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Suri Cruise Hits M&M Store

Suri Cruise Hits M&M Store


Suri Cruise holds onto a bag full of green M&Ms as she visits the M&M’s World Store with her older sister Isabella in Times Square, New York City on Saturday evening.

The sister-sister pair was accompanied to the chocolate store by their parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Everybody was seen posing with M&M store employees before heading out.

Isabella, 15, and Suri, 2, both took home bags full of chocolate goodies.

20+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise hitting up the M&M Store in NYC…

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suri cruise m and m store 01
suri cruise m and m store 02
suri cruise m and m store 03
suri cruise m and m store 04
suri cruise m and m store 05
suri cruise m and m store 06
suri cruise m and m store 07
suri cruise m and m store 08
suri cruise m and m store 09
suri cruise m and m store 10
suri cruise m and m store 11
suri cruise m and m store 12
suri cruise m and m store 13
suri cruise m and m store 14
suri cruise m and m store 15
suri cruise m and m store 16
suri cruise m and m store 17
suri cruise m and m store 18
suri cruise m and m store 19
suri cruise m and m store 20
suri cruise m and m store 21
suri cruise m and m store 22

Credit: David Krieger, Michael Swarbrick; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Jump

    It’s like clockwork. Jared just made bank!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`fcuking adorable.

    no wonder so many people are jealous of them.

  • Ally


  • Mia

    Its nice seeing Tom with one of his other children.

  • Sassy

    Seriously it must be hard to just go to the store, it would make me nuts having all the cameras on me all the time. Poor Isabella, just a teen trying to be normal, no wonder Connor stayed home! And again—-Katie, your hair! Ugh. NOT a good look for you. Suri is cute, good to see her with a coat, tights & shoes all in one pic.

  • cutie

    Cute! I love the bag of green M&Ms. ADORABLE! :)

  • lalala

    WHOA Isabella is THICK

  • harlow

    I know it’s bad for Suri to be photographed all the time but I can’t stop checking her pics, she’s so cute, I can’t take it! LOL!

    All the best to them, beautiful family.
    Thanks JJ!:)

  • Ericka

    aww green m&m’s! my favorite color! Suri is so cute.

    People are so rude. Isabella looks NORMAL…she’s not fat. She looks cute and I love her shirt.


    AGREE ” INFAMOUS “…AND ” CUTIE “….In one of the last pictures poor little Suri looks frightened over something…Probably, one of the Paparazzi guys were screaming in her ears….Why can’t people just leave them alone, and let them shop…….Bella is cute, but she has never been into fashion as Nicole has stated…….Her mom said she was more of a ” tom-boy “, than a girlie-girl……

  • zk

    Ummm Jared dear, “accompanied by their parents Tom and Katie”………..Katie is not Isabella’s mom, Nicole is.

  • ice

    Stop the whole Thanksgiving photo op charade. Annoyinng family trying to act all-American

  • kprocks89

    suri closes her eyes and covers her ears unlike other kids…

  • OMG!!!

    Who hit Suri with an ugly stick?!?!

    she needs some sleep or something

  • OMG!!!

    Who hit Suri with an ugly stick?!?!

    she needs some sleep or something

  • katie is a manson girl

    “by their parents”

    really? i didn’t know that nicole was along!

  • defap

    a happy family. :)

  • Toni

    thank you 16 and 11. last time i checked katie wasn’t even isabellas mom, i thought nicole was.

  • anna

    I love them and I love this store too.

  • happy turkey


  • airwolf

    The family I respect most in Hollywood!

  • jj thanks

    The All

  • Rose

    ooooo…and M&Ms World Store?? Now thats the kind of place i like. Another place to visit when going to NYC :D
    Oh Suri is cute too, with her green m&ms :p

  • miss ohio

    what brand are katie’s jeans? homely yang?

    i hate them. the seams looks cheap and poorly made.

  • Amazing & Magical

    this family always looks miserable. the kids seem to have a better time when katie’s not around. i wish katie would just let tom carry suri. she like it.

  • altos

    a happy lovely family

  • legs

    A family who plays together stays together. Even some haters hang out with this family on this board and on the weekend.
    Very touching.

