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Ryan Phillippe Spends Thanksgiving With The Kids

Ryan Phillippe Spends Thanksgiving With The Kids

Ryan Phillippe, actress girlfriend Abbie Cornish, and his children Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Looks like Ryan is going to punch out the paparazzi!

The happy family spent Thanksgiving weekend together with Ryan‘s family, most likely in his home state of Delaware.

Ryan‘s ex-wife Reese Witherspoon spent Thanksgiving with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal in the UK. The couple and actress pal Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated at a party thrown by British architect Richard Rogers.

15+ pictures inside of Ryan Phillippe‘s Thanksgiving holiday…

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  • Masha

    What’s with the matching hats?

  • M

    wow this is a big move, going on a trip to meet the parents with his kids.

  • lala

    omgg the kids look so much like their mom oh wow
    Ryan Phillippe is hot hot hottttttttttttttttt

  • gorgeous

    I don’t like this couple. They’re just like Angelina jolie & Brad Pitt, Madona & A-Rod. They’re having an affair while they’re still married.

  • Sophie

    LOL that is Shiloh and little Knox in about 5 years !

  • Sophie

    Anyway, they are cute kids, I really don’t like Reese (I find her incredibly annoying), but she’s an awesome mom. Good job for her, especially in Holywood.

  • Paulina

    first of all …the children are gorgeous!
    and they look like a regular ass family… there is no glamour here which is nice.

  • L

    When Reese was on Letterman he asked about Thanksgiving plans with her kids. She seemed to get a little uncomfortable and said they were staying here for school while she was in London. I figured they would be with Ryan, but she wouldn’t even so much as say they’ll be with their father. It was a little odd.

  • reggie

    Children of divorced parents are rarely happy. I have never seen these kids laugh or smile when they have been with either parent. It must be confusing to have two dads and two moms, etc., etc. and be shunted from one couple to the other constantly. It is best to get divorced AFTER the kids have grown up as Jakeypoo’s parents are doing.

  • reggie

    L: what did you expect her to say? “I dumped the brats on the ex so I could go to London for a getaway? Thank God he took ‘em off my hands.” LOL

  • beverly

    they look so much alike! except ryan has a beard…but cute kids!

  • Kristen

    L, another reason Reese probably avoided saying anything is because paps tend to stalk celebrities at LAX. Last year, Ava and Deacon had a frightening experience at LAX when the paps really pestered and surrounded them and Ryan as they were arriving home. She probably didn’t want to encourage the paparazzi or crazy fans even more by specifically mentioning that Ryan and the kids would be flying out of LAX for Thanksgiving.

  • kbab

    oh i would be pissed seeing my kids with the woman that helped destroy my marriage

  • Reggie is an Azz

    The children are court ordered to switch holidays every year. Reese was uncomfortable beacause every year of the children’s lives they have always been with her for Thanksgiving.

    It was very nice of her friends to throw the party in London to take her mind off of the inevitable.

  • eimear

    wow, they look like twins… I always thought they looked realy alike.weird

  • reese is a bad mother

    I bet kids prefer Ryan to Reese

    Reese is never affectionate with the kids and uses the nanny all the time – she can’t be bothered!

  • phony

    “It was very nice of her friends to throw the party in London”


    Reese Witherspoon attended the party because she was after a photo op – she wanted to be seen with her fake boyfriend.

  • jojo

    I think the kids seem very well adjusted with both parents. Ryan and Reese may not have had a great marriage but they seem like great parents. Abbie and Jake seem like they are really mature committed partners that welcome the kids as part of their relationships. Kudos to all involved.

  • Ruth

    How do we know that Reese and Ryan had a “bad marriage”. Relationships go through good and bad and in this case, Ryan met his new girlfriend and fell in love with her. If he hadn’t have met her, Reese and Ryan would probably still be married and the kids wouldn’t have gone through a divorce.

    The only good thing you can say about Ryan’s affair with Abby is that they have kept the relationship very low key with as least publicity as possible. Let’s see how long their relationship lasts and if they are still together after 7 years.

  • jojo

    I assume they had a bad marriage because they got divorced. It seems to indicate more issues then just one affair. Purely speculation but their body language in pictures seemed tense, they always talked about how hard their marriage was in interviews, they just didn’t “seem” happy. JMO
    They seem happier now.

    I think they were too young and got married too fast because they were having a baby.

  • lexi

    I like Ryan and Abbie together. They seem really solid.

  • beth

    I admire the fact that Reece didn’t play a blaming game and made it a mess like some. She always talk about her responiblity for the divorce Rayan was a bit taken back at first but I say both Reece and Rayan handled it well. They seem fine in their new relationship. Good luck to them.

  • Jessica

    Abbie and Ava hugging!! : ): )

    I think the kids don’t like of the paps so they don’t smile at this kind of picture. This doesn’t mean we aren’t happy.

  • Jessica

    Abbie and Ava hugging!! : ): )

    I think the kids don’t like of the paps so they don’t smile at this kind of picture. This doesn’t mean they aren’t happy.

  • lexi

    it’s nice to see the kids comfortable with their parents S/O’s

  • Jessica

    Sometimes the best for the kids is the separation. If the parents are always discussing and fighting it is better to separate. My parents stayed together for years after the marriage finished and this wasn’t better for me or for my brother.

  • sillyme

    Ryan and Abbie kind of resemble each other. And, the children are VERY cute. Ava is definitely Reese’s mini-me.

  • Ryan & Reese have both found

    the right people for each other and I’m happy for them. I like them each, and they seem so much happier apart and with their new loves than they were with each other.

