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Tom & Katie Dine At Nobu With The Beckhams

Tom & Katie Dine At Nobu With The Beckhams

Tom Cruise holds onto wife Katie Holmes‘s hand as they leave Nobu restaurant after having dinner with fellow power couple David and Victoria Beckham.

Vicky B‘s fur is most likely fake. In the past, she has voiced her anti-fur beliefs and promotes an animal friendly wardrobe filled with faux/synthetic furs. Of PETA anti-fur campaigns, Posh stated that she is “supportive of its high-profile anti-fur campaigns [and pledged to] never to work with fur in any of [her] own fashion collections.”

20+ pictures inside of TomKat dining at Nobu with Posh and Becks

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tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 01
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 02
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 03
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 04
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 05
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 06
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 07
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 08
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 09
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 10
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 11
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 12
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 13
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 14
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 15
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 16
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 17
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 18
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 19
tom katie david victoria beckham nobu 20

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  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …alot`a money right there.

  • loly

    gooooooooooooooo tomkat
    love you . tom is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  • Billie

    Katie’s a freak!

  • bella

    Love Victoria, but the fur coat kinda grosses me out.

  • celeree

    Like the Beckhams.
    Can’t stand the Tomkats. FAKE and PHONY.

  • susan

    OMG. Tom and Katie are not pimping out Suri. Suri must have stood up and declared NO MORE PAPS!!!!!
    Thank God no pics of that poor baby.

  • shebey anne

    All that Tom money and this is the best Katie can look. What a waste.
    And why is she trying to look all shy and demur AND hunched over??
    Girl has serious issues with her posture and fashion???

    The Becks, lovely as always. Go Victoria!!!!!

  • Mousse

    LOL Posh looks like an ostrich in that coat and sorry but her way of walking is FAR from elegant.
    Katie gives a very weird impression they way she holds her head, and Tom the way he holds her hand. If that is meant as loving care, they have no clue what loving care means. Strange way to behave as actors, their body language is alarming.

  • nor

    Love Victoria for always going out in things like she’s from another world! The Beckhams are great.. TomKat I could do w/o

  • lisa

    David Beckham is too hot for words!


    THE BECKS ARE PERFECT COUPLE but tomcat is booorrriinnnnggggg!!!! look at dresses between katie and victoria.. posh looks PERFECT ALWAYS

  • g

    Wow, I LOVE their outfits!

    –check out my blog at

  • Jackie O-no

    Is that Katie’s frigid, 1920′s middle-aged spinster look?

  • wow

    Fashion disaster for both katie and vic

  • Sandra

    Katie is elegant, love the outfit, simple but classy.

  • paul

    Tom Cruise is so ridiculous and funny.

    He is always laughing for Paparazzi


    as usual…

    david brings his hip girlfriend

    tom brings his grandmother

  • vanessa

    Kaite seems a machine.
    His master ordered to do…




  • imaginaque

    Nothing like a side-by-side comparison to see beyond the shadow of a doubt that Victoria Beckham is a style icon, while Katie looks like a total frump.


  • Jackie O-no

    Judging by David’s expression, he’s had enough of Tom-the c*ck-Cruise to last him a lifetime.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$

    PAPARAZZI = always close – they are informed.

  • Starobsessed

    Tom always looks like he’s leading Katie around like she’s an old lady!! She may dress like one, but if I recall she’s only in her TWENTIES!

  • Rosie

    Is the reason KH keeps dressing twice her age is to keep the midget look younger?!? And she’s always had bad posture, especiallyow, so as not to emphasize his shortcomingsIs the reason KH keeps dressing twice her age is to keep the midget look younger?!? And she’s alwaIs the reason KH keeps dressing twice her age is to keep the midget look younger?!? And she’s always had bad posture, especially now, so as not to emphasize his shortcomings.

  • pinkydoo

    I love the way David is always holding his wife’s hand. He is just too adorable for words. Posh is so lucky. Katie, not so much. I feel sorry for her.

  • mimi

    Katie looks so beautiful and elegant. Love the outfit.

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    I knew it was just a matter of minutes before Jared succumbed to the pressure from little Tommy to post pictures—-MANY pictures—of these rich losers. Wazz up with the obsession, Jared.
    Who do you have the hots for?

  • c

    Love them all

  • anonymous

    God bless the Cruises and Beckhams!

