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Suri Cruise is Umbrella Cute

Suri Cruise is Umbrella Cute

Katie Holmes dresses in head-to-toe blue as she steps out with daughter Suri in New York City on Sunday afternoon.

The mother-daughter duo braved the rainy city as Suri carried her Dora the Explorer umbrella.

According to a spywitness, “Katie was going to walk out of her NYC apartment without opening an umbrella when Suri said, ‘I neeeed it!’ Katie complied and asked Suri to pick one of three umbrellas that she had. Suri picked Dora The Explorer!”

Earlier this month, Suri carried around the ladybug umbrella.

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suri cruise umbrella dora the explorer 01
suri cruise umbrella dora the explorer 02
suri cruise umbrella dora the explorer 03
suri cruise umbrella dora the explorer 04
suri cruise umbrella dora the explorer 05
suri cruise umbrella dora the explorer 06

Credit: Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • RIP Julian!!!!

    She’s a pretty little girl. I miss seeing the Jolie Pitt kids.


    cute ………………:):):)

  • dfggegr


    Another DRESSs, more paparazzi.
    that is RIDICULOUS.

  • cutie

    so cute! :-)

  • dfggegr


    bla! bla! bla! …

  • xoxo

    Awww, she melts my heart, living doll:)

  • tom

    What in the world is Katie wearing? She looks like she’s in a Halloween costume or something; and that blue is horrid.

  • cult princess

    You’d think that one umbrella would be enough for bratface.

  • Ally

    Dora The Explorer Umbrella FTW!


    What really begs the question is why Holmes has donned a wool coat and has chosen a fur coat WHEN IT IS RAINING.

    Both she and her daughter have been seen on previous and numerous occasions in matching Burberry WATERPROOF trenches?

    Why a 2 year old is wearing a fur coat coasting over 20k is beyond mere words.

    However, if one must dress their toddler in mink, the umbrella would be better chosen if it were not from Wal-Mart.

  • Baby

    Bratface (I like that)
    I never disliked a 2 yr old this much.
    She’s obnoxious already.

    Tom is going to photo-op her more
    cause he’s flop film is coming out.
    Casting a softie like him for Val is
    typical Hollywood bs.
    That role is made for a REAL man..not a wuss.

  • jeez…

    Why DOES Katie have 3 umbrellas for Suri? She has the ladybird one which Suri was last seen with as well as another pink one. It’s as though Suri has wanted to take all of them, and Katie has given in to her whim.

  • Rita

    I guess the Cruises complied to all the bloggers out there; now Suri puts on (luxury) coats all the time! At least she’s warm now.

  • Big Mama

    If Suri can communicate well enough to say she needs an umbrella, she can say, “I need to potty.” She’s wearing a diaper.

  • Julias83.

    Ha ha, why dont u haters have a life?

    Wearing luxury clothes is not a crime, rite? And it has nothing to do with being spoiled or something like that.

    Never judge a book just by its cover!

    I dont know if Suri will be nice girl or not, but who knows, esp. just by looking at some photos :D?

    Personally, regardless of what Suri wears, I always find her cute and more importantly, very lively and natural ^^.

  • joana

    The scene is always the same,Suri is dressed like a doll and Katie pretends to look like a dedicated mom.

    That is intentionally.

  • elaine

    Suri where are youuuuu I came here only to see you .

  • elaine

    I like M &M TOO

  • To Baby #11

    If you don’t like watch Suri’s pictures, don’t do it. People like you are annoying and obnoxious. BTW, so far Nicole’s movie flopped as many of her movies.

  • elaine

    I love umbrella. Hi Tom How are you…. When you will came to my country

  • r


  • bell

    love them

  • holiday

    Thanks JJ

    I love Katie’s hair and outfit

  • karma

    God bless this family! More Tommy photos too.PLS!

  • cupcakes

    I rarely respect people in Hollywood but I do when it comes to
    Tom,Katie and I love their children.

  • riz

    wtf is katie holmes wearing. it’s things like this that make me seriously question her upcoming so-called fashion line… excuse me while i vomit at the thought.

  • gjc

    Doin’ a good job, Suri!!

