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Robert Pattinson Enters The Wasteland

Robert Pattinson Enters The Wasteland

Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson keeps his sexy head of hair under a beanie as he strolls along Melrose Avenue after a late afternoon shopping spree in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 22-year-old British actor picked up a few items from second-hand clothing store “The Wasteland”. Afterwards, Robert was stopped on the street by a young fan. Of course, he kindly stopped to pose for a quick pic.

Later in the evening, Robert picked up some off-the-menu options at the In-N-Out drive-through. He chowed down in his car and stopped at a gas station, where he threw out his burger trash. Robert then picked up a case of Heineken beer and headed home.

10+ pictures inside of Wasteland-shopper Robert Pattinson

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Credit: Max Butterworth/Bret Thompsett; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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92 Responses to “Robert Pattinson Enters The Wasteland”

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  1. 51
    jess Says:

    I love Rob!

  2. 52
    Ana Andrade Says:

    He is so nice with the fans… I hope someday meet him*-*

  3. 53
    brie2009 Says:

    Rob looks soo hot!!! It is just soo sweet to see Rob stop and take a picture with a young fan. I really hope Hollywood doesn’t change him like Liz said. Rob just make sure that hollywood doesn’t change who you are on the inside ( and outside too! ).

  4. 54
    nicole! Says:

    hes perfection. on legs.

  5. 55
    christen Says:

    oh my creepy is it that they know every detail of his evening?? I am surprised they dont know that he went home took a crap and used charmin ultra toilet paper to wipe his ass. Our society is sick..seriously. We must know every detail of our obsessions lives..even though they dont even know any of you or give a crap what you ate for dinner! Just leave these people alone….ur all acting psycho.

  6. 56
    rossy40 Says:

    Latest rumor making rounds…

    Robert wants lead role in “World War Z” & is sending hundreds of emails to Plan B Entertainment to get first crack at auditioning…

    I damn near choked on my milk when I heard it; some people really do believe what strangers say THEY HEARD somebody else say. Was it because hearing it in a library rather than in a supermarket line is more reputable?

  7. 57
    WOOHOO Says:

    OMG, the amount of details on such boring things was totally stalkerish! Like at one time did he take a pee break, geesh! Give the dude some room!

  8. 58
    nina Says:

    omg, that little kid is so excited, hugging him around the waist!!!!lol

  9. 59
    coral Says:

    I can’t believe I just read through something that described where he threw his in-n-out trash out…hahahahahahahah

    And I think he’s actually okay with the attention actually. Dude needs to eat better though, his diet consists of pure crap, my god, his digestive system is probably a hot mess.

  10. 60
    kala Says:

    I don’t think he’s very stereotypical Hollywood, but he’s not exactly anti-establishment either, folks. Hanging out at the chauteau Marmont or Le Deux isn’t exactly cutting

    I think he’s handling the sudden attention very well though, good for him.

  11. 61
    Lindsay Says:

    I love how he shops at used clothing stores, its so green!

  12. 62
    Jessica Says:

    Ummmm, why do people follow celebrities around? I’m just saying if someone followed me around and then said I got some clothes, went to a fast food joint, threw out my trash and bought beer…I would say stalker. It confuses me as to why we care if people by beer. It confuses me…sorry.

  13. 63
    Yily Says:

    i love him! robert pattinson is so sexy and nice! he’s the next big thing!

  14. 64
    jessica Says:

    OMG he is awesome..i love him!!!!

  15. 65
    cc Says:

    Okay so I understand if he’s walking down the street, especially one such as Melrose Avenue its expected for him to get photographed.
    But to follow him everywhere he went and then basically to his apartment, thats messed up and very stalkerish.

  16. 66
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:

    Rob is a hottie, its funny he was shopping at a second hand store when he’s making millions

  17. 67
    Stalker and proud Says:

    For people saying this is stalkerish… thats what these gossip sites do. They stalk and they post so we can see them/celebs get beer and a new/old/used shirt.

    You wouldn’t be here looking at this crap if you weren’t interested. This is the true logic for idiots.

    Stalker ON!!!

  18. 68
    r pattz fan Says:

    He’s cute. He’s my obsession of the moment. He’s gracious and never complains about the paparazzi. He should really get out of LA or he’s going to go insane.

  19. 69
    JJ Says:

    A second hand clothing store? Didn’t he just finish filming this years greatest movie But ur right hes totally down to earth.

  20. 70
    Katrina Says:

    that last little paragraph was so incredibly creepy and stalkerish

  21. 71
    r pattz fan Says:

    He’s one of those few celebrities who’s so famous he doesn’t even have to tip off the paparazzi or set up his own photo ops unlike some celebs (cough cough Angelina). No newcomer has ever had a $69 million opener. When’s the last time a major celebrity like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt had a movie make $70 million opening weekend?

  22. 72
    jonhar Says:

    at first look he looks great.. at second look..he looks even greater..but don’t look too much, his hotness would eventually fade….

  23. 73
    edward you are our dream Says:

    yeah JJ – i guess RPattz knows how to be cool. No stylist. No hangers on. Just shopping for some cool vintage gear. I guess maybe all the sweeping success hasn’t gone to that gorgeous head. Good on him. Hope he has a massive career and a wonderful life.

  24. 74
    kiya e. Says:

    im the boy in that picture. lol im not even kidding

  25. 75
    Chelsey Says:

    OMGSH that fan is soo lucky!! i wish i lived where Celebritys just happend to walk past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 LOVE TWILIGHT also!

    btw Rob is hott

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