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Rosie O'Donnell's Variety Show Canceled!

Rosie O'Donnell's Variety Show Canceled!

Rosie O’Donnell tried to revive the variety show format with Rosie Live! this Wednesday. Apparently the show flopped, with only 5 million tuning in to watch the NBC special.

Rosie, 46, blogged, “There will b no more. No ratings. Bad reviews. Yet still – a thrill 4 me… If the bloggers didnt like it, I knew it didn’t work.”

The reason for the cancellation was” “Not enough rehearsal. The live part wasn’t a plus. The in-theater experience didn’t transfer to TV. It was a pilot, meaning u try it [and] see if it works. Then if they pick it up, u fix it.”

But variety shows aren’t dead! In good spirits, Rosie says, “Many people r gonna try a variety show. One will work. Ellen tonight. The Osbournes have one. John Mayer. Check them out.”

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    i JUST HAVE TO SAY THIS…………………………………………………….



  • lena

    what a douche

  • joy


  • Doc

    No surprise, I didn’t watch it BECAUSE of her.


    I LOVE Rosie and hated that the show failed !!!!…..She does SO much for children and other people, that I had hoped it would work out…..Unfortunately, I did not get to see her show, because we were traveling…..But, my friends that did see it, enjoyed it….Variety Shows are funny ( like Carol Burnette’s old show ), but they hard to do live…

  • debbie

    thank god! i cannot tell you how much i hate that woman. after the way she behaved towards elisabeth on the view i’m surprised anyone would want her. there are those people who still have not forgiven her for the verbal attack on tom selleck when he appeared on her other show. to put it bluntly this woman is a b….

  • lilwayne.


    and she types like a 10 year old.

  • bella

    I used to like Rosie, but over the years I think she has shown her true colours. I have a lot of respect for her over the past couple of years. The fact that she keeps verbally attacking a lot of people is very distasteful.

  • sarah

    Yeah..looks like America’s first sweetheart lesbian has been replaced by the other sweetheart lesbian. Its about time people showed her that her loud mouth opinions aren’t wanted or needed.

  • mikey

    Whoo Hoo! Yes, Virginia….There IS a Santa Clause!

  • Jack

    No looks, no talent, no personality, what do you expect. How did she get to where she is?

  • http://aol Carebear

    The woman SHOULD now learn that her caustic words and actions will no longer be welcomed on TV. Good riddance! You can go back being yourself again.

  • billyhatesrosie

    Serves the fat idiot pig right. She has no credibility.

  • Fifi

    5 million viewers? That’s double the number of people who watch Gossip Girl. LMAO!

  • mrjonz

    Sigh…. I, too, agree with the others here: she really showed her true, rather bitchy self in the last couple of years. I’m afraid I don’t have to give her another chance. Been there, done that. No thanks.

  • K

    You’re a vile man Rosie…..go home.

  • eww

    That fat racist (remember the horrible ching chong gong comment on the View?) deserves it. Karma is a b*tch!

  • Cutiepie

    “Not enough rehearsal”? No dear, its because no one likes you anymore bacause you continue to show your true colors and an angry spiteful woman who clearly holds several grudges.

  • Cutiepie

    Sorry, because not bacause.

  • lola

    i think she is a bad person. no matter how much money she donated, she’s still a horrible pig. she shows a bad image/impression to people about lesbian.
    she was attacking kelly ripa for nothing. this pig is so judgemental. it’s not even funny

  • darren marting

    this pig is so judgemental.
    good one Lola

  • lola

    lol she blames the show??? she still thinks she is not THE problem at all.

  • Michele

    Rosie, is a sucess, she has all you talking about her. She is doing something right! If all you dont care as you say you do, and think she is so awfull then why take the time to comment on her. The old saying “is if your booooing me at least you know what Im doing!!!!”

  • Ikjh

    Wow, what hateful people.

  • 335435


    IT WASNT A PILOT! it was a SPECIAL that may have been made into a show.


  • Marco

    The question that begs to be asked is; Who was the idiotic moron at NBC that OK’d putting that tired old frustrated hag on the air in the first place? Being the last place network is one thing, but being the laughng stock of sweeps month is another.

  • jack

    How was anyone so stupid as to think her show would work? Most people hate her. She is an angry and mean spirited b**ch. No one likes Rosie. She should pack her bags and just go home and leave us alone…..

  • mateo

    LOL, u dezrv 2 fail, roZ!

    btw, wtf w/ teh lolspeak?/!1

  • Chris

    Rosie, before you do your next show, learn to type please.

  • g pig wrangler

    Who cares. she sucks, always has, always will. She also just happens to be one of the 3 women i would ever lay out.

    You suck rosie McDonald. eat some more

  • Paul

    i had a feeling this would happen/ personally i tried to watch it because i heard it would have some music and comedy sketches,which sounded like Saturday Night Live or MAD TV to me. turns out all it was on comedy sketches was Rosie talking to Alec Baldwin and the like making jokes. that’s not a sketch. and there were more singing then comedy so right about 7:20 PM Central,i turned the channel. i’ll stick with SNL and MAD TV,but if Rosie decides to host again on SNL,i’ll definitely watch it,but this was a fail from the beginning.