  • meatloaf

    Quite Adorable <3

  • holiday

    Thanks JJ

    Keep up w/ the Cruise threads

  • peace

    God bless the Cruises and fans
    God bless America
    God bless our troops
    God bless JJ
    most of all the dead of the Mumbai attacks

  • iron chef

    Beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tom

    I think it’s really sad that Katie makes everyone match each other. Even poor Isabelle is made to wear gray and blue, just like Katie. And if Suri won’t wear pants, why is it that her dress always matches Katie and Tom’s outfits?
    –No, Katie WANTS Suri to wear those dresses she bought her so she can match her and so she can show them off. So superficial.

  • Mr. Blonde

    So they’re TRYING to be a loving family rather than actually being one, #12. It’s all a charade???

    How could you say that about a little girl, #15?

    She’s not her mom, #18. She’s her stepmom.

    What the hell are you talking about, #25?

  • beltway


  • iria

    I get a lesbian vibe from Isabella.

  • BG

    omg..what the HELL is Suri wearing???? I can’t believe they put fur on this kid. Katie you are so ridiculous. You dress her like a doll. This kid needs to go to bed and NOT paraded around like some trophy for PR. Tom and KAtie you guys SUCK all the way!

  • Mr. Blonde

    Are you crazy, #32? Now the allegedly mousy Holmes MAKES people wear the COLORS she WANTS-so they can match???

  • Old Nutter Hubbard

    ginger @ 11/29/2008 at 10:33 pm

    Mr Blonde- can’t you just post a simple normal comment instead of commenting on other people’s posts? You are NOT privy to the Crusies or their lifestyle so, stop acting like you do.

    I suspect that most people are here for a bit of light entertainment, not to be berated for our personal views by some jumped up, goosestepping nazi demanding that we “shut up!”, “get a life” etc. if our posts are not flattering to their Fuhrer.

  • moveon

    Bella and Conor never seem happy when they are with Tomkat. They never smile. You can tell they don’t like being paraded around like this. The kids spent time with Nicole and Keith this week in New York and Nicole managed to keep the paps away. Something is seriously wrong with Tom and Katie. Suri is wearing formal wear to go to a candy store.

  • herewego

    When will this stop? Until Valkyrie comes out?
    Who in the right mind wants to be papped day and night? He’s acting like Britney Spears unmedicated. Just want to be in the spot light.

  • Mr. Blonde

    I’ve repeatedly admitted that I’m not ‘privy to the Cruises or their lifestyle,’ #38. I simply point out to critics that neither do they. And guess what? I can comment on the critics posting unfair things just as I can to the subject of any thread.

    Don’t break Godwin’s Law next time you want to attack my character.

    Who’s being paraded around, #39??? They’re entering a public place where these famous people are expectedly photographed!

    Critics always conveniently miss such pics or exaggerate any pics where they’re simply not smiling. Quit nit-picking.

    That kid ALWAYS wears formal wear!

  • frances

    A real family,beautiful children blessed with beautiful good parents too.

  • the_boyfriend

    Isabella is eating her Feelings, she needs to get on a diet, so not cute.

  • Lisa

    Katie needs a haircut.

  • nicole b.

    Katie Holmes has the kid wearing fur and dressy dress to a candy store? Next, she’ll probably put her in some Jimmy Choo shoes for kids. Honestly, can’t this superfical woman come back to earth? At least Bella is dressed appropriately but I get the feeling the poor teenager is miserable with the stepmother from hell. I don’t see Katie Holmes headed for Calif. any time soon to have to butt heads with the real ruler of the roost……her mother-in-law.

  • uhha

    mr blonde

    you’re not a character……you’re an idiot!

  • Jill

    Jared, you can post a new thread on Suri or Katie every day between now and December 26, and Valkyrie will still bomb.

  • Jill

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 11/29/2008 at 10:14 pm

    Nobody is jealous of this freakshow family except you. You’d move in with them if you could.

  • peace

    Suri Cruise looks like a bobble head.

  • leggs

    The kid’s looking old and wrinkled from having the flashbulbs constantly in her face.