  • Ryan & Reese have both found



  • jojo post #20

    I agree with your every word. I always thought they were just too young in the first place, and for so long they seemed quite unhappy and actually uncomfortable in each others presence. I repeat that they both seem so much more happy with their respective new loves.

  • reggie

    Reese was uncomfortable beacause every year of the children’s lives they have always been with her for Thanksgiving.

    It was very nice of her friends to throw the party in London to take her mind off of the inevitable

    She was UNCOMFORTABLE having her children with her???!!!!!!!!!

    Take her mind off the INEVITABLE. What in the hell does that mean? Inevitable what? That her new movie will bomb?

    Now who is the AZZ who can’t think or write? One guess.

  • Freya

    #31 Are you purposely misconstruing those words, or are you just plain stupid? The previous poster was simply saying that Reese was uncomfortable talking about it on Letterman, not that she was uncomfortable being with her kids. This was the first year they hadn’t been with her for Thanksgiving, and she wasn’t comfortable talking about it. Also, the inevitable part refers to the fact that it couldn’t be avoided since the courts had decided it, so it was nice for her friends to have a party to keep her minds off things.

    Things becoming suddenly clearer for you idiot?

  • abbie fan

    I love Ryan & Abbie togheter!!

  • lousy marriage and showmance

    Reese made sure she wouldn’t look dumped after Ryan left her for Abbie – her showmance with Jake got her a lot of good PR, she can pretend to “have it all”.


  • Applause

    I give Ryan much applause for being a father determined to be there for his kids in spite of his divorce. Across America…millions of fathers after a divorce, move on with their new loves and ignore or abandon their kids…Ryan was a stay at home Dad throughout his early years with Reese and he loves his kids, he has never abandoned his kids….Ryan and Reese can each move on to other partners but they are still parents to their children SO for that reason they will always be in each others lives. Now these kids have additional people who love and care for them Jake and Abbie.

  • Amanda

    wow they are growing uppp super fast (9 and 5 now right?!) seems like just yesterday that they were born, or at least that Deacon was born and an infant but anyway they are super cute and getting soo much bigger and taller and look like both their parents ,its ashame that they get photographed soo much and have to deal with the paparazzi on basically practically a day to day basis.

  • photo ops

    “Now these kids have additional people who love and care for them Jake and Abbie.”

    Why would Jake care about his beard’s kids?

    Tabloid BS.

  • Anon

    It is so YESTERDAY to sit here and talk about Ryan and Reese!!!! They have moved on. You don’t discuss your child custody arrangements and agreements on TV with Letterman in a five minute spot. when you have to be there to promote your movie. And I saw video of the papparazzi swarming those kids last year and it was horrifying! There should be laws against the paps harrassing minor children. If Jake hadn’t been on crutches at the time I think he would have gotten violent. I’ve seen pictures of the kids looking happy, but not when they have been swarmed by paps. Those paps are also shouting at them, just so you know.

  • Beatrix kiddo

    Abbie Cornish is soooo beautiful ! :)

  • PR wh*res

    “There should be laws against the paps harrassing minor children.”

    There should be a law agains celebrity mothers using their children for PR and pretending to be upset when that suits them.

    Reese is doing that all the time.

  • Anon

    #40 Reese was no where around this airport! Everyone knows the photographers stake out airports and shopping areas, restaurants, and schools, and do anything they can to get “money shots” of celebrity children.

    When they were very young, both Ryan and Reese agreed to the required PR shots of “Happy family” magazine spreads, but no way you can consider either of them publicity whores when it comes to their kids.

    These kids are not like Suri Cruise or Kingston Rossdale.
    I repeat. There should be laws against photographing the minor children of celebrities without their parents permission. Following them to their schools, and every time they want to go out to the store or the movies or other random ordinary stuff. You don’t have to like Reese or Jake, or Abbie, or Ryan to be honest about the fact that all four of them are really trying to do right be these kids.

  • Alaina

    I love that he spent the holiday quietly with his family & kids at home and Reese is jet setting to the UK with Jake. Ryan seems like a down to earth guy while Reese is portrayed as a stuck-up b*tch. For the kids sake I hope it isn’t true, but I would not want that wench as my Mother.

  • Reese is a phony

    Reese Witherspoon was in UK to promote her cr*py movie and fauxmance with Jake.

    Reese loves combining business with business. LOL

  • Jen1

    They look really happy. All of them. Personally, I like seeing this. Ryan and Reese have always put the children first and I like it that, at least the people in their lives now, seem to know that Ava and Deacon are most important.

    Ryan does look upset though. I feel bad looking at all these pics, even though I clicked in and think they look lovely.

  • Reese pimps kids for PR

    Reese uses her kids and paparazzi for PR whenever she feels like it.

    Pig farm pictures and London museum pictures can prove it.

  • dianel

    Ryan is a great dad beautiful children

  • Mr. Blonde

    So parents should keep bickering and make their children uncomfortable until their kids are gone from the house so they can get divorced, #9?

    Quit judging how those kids are feeling based on a few still frames caught of them.

    She didn’t, #13.

    Who are you to say that Witherspoon isn’t affectionate or is a bad mother, #16? You don’t know her.

    They never had an an affair, #19.

    How do you know that, #34? She told you?

    Can prove she does that, #40? If not, shut up!

    You shouldn’t be judging you don’t know, #42.

    I don’t think any such pics prove anything more that that she’s famous and is expectedly photographed, #45.

  • k

    holy crap! Ava looks a whole lot like her Reese. she’s gonna be pretty when she gets older…

  • k

    i mean Ava looks a whole lot like Reese**

  • Kristen

    @ Reese is a bad mother

    And you know this how?

    You don’t know her – how can make a statement like that?