  • essie

    maybe suri wears a diaper for any accidents.. i mean considering the cost of her dress, i’m sure they want them to last longer than a week

  • Kim

    Er, is Katie going to be one of the blue men. That outfit is hids! LOL

  • Kim

    Er, is Katie going to be one of the blue men? That outfit is hids! LOL

  • nanneh

    #28 – you can’t potty train a child then put them straight back in diapers for any accidents as it defeats the whole purpose, causing the child to rely on them again.

  • April

    ugh, I’m sooooooo tired of seeing her, enough already!

  • yep

    It’s official. Jared is clinically obsessed.

  • jc


  • coco

    Adorable…looking forward to the premiere of Valkyrie.

  • poker

    Wonna hug
    them both

  • thanks jared

    cutest baby in Hollywoodland

  • kim kardashian is a whore

    katie’s outfit is terrible, personally i think the coat alone wouldnt be so bad
    i like the dora umbrella tho =]

  • bella

    OMG she is wearing a coat . . .but it looks fur so it is kinda disturbing.

  • Kitty Kat

    Katie is carrying THREE umbrellas??

    Suri is so spoiled that they are actually providing her a CHOICE of umbrellas!??

    My God.


    BAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHAAAAAA !!!!!….agree with you ” JULIAS “….It is amazing how so many frigging people can judge that Suri ” is a bratface ” OR ” spoiled “, by looking at her pictures…..YES, it is ALWAYS the same comments, because everyone can’t get past this child…..SO, most of us will respond BACK the same responses…..
    Our 3 and a half year old granddaughter has 4 umbrella’s….and YES, they are from Walmart and the Disney store….She is hard on them, so why spend a fortune on a silly umbrella……And she loves them all, and sometimes takes ALL OF THEM in our car…SO WHAT ???….It won’t bring down the end of the world as we know it………Maybe Katie can’t get Suri to a bathroom fast enough, when they are out….We put pull-ups on ours, BUT, she told us when she had to go…Sometimes a bathroom was far away, and she had trouble holding it until we got there….( now she is fine )….Thank goodness for the pullup, so her clothes would not get soiled….
    I can just imagine what everyone would say if they saw Suri pee in her pants, and started crying……so what if she wants to wear her fur coat from the Hotel to the car….The bodyguard had an umbrella over them, PLUS Suri’s was up………….To bad such a little child is so hated and bashed every day..

  • dianel

    you just have to love that cute little Suri

  • Mr. Blonde

    Don’t say that about a little girl, #8.

    Who cares, #10? They’re warm and comfortable and that’s all that should matter to us and them.

    How can you dislike a BABY that’s done nothing to you or anyone, #11? How the hell is she obnoxious?

    You’ve been saying that he pimps that little girl out long even when he has no movies coming out.

    Maybe she just likes choosing different umbrellas for different times, #12. Who cares? It’s not like she’s using them all at once!

    Or maybe they just felt it was cold enough to dress her warmly, #13. The Cruises never seemed to care about your whining at all.

    So what, #14? They’ll potty train her when they see fit.

    Right, #15.

    How can you tell she’s just pretending to be a dedicated mom at all, #16?

    More like the people who post are upset since he only makes these threads because they’re so popular, #33.

    Quit with the spoiling nonsense, #40. Don’t tell other people how to raise their kids and pretend to know anything about them.

    Right, #41. Why can’t more people mind their own kids.

  • poorkid

    This is so bazaar. Why is the child telling the mother she needs an umbrella? And why is Katie carrying 3 umbrellas for Suri? Don’t you usually go through the “which umbrella do I want to bring outside” process BEFORE you go outside? This smells like publicity stunt to me. I think this is designed to help defend Tom’s statement that Suri is in control of what she wears. Tom must be so sensitive to what people say about Suri wearing party clothes all the time that he needs to find a way to make Suri look like she is in control, which, newsflash Tom, is not cute. I feel badly for this family because of Tom’s control issues.

  • bobs

    Wonder what Suri would think of wearing fur if she saw what they do to the animals?

  • Larice

    She is not cute at all. Bratface is an excellent nickname for her. She is looking as miserable as usual.

  • Larice

    I am not cute at all. Shitface is an excellent nickname for me. I am looking as miserable as usual.

  • Mr. Blonde

    That latest conspiracy theory makes no sense, #44. TomKat is sensitive to what people say yet they keep doing things against public outcries.

    You’re terrible, #46

  • talia

    All time fave mom and baby duo…

  • america