  • ruby

    Beautiful people
    and out

  • thank you jared

    hotness overload
    and powerhouse baby

  • kh give it up….get help

    did kh “design” this fashion disaster? hasn’t she learned yet she is talentless, and those shoes OMG, where is her mind?

    she walks like she is frozen & ill.
    tt keeps smiling like a jerk.

  • america

    Happy Happy Thanksgiving and so good to see them hanging out
    together. Poor trolls hanging out with Satan.

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    The Beckhams do a great job with their kids. 3 kids= a lot of work! He’s probably a bit tired of hanging with Tom though. Victoria looks awesome! Katie looks pretty too.

  • gotham


  • spooky

    My favorite couples in Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie the manson girl

    there’s tomkat holding hands in unnatural uncomfortable way. katie has her wierd manson girl expression. she’s always remindded me of the one on the far right

  • bailout the detriot lions!!

    victoria looks horrible with that fucking fur and those boots, altho her dress did seem nice
    katie looks sophisticated tbh, i like the outfit
    katie isnt an robot….she’s under the influence of aliens like tom and suri the alien princess =]


    Light, camera and action.

    Another Circus will begin.


    Another mess……………

    Holmes seems to have started with a classic black dress.

    Not being able to leave a classic in it’s pure form, she then adds a horrible white Mr. Roger’s cardigan and a suit belt to ruin the simplicity of the dress.

    To further accessorize, silver shoes and uncombed hair finish this disastrous look off.

    Black pumps, a simple trench and a a hairbrush could have saved this mess.

    I usually don’t critique people, but presentation is a part of style. I’m concerned with the way Tom is always holding Katie’s hand as though he was presenting her at court. Odd.

  • Cruise Missile

    Speaking of smiling jerks/Satan, look at these images of Tom’s eyes taken from recent pictures where he’s flashing a broad grin:

    If that’s how he looks when he’s happy, i wouldn’t like to see him when he’s raging!

  • dancer…

    Lord Katie looks dreadful. Another photo op for the paps! You can tell because they are dining at Nobu where people go to be noticed AND she isn’t wearing a coat, so that the paps can photograph her in all her fashion glory–not to mention Tommy girl is holding her hand saying “Look here, Look at my fashionesta.”
    God forbid these two stay home and eat popcorn and watch a movie. Well, they keep their publicists busy calling the paps and in today’s economy I guess that means these folks can keep their jobs which is to pimp out this couple.

  • defap

    Tow very nice couples. Every one is decent and nice. Katie looks very good. David needs to slow down, because Victoria has to run to catch up with him. She is not football player, David.

  • chavacana

    two superficial couple!

  • xoxoxoxoxoxo

    The Cruises are outmatched by the Beckhams in this photo op.

    Posh makes Katie look like Auntie Em and David makes Tom look like Mr. Rogers.

  • goya

    Why does Cruise hold Katie’s hand like she’s 85 years old? I am convinced that these two have never been physically intimate with each other ever.

  • intimate? tt is gay

    goya, of course you are right, tt is gay and kh was already impregnated by Suri’s real mystery dad when she signed the contract.

    most of the time now she looks like a boy/man, who knows what her sexual identity is, does she even know? she looks too depressed to have one.

  • debra77

    It funny how no one complains about the lack of humanitarian work done by any of these 4 self absorbed people. Tom, Victoria and David make tons of money. What do they do for others. Victoria would look much better if she let go of the uptight stance. She and it are getting so old. Oh and we see Katie, Victoria and their children ALL THE TIME… Where is the pimping brigade comments. These people do nothing except wait to get their pictures taken. I don’t need to see them any more.


    HEY, ” DANCER “…Hope you had a nice and quite Thanksgiving and got to see your ” nana-babies “….
    Did you see in the pictures HOW Victoria walks?…It is hysterical..I have never seen such a stride before….It would almost seem that she could do a spilt any minute….NUMBER # 49 ( DEBRA 77 )..I have NEVER read about the Beckham’s and their charities..OR, seen them work at anything ( charity function )…I did NOT think the Cruises did either, until a friend of mine told me that they are HUGH supporters and very generous with St.Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tn….He lives there and works as a volunteer with ALSAC, ( Volunteer division and memorials )…Needless to say, I was shocked !!!..Did NOT think TomKat really showed interest in any charity cause…
    He said their other big supporter was ” CHER ” !!…Really a shock, because she is not visible much any more… Nice though…