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Sienna Miller Hits British Independent Film Awards

Sienna Miller Hits British Independent Film Awards

Sienna Miller (in Louis Vuitton) holds hands with The Edge of Love co-star Keira Knightley (in Balenciaga) at the British Independent Film Awards 2008 held at Old Billingsgate on Sunday.

Director Danny Boyle‘s Slumdog Millionaire, about a poor Indian boy who gets a shot at winning millions in a television game show, swept the awards show with three prizes. Slumdog Millionaire won the best British independent film, best director and most promising newcomer categories, the latter going to young actor Dev Patel who played the lead role of Jamal.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley hitting up the British Independent Film Awards…

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Photos: WENN, Jo Hale/Getty
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  • riz

    i would never hold hands with sienna. you might get the herp from coming in contact with her.

  • andré

    Keira’s dress is PERFECT!
    and she looks AMAZING.
    as usual

  • sweetie

    They look great. Keira is so beautiful :-)

  • fourplay

    Why is Sienna whistling? And where is her neck? And why is she dressed like that?

    For that matter, why is Keira dressed like that (although I like Keira very much). She doesn’t look exactly thrilled to be standing with Sienna.


    Sienna is back with her ugly old man, I heard…..Maybe his soon to be ex, saw the light of day and kicked him out….Keira is beautiful but that dress is awful….It looks like just a bunch of different styles thrown together on the bottom….

  • Kim

    I’m convinced these two bozo’s are bombed out of their minds…

  • uh oh…

    Nice sweat marks in Keira’s armpits (on the white undergarment)..

  • elle

    So this is why Getty hopped over to London to be seen with her, she has something to promote. Sienna pure trash, Keira pure class!

  • T

    i love keiras look

  • ugh

    sienna needs to sit the eff down. Keira is cool though.

  • Tiffany

    Keira better hide her boyfriend.

  • Rita

    Why is Sienna sucking in her cheeks like that in every picture, she’s no supermodel.

  • ?

    I always thought Sienna Miller was taller than that but she’s the same height as Kiera

  • I don’t care

    #13, it’s obvious that Sienna is a bit shorter than Keira. It’s because Sienna doesn’t have a neck.

  • charlotte

    sienna looks very beautiful und cool!!!! i love sienna and i hate
    these people who are so negative about
    they’re talking about, just because they getty has on its side! Just keep your flap

  • c2

    The MARRIED MAN joined VICTIMienna in London because he had to recevie his first installment from VM “harassment” lawsuit. Her staged photo-ops with the married man only confirm what everyone has suspectedall along, that she is just the MARRIED MAN’s booty-call sugar-mama and does not mean as much to the MARRIED MAN as she would have the public to believe. Notice that the only time he is not embarassed to go out in public with her is when he is drunk , she is naked/topless/semi-naked, or after she has won a “harassment” settlement/did some “odd” job.

    She has that smug look on her face because she “won the oil heir” . She has “won” a man that has so little respect for her that he won’t even divorce his wife. He is willing to rag along with her in public, but is not willing to get a divorce so that they can live happily ever after. She has to make up for his unwillingness to commit to her by leaking PR stories (ie-wanting the MARRIED MAN to woo her). By not getting a divorce, BG is sending the message that VM is only good for partying with and is not worthy of any commitments.

    She is trying to force BG wife into a divorce, why? If the MARRIED MAN wanted to be with her as badly as she keeps bragging about in her PR leaks, then he would get a DIVORCE. She is putting out stories about wanting the MARRIED MAN, who happens to be another woman’s husband, to woo her. That’s just pathetic, she is only putting out these “wooing” stories to save face because the MARRIED MAN won’t commit to her. No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t fool the public into believing that the MARRIED MAN “loves her” . The public is not going to accept her booty-call AFFAIR just because some judge ruled in her favor. Her life is “intolerable”, yet she is making 5 other people’s life intolearable by having A VERY PUBLIC AFFAIR with another woman’s husband and shamelessly flaunting it.

  • beverly

    yeah…whats with her trying to suck in her cheeks and pout? Some celebrities can do it flawlessly but she is obviously not one of them.

  • boogie

    Sienna does have beautiful eyes….but-

    she’s still a s l u t. Shame on her!

  • imaginaque

    Kiera’s hair and dress: WTF?! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuugly!

  • fourplay

    No, #14, YOU just keep YOUR flap…

    Wait, what does that even mean?

  • rolling


    all of these people are negative about Sienna because she is having an affair with a married man who has four children.

    Because she is a homewrecking trashbag who has no love for anyone but herself.

    Because she is prancing around London like she’s going to the circus because her married BF has agreed to see his kids less in order to spend more time wiht her.

    Because no matter how pretty she is, she is an ugly human being inside.



    The joke is on Sienna, Getty has NO OIL money.

  • wish

    DON’t hate her besides some of you might do the same thing if you was her.She was at event nothing else. He was not with her there, So what if she get a booty- call you all don’t know who it was with anyway Its good to see her trying to get her life back.People can change you know.

  • sluttywish

    #23— you are hilarious and….dumb!

  • angie

    I second that, #24…very dumb.

  • hank

    love keira. didn’t use to find her all that good looking but she really is a good actress.

  • c2

    If people who don’t condone VM behavior are “haters”, then what does that make VM since she has said some pretty mean and nasty things about RG and her marriage? The better question should be why does VICTIMienna hate RG and her kids so much? Is it because VICTIMienna can only get a man’s attention by taking off her clothes, footing the man’s bills, or keeping the man drunk/high as a kite? When a woman has to compete with a mother and her 4 kids for a man, what does that say about her character? No decent woman would be jealous of the fact that VICTIMIenna’s worth in life is determined by who she is sleeping with at the moment and the number of women and children that she has to step on inorder to acheive her “goal” (ie-MARRIED/ENGAGED MAN).

