isn’t up to it.

  • pure shit

    this girl has lost it and all ya’ll who think she still has need to have your heads ckecked. the song is dry and she lip syncs. i’ve got nothing more to say.

  • Mandy

    How the hell did people thing she lip synched?! She was talking through the mike she was using! It was on! People would know whether it was her singing or not! And personally, I’m glad she’s back on track. Some artists are beginning to go downhill and they need a survivor like Britney to inspire them. She’s had her bad moments but she’s recovered and she’s back! That’s all that matters.

  • Mandy

    Oh and it is x-factor live. I watched it in England myself.

  • laura

    she is beautiful,and this perfomance was nothing but HOT!!!!!
    who cares if she mimmes,she is the best entertainer out there!and with slow music she sings beautifully!
    luv her smile!<3

  • xoxo_gg

    OK don’t get me wrong… I love Britney but I was sooooo dissapointed last night. I wanted her to sing live but she just mimed!!! She looked hot but I was a bit gutted. JLS or Alexandra to win the X factor… Eoughan should have gone not Ruth.

  • em

    she was dreadful! just wandered around the stage miming. after such a big build up to her performing she was a total let down

  • nhy


  • bruno

    I hate UK! Like German Fans, they like to talk bad about one person, just because of her problems in the past…YOU LIKE TO DESTROY A PERSON!…Well Done, Britney ROCKS the night!



  • adam

    I don’t get the Britney Spears haters: if you think that Britney is so bad, why are you seeing this? why did you click the “more here” button? Definetely, she is the center of attention, You can loe her, you can hate her, but you always are going to be watching wahtshe is doing

  • http://justjared shantel

    what a dissapointment mimed it all.

  • Cathy


    and OMG hehe
    I new I seen tht top & leggings before
    There from Topshop :O

    amazing show


  • sguaraus

    In this performance she’s been a little better, but nothing impressive. But, if it’s a lipsync, why does she always “dress” a fake microphone? It’s so stupid. How do you image Spears when she’ll be 40 or 50? The eternal teenager, with the unfailing fake lipsync and microphone? … Ahahaha

  • samii

    i am sorry. but being from england i watched the thing live, and she did mime, she didnt put any effort inot the words, while miley cyrus(who was on before her) but so much effort inot the singing you knew it was live, she looks good though

  • julien

    It was so much better on the French version last friday…the production and everything was much more entertaining…here is was just a bunch of guys dancing around her and she lip singing…wasn’t exciting at all!!!

  • fabp

    her usual lipsynching is thumbs DOWN – too bad coz she looks better – altho’ that not that great either – her dancing wasn’t that good either

  • notorious

    Let’s hope she dies of cancer

  • Serena harker

    What a fvcker notorious, I hope YOU die of cancer.

  • Britney is pathetic


    Good God, enough with Britney Spears already. She isn’t worth it.

  • Elow

    I love Britney but she’s not back !!
    She can’t be able to sing and do something different in germany, france and UK

  • kim kardashian is a whore

    i dont like her look at all here
    specially her outfit
    her face seems weird to me, idk why

  • mariah

    i love her. i’m glad she’s back. :)

  • Yeahhhhh

    I’m sorry but that was not a comeback. I actually perfered(sp?) Miley, I mean ATLEAST she sang live! Call me when the real Britney shows up, Idk I was expecting a lot more from her.

  • DS

    She was SO FAKE!!!! Miming on a talent contest – shame on you miss spears, anyone who still likes her needs to pull their head out and smell the roses!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • susan

    She’s become rather pathetic. I agree with the singers singing britney’s songs live that britney herself can’t sing live. Very ironic. Britney dosen’t need lies like so many fans think she does. She needs the truth. Britney should consider stopping this farce of a career and just be a mother. She has enough money to last her the rest of her life if she’s wise with it. She says she still loves this but I don’t think she does. And she can’t compete with the beyonce’s or christina’s. Hell she can’t even compete with the mileys or hillary duffs. She’s lost her mojo.l

  • Dan

    I think Britney’s performance was excellent, she’s grown up and is a beautiful woman by anyone’s standards, and I for one would like to wish her well.

  • yep

    Brit cannot dance anymore since her knee blow out on the Onyx Tour, which was overshadowed by her mental breakdown. But the old dancing Brit is dead forever.

  • Max

    Mariah Carey lipsynch in x-factor. so what?

  • britney spears l;over

    i love her and she is an entertainer not a singer…so haters fall back and britney spears is soon to be the queen of pop so stop hating….u can’t dance and lip synche like her…it take hard work…GOOO BRITNEY U STILL THE BEST!!1

  • Rommey

    Just get naked and shut up!

  • sukai

    I was so dissapointed, everyone sang live but her.
    Miley sang live and of course the contestants. They sang Britney songs but Britney herself could’nt.

  • Guy

    The performance was piss poor. The staging was lackluster, the lighting was so bad it should cost someone a job and Britney….. Well…. The fact the contestants are scrutinized so much on their vocal work that they MUST sing live every week, rehearse all week and are NEW to this kind of attention. People saying… Awww but its Britneys comeback, she’s nervous…. Sorry hon, if your nervous and those nerves translate on stage then your not fit for the job. The dancers were ok, nothing special, and as for her choreography, I’ve seen horses trot around a paddock better…..
    Sorry Britney, your now a has been, the bar has been raised in the quality of performances the audience now expects. Not just a dolly bird pretending to sing while clip clopping about a stage. If you had kept your marbles rather than going loco with a pair of hair clippers and remembering the “Clunk Click” rule for you children while driving your car then you might just be able to keep up with todays talent, but if you cant cut the mustard then time time to find another job….. Just not as a hair stylist. (I’ve seen your attempt and you suck at that too)