  • Beck

    Mikey #10… classic

  • whomod

    I bet Karl Rove was behind the cancellation!

  • Andrew

    I would like you see you loosers try do to a live tv show in front of millions and see how well you do. Thank god she attacked that moron Elizabeth on the View…to bad she didn’t beat some sense into the right-wing little snob! Rosie will be back….you people just can’t handle a gay woman who is willing to tell you to F**K off!


    she gets a free pass with the constant hate speech because of the jewish left dominating the media market. ( she speaks for many of them, especially at NBC MSNBC)

  • dialectic

    i actually watched part of it (why? its along story)and it was fucking creepy…like a drag queen acid trip but not in a cool way


    Does this Rosie guy have Gigantism?

    That must be the worlds largest skull.

    Lucky guy probably has a large penis?

  • Chris M

    5000 idiots that watched that fat ass communist! What Losers!



  • Pecker

    As much as I can’t stand that women, I wouldn’t be surprised if that douche bag of Donald Trump would take a cheap shot at her for her failed comeback. That dude needs to get a life.

  • mrb

    I like Rosie and y’all can go to hell. Careful, she crush you with her wallet. All of the fat comments are like grade school, you be ashamed.
    How shallow you are. I didn’t care for the show – it it didn’t work – it happens – so what? Grow up. Maybe a good dump will help release all bile.

  • mslewis

    I don’t hate Rosie at all but she has become a spiteful b!tch lately. I don’t know why she has to keep harping on Barbara Walters and the View. What’s up with that? She needs to just zip her mouth and disappear for awhile, give people a chance to miss her. She does have talent. I loved her in “Sleepless in Seattle.” She’s really funny when she’s not being nasty.

  • debra77

    I forgot it was going to be on.. She spent too much time talking about the View and not promoting her show. It got lost in that drama. I will watch Ellen. I just love her and her show. John Mayer No. I think he is going to have to do a lot of PR on his show. Just because we nuts on line know about him, I could name at least 30 people who do not know him at all. Maybe Jennifer will use some of that money she never gives away to pay people to watch the show.

  • to 34

    first of all, andrew, we are not loosers. yes it’s difficult to do a live tv show in front of millions; we get that. however there are those people who manage to do with both grace and charm; something that rosie sadly lacks. you praise rosie for attacking elisaeth on the view but guess what. elisabeth is still there and rosie was fired.

    why do you think that happened?? it’s because people were sending emails, letters, phone calls to the network complaining about rosie’s behavior. you would be surprised how many people i’m talking about. many of the same people praised elisabeth on her behavior towards rosie. these people were threatening to turn off the view if rosie was not fired.

    something else you should be aware of, and this i know for a fact, the view was in danger of loosing some key advertisment accounts as a result of rosie’s behavior. rosie had the job of a life time and she blew it. not because she is gay, but because of her needless venting, her inability to acknowledge that she could be wrong, and rosie’s constant harassement of anyone who did not follow her political agenda.

  • val

    I liked Rosie once long long ago and never again. She turned anti-anti and gross and butch type man type female with a loud mouth that never stopped. I don’t like Rosie and for that reason I did see the show to critique it. One performance was worse than the other, they were all awful, even people I wanted to be good were the worst. And Rosie’s jokes weren’t funny, just lousy. She had her teeth lengthened so they make her look like a fat chipmonk and she rambled through the entire hour a failure. Hey, I am not laughing, but I’m delighted she failed for she’s creepy with everyone and if Elizabeth and Bawbwa and Star laugh at her, why shouldn’t they? She scoffed at them all the time and Rosie is scum, they are each much better and more talented than Rosie by miles.

  • kwxz

    Good. I hope it’s a huuuuge blow to that fat obnoxious cow’s ego. She’s a hypocrite. Post-9/11, she *says* she’s anti-guns, yet hired armed bodyguards to go around w/ her and her kids. She *says* she’s about protecting children, yet she unnecessarily circumcised her sons (circumcision is a 100% unnecessary sexually damaging human rights violation), yet extends genital integrity to her daughter.

  • juanbigone

    I way underestimated the number of fools in Hollywood willing to throw money at this talentless sow.What will it take for this shrew to finally get the message: You are a vengeful,bitter, narrow minded,uneducated woman {I’m guessing} with nothing to offer.
    Save your venom for your mullet haired groupies.

  • JEP

    I am glad that now Rosie KNOWS that most of America hates her. She is always been a ugly fat cow with that awful smile. She just needs to accept that her time was with the Rosie O’Donnell show, and not now or ever again!!

  • Ed Sullivan


    I cant stop turning over and over and over.

  • Um…

    And they said it wouldn’t last…..looks like they were right again. F_U_C_K Rosie!!