    Obviously it bothers VICTIMienna that everyone knows that she is just BG’s booty-call and sugar mama, that’s why she keeps going through so much trouble to convince everyone that the MARRIED MAN is “in love” with her. When she complained about the papz making her life “intolerable”, she was just upset because they made RG/kids the center of attention instead of her and weren’t patting her on the back for sleeping with another woman’s HUSBAND.

    If the MARRIED MAN was as if love with her as she keeps bragging about in her PR stories then 1) she wouldn’t have to ask/beg/force the MARRIED MAN to woo her because he would already be doing that, 2) he would be filing for a divorce, 3) he would look like he appreciates her company, 4) she wouldn’t have to bribe him to motivate him to go out in puplic with her, and 5) she wouldn’t have to release PR stories to make up for the MARRIED MAN lack of commit to her. The MARRIED MAN is cheating on his wife and she expects him to treat her like a lady. Why would she think that? Because some judge ruled in her favor? The judge’s ruling won’t make BG look any less miserable when he is with her and isn’t going to turn her booty-call into a romance.

  • Olivia

    Did she eat some Warheads on the red carpet? She’s sucking in her cheeks as though she’s preparing to hoover Balthy.

    English courts are such a total FAIL for awarding her that lawsuit.

  • Olivia

    PS. Balthy does not have access to the oil money. He probably won’t even be able to pay the alimony/child support for his FOUR children.

  • mery

    “She has “won” a man that has so little respect for her that he won’t even divorce his wife. He is willing to rag along with her in public, but is not willing to get a divorce so that they can live happily ever after”

    I agree, but if Balthazar don`t respect her, he don`t respect himself either.
    It’s a patetic affair.

  • Smilee

    I love Keira. She is so talented and one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • zoe

    keira’s look is over the top and she looks ghostly with such pale skin. they both look great overall though. keira is beautiful.

  • lala

    sienna looks ridiculous trying to pout like keira. i mean, keira does it naturally but sienna just looks dumb doing it

  • MistressOfDeviance

    Pathetic whore. She may think she’s won but he’ll never put a ring on her finger! Send him home to his children, homewrecking trash! Love Keira though!

  • Kells

    Why does Sienna even bother showing up at Film awards. No one in the film industry respects her.

  • A

    I can bet Keira is cursing the day when she agreed to work with Sienna. and so does Matthew, and of course so does John Maybury. poor John, he is not so lucky as Ridley Scott. )) and poor Si.

  • starlet

    Sienna is saying;

    meeeeee meeee meee! Everyone look at meeee!! I got me a new feller!!!!

    I didn’t know the English could have white trash! Sienna has proved me wrong. She is joke now.

  • zinger

    Is her mouth like that because she just got done kneeling in front of Balthazar?

  • heywood jablomie


    Where do you think the white trash in the US and Oz originally came from? ;)

  • A

    and getty is da man, real man. poor kids.

  • dottie

    Giving up on his kids for this talentless, worthless skank. Very nice. Well, “People” said that she would take him back if he spent less time with his kids. He must have agreed.

    Hey Sienna, does the name “Betty Broderick” ring a bell?

  • ace tomato

    Keira K is stunning and a very good actress. She has an incredibly original look – everything from her natural bone structure to how she stands and dresses – really cool individuality.

  • retch

    Sienna the ***** whose only talent is spreading her legs standing beside classy and able actress Keira. Couldn’t have a greater contrast. Yuk JJ, stop giving us pictures of Hollyood’s biggest wh***.

  • c2

    He’s the type of man who is motivated by money. As soon as he has blown through VICTIMienna’s money, he will go into hiding again and stop “defending” her. When he said leave her alone, didn’t it sound like he was drunk? He has fallen off the wagon and defending his mistress because he loves her bank account. So how many more lawsuits will VICTIMienna be filing so that the MARRIED MAN would be motivated to participate in her staged PR stunts? Did anyone notice that he didn’t even respond to that comment about MARRYING HER? Why isn’t anyone asking this man when he is going to stop humilating his wife and kids and get a divorce?

  • cheryl cole is frigging hot

    keira looks amazing
    i love how she dresses altho the dress isnt that good, i like the bottom half but hate the top half
    i think her hair is nice
    keira is defiantly cute tho
    sienna looks good for once tbh
    ive always wondered what ppl use to see in her before her home wrecking scandal, no i no why ppl liked her, she isnt that bad =]

  • ouch

    Keira needs to arm herself with a *CATTLE-PROD* !

  • alicia

    kiera’s dress is beautiful! They look great, Sienna stylish as always!

  • sipirili

    why being so negative???
    Siena is in love with Getty.
    maybe his wife is a boring person. that’s why he goes to siena.
    Siena also can be the step mother of his 4 kids.

    Keira is prettier, but looks like skeleton. and keira is overrated actress.

  • gary


    Are you out of your mind. No responsible mother would allow that nasty pusbag within 100 miles of her kids!!

    Plus, she has already told Balthazar the kids are are out of the deal if he wants to be with her. Nice girl, huh?

  • anonymous

    say what you want about Sienna, but she is so beautiful physically. Its pretty obvious why men fall over themselves for her. I dont know why she gets such a hard time from you people, she didnt do the cheating, it is Balthazar who is married……………….